Monsters and magic (Closed - All stories taken)

Started by Caehlim, November 14, 2012, 12:23:06 AM

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Here are two ideas, PM me or respond here if you're interested.
My on/offs are available for more information, or if you have any questions just ask.

Currently Craving: Werewolf (M/F or M/M/M/F) Taken
An NC-Exotic or Extreme game.

Really keen on this idea at the moment. The broad theme is that I would love to play a female character who is sexually assaulted by a single werewolf or pack of werewolves. Any story along these lines is likely to catch my attention, especially if the werewolves are less human shapeshifters who happen to turn into wolves and more some primal hybrid with either no culture or a savage primitive tribal culture. Just at moment I'm not really keen on playing the werewolves, I'm only interested in playing the female character.

A more specific idea that I have in mind, is to play a female police officer who is a survivor of an apocalypse. Monsters have started rampaging through the city and have already killed most people. My character would be either alone or with another group of survivors and fall victim to a group of werewolves.

(Potential elements: I see this game as having good opportunities for Non-consensual, Multiple Partners, Forced impregnation or breeding, Macro-size and possibly bestiality depending on the range of forms taken)

Genius Loci (F/Somewhat M) Taken
Ideas ranging between Light to NC-Exotic or Extreme.
I would play either the female shaman or the male(ish) spirit.

There is the mythical idea of a Genius Loci, the spirit of a place. I would like to do a fantasy story involving the nature spirit who embodies a particular tract of land and a female shaman calling upon them.  The shaman heads out alone into the wild to invoke the spirit of the land, to draw upon its power in a mystical alliance. The ritual turns sexual with the earth itself, the plants and/or a spirit making itself manifest in the world has sex with her to complete the rite. Depending on what classification the game is set at, this could be a willing marriage-style rite with the shaman willing and co-operative or an NC scenario where the land is angered by the rite and forces itself upon the shaman.

This would involve interacting with a not entirely humanoid force, animating the land around through its powers, though also possibly able to manifest a physical body. Depending on the partners interests/limits it could also involve the wild animals of the land.

(Potential elements: I see this game as having good opportunities for Fantasy, Non-consensual, Multiple Partners, Possibly impregnation as a spiritual bond and possibly bestiality.)
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