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June 29, 2022, 05:27:37 pm

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Author Topic: Dishes a'la Dizzied (New idea thread. Seeking dominant partners)  (Read 800 times)

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Dishes a'la Dizzied (New idea thread. Seeking dominant partners)
« on: December 04, 2012, 07:25:59 pm »
Hello all! While my time for RP has dwindled lately, I'm definitely still interested in playing, though my posts might not be quite as often as before. I try to reply every day at the least, but if you're the type who needs more attention than that, perhaps seek other avenues.

For those who are still interested, please look over the story ideas I have below and PM me if interested. :)

A Brothel in Budapest
It doesn't have to be in Budapest, but somewhere in the world, there exists a high-class brothel that services a very select clientele. The men who are invited are all very wealthy, tall, physically fit, and exceptionally well endowed, to the point that the employees need special training to handle their clients.

The whole setup is actually a front for a genetics experiment. These men are incredibly virile, and wouldn't you know, maternity leave is the only vacation the girls get. The children are given very privileged upbringings with wealthy families around the world who are interested in raising such super-children. Many of them grow up to receive invites to this very establishment.

My character would be a young woman who finds herself in the city, misses her flight, and while searching for a hotel, is more or less selected for service at the brothel. You could play one male, many, or even several other employees. I would like to see my character trained and taught to accept her new role, which she'll be quite unwilling to do at first, but eventually, she'll come to crave it like all the other girls that work there. The establishment teaches theme everything from massage to pole-dancing to more intimate skills, so theres a lot of possible scenes to play out.

Variants--I'd be willing to entertain this idea in a fantasy setting, where giants, ogres, taurens, etc... are invited to a luxurious brothel of elves, faeries, or other creatures.
I'd also be willing to play a TG version of this, with the 'women' being formerly males, who have been transformed into beautiful women and forced to work off the debt of their unwilling change.

2) Web-cam Buyout (Interracial)
Kelsea was the definition of bodily-kinesthetic intelligence. She signed up for her own webcam show at a vanilla hosting company which helped advertise for her. It was free, and helped her get her ideas out there. Most of her show is just her is demonstrating new workout routines she's made to help maximize burn and excitement, but she also does some relaxation guides for yoga and other stretching techniques. She worked as a personal trainer until recently, when her show starting getting enough viewers to just barely pay the bills. But all this changes when the company that owns her show is bought.

While they don't make it clear at first, the new owners have big plans for all the attractive young women with these webcam shows. Their TOS are subject to change without notice, and a few edits makes it so that Kelsea now has to share her show with a young man. Oh, yes, and he'll be living with her for now. And did we mention that he's a tall, handsome, athletic black man who's going to be running the show?

Turns out he's a better athlete than her. He can outlast her in virtually any physical contest, and she finds herself both frustrated with and jealous of her new room mate when he shows her up in front of all her fans. But that isn't his real goal. He's going to tease her, and call the shot when it comes to what she wears, says, and does on the show. Mixed with his intensly good looks, how long will she lasts before succumbing to his advances?

He's going to show her her place, wear her down, and break her.  And in a few weeks time, she'll be a brand new interracial star for the company to cash in on, and for him to enjoy fucking every day.

Although 23, she's always getting carded when she goes out. She's a young woman who doesn't know what to do with herself. She's had it easy all through life, and she knows it. Her parents are rich, and a hefty trust fund keeps her well to do. But she's not all about partying and spending money. On the contrary, she's pretty conservative, and a little shy. She spends most of her nights at home, reading or watching TV. And though its easy, she wants something more in life. After meeting a social worker at a book store, she's convinced to sign up as a potential foster home for young people. She did babysitting while in high school and college, and thinks it would be a good way for her to give back.

However, things don't end up like she expected. A robust young man of 16 is sent to live with her. He's a bit of a hooligan, but at the same time, can act more mature and collected when she's uncertain. He's been very popular at school, especially with the girls, and upon seeing the young lady who's going to be acting as his guardian, he immediately starts getting ideas...

Inside, he knows he's far more mature and fit to lead a household than she is. So slowly, overtime, he's going to turn the tables. He's going to take the master bedroom, he's going to get access to her trust fund while cutting her off, and with her youthful looks, he's going to create a new identity for her as a high school student and a new one for himself as her legal guardian. And while all this is happening, he's going to be slowly, subtly asserting dominance over her-- deciding what she wears, what she'll make for dinner, what chores she's going to be doing, when she's allowed to leave, and more.

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Re: Dishes a'la Dizzied (New idea thread. Seeking dominant partners)
« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2012, 07:57:59 pm »
I wouldn't mind being your foster child in Adopted.

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Re: Dishes a'la Dizzied (New idea thread. Seeking dominant partners)
« Reply #2 on: December 05, 2012, 08:33:10 am »
Webcam Buy-out sounds like something I may be interested in but I don't want to overextend myself so if I'm ever free I'll let you know if I'm available for that.