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Started by gideonblake, May 22, 2008, 11:30:18 PM

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Hmm, your storylines intrigue me, not least because I sense a taste of realism applied to unreal scenarios :D

Also, you keep mentioning some of my favourite movies :P

I would love to know more about your 'Zombie Apocalypse' and 'The Future' ideas... just more colouring in around how you see them going.
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Ooh, and... the superhero game as well. I've been craving a superhero game.

Do you like freeform or system-based games?
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THE DROPOFF, interested me the most. =]
I'll drop you a PM later.
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Yeah, I do like realism in the unreal.

The zombie apocalypse story will be something along the lines of a college student or someone similarly untrained, survives the initial outbreak and realizes he has to move or die. So that would be when he meets up with others, and there could be a town with evil people at the helm (Land of the Dead or 28 Days Later) or a good town (We Are Legend). The zombies would be fast and deadly, rudimentary intelligence (perhaps making simple traps), and they couldn't infect animals. Transmission is through fluid, so saliva or blood works to turn you. The long dead don't get up and party, so it's like a disease. The story could be the kid finding someone (prefer a girl) and them making it to the last bastion of civilization, or remaking their own by reclaiming a town or something. I also kind of the like the big city setting (NYC or ATL).

The future idea is likely to have 3 factions. The fascists, the capitalists, and the robots. Because the sun is reaching the end of its days, they all kind of collide in this one super city because it's too cold elsewhere. Humans invented robots to help them out and they've reached sentience but not gone super crazy like in Terminator, as restrictions have been put upon them. But they're fighting for their complete independence. The fascists want a strict control over humans and the capitalists are about the same but they're making people custom ordered. 1984/V for Vendetta is in the Fascist camp. The capitalists is the Brave New World part of this (and I'm a bit rusty on the book, so that can be scraped if need be). And robots is obviously Blade Runner/Terminator. But people have either got to get out of the solar system and go to a new one or prepare to die a slow and cold death. This can be the story of space travel to a new world, a mission to fix the sun, or just the desperation that the people have to get a ticket to the coveted ships that lead to a life.

The superhero idea, I really don't know, I just think that those are probably two of the most badass powers there are,  so I wanted to combine them into one person. It makes sense in my mind because both of them are playing with time and space, in theory, so they're connected that way. Action-adventure. Assassin, anti-hero. Give me a good idea and we can roll with it.

I haven't played with a system yet, but I think it would be fun, so I'm down with it. Some of the games I think would be good with the nWoD rules or d20 or something. I've looked over the rules for most of them, but never played. So to be more clear, freeform or system is fine with me.

PS: Looking forward to hearing from you, Mel. :)


Updated: added a few more ideas, one is taken, and such. Added some more clarification up top.


I might be interested in the crime lord story. What are you looking for exactly?


A kind of mafia princess, under my thumb. I'll show you excess and we'll delight in it, corruption will abound and you'll belong to me and me along. We'll rule a city behind the scenes as the King and Queen and be socialites besides. We'll be the people that you have to invite to parties and we'll be the couple that decides who lives and who dies. You'll be mine, and the city will be ours. If you're looking for something more specific than that, IM me on AIM or send me a PM and we'll discuss plots and stuff.


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The Beast Within sounds really cool to me.  Do you have something in particular in mind for it?  What are you looking for?


I don't have anything too specific in mind, mainly how he deals with this uncontrollable aspect of himself, and the girl that helps him through it. I'm looking for a female, and there will be rough parts in this RP where his bestial nature comes through more than others. I like the idea of a werewolf, but I'm equally into something more akin to a Hulk or a Mr. Hyde. I'm sure that someone would either want him as a tool, want his powers, or see him as a threat. It takes this girl to see past all that and realize he is still human and he is still dealing with this as best he can, but she loves the dangerous side of him as well as the more gentleman-ly like side. And if you have any contributions, feel free and we'll have a fun time writing it, I'm sure.


Hmmm, well I really like the idea of the hulk or Mr.Hyde.  I love the concept of science going awry, more than the werewolf thing, you know what I mean?

Maybe the girl could be an assistant who works for him, and who realizes whats going on...or maybe it could be a next door neighbor, who slowly starts to get to know him better and in turn discovers the problem...I don't know, I will work something out.

Maybe it could be a global organization thats after him.  They could be after his genes so that they could recreate the effects of the super beast strength that he obtains?  Or maybe they want to experiment on him, and see if they can make an even better version!

Any of these ideas sound good to you?


I like the science gone awry with an assistant idea. And I think a private company with more money than you can imagine finds out about him and wants to experiment with and on him and perfect this serum or whatever to make a superweapon is better than a global organization because then the company can be as draconian and bad as we want.


Alright, this all sounds good to me.  Pm me and we can work something out!

Ooh!  I just had an idea!  How about the scientest and the assistant are working for the evil company originally, but then as the scientist has things go wrong with him (the beasty side coming out and all) they realize just how evil the private company was to begin with!


I'd also be interested in joining 'Zombie Apocalypse' or 'The Future' if they were turned into games, even small ones.

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I'd do that, possibly as someone slightly antagonistic toward the vigilante; a law-enforcer who believes he's (or she's?) upholding what's right, though in fact working for a corrupt military/police force. 

I like to play this sort of misguided yet generally goodhearted character.  Perhaps it may work. 
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Updated the ideas post, holla at me.


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Behind Closed Doors would be rather tempting, though you're already indulging a fantasy of mine.
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I'm going to bump this one up instead of starting a new thread for me. :)


I'd like to rebump this in hopes of getting a bite on the Highlander idea.

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I'd be interested in Highlander.  I haven't watch the show in a bit but my mother has all the videos.  So tell me more about what you want and see if anything crops up?


Hmm. I like some of your ideas but something with slave markings/piercings/tattoos/etc. sounds really fun right now. Any thoughts? Willing to play a female.

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I'm interested in the western setting, check your PM.