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Author Topic: One Thousand and One Sleepless Nights (M LF F+)  (Read 2170 times)

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One Thousand and One Sleepless Nights (M LF F+)
« on: March 20, 2015, 10:29:17 PM »

I've reached a stage where I'm becoming more and more focused on world building than actual RP'ing. This has meant my roleplaying rate has decreased since my interests in terms of settings have become more narrow. Right now, I'm looking to do one or two RPs set in the featured settings below, or perhaps one of the older ones, in a more GM-like role. I know that will scare some folks away, given that at least one of my settings is filled out quite a bit already, but that's the price of world building down to small details I suppose. That said, I'm not looking for a passive passenger and I hope to attract a couple partners who are actively contributing to the RP with ideas and commitment.

Things I Do Want:
-   Darkly themed plots and stories.
-   Sex as an enhancement tool and not as the basis of a plot (mostly).
-   Unique and developed characters.
-   Quality writing and effort in general.
-   Partners who contribute ideas.

Things I Donít Want:
-   Mary Sue characters
-   Sex without a plot supported purpose.
-   Excessive God-Modding (without permission)

New RP Ideas/Story Specific Cravings

One Thousand and One Sleepless Nights

This is based off of 1001 Arabian Nights. For those unfamiliar, Arabian Nights is an ancient collection of short stories that all center around a king and his new bride. The king has a nasty habit of marrying a woman each day, then executing her the next. Until he marries a woman who tells him stories, stories which enthrall him and keep him from killing her.

I wanted to do something similar, except it would be the man in this case telling the stories. It would be about a man, likely well on in age with a body wracked by adventure, heartbreak, and conquest who has married a younger woman. On their first night together, the man reveals to her that she will be the one thousand and first woman he's been with in his life. She becomes intrigued (and maybe a bit frightened/intimidated) and asks him to tell her about his previous partners.

And the two continue on like this, each night before they make love, he tells her a story of a previous sexual conquest. The stories would involve adventure, romance, hate, death, making babies, etc. And I just think there's a ton of potential there.

The setting and things like that can be hashed out through some brainstorming but I'm really looking forward to and am eager to do a story like this with someone willing to help build a world and unafraid to play multiple characters.

Primae Noctis

Otherwise known as the "Right of First Night." For those unfamiliar, Primae Noctic is a legendary/mythic practice that supposedly occurred during the Middle Ages where lords and kings would demand to share the "first night" with every new bride under his rule, robbing the betrothed of his wife's virginity, and their dignity. I am interested in doing a Primae Noctis story featuring a malevolent ruler who abuses his power this way. Though perhaps with the added twist that the ruler offers the women the choice after their "first night" to either go back to their new husbands, defiled, or remain as one of his mistresses. More choose the latter than you might expect. Anyway, I pictured a story that would be a slow boil leading towards rebellion and other political maneuvering. This doesn't necessarily have to be a Middle Ages set story, and I could see variations of it happening in a sci-fi verse or fantasy, etc.

A CuckQueen Craving (Female Cuckqueen X Male/Futa)

The concept is simple here: I'm searching for someone interested in either playing, or playing opposite a cuckqueen character. What is a cuckqueen? It is a woman who gets sexual gratification out of the act of her husband/boyfriend/significant other having sex with other women.

Plot Idea: I'm not simply looking for a plot where the cuckqueen has this particular kink and there's no real impetus for having it in there other than the kink stuff involved. I had the notion that the female cuck could be a character who has sworn herself to chastity (perhaps so far as wearing a chastity belt), but is either in love with, or falls in love with a male or futa character. Rather than sacrifice her chastity (which could have serious consequences), she chooses to allow her partner to explore sexually with other women within her presense. And perhaps she develops a strange gratification from that. I also thought it would be interesting if the cuckqueen were an actual virginal queen of some variety, sworn to stay that way.

Setting: I'm most interested in this in a medieval fantasy style setting involving some limited magic, with the plot primarily focusing on adventure and discovery following two primary characters: The cuckqueen and a male or futa character. I'm however, also very open to sci-fi, post apocalyptic, super heroes, historical... basically anything other than slice of life style modern.

Who is playing who here: I'm open to playing either the male/futa character or the cuckqueen. At this point I would imagine the other associated women who pop up from time to time (and various other NPCs) could be controlled either by one person in a GM-like role (likely whoever is playing the cuckqueen) or be shared control by both writers.

The AWWA (American Women's Wrestling Association) Tentatively TAKEN

This is an RP which will center around a female-only wrestling promotion and will be completely fictional with original female wrestlers who are always in kayfabe, meaning that they are always in character. There's no separation between the character and real life. Perhaps this is even in an alternate universe where real life wrestlers and promotions don't exist. In this universe, the world of professional wrestling has been a male dominated industry, even more so than it was in real life for several decades, to the point that most promotions cut out their women's divisions entirely to save money. This left many women out of work, but thankfully in the early 90's the AWWA (American Women's Wrestling Association) emerged as a place where all of those out-of-work female performers could go, under the leadership of Eliza Shaw, perhaps the most famous name in women's wrestling history. The AWWA became quite popular as it emphasized the athleticism and sportsmanship of it's female performers, making many of the wrestlers role models for many young girls throughout the country. However, after over a decade of success, Shaw experienced crippling financial struggles as the market turned against her more wholesome brand of wrestling as fans began to clamor for a brand of wrestling that featured more violence, more heated rivalries and serious stories, and especially more sex. The AWWA almost collapsed.

Rather than see her company that she built from the ground up fold under, Shaw swallowed her pride and sold the property to Bishop Kizer, also known as The Dominator. Kizer was one of the most celebrated wrestlers of the 90's who transitioned into a successful career as a wrestling booker in the 2000's before he eventually took over the AWWA at present time. Shaw was kept on and transitioned into an announcing role. After nearly year long hiatus from broadcasting, Kizer had reshaped the AWWA into a much more modern product. His goal was to add talent to the roster that not only had wrestling ability, but also a mixture of women with ravishing good looks and a few oddball personalities on top to try and create a roster with plenty of diversity, natural tension, and potential in it. Kizer's target demographic became 18-49 year old men, luring them in with mature storylines and tons of sex appeal.

So that's some of the background set up for this RP. In essence what I'm looking for is a creative partner who wants to work with me to build this little fictional wrestling world from the ground up and then play with all of the pieces to create fun storylines that emphasize the struggle between these women staying true to their wrestling roots while also having to evolve with the times to keep getting good TV ratings and putting butts into seats. It's no longer about how good of wrestler you are (remember, everything is in kayfabe here, so the wrestling is "real" in that sense), but about how much you draw. And Mr. Kizer is gonna put the biggest draws into the top spots... unless you're willing to do something to garner a few favors from the boss.

What do I need from a potential partner, you might ask? Well ideally I'd like someone willing to make multiple characters. Someone who will be active in brainstorming up ideas for stories and wrestlers as we go along. If you'd like to have a main character, that works just as well, but I do want the AWWA to have a sizable roster to make it realistic. This RP will probably be heavily F/F in sexual content, so they'd have to be open to that as well, but there can also be some M/F between Kizer and the female talent, or possibly a male announcer figure (though I want to the keep the male presence at a minimum). Sex can occur both in ring and out since I'm not going to worry too much about TV censorship and all that.

I can see how this might be daunting to some, but I am hopeful that I might find a brave soul willing to work with me to build this little wrestling world. :)

The Incompetent Hero

Why is it that the Hero of a story always seems perfectly suited to being the Hero of his/her story? Ever wonder what would happen if the chosen one ended up being a total loser? If the knight in shining armor was a coward who couldn't save a damsel from a papercut much less a dragon? If the "Hero" that everyone counted on saving the world was grossly incapable of actually achieving that goal? Well, perhaps if you decide to work this story with me you may find out.

So this is an unusual story idea to say the least. The entire concept is turning the notion of the hero on it's head in a comedy-driven, tongue-n-cheek sort of way. I could see this being fantasy or sci-fi or superheroes or a number of different things that I'd love to brainstorm up with a partner, but whatever the setting and plot may be it will revolve around a clueless Hero character who's most inept and will likely be hugely conceded and unable to see his own lameness. And for whatever story reasons my partner's character alongside perhaps a group of adventurers/sidekicks are forced to work with and help him despite his pigheadedness.

I partly drew inspiration for this notion from the Saint's Row games and Overlord, but also from the Throthgar and TJ Laser series of Tyrannicon on youtube (videos below). I find it completely hilarious how Tyrannicon turns these typical heroic figures (The Dragonborn and Shepard) on their heads with his dubbing and comedic timing. I'd love to explore these sorts of things in an RP with someone interested in a comedic RP that leans more towards smut and light-heartedness that super serious plot.

This setting is too broad at the moment to properly summarize here, so I'll redirect you to the world building thread I have for Athea. It's a large world set in a war ravaged and diverse land that has reached a point of uneasy peace. It is focused on the notions of legendary storytelling, inspired by things like Conan or Mad Max with heroic figureheads who are central to the world's legendary tradition. At this point I only have a few specific ideas for story direction in my world (specifically related to the "Elfsbane" and "Prophet" sections), but am completely open to brainstorming up story ideas with anyone who finds some section of it particularly interesting.


Of late I've grown a desire to relive one of my favorites game series from last decade, the Overlord series. And during the course of replaying the games I am lamenting the fact that the world was never blessed with a true "Overlord 3." But alas, that is where blessed RP might come in to correct this wrong.

For those unfamiliar: Overlord is a game series which is set in a parody style fantasy universe which directly makes fun of things such as Lord of the Rings, Ancient Greece/Rome, and other tropes. It is irreverent and deliciously dark and humorous. It plays on the trope of the fantasy hero, making the player the ultimate evil, the Sauron, the "Overlord" who controls hordes of orc-like minions to do his bidding as he builds his dark empire, crushing the pitiful humans and defiling those tree-hugging elves, among other races to be crushed beneath heel. Along the way he collects mistresses to help him rule his kingdom, as every good Overlord should have a dark mistress or two, or three, or four.

What I'm looking for: Following this same vein I am extremely interested in pursuing an RP that is set up in a similar manner. It doesn't have to be a straight fandom (though the game world is so flexible it hardly makes a difference) but I would like to retain the "spirit" of the RP. That is a single malevolent figure as the evil Overlord, ruling over a horde of dark creatures, as they terrorize the various peoples around them, take over parts of it and subjugate said peoples. All while retaining a very tongue n' cheek attitude and mood. Think of this more as jovially morbid than dark and brooding. And along the way pick up some mistresses, of course. My default thought is to portray the Overlord/horde myself, but am open to playing the mistresses/conquered peoples as well, or any other number of combinations. For those interested please feel free to send me a PM so we can begin brainstorming.
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Online OdanravTopic starter

« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2015, 04:16:43 PM »
Current Plot-less Cravings and Desired Kinks

*Miscegenation: I'm heavily craving an RP that involves pregnancy themes between black male(s) and white females, with heavy themes of racial taboo and possibly harem-building involved. This notion is open to any other cravings or story ideas I have, and I'm open to suggestions as well. The only scenario I may not be inclined towards this could be a modern slice-of-life style story. I am also open to being either the male(s) or females in a story that has heavy amounts of interracial breeding.

*Mass Pregnancy: I perpetually desire to do RP's which involve a lot of pregnancy and impregnation. My biggest kink currently likely involves a single male or futa character throughout the course of a story or several stories interacting with and eventually impregnating a large number of women. I'm not necessarily looking for a breeding RP, mind you, but a strong plot driven scenario where this sort of thing just seems to happen frequently to the main character in question. I'd also love this scenario if done across races (black man with white/asian/hispanic/etc. women primarily) or across alien species or fantasy races (Orc/Goblin and Elves, etc.). I'm open to setting ideas, though I would shy away from a slice of life style RP here. I currently have plot hook ideas for this in an original fantasy world, the Mass Effect Universe, and a original sci-fi verse as well.

*Anal Only: I'm heavily craving to do kinks involving forced chastity and exclusive anal sex. Meaning that in some scenario a female character is either forced to, or her beliefs dictate that she wear a chastity belt and the only kind of sex she may engage in is anal sex.

*Exotic Characters: I mean this more in terms of playing opposite a larger variety of characters, rather than stuff like furries. Always playing opposite young 20-something caucasian female characters can grow a little stale, regardless of setting, and I'd be interested in doing more RP's where I play opposite more varied characters ethnically. This includes alien races, gynoids, fantasy races, etc. etc. as well.

*Large Worlds, Large Stories, Large Casts: I've always loved epic scaled worlds and stories. The worlds that Bioware have created or Middle-Earth or Westeros are my inspiration for world building (though I am far from being able to delve so deeply into world creation at this point). I love to create original worlds, regardless of genre, and want partners who can be equally as into the world building process as me. People who like to develops complex plotlines, involving numerous characters, in detail oriented playgrounds.

*Multiple Penises: And no I don't mean like a gangbang with multiple people, I mean one person, either a male or futa, with multiple fully functional penises. Yeah, I know, it's weird. But hey, the kink muse wants what the kink muse wants.
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Online OdanravTopic starter

« Reply #2 on: April 20, 2015, 12:01:20 AM »
Bioware Plots

Iím currently in search of folks interested in doing RPís in the wonderful universes that those canadian sages at Bioware have crafted over the years. Iím always open to doing stories in these settings, but I thought I should make it doubly apparent with a thread revamp. With that said there are a number of things I would want out of an RP in these settings.

1. Large scope stories that encompass several characters beyond our ďmainsĒ (if we have main characters at all) and go to many different places within the lore, or original places we create.
2. Original characters, original storylines. I loved many of the characters from the games mentioned, doesnít mean I have the desire (nor right even) to attempt to portray one of them. Rehashing played out storylines also doesnít particularly appeal to me.
3. Complexity, in the characters and in the narrative. An idea may start out as just a generic pairing or a simpler concept, but I would like to see something grander grow from that.
4. Partners with at least the desire to have a basic understanding of the worlds, or even better to have a solid foundation already. And better yet, to contribute ideas that build the story and characters even more.

Mass Effect: In Love With an Ardat-Yakshi

This is a fairly simple idea to begin with, but would love to see it grow into a larger plot with some brainstorming alongside my partner. In short, I'm interested in doing a story involving a deep romance between a Ardat-Yakshi and either a male or futa character. What is an Ardat-Yakshi? Morinth from Mass Effect 2 is one example. AY's (for short) are Asari born with a genetic defect which causes them to kill their sexual partners when they "meld" with them. It's unclear whether the act of physical sex also causes this, but it does seem to be implied that Ardat-Yakshi's are the alien equivalent of black widows.

So this would be a love story between characters who cannot have sex with eachother, lest the male/futa die. In lieu of this, the couple opt to allow the male/futa to seek sexual partners outside of the relationship, on the condition that the AY be present. And from this the AY develops a kink of voyeurism or being a cuckquean essentially. In other words, she grows to enjoy seeing the person she loves have sex with others and gains sexual satisfaction from it. This scenario could play out to where they find a third person who stays engaged with them sexually long-term, or it could involve many different female partners over time.

If anyone is interested in this idea and would like to brainstorm some more with me, please feel free to PM me about it.

Dragon Age (Taken)

As it stands I donít have a complex and coherent plot hook to propose for a DA RP (though I certainly have ideas, I always do), but rather there are certain pairings or characters Iíd like to play and play opposite of that Iím looking for. Iím currently looking for 3 things. They donít all have to be in the same RP together, but if someone is willing to take them all as a package deal Iíd be all for it.

1. I want to do an RP centering around (or at least as a subplot) the pairing of a dwarven male (my original character Jerdon below) with either a human or qunari female (sorry all you elven lasses). This is definitely for all the Varric fangirls out there (you know where you areÖ). I want this partly because itís just not something thatís common to the world lore nor something many female players are willing to pursue, but Iím hopeful to find some brave soul here. I also want to focus an RP on this pairing because I think it could be really fucking hilarious, especially if it's a dwarf/qunari pairing. The clashing of cultures and anatomies has a ton of potential.
2. I want to play opposite a mage character who has been partially possessed, similar to Anders in DA2. Essentially what Iím looking for is for someone to play two separate characters who occupy one body. You have the mage who is in control most of the time, but then a separate entity (either a spirit or a desire demon perhaps) that takes over at times. I think playing opposite such a character could lead to untold amounts of drama, particularly with anyone this individual may pursue romantically (or both persons could pursue different people even).
3. I want a party. Dragon Age games are great, like all Bioware games, because of the quality of the characters that make up the party, the companions. I would like an RP that reflects that with at the very least 4 distinct people who are traveling Thedas together on some grand or personal quest, bound together by circumstance, money, loyalty, whatever. Thus RPing a DA game with me would require somebody willing to play multiple characters, main characters and side characters alike.

If one or multiple of these general desires catches your fancy donít hesitate to PM me and Iíd love to brainstorm and drop all the plot bomb ideas Iíve got in my back pocket and develop something together. Keep in mind I donít like including cannon characters in my game and I like to create original plots rather than rehash ones from the series.

Age: 33
Height/Weight: 5í2Ē/210 lbs
Species: Dwarf
Class: Warrior or Rogue (Proficient with swords, shields, and crossbows)

Beginnings: Jerdon often jokes that he was born so lowly in the stringent Dwarven caste system, his family couldnít even afford a last name. He suspected, however, that the real reason was that they were likely hoping the Shaperates would eventually lose track of which ancestor it was they were traced back to that put them into their position if they didnít use the name. Casteless often did this in Orzammar, and as far as Jerdon knew it never worked. The one thing Dwarves cared about above all else was flawless genealogical records. After his father committed suicide and his mother was killed in a mugging, he was left alone with his little brother at the young age of eleven. Like many other orphaned boys his age, he resorted to petty street theft to keep his brother fed. He was good, but not good enough to avoid the city guards forever. Left with the choice of losing a hand or joining the Legion of the Dead, he opted for the latter. He still regrets leaving his brother behind to this day.

The Legion: Only the lucky and smart survive very long with the Legion. In the Deep Roads, under constant threat of darkspawn, cave-ins, golems, and deepstalkers, even the strongest warriors fall after a few months, or at most a couple years. Yet Jerdon was there for fifteen years, surviving on his sharp mind, ability to command, and some proficiency heíd learned over the years with an array of weaponry. He became something of a legend within the Legion, but his deeds didnít make so much as a peep back home. Hundreds of darkspawn killed, a half dozen forgotten thaigs recovered, and he was still less than dirt in the eyes of anyone with a caste attached to their family line. Jerdon was beyond believing he was fighting for anything bigger than himself, and beyond caring about the rest of Dwarven-kind. His plight was that of an undeniable will to survive, against all odds, if only to spite those who saw themselves as his better.

Alive Again: On one fateful excursion into another lost thaig, Jerdonís band was caught in a bloody fight with a massive group of darkspawn encamped there. The battle saw both sides entirely wiped out, and Jerdon bleeding out on the mossy stone beneath him. He saw a light seeping into the dim thaig from a pathway leading up, up, up to the surface. Jerdon determined that if he was going to die, he wasnít going to do it in some Stone-forsaken hole that had never been kind to him. Perhaps the open sky of the top-world would be more forgiving. Jerdon crawled, and crawled, and drug his dying carcass until rays of sunlight kissed his cheeks for the first time. The sun so bright blinded his visionÖ but he could remember the figure of a woman, impossibly tall to him, approaching just before he lost consciousness.

Mass Effect: Terminus (Taken)

My primary interests in Mass Effect at the moment revolves around another original character, former Cerberus Operative turned Mercenary Wayne Essex. *SPOILERS* This character exists in a ME universe AFTER the events of ME3, under the assumption that the ďDestroyĒ option was chosen (meaning the Reapers and all other synthetic life was eradicated).*ENDSPOILERS* In the time since the galaxy has been rebuilt, the Citadel and Council restored, the mass relays repaired, and a newfound unity throughout Council space. However, the Terminus Systems have fallen into ever greater chaos with a power vacuum following the fall of previous powerhouse merc groups like Eclipse and the Blue Suns, as well as the demise of Aria TíLoak on Omega.

Iím interested in developing a complex narrative that involves Wayne in this ďwild westĒ style Terminus situation with the ultimate goal of him forming a rising mercenary organization and taking control of Omega and making his own empire like Aria before him. But of course for him to do that, heís going to need powerful allies. Naturally, with this premise Iím looking for a partner willing to play more than one character to fill out Wayneís squad. I donít want to place limits upon what those characters may be, but I have ideas to be sure (accompanied with inspirational images). Also, of course, I will be doing my part to fill out the squad and have ideas for a male Quarian and Asari as well if prospective partners are interested in hearing more.

1. Wayneís estranged sister, possibly still loyal to the remnants of what was Cerberus, or loyal to him from the start. To make this interesting I figure sheíd need to have views that sometime clash with Wayneís and how he wants to go about establishing himself in the Terminus. Not looking for incest with this, just interesting character development for both of them.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

2. An Asari of some sort. A badass preferably. Former Justicar, Matriarch, Commando, Veteran Mercenary, something along those lines. The type of individual who it makes sense for them to be out in this lawless part of the galaxy, running away from somethingÖ or trying to find something. As it's plain to see from my profile picture, I adore the Asari and would equally adore someone willing to portray one in our potential story.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

3. An illegal artificial intelligence in the mold of EDI. I have always wanted to portray a romance with a gynoid sort of character, and this could make for a great opportunity. Following the Reaper War, AIís were made completely illegal by the Council, even with a promise to go to war with groups outside of Council Space if they openly experimented with AIís. The company Synthetic Insights was quickly dismantled by the Council when it was discovered they were experimenting on Reaper remains in the years following the war. The company didnít fully go under, however, and established secret labs in the Terminus Systems. One such cell could be attempting to recreate what Cerberus achieved with the EDI project, and create a fully functioning AI in the same fashion.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Wayne Essex
Age: 38
Height/Weight: 6í1Ē, 225 lbs.
Species: Human
Class: Soldier

Pre-War: Wayne was recruited by Cerberus young, too young to understand what they really were. Once a promising recruit into the Allianceís rigorous N7 program, Wayne went awol to join the rogue human faction with promises of avoiding the bureaucratic bullshit that so often stymied the Alliance from ever fixing problems and making real progress. For seven years he served as one of The Illusive Manís top agents, gaining a reputation for continued success. He served as Cerberusís ďbackup planĒ should The Lazarus Project have failed to bring Commander Shepard back from the grave, but that eventuality never came about.

The Reaper War: Once the Reapers arrived everything changed. Wayne was never close enough to the top to have the bossís ear directly, but he could feel a shift taking place in the organization starting at the top and going down. He couldnít escape the feeling that something was wrong and Cerberus wasnít the group he once believed they were. No longer driven by the purpose of protecting humanity, and now only driven by the goal of feeding the Illusive Manís ever growing ego. Before the mass indoctrination of Cerberus forces took place, Wayne left without a word. Luckily for him, Cerberusís attention was far too occupied during the war to bother with hunting him down, so he went relatively unnoticed hiding away deep in the Terminus Systems.

Post-War: Years passed before Wayne showed up on the map again, until he was sure Cerberus had been destroyed or simply forgotten about him. Seeing chaos and opportunity all around him in the lawless and leaderless Terminus Systems only a decade after the War, he set his sights on starting fresh with his own organization. One that would bring order to the Terminus and hold true to its tenets.

Star Wars: The Forgotten Emperor (Tentatively Open)

Genre: Sci-fantasy?

Setting: Star Wars during the Old Republic period (the period in which the KotOR games take place, 3000 years before the movies. In this period there is a large and open war raging between Jedi and Sith forces across the galaxy. Specifically in the timeline this takes place after the death of Sith Emperor Darth Vitiate in the waning years of the war.

Overview: Set during the Old Republic era of the Star Wars universe, this is one of the more ambitious plot ideas Iíve cooked up in my time. To begin with right of the bat, this RP will require a partner who is willing to play at the very least two prominent female characters. Ideally Iíd love to find somebody who can do more than that, but at this point two characters is the bare minimum of what Iíll take. Also, if youíre adverse to fairly complex story arcs in RPís this isnít the RP for you either. It will require a certain level of commitment and attentiveness to keep up with the varying plotlines taking place and offer ideas of your own that add to the overall plot.

Story: I fear my explanation of the story will be unsatisfying for some as I donít want to write a wall of text or spoil every last detail of what I plan. Regardless the story begins with my primary character Iden Karr (see below) pursuing an Imperial Agent named Lupal on [insert planet name here] to gain information about a Sith Lord named Erobas. Erobas, a young pureblooded Sith, has been reported as having landing on several contested worlds in the last several months and being linked with something called the Sith Revival Movement whose goals are still not quite clear. Without orders or support from the Jedi Council, Iden Karr has taken it upon himself and himself alone to investigate the situations.

On [insert planet here] Karr runs afoul of some trouble almost becoming overwhelmed by Empire forces before he is forced to flee the planet, but only after having found the information he needs, the location of Lord Erobas. Unable to call the Jedi Order for aid in fear of drawing more of their ire, Karr opts to an alternative method of transport off the planet. He meets [insert female character name here] who has a ship of her own and pays to get off the planet, coming under fire from Imperial forces along the way. From this point the two become caught up in a sprawling mystery to uncover the machinations of the remnants of the Sith Empire while contending with breaking the Jedi Code in more ways than one.

Sexual Content: Medium-ish. Nothing too crazy I donít believe, at least not early in the story. Might best fit in the Ex-Bon category.
Primary Characters:

Iden (Eye-Din) Karr Ė A seasoned Jedi Knight in his mid-thirties and one of the most prominent warriors of his time. He played a major role in many pivotal battles during the war and earned his promotion to knighthood. Heís considered one of the greatest lightsaber duelists the Jedi order has to offer who masterfully fights with a defensive and overpowering style, using his natural size and peak physique to gain the advantage. He has never been defeated in one on one combat. His overall force powers are middling at best as he spent the vast majority of his Jedi training focusing on marshal prowess, though many prominent Jedi have noted his vast potential for force mastery. With the war still raging though, Karr believes the Republic requires his lightsaber now, rather than meditation. Many of the Jedi Masters on Tython fear that Karrís lust for war and glory and his pride will eventually be his downfall, they only hope they can stop it before itís too late.

Primary Female Character Ė I wonít place too many restrictions on who this could be, I simply have two requests: The first being that this character not to be a Jedi or Sith or have any training as one, but she does have tremendous untapped force potential. The second request would be that this character be an alien race, though Iím not all or nothing on this point. I foresee this character becoming romantically engaged with Iden Karr and being trained in secret as a Jedi (as sheís too old for the Jedi Council to accept her). Eventually becoming a Jedi herself and shifting into being the main protagonist of the story.

Tannis Alaraph Ė An older Moff in his 60s, Tannis Alaraph was formally a top agent of Imperial Intelligence who then shifted into a military career following his stellar covert career. One of the highest ranking members left of the Imperial army, he holds considerable sway and his men are utterly loyal to him. Rumors have it that the Moff has been tasked by the Dark Council to see through a secret mission and he has strong connections to the young Sith Lord Erobas.

Lord Erobas Ė Erobas is a young pureblooded Sith whoís been slated for greatness since he was born. His father was the fearsome Darth Kharas and before him there was a long and storied history of Sith Lords, Ladies, and Darths stretching back a thousand years. Erobas is a brash and boastful Sith, deservedly so. Heís a masterful duelist who often uses two lightsabers in combat and has made a name for himself in his young career as a proficient killer of Jedi. After the death of Vitiate and the progressive crumbling of the Empireís hold on the galaxy, Erobas has been pushed quickly to the forefront of the war as one of the Empireís most important weapons. Many believe he isnít ready for the responsibility heaped upon him, while others believe he may well prove to be the future and leader of the Empireís armies.

Female Sith Apprentice Ė This character begins the story as Erobasís apprentice and lover and one of the RPís main antagonists. Completely open on her race and background, but I would prefer it if she was very much a dark aligned character with little chance of switching sides. I have ideas for how this character could become extremely important to the plotline down the road.

Darth Wraith Ė Message me for more.
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Old Stuff
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Old Ideas

Acolytes of Aveen: The Seedling (LF Futa/F/F, Smut Heavy, Exotic)

I'm looking to start a futa RP set in an original fantasy world involving either 1 partner fulfilling two or more roles as female characters or as the titular futa character, or a couple partners. It will be, admittedly, a little more smut focused than what I normally go for, but it's something I'm really interested in. I'm willing to possibly go up to a 4 or 5 person group, but I shy away from groups that get too large. So with that out of the way, here are the details of my idea.

Genre: Fantasy or Sword n' Sorcery

Setting(s): Swamplands, a major port city

Overview: In the world of Athea, an empire known as the Calemiran Empire is the most dominant in the land. Their culture has spread far and wide over centuries of warfare and conquest over dozens of once great Elven Clans. Many Elves have thus been enslaved by the empire and serve as the primary labor force for it. The Calemirans (humans) are polytheistic in their worship, possessing a vast pantheon of gods and goddesses they pay homage to. Among them is the Goddess Aveen, sometimes called "The One Who Walks Both Paths," a hermaphroditic goddess who is associated with things such as lust, passion, rage, storms, and more. Worship of Aveen is very taboo in most parts of Calemir, and outright prohibited in some, meaning that there are only a few rare followers of her in the entire Empire. In legend it was the Muvannun Swamps where she was said to reside in eons past, but her presence has not gone from the mortal world entirely. Some claim that her "daughters," nymphs called Seedlings still reside somewhere in the swamps, though most only consider them to be tall tales and nothing more. Many legends are associated with the Seedlings; some claim them to be demonic succubi, stealing women from nearby villages and turning them into more of their kind, some say that their seed possesses enthralling power, and other such tales exist. None, though, have ever truly seen one, so who can say what they truly are?

Story: The story would begin on the edges of the Muvannun Swamp and revolve around at least three characters, possibly more: A Seedling nymph of legend, an Acolyte of Aveen, and either a Calemiran assistant or Elven slave character. I don't want to get too specific here so my partner(s) have some say in how this might go, but basically it would begin with the Acolyte and Assistant walking through the swamp and coming upon a Seedling of legend. They would find her to be quite bestial in nature, uncivilized, and driven almost entirely by her lusts as she attempts to rape one of the other characters before she is subdued. From this point I'm very open, but I had thought that the Acolyte might experiment on the nymph, attempting to train and civilize her or attempting to see if some of the legends about the Seedlings are true, using her assistant to test it out. A relationship which might evolve to the point where the Acolyte begins to think of the nymph as a prophet of her goddess and they begin to devise a way to spread the following of Aveen to nearby villages and cities. As mentioned, extremely open to discussion.

Sexual Content: Very High. This story has the potential for a lot of depravity. Some of the major themes could be swallowing semen, or the ritual practice of swallowing semen to gain a very powerful aphrodisiac high. Elements of sexual enthrallment. Pregnancy and ritual impregnation. Experimentation, milking, pet play, and various other things might occur based on partner preference. All that said, it does certainly need some purpose and direction to stay together.

Primary Characters Involved

The Seedling Nymph: A Seedling of legend believed to have been the offspring of Aveen at some point in the long long past. At the beginning of the RP she is savage and driven almost entirely by instinct, unable to recall anything about her past or how she came to be. She does however possess the capability to be educated and civilized. I'm willing to play this character and would likewise be fine with my partner portraying her.
Inspirational Image

The Outcast: A woman, perhaps formerly a noble or peasant from a nearby city, who has been cast out due to her desire to worship Aveen. Many fear her as a witch, though truly she is little more than an alchemist. She has honed her abilities for crafting potions, poultices, and more items for various effects, primarily of the devious persuasion. She possesses all known tomes concerning Aveen and has dedicated her life to discovering all there is to know of her, to come closer to her goddess. I'm also willing to portray this character at my partner's discretion.

The Assistant: The most open character. She may be a Calimeran desperate for work, desperate enough to work for someone her people fear and hate. She might also be a follower of Aveen, dedicated to learning beneath her mistress. She might be an Elven slave her mistress bought for several reasons. A natural submissive would seem suitable to the role, but it's open for discussion of course.

Legends of Athea (Extreme, Futa Themed, M LF Any) No Longer Interested

Genre: Fantasy

Setting: Original settings with original lore. I have a specific setting in mind for this that I've already established in some detail I can elaborate upon further if need be.

Overview: This RP, in essence, revolves around the stories and adventures of a lone woman who through a series of events is transformed into a hermaphrodite. A hermaphrodite that is able to, for loss of a better word, "infect" other females through intercourse and make them hermaphroditic as well. Though the infection process takes time. I am hoping to create a series of threads using this setting and following this hermaphroditic character, so whomever may wish to RP this with me should be prepared to be in it for the long haul. The purpose behind this is that this singular hermaphroditic character is essentially a legendary figure in the world and the stories we are telling are essentially legends that are being retold about the character hundreds of years later which likely have grown and become more exaggerated over the years. Think character archtypes like Mad Max or Conan the Barbarian, except the leading character in this instance will be a woman-turned-hermaphrodite of course.
Story: This story takes place on a continent called Athea which is similar to Australia in size and isolation. Athea is a Human dominated land (Elves, Dwarves, and other races exist on other continents) which is split between two powerful kingdoms that have warred for hundreds of years, The Vhegar and the Druum. The specific background of the hermaphroditic heroine is dependent upon whether my partner or I portray her. Two common themes of her background that should exist are thus: Her father was an absentee drunkard who enjoyed beating his wife and daughter at times, whom the two ran away from when they were finally able. The second theme would be that at some point in her life the main heroine and her mother were attacked and raped by a group of pirates/bandits/soldiers/witch hunters/etc that leaves her mother dead. These two events would form the basis of the Heroine's central belief that men of all sorts are by their nature selfish, evil, and they would never allow a woman to truly be free. Following her mother's death the Heroine pleads to the Goddess of vengeance, Aveen, for the power to have her ultimate vengeance upon the wicked men of the world. Much to her shock Aveen answers and promises to make her an instrument of vengeance. The nature of which I can get into through further discussion.

Sexual Content: High. A normal story taking place following this character would involve her and likely one other major female character who adventure together and eventually form a relationship that is either love or lust based. The endgame being that the paramour opposite the Heroine becomes "infected" by the end and joins the ranks of the new third sex. Pregnancy also could become a major ongoing theme that links the various stories together. This type of story is also ripe for side characters coming into the mix briefly and the world will certainly be filled with a large supporting cast. Men will be adversaries for the most part, but I won't rule out the possibility of some sexual encounters with them occurring.

Primary Characters

The Heroine: She is the only primary character right now because I plan to hold off on coming up with any detailed stories until I find a partner and find out whether that partner wishes to portray the Heroine herself, or the various lovers that she will encounter. I have no problem portraying either of the two so please let me know prospective partners what your preference is. I can even perform a GM role if my partner would like, though that doesn't mean I want somebody who will just be passive during the brainstorming process. I want someone who will give me input and contribute ideas of her own. Two traits I think this character must have include a deep seated hatred or disdain for men for all the pain they've caused her and an ability to defend herself. She doesn't have to be a master swordswoman or a powerful sorceress, but she can't be a pushover and expect to demand any kind of respect from people. Her main strength can be her cunning or her seductive prowess, but she can't be a character completely susceptible to being taken advantage of.

So in closing feel free to message me if you have interest in joining me on these legendary tales. Thanks all for giving it a read.

The Blind King (Extreme) Reserved

Genre: Mobster Drama

Setting: 1920s America

Overview: Iím still not settled on what period exactly Iíd like to set this is. Honestly Iím super keen on the prohibition era or any other historic time period within the next 200 years, but regardless. This RP premise follows the basic story of the famous Greek Tragedy, Oedipus Rex or Oedipus the King. The story is about a man who unwittingly kills his own father and becomes king of a city, whereby he marries the widowed queen, his mother. After learning the truth of this he blinds himself in shame. Iím attempting to adapt this into a different setting and time, but if mother-son incest doesnít work for you please move along to the next idea because this RP is all about that. Albeit I will say this RP is much more about the story than sex, still though it is present.

Story: My idea for an adaptation centers on the mob scene in cities like New York or Chicago during prohibition. A local mob boss runs most of the illegal activity that takes place in said town, alongside his beautiful and powerful wife who takes a larger part in the crime syndicates inner workings than what many might suspect. 20 years earlier she was only 16 years old and due to have a baby which at the time she was forced to give up due to financial restraints. Years later after her husband had established his empire she attempted to track their son down, but never found him.

All that time later their child, after passing through a half dozen foster homes and jail time, has become a rising young ďstarĒ of crime and has recently returned to Chicago/New York/Wherever looking to expand his own empire, oblivious to who his real parents are. My character after a long feud with the reigning kingpin arranges a hit on the old timer which leaves him at the top. Most of the old bossís men are still loyal to his headstrong wife however, so the brash young man arranges a way to consolidate his authority. Heíll marry the poor old bastardís widow. And she, being the pragmatic woman she is, accepts.

From about this point the RP begins as our characters get to know one another and perhaps even a twisted romance ensues. The sexual elements could be as extreme or light as my partner prefers for this. Hell Iíd even say they fall in love, which makes it all the more tragic when she discovers who the man sheís married to truly is after deciding on a whim to begin digging back into the whereabouts of her son.

Sexual Content: Mild, though scenes will only occur occasionally I could see the content of those scenes to be extreme. I mean due to the incest taking place the situation is already extreme, but I could see forms of S&M pop up and things like that. Furthermore I could even see the ultimate perversion taking place from this scenarioÖ pregnancy.

The Seven Daughters of Atlas (Non-Con) Open

Genre: Historical Fiction

Setting: Fictional Medieval Ages Europe

Overview: The backdrop of this RP is your standard gritty medieval Europe ala Game of Thrones without the fantasy elements. Much of this idea was inspired by the mythological Greek story of The Pleiades. The Pleiades were the seven daughters of the titan Atlas who were left unwatched over after Atlas was condemned to hold the world up on his shoulders eternally. Left alone the seven daughters were pursued by the greatest hunter who ever lived, Orion, for their beauty. Zeus saves them by bringing the daughters and Orion into the sky to form the Orion and Pleiades constellations.

Story: My take on this story is pretty different. The idea is a fictional medieval kingdom led by King (you guessed it) Atlas. Atlas is becoming an old man without an heir and no future for his kingdom. Heís gone through 4 different wives, but all of them have produced only daughters, seven of which he has now between the ages of 18 to 30. Heís all but given up on producing a male heir, so he decides that he will instead adopt a son through marriage to one of his daughters and hand pick the next king of his realm.

Orion, my character, is a young and well renowned general as well as the most feared warrior in Atlasís kingdom. And heís also been a close friend of Atlas for many years. Many within the realm clamor for him to be proclaimed the heir to the throne, but Atlas harshly denies Orion the right to become heir due to Orion coming from low birth. Orion becomes infuriated by this and decides to take matters into his own hands.

As the king mulls over all the fat, old, and rich nobles of his realm, Orion begins to scheme his way to the throne. He decides that if the king cannot be persuaded then he must go to the next closest people to the crown, his daughters. Orion begins a process of systematically aligning himself with the more likeminded and ambitious of the daughters, charming those he can manipulate, and eliminating those who prove to be a threat. Oh yes, this will be a very bloody story of betrayal and death as Orion fights his way to the top, and forces the seven daughters to even contend with each other.

Sexual Content: Mild, Iíd like to mention that Iím not attempting to create a harem and I donít anticipate Orion having sex with every daughter as only some should ally themselves with him and others stay loyal to their father. Furthermore the plotting and scheming of the court is more important than the sex to this story anyway. It will occur, of course, but should only be used as an enhancement tool.

Extra Note: I want to mention that if a certain partner is unwilling to play so many characters Iím fine with dropping the number of daughters down, but Iíd prefer no lower than 3. And also if this idea garners enough interest I may be willing to start a small group for this idea. So even if you like the idea, but donít believe you can play so many characters please contact me.

Symbiotic (Extreme) Open

Genre: Sci-fi or Fantasy

Setting: ?

Overview: The general premise behind this idea is that I want to form a sexual relationship between two characters that is created due to strictly symbiotic purposes, meaning it benefits both parties and is very pragmatic in nature. And Iím not talking about frivolous fuck buddy type of stuff, I mean that itís essential to the survival of at least one person involved and benefits the other as well. I have something specific in mind for this, though it may not appeal to everyone, and thus Iím open to hearing different takes on this general idea. Be warned, my own version is some pretty weird stuff.

Story: My idea involves a form of ďgoo girlĒ, which if youíre unfamiliar with the term means a invertebrate like creature usually made out of a gelatinous like substance which takes the form of a human female at will. The premise is that I play some form of adventurer either trekking through a dangerous jungle or exploring the mysteries of space who comes across some strange sentient creature which is able to change its shape at will. This creature is able to take the shape of any sort of being it ďconsumesĒ the DNA or ďessenceĒ of and also has some level of ability interact through telepathy and see the thoughts of other sentient beings. It survives by consuming the essence of other beings and this is how it grows and evolves.

The creature upon meeting my character decides to consume him. In the process of doing so it looks into his mind and discovers all of his deepest secrets and desires and his great strength and deems him a suitable partner as someone capable of helping the creature assimilate into human society. Instead of killing him, the creature forces him to ejaculate and it instead consumes his semen, making it capable of taking on the shape of humans. Later when my character awakens he finds the shape of a woman lying next to him, but unlike any heíd ever seen before. Her body nearly see-through and strangely soft and malleable, but unmistakably feminine in every way. 

The idea is that the creature takes on the form of the female companion my character has always dreamed of but never had, and in return the creature gains a unlimited supply of substance to consume through mating, and each time they do so the creature becomes more and more human in appearance and mannerisms, yet keeps its ability to change shapes. It does this, because the creature wishes to assimilate into human society and thus must become as human as possible. And my character is its gateway to that.

Sexual Content: High, I do plan to develop an ongoing plot involving the creature trying to find its place in human society, but I fully anticipate sex to be fairly regular in this one with some very likely extreme circumstances involved given the creatures ability to change its shape.

Blood Games (Non-Con) Open

Genre: Blood Sport, Gladiatorial

Setting: Modern

Overview: The basic premise behind this RP is that the ancient institutions of slavery and forcing slaves to fight one another for the entertainment purposes of the masses is a trend that just hasnít died out yet in the modern age. I have to give my friend Sweet Domina credit for sparking this idea in me. At its core blood sports are the leading forms of entertainment in the world and dominate the global conscious. Everyone has a favorite owner, and everyone has a favorite fighter. There are hundreds of owners throughout the world, still stylized as Dominus or Domina at times, who specialize in buying human assets, men and women, and shaping them into fighters who could be profitable. As an owner your fortune wanes with the quality and popularity of your fighters. You needs fans to love them, to buy their merchandise, to want to spend time with them. As a fighter itís much simpler; win and be afforded the greatest luxuries a slave can receive, or lose and see your life be as bleak and hopeless as all the rest. Lose enough and you will assuredly find yourself dead.

Story: In this story my hope is to play a male slave who is a rising star and for my partner to portray a female owner, one of the worldís most renowned. I also see the possibility of there being a female slave involved as well. The idea, for the time being, is that my fighter begins to impress his owner after a string of victories and has a look that she both enjoys personally and thinks she can make very marketable. She begins to ďpushĒ him, if I may use a wrestling term, as her newest star and future face of her stable of fighters while also beginning to engage with him sexually for her own pleasure.

Throughout the course of this roleplay I could see a lot of drama taking place between my fighter and the veterans as they see him as someone who slept his way to the top basically. As well as the possibility that the owner becomes further infatuated with my character as he becomes further jaded towards her for the way she uses him in and out of the arena while he remains a lowly slave. And from there things could go in a number of different directions I shall leave to brainstorming.

Sexual Content: Mild to High, dependent upon how often my partner wishes to push sexual themes.
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A Reign of Bastards
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A Reign of Bastards

Introduction, Plot Synopsis, and Setting

Hello and welcome to my original ASoIaF/GoT's based story idea. For this idea I'm searching for either one partner or a small group of dedicated individuals who are as equally inspired by George RR Martin's masterpieces or the HBO adaptation and want to engage with the wonderful world of "Planetos" in a deep and meaningful way via RP. My hope is to create a collaborative process of ongoing story and world building with my partner(s) with plenty of narrative challenges , yet also fun to be had.

The setting of this takes place in many areas of the world we've come to know, with many possibilities for further exploration, but primarily it will be placed around a region of Westeros called The Rainwood. This is an area that neither the show nor books have explored in great detail and thus opens the opportunity to create something new and fun there. The Rainwood is a forested area located in the south eastern portion of the Stormlands, south of Storm's End and sitting just above Dorne. The major and minor noble houses who reside there are sworn to the Baratheon family. However, this story begins during A Clash of Kings where, after the death of King Robert Baratheon, his two younger siblings Renly and Stannis both make claim upon the throne of Westeros, forcing the bannermen of the Stormlands to choose a side and sending the region into chaos, especially after Stannis's forces are broken at the Blackwater. Some, however, chose instead to simply abstained from the conflict, for one reason or another. Whether it be lack of faith in either man as a potential king, conflicting ideologies, or problems upon their own homefronts over lines of succession.

The central story of A Reign of Bastards is about the succession line of a relatively major noble house, House Ardrada, who are headed by Lord Gherin Ardrada at the fortress known as The Point sitting along the Narrow Sea coastline. Lord Gherin is an aging lord who has been greatly ill for a number of years. Maesters have informed him they do not believe the man has long to live. Yet Lord Gherin is very unsettled, for he has never produced a living male born heir, despite his custom for going through wives with increasing regularity. The Lord of The Point has nigh on a dozen true born daughters to his credit, yet a legitimate heir has eluded him. To his knowledge he only has one living son, a bastard who he sired from a seamstress who worked in the keep, now grown into a man and working for a mercenary group known as the Forlorn Company. A small, but deadly group of mercenaries known to ply their trade throughout Westeros and Essos.

Desperation creeps in for the high lord and he decides that instead of allowing his despised brother Gideon ascend to rule, he would legitimize his bastard instead, a man he'd never even met. The letter is sent, but on the same night Lord Gherin dies in his bedchamber. The maester claims natural causes, but others whisper of foul play, possibly by one of Gherin's brothers or perhaps even one of his many daughters or numorous rivals from other houses. Months later Gherin's bastard, Emory Storm by name, arrives home at The Point only to find Gideon seated in the lord's chair and the beginnings of a new conflict rising. The War for The Point, and the Reign of Bastards, is about to begin. To succeed alliances must be made, sides must be chosen, mysteries and betrayals will be revealed, but will there be a House Ardrada left at all after the smoke clears?

Original Houses, People, and Histories
House Ardrada

Sigil and Words:

Current Leader: Gherin Ardrada, third of his name.

Prominent Figures: Gherin, Lord of The Point; Gideon, older brother of Gherin and failed maester; Garald, youngest brother of Gherin; A large array of Gherin's daughters from various wives; Emory Storm, bastard of Lord Gherin and only living son.

Homestead: The Point, a stronghold located atop a cliffside jutting out like an arrow point and overlooking the Narrow Sea residing within the Stormlands. A relatively small stone fortress, but extremely defensible, especially against pirate activity off the coast.

History: House Ardrada is a very young and new house, only having been residing at The Point for three generations. Nigh on one hundred years ago the house was founded when a common mercenary by the name of Garald Ardrada, a man from the Free City of Pentos, caught the eyes of a liege lord for his supreme skill with a bow. They called him Garald the True, for his arrows were always true and never erred in finding their mark. His fame and kinship with the Lord's family grew so that he joined the ranks of his lord's personal guard.

In the service of his liege lord, Garald seduced and bedded the Lord's first born daughter upon a trip to Storm's End. Despite having already been promised to another boy, still yet to come into manhood. She pleaded with her father to allow her to marry Garald because she had grown to love him. The Lord forbade it, sternly. He sent Garald away under promise of death if he should ever return. Much to the young noblewoman's dismay, Garald did as asked and went away, vanishing from the records for nearly a year.

Until the day came that the Lord's daughter was taken ransom by a group of highwaymen, stolen away deep into the Rainwood and demanding a large sum to have her returned. However, before the Lord could even respond to the demands, Garald had returned the girl into her father's halls. She professed a heroic tale, painting Garald as her savior and slayer of the entire camp of bandits. Garald apologized profusely to the Lord, but admitted to a deep and abiding love for the Lord's daughter that he could no longer ignore. Moved by the words of his sweet daughter, and the bravery shown by Garald, the Lord finally caved in to their whims and had them married. Alongside that came a spit of land inheritance along the coastline that Garald would build his future keep upon that his heirs have ruled in since.

Maesters of the Stormlands have debated the legitimacy of the the Lord daughter's "capture" and subsequent "rescue" for half a century, some claiming that Garald and the noblewoman staged the entire event. What cannot be denied is that Garald was able to parlay it into a higher status as a minor noble than he could have ever had hoped to achieve otherwise.

Since Garald's time, the Ardrada house has flourished, claiming more land and being looked upon as pivotal watchmen of the Narrow Sea for pirate activity from the Summer Isles and Essos, the first house charged with warning the bannermen of the Stormlands of encroaching threats. They have also become famed for the quality of their archers, adopting techniques from Essos including the Pentoshi style of archery, as well as the mastery of Dothraki horseback archery. Some claim the house to be too "eastern," it's culture more that of a Free City than of Westeros.

They have a rocky relationship with the three nearest neighboring houses, House Pyre (The Fire Rises), House Hale (We Are The Storm), and House Braylen (Our Roots Go Deep).

House Pyre

Sigil and Words: The Fire Rises

Current Leader: Open

Prominent Figures: Open

Homestead: Open

History: Formerly known as House Bannen, House Pyre is a secluded house located deep within the Rainwood who tend to stay to themselves. Thirty years ago their house and people were converted to the worship of R'hllor, the Lord of Light, and thus changed their name to reflect that. House Pyre is the only place in Westeros one might find a temple dedicated to the Red God, even if it is only a modest building.

House Hale

Sigil and Words: We Are The Storm

Current Leader: Open

Prominent Figures: Open

Homestead: Open

History: Open

House Braylen

Sigil and Words: Our Roots Go Deep

Current Leader:

Prominent Figures: Open

Homestead: Splittree, a modestly sized town centered around an ancient Weirwood tree, one of only a few that still stands in the south.

History: The history of Splittree begins with the legends of the broken tree, a story that revolves around the might white weirwood tree at their town's center that is split in half from the top nearly down to the roots. The story goes that a giant from the north ranged south, back in the time of the Long Night, and in the darkness saw the pale white of the weirwood tree, the carved face staring back at him. Thinking it one of The Others, the giant raised its mighty greataxe into the air and swung down, splitting the weirwood down it's center, cutting the "face" of the tree in two. And yet the tree stood, unflinching, and has remained that way till this very day. Open after this point.

Forlorn Company


Current Leader: Open

Prominent Figures: Emory Storm, bastard of Gherin Ardrada, the Lord of the Point;

Base of Operations: N/A


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Re: The Seedling (LF Futa/F/F, Smut Heavy, Exotic)
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Been a long time. Added the plot The Seedling and on quite the futa kick right now.

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Added some new ideas and original characters in the Dragon Age and Mass Effect series after a long time without any new plots. Eager to get new stories started in those two wonderful universes with fellow "Bioware-ophiles."

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Bump for a slightly newer layout, some updated statuses of games, a new section coming based on some original ideas for a Song of Ice and Fire fandom RP, as well as some new cravings.

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Added a new RP idea based off the Overlord game series and searching for an RP'er willing to play multiple characters in a satirical fantasy setting. Look in the first post for more details.

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Re: Solum (Sci-fi Planet-Prison RP Idea, M LF F, NC)
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Added a new idea with Solum in the first post, as well as a new Craving in the Cravings section. Also my A Reign of Bastards GoT/ASoIaF RP setting has become stagnant of late, but I'm open to people who might be interested in working with me to expand upon it either to turn it into a group game or work with me in a One on One RP of it.

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Re: Welcome to My World (Fantasy/Sci-fi Settings, LT GM One on One, LF M or F)
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Added a link to the Athea World Building Thread I'm in the slow process of growing currently. I'm hoping to start getting some traction with that setting in any way I can, whether it be RPs or just general feedback would be appreciated. I consider all other ideas, old or new, to be open at this point as well.
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Added The Incompetent Hero to the New Ideas section of the Opening Post. Still looking for folks for a variety of things.

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Added AWWA, a professional wrestling focused RP idea.

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Re: Odanrav's Inner Sanctum (M LF Any, Mass Effect and Pro Wrestling Cravings)
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Added a new Mass Effect plot idea: Mass Effect: In Love with a Ardat-Yakshi in the Bioware Plots section.

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Re: Odanrav's Inner Sanctum (M LF Any, Mass Effect and Pro Wrestling Cravings)
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Transferred some ideas from another thread over to here to have everything in one place; namely A Cuckqueen Craving and The Magic Dildo/Cock Invaders From Outer Space! Updated the status of a few other RP ideas. Looking for 1 more RP at the moment.

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Re: Odanrav's Inner Sanctum (M LF Any, Oddball Cravings)
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My wrestling themed RP is now open again. Added a craving for an interracial miscegenation story. Looking for 1-2 more RPs at the moment for anyone interested.
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Re: Odanrav's Inner Sanctum (M LF Any, Oddball Cravings)
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Added One Thousand and One Sleepless Nights and Primae Noctis up top.

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Re: One Thousand and One Sleepless Nights (M LF F+)
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Removed a few things and updated the status of one story.