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Author Topic: A few one shots (m for f)  (Read 330 times)

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Offline IrishWolfTopic starter

A few one shots (m for f)
« on: January 13, 2013, 04:49:44 AM »
I'm not really looking for any more long term roleplays at the moment but I do have some ideas and I'm always on the lookout for future partners for longer stories. So I say to myself, why not give a few one shot games a try? Its a good way to reduce the pressure inside your head, without over stretching yourself, no overarching story lines to think about or complex character growth. Which is not to say that my characters or even the short plot for the scene, will be lacking, just wont have to be thinking about long term effects. lol

Without further delay, a list of scenes.

Night Before Battle

A fantasy, iron age setting. This heavily Celtic inspired clan is having their lands invaded but wither another clan or a enemy of their people. They've gathered and the enemy is less then a day away, there will be a fight tomorrow. The chieftain is crippled, he can't lead the warriors into battle but his son is a young man and very good with his sword, so he will lead the warriors into battle. At sunset, a young priestess/witch/female druid, comes to him, to ready him for battle. He's got full body tattoos and she's going to make sure the magic/divine blessing is strong OR she's going to bless/bespell him by painting his body with woad. Very touchy-feely, sexual rituals and at the end, their both turned on and well, he could die tomorrow, so why not fuck now, just in case?

The Mage's Price

Fantasy setting, a powerful mage living in a wealthy city, has a reputation, for being the best at taboo magics. Love potions, stamina potions, charms to prevent pregnancy, charms to enhance fertility, being able to use his magic to alter the human body. He also has a reputation for outrageous prices. Sometimes it's money, sometimes its favors, sometimes it's sex, all depends on a customer and he has never turned anyone away. 

Full Rigged Brothel

Historical, fantasy or sci-fi setting. Very basic, theres a port of some kind and everyone knows what sailors want when they come ashore, sex and booze. My character, be he deckhand or officer, gets off his ship and goes to a very good brothel with most of his pay (months of pay) and meets up with your character(s) for a good time. Like I said, any setting, all depends on what kind of character you want to play.  Its possible for this to more then just a one on one game.


Fantasy setting, although it could be modern fantasy. A werewolf park has been living in peace for the passed years but now in the late winter, its the breeding season. Tensions are high and the males are almost tearing out each other's throats and the females are almost as bad. So the whole pack gathers on night, for the males and females to make it clear who are alpha, beta and omega and spend the rest of the month long breeding season with their counterpart from the other sex.


Fantasy setting and one the extreme end of the scale. Young woman either captured or selected to be offered as blood sacrifice to a god or demon, possibly as a yearly tribute or maybe so the local lord will have divine favor for an upcoming war.  She gets escorted to the temple and handed over to the high priest, so that he and his order may prepare her and then slit her throat on the alter. Willing or NC, sex, knife/needle play, snuff.


Sci-fi setting, a bounty hunter as caught a female criminal and is transporting her back to planet X for trial. Its a long trip and maybe he decides that she can help make it go faster or maybe she tries to offer him a trade for her freedom.

Online Neysha

Re: A few one shots (m for f)
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2013, 08:40:05 AM »
Hey I might be willing to do a one shot with you.

The Night Before Battle, the Bounty and Fully Rigged Brothel all sound intriguing.

Offline IrishWolfTopic starter

Re: A few one shots (m for f)
« Reply #2 on: January 13, 2013, 03:25:08 PM »
Hi Neysha. SO since I came up with all of those, I'd like to do each, is there one you would like to flesh out more?

Online Neysha

Re: A few one shots (m for f)
« Reply #3 on: January 13, 2013, 07:06:24 PM »
Night Before Battle seems the most fleshed out, so I reckon that one.