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Author Topic: RP Ideas. <3 - UPDATED 11-18 - Need Male & Female Characters.  (Read 1054 times)

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Offline MindiiTopic starter

RP Ideas. <3 - UPDATED 11-18 - Need Male & Female Characters.
« on: November 16, 2008, 12:30:37 PM »
Hey guys.
I have five free game ideas now. Keep in mind all elements and main points are negotiable.
Some are malexfemale. Some are femalexfemale.
In some of them I want to play the guy.
So post here if you're interested.
Or message me. ^^
See my On's and Off's. =]

Name: Let's Play Doctor
Plot: A young doctor, around 32, has a new patient (a woman, around 23) come into the office for her anual breast cancer examination, having beaten the disease two years ago. However, when the doctor is checking her newly implanted breasts, he gets quite a good response from the young woman. Which leads to sex after quite a bit of foreplay.
I need: The woman.
Main Points: Dirty Talk, Excessive Semen, Vaginal Penetration, Possibly some tit-fucking.

Name: What Magic Can Do.
Plot: A young wizard around 18 accidently turns his girlfriend into a bunny when trying out a new spell. He doesn't know how to set her back to her former self. At all. She still has her human brain, in a way, but is constantly overpowered by rabbit-like instincts. Along with the rabbit-like instincts and being trapped in the rabbit's body, the girlfriend is horny as hell.

There will be some beastiality and stuff, with the boy playing with his girlfriend while she's still a rabbit. And then eventually, days later, he figures out how to change her back. When he does so, for some reason she still has those rabbit-like traits. 
I need: The girlfriend (rabbit).
Main Points: Beastiality, for some portion of the RP, among soem otehr kinks.

Name: The Essence of the Ocean.
Orientation: Female Mermaid x Male Human
I need: The human.
Main Points: Enslavement, Angst
Plot: When a mermaid woman swims too far from her undersea coven of Altantis she comes upon a ship. Curious she allows herself to drift closer as she spots the captain of the ship on deck, a handsome young man. The mermaid then finds herself with a net thrown over herself and herself being hauled from her watery home.

Mermaids, have the ability to turn human at will. So she does so as soon as the net is lifted. Although they all know what she really is. The captain keeps her in his personal chambers and refuses to let her leave. He is enticed by her beautiful virgin body and ends up seducing her. At first she doesn't want to do anything with him, and struggles slightly, but then she is so overwhelmed by the sensations that she gives in.

He can't let her leave the room though until they reach land, because he's afraid that should she get in the ocean she'll leave him forever, and he likes her too much for that. She hates him at first and grieves for her underwater kingdom but in time she ends up liking him a little.

Name: Little Kitty.
Orientation: Female Neko x Male Human
I need: Neko. (See my rules for neko's though in the plot.)
Main Points: Slavery, Non-Con, Humiliation, Pet, Dirty Talking, Tit-Fucking
Plot: The slavemarket has been reopened again. Slaves are legal. And there is a new form of slave that emerged. Neko's. The look human enough, no fur, but they do have cat ears and a tail. That is the only thing that looks remotely cat-ish about them. However, they have feline insticts. They can purr, yet talk. They act very feline, in their actions, and now everyone wants one.

A young landlord goes to the market and decides to buy one for himself. He brings her home and rapes her. Makes her eat from a cat bowl and cat food dish on the ground. He's pretty much just a very mean ass. She's nothing more to him then a little entertainment and a pet.

Maybe, down the road he can develop feelings for her. Maybe.

Name: Dog trainer. 
Orientation: FemalexDogxMan or Woman.
I need the: Dog and other Man or Woman.
Main points: Beastiality.
Plot: Basically my character sees an ad in the paper and goes to a house. She doesn't really know what she's signed up for until they tell her to undress. She's to train the man/woman's male dog to have sexual relations with people.
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Offline Doomsday

Re: RP Ideas. <3 - UPDATED!
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2008, 05:01:06 PM »
I don't know a lot about bondage, but teacher's pet is very interesting. Give me a PM if you want to discuss it in more depth.

Offline MindiiTopic starter

Re: RP Ideas. <3 - UPDATED 11-17!
« Reply #2 on: November 17, 2008, 11:27:57 AM »
Okay guys.
I just added two more ideas. And took off my in-play ones. =]

Offline MindiiTopic starter

Re: RP Ideas. <3 - UPDATED 11-17!
« Reply #3 on: November 17, 2008, 06:08:26 PM »
- Added a new story, and modified/changed the plot of the meremaid one.

Offline MindiiTopic starter

Re: RP Ideas. <3 - UPDATED 11-18 - Need Male & Female Characters.
« Reply #4 on: November 18, 2008, 10:23:02 AM »
-Updated. :)

Offline IronCharmer

Re: RP Ideas. <3 - UPDATED 11-18 - Need Male & Female Characters.
« Reply #5 on: November 19, 2008, 01:36:22 AM »
ever since I was like 9 and read the book "watership down" I always sort of had a thing for bunnies and bunnies doing each other. plus throwing magic into the mix just makes things much more fun, PM if you would be interested.