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Author Topic: Caehlim's Story Ideas (All gone for now, sorry)  (Read 519 times)

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Caehlim's Story Ideas (All gone for now, sorry)
« on: January 11, 2013, 07:04:47 AM »
Not currently looking for new games

This list will be updated periodically as new ideas occur to me, or as old ideas are taken up.

Feel free to PM me regarding any of these ideas and I recommend checking my On/Off list to ensure that our interests are compatible.

I kissed a girl and... (Taken)
F/F - Any genre - Any category

I haven't been brave enough to try any F/F games on Elliquiy before, but I feel like I could use a challenge and try to diversify my roleplaying a little. I'm a gay male so understanding female sexuality isn't exactly something I have a lot of experience with. This is one of the few games where I would prefer a female or female-identifying writing partner, simply because I would prefer one of us to know what we're talking about. But if you're experienced in playing female characters, I'll give it a try with anyone.

I'd be looking for someone who is rather understanding for this one, willing to tolerate my limited knowledge of the subject matter and hopefully able to give me some advice and feedback about playing female characters.

I don't have any particular plots in mind here, beyond trying out F/F for the first time. Possibly a gender-transformation game could make a lot of sense for this one, with my character originally being a male transformed into a female. This would give a good opportunity to mesh the out of game learning experience with the in-game story. This idea is only a suggestion though, I'd be willing to try whatever people have in mind.

Different Worlds (Taken)
M/M - Urban Fantasy - Probably Light: Exotic

In another game I brought up an event from my character's backstory. I realized afterwards that I really liked the idea and would love to redo it as a full game. It wouldn't be a literal prequel to the other story, we'd make this it's own separate story with different characters but exploring some of the same ideas.

It's set in the modern world (or possibly a little earlier). It's about a young werewolf, whose tribe avoids any encounters with humans living in whatever patches of wilderness can still be found. For more details look at the excerpt below and let me know if it inspires you to tell this story in full.

Excerpt from Howl
"When I was about sixteen, the tribe was starting to talk about arranged marriage, you know how traditional my pack was about following the old ways. They had arranged girls from all the local packs to visit, so that they could watch me talk with them and pick one who they thought I'd get along with. I found out the night before and I didn't want any part of it. So that morning I woke up early and slipped out of our lands, getting nearer to one of the human towns."

"While I was out wandering I saw a human, a boy about my own age on a farm. He was up so early for chores, just walking around the edge of his farm and I followed him and watched. He was the first human I had ever seen and I thought he was the most amazing thing in the world. I even turned human myself while I was watching him for about ten minutes. He spotted me and I almost ran, my mother had filled my head with stories about how dangerous humans were. Then I thought he would run, seeing me naked and watching him from the edge of the woods. But neither of us did, we just stared at each other for a long time and then he left."

"I would sneak out there every so often. Next time I did I found he'd left some of his spare clothes sitting in a plastic bag in the woods where I'd watched him and some food. I think maybe he thought I was homeless or a runaway. When we met again, we actually spoke. I was scared to say anything about the tribe, I knew you couldn't talk about the tribe with humans, so I never told him anything about myself. I just talked about his life. It didn't take long for me to fall in love with him, and when I came back a few nights later we slept together in their barn. He was my first lover."
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Re: Caehlim's Story Ideas (Seeking F/F for the first time)
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2013, 09:50:57 AM »
Update - Added 'I kissed a girl and...' and my search for F/F roleplay.