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Author Topic: 50 Shades of Black: BlackestKnight's Solo Interest Thread.  (Read 2977 times)

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50 Shades of Black: BlackestKnight's Solo Interest Thread.
« on: December 07, 2012, 12:48:25 PM »
For the past few weeks or so I've been doing some thinking about roleplays in the format of 3 or fewer players. I would definitely be interested in having someone to play opposite for a few ideas I have. I'm not just limited to roleplaying the content featured on this page, if you have a thought then bring that to my attention. If any of these ideas appeal to you. Let me know and we'll work something out. These ideas are still tentative and subject to change.

Jungle Fever

Exotic(?) Light, Extreme, Bondage, OR Non-Con
Chieftain's Son(Myself) X Victorian Noblewoman
Historic, Interracial, Supernatural,  Action Adventure, Culture Clash,  Drama, Romance, Discovery

Set in the 1800s in the country of Congo, Victorian period possible?

This story basically revolves around a Jane Porter type Victorian noblewoman touring Africa in search of a cure to a lifelong disease she's been suffering from. I'm thinking this woman could be physically frail, unusually pale, sickly perhaps she is suffering from some environmental based sickness and has relocated to Africa in search for a remedy for her mysterious condition.  Well during one of her sight seeing walks through the jungle , she becomes separated from her hired escorts  and is left to fend for herself in the wild. She trudges through the deep forestry, the heat and the environment becoming so much that she gradually sheds her cumbersome victorian clothing though she feels she's being watched by something or someone.

Though before she can ascertain who it might be, she faints and is brought back to her camp by a mysterious guardian , she awakens back in her camp suite though surprised and a bit shaken, believing it all to be a dream until she finds a myserious momento left by her jungle guardian. This starts a chain of events where the woman seeks out her mystery protector. The guardian leaving behind clues  for her to encourage the investigation and they learn more about each other in the process.  This begins a sort of forbidden fruit romance between the two characters. I'm thinking the guardian belongs to a tribe of supernatural warrior shamans who for whatever reason are forbidden to interact with the outside world, especially Europeans.

It turns out that there is a cure for the noble womans deteriorating condition and that is intimate contact with a member of the guardians tribe , a simple kiss is enough to bring someone to perfect health, mind the noblewoman has not yet known the touch of a man yet, she is still intact. Having sex over a duration with a member of the guardians tribe will grant them the powers of that tribe at the expense of the powers of the tribesman whom they had sex with...While all of this is going on, an important election of heirs is underway to decide the future of the guardian's tribe, just who will be the new spirit chief? The charismatic free spirit younger brother Xango or his authoritarian visionary older brother, Ogun. There's many ways to go with this really. A fair amount of plot and smut.

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The Chateau
Exotic(?) Light, Extreme, Bondage, OR Non-Con(mostly con)
American Pilot X French Sister X French Brother
Historic, World War 2,  Incest, Drama, Suspense, Interracial, Threesome, Drama, Romance, Discovery

I will play as a black american fighter pilot whose plane gets shot down outside a private manor but survives after being rescued by a pair of Frankish Jewish twins(brother and sister) , the heirs of the manor who've been hold up in the manor after their parents fled the country since the start of the war . They're more or less living on their own kinda Ann Frank style and to pass the time they've been experimenting with each other sexually, the introduction of the american soldier kinda adds something missing to their lives (and sex is good too) and he's drawn into their lives and grows fond of the pair, though he realizes foremost that he's a soldier and the world outside isn't as loving or blissful as the paradise they've built together and he has to make a decision. Continue in the make believe world they've created at the beautiful Chateau or confront the reality outside(war)

If you've ever seen the movie The Dreamers(one of my favorite movies), this is more or less The Dreamers though set in world war 2.

France map circa 1943

The Chauteux

The Soldier

The Sister

The Brother

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Defrosting the Ice Queen

Exotic(?) Light, Extreme, Bondage, OR Non-Con
Ice Queen x Summer Prince
Hentai, Blackmail, Transformation, Magic, Medieval Fantasy, Futa , Smut.

The Ice Queen as she is known by her subjects,  is the reigning monarch of a frozen city named Baroque. To most who know of her. The Ice Queen is well...a bit of a bitch. She is a cold domineering type of ruler lacking in empathy who accepts nothing but full submission from her subjects though not quite evil or corrupt enough to suggest  that she is a tyrant, at the very least she does have reedeeming qualities and does seem to take a genuine interest in governing her queendom, it's just very seldom that she expresses that sort of nurturing feminine sentimentality that you would expect a teacher or mother to have. She's been through a lot so she has more layers to show for it and what's more she has a most embarrassing secret known to only a hand few of castle personnel .  See the queen was born a bit different from other girls, and as a direct result she was often teased which developed her ice-like temparment and loathing for her own body.

The Summer Prince from the tropic nations Carribos on the otherhand is her personality opposite in every single way, a warm and jovial
charismatic man beloved by his people, though his problem is that he's too nice of a fellow, even kings need to be a bit more cutthroat , hence why he's not the king, but a figurehead Prince. As long as the world could remember the Summer Nations and the Winter Nations have been at eachothers throats though the fighting seems to be comming to an empasse with a marriage contract that was signed years before the summer prince and ice queen were to even meet. It states that the Summer Prince is to be wed to the Ice Queen upon his 21st birthing day and that day has passed. Now the summer Prince has come to Baroque to honor the contract between the two nations. Just how will the Ice Queen adjust to accommodating a fiance she's hardly knows? Furthermore, she's never even been with anyone  before and she has a complex about anything sexual. Whereas the summer prince is known to be a bit of a manwhore. Can the Summer Prince make the Ice Queen's heart melt? or will he just dampen her spirits?

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50 Shades of Black

Exotic(?) Light, Extreme, Bondage, OR Non-Con(mostly con)
Corporate Rep x Intern Assistant
Corporate, Mind Fuck,  Erotic Thriller, BDSM, Degradation, Watersports(light), Coercion, Rape

Darius Black is a high profiled corporate partner employed to one of the top marketing firms in the nation. Though only 28, he's managed to defy every expectation for what is thought  possible for a young brother who grew up in one of Chicago toughest neighborhoods to accomplish with his life. Being accepted into Princeton University at 16, Graduating at 20. Working on Wall Street at 21, becoming a millionaire in his early 20's and eventually making partner to one of the more prestigious marketing firms at the age of 26 . He's been to Paris, Israel,  Hong Kong, South Africa, and Japan. His accomplishments though remarkable are not without exemption, due to his aloof personality Darius has earned a bit of a reputation in the business world as a jerk and has made more enemies than allies since he began his tenure in corporate marketing. If you were to ask him the importance of establishing friendship bonds in work he would most likely respond "I don't have friends, I have only associates and rivals". Though he is generally disliked by most colleagues he's  worked with,  he's known to be one of the more hardest bosses to intern under. Going through more than 6 interns in a single day. None so far could endure the constant abuse, harassment, mental games, that comes with the position .

That is until a young submissive personal assistant enters Mr. Black's life. Can she make it past the 6 weeks trial of being Mr. Black's personal office slut?

Don't Cross this Line

Exotic(?) Light, Extreme, Bondage, OR Non-Con(mostly con)
Sazh Katzroy x Vanille Oerba
Sleep sex, Video Game, Older man/Younger Woman, Interracial, Final Fantasy, Fandom, Semi-consensual

This is basically a "What-If" of a scene from the game final fantasy 13 where Sazh and Vanille are about to set up a camp for what is to be their makeshift sleeping quarters , a humorous scene in which Vanille draws a line in the sand indicating a physical boundary between herself and her traveling companion Sazh Katroy. It's sort of implied that she does it to protect herself from nighttime 'advances', however in the game it is vanille who eventually crosses her own line sometime in the night to huddle closer to Sazh for warmth. Sazh being the gent he is would never take advantage of a girl in her sleeping moments though in this roleplay Sazh is very well possible of doing just that to the surprise or excitement of a sleeping Vanille.

Don't Cross this line scene -Final Fantasy 13
Final Fantasy XIII - Sazh sleeps with Vanille
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