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May 26, 2018, 10:48:42 PM

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Author Topic: Mass Affection (Random Encounters in Mass Effect)  (Read 266 times)

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Online OdanravTopic starter

Mass Affection (Random Encounters in Mass Effect)
« on: January 23, 2013, 04:47:55 PM »
So this idea is pretty simple, and is based in the Mass Effect universe. Be forewarned, this roleplay is meant to be a little more lighthearted and smut based as opposed to a serious progressive story. It’s even a little game like. Though there will be story and dialogue, it just won’t be the focus. The idea right now is for the roleplay to be a series of “random encounters” within the ME universe. This is as broad and general as the term suggests. The idea I had for the game goes like this for example:

My partner picks a certain kink that the encounter will focus on (or multiple), and who they will be (can be a character from the games or a original character or even multiple ones), as well as their preference in Dom/Sub/Switch, for example:
Impregnation, Female Shepard, Submissive

I pick the location where the encounter takes place, and who I’ll be, for example:
Tuchanka, Krogan Male(s), Dominant

And from this point one of us will then start the encounter. We’ll offer up a bit of background of the situation, and then our characters will go into dialogue eventually getting into the spicy bits. To continue the example here is a summery of the encounter I would start for this batch of choices:

“Commander Shepard has been kidnapped  by a group of Krogan scientists for breeding experimentation. She has been chosen specifically for having a hand in the genophage continuing to plague the Krogan race, and will use her as a glorified lab rat for their experiments. The Krogan believe they’ve come up with a process to produce viable Krogan offspring, however in theory the carrier of the child must be a non-Krogan for the process to succeed.”

Then on the next encounter my partner would pick the location, myself the primary kink and… you get it. But here’s another example anyways.

My picks: Bondage and Gagging, Liara, Submissive

Partner picks: Normandy, Javek, Dominant

Apart from that I can adjust the way we come up with encounters however my partner would like if you have a better idea to make it more fun. We’ll also alternate starting new encounters with one another. Theoretically this could be used for other universes or real life as well, however I’m in a serious Mass Effect mood right now and will only roleplay this set up in ME at this time. I’d also prefer if my partner had similar O/O’s to myself so most things are on the table, and we can really be creative and diverse going from encounter to encounter. In brief; scat, vore, and gore are my only solid offs, everything else is a possibility.

Anyway if you like the idea and are interested shoot me a pm. And we’ll see if we’re compatible.