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Author Topic: [Ryumaru's One-on-One Ideas]  (Read 1104 times)

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Offline Vanity EvolvedTopic starter

[Ryumaru's One-on-One Ideas]
« on: May 27, 2008, 06:16:09 am »
Well, after my long year or two of not roleplaying, I've decided I needed to get back into the game and get some -much- needed practice.

For the following ideas, I would be wanting to play the male character. I'm personally not too keen on males playing female parts in erotic RP's, so I would prefer a female for the female parts. =)

If you wanted to brainstorm or roleplay over something else, I'm regularly on #E on mIRC (under the handle Ryumaru), AIM and MSN.


'Konnichiwa, Master!'    [MUL][Inspired by: Chobits, DearS, Ah! My Goddess]

In modern day Tokyo, a young out-of-town student from Osaka, studying for the upcoming entrance exams to Mirumuri University stumbled upon something in the big city: something he'd not seen in his home town. This could be anything from humaniod robots, human-seeming aliens, animal-girls, or the like, which happen to be a common and popular thing among the people at the time, as models on fansites, or PC's (depending on the type we decide on). Skeptical, almost hostile towards these kind of 'things', his thoughts slowly begin to change after finding a girl needing his help to look after herself. Add amounts of perversion, cuteness and weird love-traingles for flavour.

The Maid's Story    [MUL][Inspired by: The Maid's Story]

For this idea, I have two seperate plots:

As per the game which inspired me, a recently graduated university student takes a random, training on site job he finds in the paper, as a 'Maid Tutor'. What he finds is that his job is to teach a group of aspiring maids (in both household, and bedroom techniques) to please their masters after graduation.


On his way home one day from school, a freak snowstorm hits the outside of Nagoya; the next thing the young boy knows is that he's waking in a warm, Victorian style manor with Japanese stylings. After meeting some of the people who live there, he soon begins to learn that something about the house stops people from leaving, yet somehow food is brought in and rubbish taken away, with no explaination given... as he begins to learn the darker secrets behind the manor.

Beat 'em Up! High School [MUL][Inspired by: Tenjou Tenge, Ikki Tousen, Bleach]

After the death of his father, and all mourning put aside, the father's son recieves some strange trinket, passed down from the family... along with being shipped off to a new school half-way across Japan by his mother, the likes of which he's never heard of. Once there, he soon finds that bullies, crushes and wedgies are the least of his worries... when he finds the students in addition to normal lessons regularly learn supernatural style martial arts, bullies and geeks fighting epic battles between each other in almost gang warfare style, in bid's to take over the school.

These name's are temporary, so they may be subject to change. Also, I will be adding new ideas as they come to me. =) Much love.

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Re: [Ryumaru's One-on-One Ideas]
« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2008, 02:02:13 pm »
No replies so far... -Pouty-

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Re: [Ryumaru's One-on-One Ideas]
« Reply #2 on: June 04, 2008, 11:32:07 am »
Nyaah... Another lonely bump... D= -Whines, kittenly-

Offline Ahiru

Re: [Ryumaru's One-on-One Ideas]
« Reply #3 on: June 10, 2008, 02:59:49 am »
'Konnichiwa, Master!'  sounds like fun! If you are still looking for someone to roleplay with, feel free to PM me!