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Author Topic: [Vanity Evolved's List of Awesome(tm) Plots(r) v1.0][Male looking for Females]  (Read 619 times)

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Awesome Plots, Engage!

And now that my lovely, fresh Ons and Off pages has been updated, it's time for an equally awesome list of plots and story ideas! If ya don't see something here that you like, feel free to suggest your own ideas, or keep your eyes peeled for updates; I tend to come up with random ideas off the top of my head, so hopefully this should be updated semi-regularly! If you do see something you like? Please, drop me a message or get in contact with me somehow, and we'll see if we can't thrash something out. :3

(I tend to roleplay more over Messenger, than forums. However, I may be tempted to use the forums for particularly awesome ideas!)

The Witchhunter Chronicles

Ours is a world of of mystery and legend. Men and women of immense magickal power wander the lands weaving their arts, slipping between the Veil which seperates us from the world of the unseen. Their wills are made manifest, and their is little which stands in their way.

And we must become their end. Everyday, the all-hungering Elves prowl the Faereaches, consuming all in their path in the name of their abhorrant religious figure. The Dwarves wield their masteries of brass and steam to create behemoth coffins of metal and flesh, warping their bodies into the very mechanisms they idolize. The Orcs continue their search for greater harm and masochism, in their apparently never-ending search for further regeneration and ascension beyond the mortal coil. The Deadmarshes, their tainted swamp waters filled with the blood of centuries, continues to spawn the lumbering dead, spurred on by the whims of their Lich lords whilst Vampires stick to their homes, corrupting the lands they lord over by their very presence. And something beyond our understanding stirs in corners of Twilight, slipping through into our reality.

The Covenants are ready. For decades, we have tamed the raging inferno that are the witches, to fight against these terrors at our door. We are the paradox of humanity; despised by all yet we are all that stands between humanity and that which would seek to see it damned. However, those who try to play with the inferno always get burnt. Always. Still, one thing we know for sure.

Suffer not the witch to live.

The improvised blurb isn't much to go on, but The Witchhunter Chronicles is currently my literary darling. Being developed into a full fledged setting and piece of long running fiction (maybe even a novel, if I'm lucky!0, I'm somewhat open to using it as a setting for some of my roleplays. It's a world of over-the-top and grim mythic fantasy with heavy anime and wuxia tropes, generally revolving around the adventures of the Witchhunter Covenants, groups of trained and refined humans who've manifested the dreaded Witchmark, allowed only to live by humanity on the condition that their accursed magicks are used in opposition of the forces of the world which seek to destroy humanity from within and without. Ancient magitech, magic powered laser swords, WW2 firearms trenchcoats made of trollhide and reinforced with alchemical steel trauma plates and magickally enhanced martial prowess are all the order of the day, taking heavy inspiration from sources such as The Witcher, shounen anime like Naruto and Highschool DxD, and some roleplaying games like Exalted and the Warhammer 40k RPG line. If you've got any interest, feel free to hit me up and we can work something out. =3

Konnichiwa, Master!

Yes, if you hadn't guessed from my Ons and Offs, I do love me some anime. In particular, harem and magical girlfriend anime. I'd love to do something similar to the more well-known magical girlfriend animes, such as Chobits, DearS, Onegai Teach and Sekirei. For whatever reason, some random loser guy finds himself in a situation where he's either looking after or somehow forced into a relationship with not only one of the hottest girls on the block, but a girl who also happens to be either an alien, android or a demon! Of course, this leads to all the fun mishaps of culture clashes, confusion and an unfortunate guy caught in the middle of hot girls and evil villians fighting each other with awesome kung fu, supertech and magic! Of course, here are some of my ideas for this particular set up:

A Covenant Undone: Ryumaru is a failed college student; all he ever wanted to do was become a lawyer like his father, but to do that, he'd need to pass his Tokyo U entrance exam and this is his second time failing! He would have given anything to pass! Maybe even sell his soul. Which he accidently did. Still, not only did he end up selling his soul, but he sold it for the wrong thing!  However, the story got rather interesting when this clumsy savant happened to find a loophole in his contract, freeing him from his obligation in the afterlife.

However, things really got interesting when Satan made a personal visit. Not only was it a nice surprise to see that Satan was actually a gorgeous woman, but the loophole he found spelled more for his life than just his soul; she was now oblieged to do whatever he wanted and is now his girlfriend/bride-to-be! Which wouldn't be so bad, if it wasn't for her throne remaining empty, any old ambitious demon now able to challenge her for her throne. Now the poor schoolboy is caught between his flaming (literally!) hot girlfriend and the Legions of Hell, balancing his overstuffed school life, social obligations and demonic incusions, while dealing with a hot demon lord who seems to be getting quite into the roll of being a somewhat tsundare girlfriend~

Fly Fast, With Gusto!

This one could be vaguely similar to the above, but I love, above all else, giant robots and improbable technology. I love hot blooded, hot shot pilots jetting around space and in atmosphere with gatling cannons, laser swords and generally awesome weapons, especially if theres some love-hate rivalries involved; be it two pilots encountering each other on the field of battle, developing some sort of odd mutual respect and sexual tension, or perhaps a turncoat alien joining their enemy, their partner being largely racist and unable to stand his kind - only to find herself/himself feeling for this man/woman they keep telling themselves that they have to hate.

Also, this can be adapted to something with less of a focus on mecha; I've been playing a lot of Faster than Light recently, so some sort of space exploration/survival deal, such as Serenity, would be equally awesome.
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