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Author Topic: Potterverse OC Games (M/F, M/M, and F/F)  (Read 1394 times)

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Potterverse OC Games (M/F, M/M, and F/F)
« on: December 15, 2012, 03:19:02 pm »
While I do love the idea of group games, I tend not to be able to keep up with them for very long. That is where one of these characters came from. The other was from  group game that was in planning that has died out for the time being. I put a lot of work into both of these character. Like, a lot, a lot, a lot. So I'd love to use them in Potterverse OC games. Preferably post-Second Wizarding War. Anyway, here are the two characters I want to play:

Lavender Ackerly
Character's Name: Lavender Ackerly
Character's Birthdate: January  5, 1996 (16 Years Old)
Hometown: Cinderford
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Wand: 11 inch Red Oak with a Dragon Heartstring Core
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Muddy Brown
Weight: 135lbs
Height: 5'5''
Physical Description: Her hair tends to be a bit stringy, but manageable with enough brushing and wizarding hair products. Like many wizards and witches, her skin tends to be pale, but she bares the marks of teenage blemishes that may reappear due to stress or hormones. Despite being a teenage girl, she doesn't normally have the outward appearance of one since she prefers her school robes to stay closed and does not have them fitted to her form, instead they tend to be loose and just hang on her.

Larger Image
Other Distinguishing Features: Chipmunk cheeks.

A Little Deeper

Personality: Introvert, Content, Stability, Practical, and Organized.

History: Lavender's life growing up was a fairly common one for her age group. She was young enough not to remember the wizarding war, but old enough to know it was going on. Her parents had been a family to keep quiet and take a backseat to the things going on in the world. Rather than take a side and fight, they chose to stay at home and wait to see who came out the victor and live their life around whatever way the winner wanted life to be. Since the 'good' won, the Ackerly's continued to live the way they always did. Quite, content, and unassuming.

Her mother always told her that it was better to attach herself to whomever seemed to be in power and follow their lead. Her father always told her that it was best to be average so as not to draw attention to oneself. To keep from being focused on, the Ackerly's are Half-Blood, but only talk about their more pure wizarding family members when asked about it (even if there are very few of them). They have nothing against Muggles, but know that it has been a sore subject in the past and don't wish to make waves. This way of thinking seemed to fit in with the Ackerly family rather well and did keep them under the radar of any important events. As far as anyone is concerned, Lavender is a Half-Blood and no one in her family talks about it.

Her childhood was quiet and distant from other children. Her mother and father both had no desire to interact with other family members, so there were no gatherings or parties of that type. There were also very few toys in her household, but she was instead given early editions of the schools books she would need to attend wizarding school, though for reading purposes only. Her parents felt it best to let her know that the only way to keep content with life was to be sure of what was expected of her and to do nothing more than that.

Nothing made her happier than when she finished reading a book on the magical properties of numbers that she found on her family bookshelf. Numbers seemed to make more sense to her than the things she read in the 'school books' that her parents had given her. It was in that first book about Arithmancy that she realized that she did have a place in the world of magic.


Father: Caliban Ackerly II. Forty years old, comes from a moderately wealthy family, but only because they tend to be cheap. He works for the Ministry of Magic, but only as an office clerk, mostly writing up forms and sending memos. Was sorted into Ravenclaw as a student at Hogwarts, but hardly has any of the attributes normally common in Claws. He never works more than is expected of him and never tries his best at anything.
Occupation: Ministry of Magic > Department of Magical Transportation > Broom Regulatory Control Department > File Clerk
Caliban Ackerly's Family
Father: Caliban Ackerly I. Deceased at the age of Eighty-Nine. Unlike his two children, Caliban I was a rather outgoing man. He was placed into Ravenclaw and excelled at Charms. Even though he was a bit of a penny pincher and worked as an Office Clerk, he always desired to be more, but felt held back by his wife and sons who wanted nothing more than to be content. Caliban I eventually fell into a dull lull and lived the rest of his life as what his wife wished him to be. Average and unassuming.
Occupation:(Formerly) Ministry of Magic > Department of Magical Transportation > Broom Regulatory Control Department > File Clerk

Mother: Agrona Ackerly (née Grimstone). Deceased at the age of Ninety. One could say that it's the Grimstone blood in the Ackerly boys that made them the way they are. Those people would be one hundred percent correct in that assumption. Agrona met Caliban during their Ravenclaw years at Hogwarts. No one quite understood how or why Agrona was a Ravenclaw, but it wasn't something that could be changed. She seemed to simply want to sit and do as little as humanly possible to get by. How the two ended up married is no mystery seeing as it was an arranged one between the two families. Their home was always described as 'cold'.
Occupation: (Formerly) Housewife

Brother: Quintius Ackerly. Fifty-Five years old. Older brother and only sibling of Caliban Ackerly. Even though he is Lavender's Uncle, she has only met him a handful of times in her life and usually can't remember his name. He's merely just a name in the family tree book that sits covered with a layer of dust on the family book shelf. He too, was a Ravenclaw, but did put a little more thought into his studies. He works with his brother at the Clerks Office in the Ministry. Despite all his time there, he has never risen up in the rankings and doesn't appear to want to.
Occupation: Ministry of Magic > Department of Magical Transportation > Broom Regulatory Control Department > File Clerk

Sister-In-Law: Nym Ackerly (née Bode). Fifty-Four years old. Wife of Quintius Ackerly and mother of Stewart Ackerly. A housewife like her sister-in-law with a slightly twitchy disposition. She was a Ravenclaw as well and, like her husband, did take her studies a little more seriously. When the two families do manage to get together, Nerissa and her tend to sit quietly in the corner and only make small comments about how their children are being a bother and how strange it is that Lavender wants Number Charts for her birthdays. She is a distant cousin of Broderick Bode, a former Unspeakable in the Ministry who was murdered in 1995.
Occupation: Housewife
Nym Ackerly's Family
Second Cousin: Broderick Bode. Deceased at Forty-Nine. Broderick was an Unspeakable in the Ministry of Magic during his adult life. He was always described as sallow skinned and with an unfaltering gaze. Sometime in 1994, he was injured while at work while trying to illegally remove a prophecy. He was transferred to St. Mungo's as the defensive spells of the prophecies caused him to believe himself a teapot. During the night in 1995, at St. Mungo's, he was strangled to death by a Devil's Snare plant that was placed there by mistake.
Occupation:(Formerly) Unspeakable in the Department of Mysteries
Nephew: Stewart Ackerly. Twenty-Nine years old. A first cousin of Lavender's and Quintius' only child. He was sorted into Ravenclaw in the year 1994. He was a twitchy and nervous student who succeeded in doing nothing during his time at Hogwarts. He's currently an office clerk at the Ministry with no considerable ranking. He's only met Lavender a few times and hasn't spoken to his Uncle Caliban in many years. Not because of any feuds, but simply because family tends to mean little to the Ackerly family.
Occupation: Ministry of Magic > Department of Magical Transportation > Broom Regulatory Control Department > File Clerk

Mother: Nerissa Ackerly (née Lacroix). Thirty-Nine years old, comes from a moderately wealthy family, old money that just always seems to be there. She is a Housewife with no aspirations to be anything more than that. Her job was to help Lavender prepare to pass her classes and prepare to work in the Ministry Clerk Office one day and eventually be a good housewife. Sorted into Ravenclaw, but like her husband, did not seem to fit into the normal view of a Ravenclaw. Rather than study and get the best grades she could, she focused more on finding a husband and settling down as soon as possible. She is an only child.
Occupation: Housewife
Nerissa Ackerly's Family
Father: Percy Lacroix. Deceased at Ninety-Eight years old. Much like his wife, Percy is nothing like his daughter. Instead, he says that his daughter more reflects his own father's personality, which bothered him greatly. In his youth, he was a very strong man. Always enjoying a good joke and loved to dig into a good book. Meanwhile, he could barely get his own daughter to so much as look at anything beyond a basic school book. He never approved of her marriage to Caliban Ackerly II, but he didn't feel it right to deny her what seemed to make her so content (rather than happy). In school, he was a Ravenclaw and could think of nothing better than getting perfect scores in all his classes between making jokes with his friends.
Occupation: (Formerly) Magizoologist

Mother: Rolanda Lacroix (née Hawksworth). Deceased at Ninety years old. Rolanda is the exact opposite of her daughter. In fact, both her parents are. The two of them could never see eye to eye on anything. Being the odd duck out in the family line, Rolanda was a very accomplished student in school and a Gryffindor to boot. In her youth, she was loud and active, but absolutely terrible at managing money or making business contacts of any kind. Before a horrible broom accident that left her with a limp, she had planned to travel the world, but traded that instead for raising a family. Despite not living her life the way she had originally intended, she was very happy with her life.
Occupation: (Formerly) St. Mungo's Welcome Witch

Very Distant Cousin: Lacroix. Possibly Deceased. Studied at Hogwarts, but transferred to Beauxbatons Academy of Magic due to his family moving to France for his father's work. Soon after graduation, he became a very well known Beater for The French National Quidditch Team. He is/was one of the only male members on the team.
Occupation: Beater for the French National Quidditch Team

Likes: Number charts and Arithmancy.
Dislikes: Potions.
Fears: Spiders in her hair and failing to meet the extremely low standards her parents have set for her.
Worst Memory(ies): Her father telling her that Arithmancy wasn't going to get her admitted to the Ministry's clerk office when she graduates. Lavender told him that she wanted to be an Arithmancer, but he told her that she would be better off simply studying the basics of the core classes and nothing more.
Best Memory(ies): Reading the parchments written by Bridget Wenlock about the magical properties of the number seven.
Favorite Animal(s): She doesn't particularly like animals.
Favorite Color(s): Brown.

I used this character in the Hogwarts: A Future group game. I had to drop out of the game before I make my big reveal about the character. She's a lesbian. So while I am open to a M/F game, I would much prefer a F/F game for Lavender.

Socrates Rosier
Character's Name: Socrates Rosier
Nickname: Socs (mostly by his mother)
Character's Age: 17
Hometown: London, England
Blood Status: Pureblood
Wand: 9'', Willow Wood, Dragon Heartstring Core

Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Dark Brown
Height: 5'8''


A Little Deeper

Personality: Strong willed, Passionate, and Unbalanced

History: The Rosier family isn't extremely well known, but there is quite a bit known about them. For one, there is a history of mental unbalance. No one is really sure what exactly is wrong with them, but they go into fits of rage for no seemingly good reason at all. They will go months without an outburst and then the smallest thing seems to set them off. The long tradition of keeping blood pure through inbreeding didn't help matters either. Even marrying into other pureblood families didn't help after a while since they all became related.

The most recent batch of the Rosier family is no different from those in the past. Socrates Rosier, third cousin of the deceased Evan Rosier and great nephew of Druella Black (née Rosier), is one of three children in his family, he is the youngest. His mother decided for him at a young age that he would be attending Durmstrang, as opposed to Hogwarts. She had allowed her other two children to go to Hogwarts and was displeased with their education. His father wanted Hogwarts, but after seeing how it had changed and how much more accepting of muggle-borns it was becoming, agreed. They both agreed that their youngest son was the most likely to carry on the pureblood traditions of their family and so he deserved the best of the best.

They spared no expense in getting Socrates everything he could ever want or need. Even with the Dark Lord gone, they carried on the traditions of the Death Eaters through their son. After all, their family was one of Voldemort's first followers. Jacobs Rosier was one of the original Death Eaters and had died in service to the cause. Even his some-what distant cousin Evan Rosier had died fighting for the cause. Socrates' father felt shamed for not being able to do the same, but decided that his place was to raise his youngest son properly.

At a young age, Socrates already displayed the mental instability known in his family. He would go mute for weeks on end, then scream till his voice gave out. Or he would refuse to eat and have to be forced fed. He would also just go limp and have to be dragged or carried around. As he got older, his fits turned from tantrum like into acts of violence against any who happened to be around him. Even though his mother disliked his fits, she knew there was nothing to be done about it. She had married into the family and knew before hand the chances of her children coming out with these fits. She was thankful that her older two didn't display this sort of behavior, but at the same time knew that only the strongest of the Rosier family seemed to act this way. It meant that Socrates was strong and destined for greatness.

By the time he was old enough to enter into Durmstrang, there was a question of his blood line. It came to light that his mother had muggles in her family. It took weeks to prove that these muggles were not only stains on her family history, but had no hand in her direct blood line. Still, it made the rest of the Rosier family look at Socrates different. They didn't believe the whole thing about the muggles not having interfered with his mother's blood. That meant that despite all the proof, Socrates might be a half-blood or quarter-blood muggle. Of course no one would say that to his face, lest he tackle them and claw their face till they begged for mercy.


Father: Secundus Rosier.
Mother: Vulpecula Rosier (née Greengrass).
Brother: Caradoc Rosier
Brother: Ethan Rosier

Relation to Other Pureblood Families:

-Druella Black (née Rosier) married Cygnus Black III. They had three daughters. Bellatrix, Andromeda, and Narcissa Black. *Andromeda disowned
-Bellatrix Lestrange (née Black) married Rodolphus Lestrange. No children.
-Narcissa Malfoy (née Black) married Lucius Malfoy. They have one child. Draco Malfoy.
-Draco Malfoy married Astoria Greengrass. They have one child. Scorpius Malfoy.
-Astoria Greengrass is the fourth cousin of Vulpecula Rosier (née Greengrass).


Type: Burrowing Owl
Name: Jenkins
Infor: Unlike most owls, Burrowing Owls are active more during the day and prefer to only hunt at night. This means that Jenkins prefers to follow Socrates around rather than hanging around a bunch of sleeping owls during the day. They are also chatty owls. They almost seem to laugh and Jenkins does this quite often, but only when Socrates' laughs, like they are laughing at the same thing.

A game involving Socrates would take place at Durmstrang. Despite what the movies show, in the books, Durmstrang is co-ed. So this can be M/F or M/M.

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Re: Potterverse OC Games (M/F, M/M, and F/F)
« Reply #1 on: December 25, 2012, 08:22:52 pm »
Is this still open? I would love to do a M/M game with you. I love Potterverse games.