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Author Topic: A Transformers RPG: from righteous revolution to twisted Empire  (Read 350 times)

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Offline Darthvegeta800Topic starter

A Transformers RPG: from righteous revolution to twisted Empire
« on: January 02, 2013, 12:49:59 PM »
Cybertron, homeworld of sentient humanoid robots capable of transforming into a variety of vehicles, weapons and constructs...

The Golden Age of Cybertron is coming to an end. The goverment has become corrupt and focussed on 'efficiency' at all costs.
The price for the glorious 'democratic' state is steep and the Cybertronian Senate is filled with dubious corrupt individuals or naive idealists out of touch with the realities of daily life for the 'commoner' in factory, mine or outpost.

Pride is widespread. Greed unbridled. Equality a farce.
Decadence has become deeply rooted into the system.

Besides the select few that live lifes of unbridled excess, there is the military caste of Autobots. Led by the likes of Sentinel Prime, they are righteous lawmen with noble ideals. Soldiers and lawkeepers, they bring down justice upon the criminal elements of society and the few criminals.

Regardless of the rising problems many civillians still live fruitful and safe lives as bureaucrats, doctors, engineers or clerks. Twilight has come to the Golden Age but it is not over yet. Others though are far less fortunate...

Millions are empoverished laborers and those that work in the Energon Mines are the worst to wear. Surviving on minimal energon allowances, they linger on the brink of having their very sparks face oblivion. Crime rises. Unrest does so too.
As the downtrodden see their lifelihoods endangered by automation or simply can no longer bear the brunt of life as an expendable peon, revolts break out more and more often.
The Autobots and Senatorial bodyguards are more and more employed to beat down these revolts frequently having no choice but to use harsh violence against despairing Cybertronians. They remain blind to the evil they serve. The rich owners of factory and mine. The lawmakers hold the reins and see it as their right.

In these circumstances a lone Cybertronian rises up. A miner pushed to the edge, struggling with his hidden rage he finally lashes out and looses all.
Megatronus. The mighty visionary hero.
The miner turned gladiator.
The gladiator turned revolutionary.
the revolutionary turned warlord.
The warlord turned tyrant.
Megatron. The twisted Emperor of Destruction

This is an rpg that focusses on the rise of the Decepticon cause, the seeds that are sown and how the 'ruthless yet righteous cause' of Megatronus turns corrupt, dark and lost as conquest and violence for the sake of it become the driving force.
The many stories that lead leading Decepticons to rally behind Megatron's flag. Some equally downtrodden or fellow gladiators while others are opportunists or simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Who will you be?

Decepticon Players:

- Megatron, the Dark Lord himself (Darthvegeta800)
- Soundwave, First and most Loyal - right handman
- Starscream, treacherous opportunist - fallen Sky Commander
- Shockwave, logical scientist devoted to Order
- Arachnid, vicious and sadistic huntress
- Skywarp, Teleporting Seeker
- Thundercracker, heavily armed Seeker
- The Combaticons, Gesalt military specialists
- The Constructicons, Gesalt Builders of an Empire
- Bludgeon, Master of Metalikato and assassin of his master
- Dreadwing and Skybite, honorable gladiators
- and many more...
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