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Started by tissuesan, August 23, 2012, 03:45:15 PM

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I have been roleplaying for 10 years
I prefer at least 2+ paragraphs
I enjoy longterm rps
I can play all roles Seke, Seme and Uke, although atm I am currently overrun with playing Seme so at the moment I'm looking to play Seke or Uke roles
I'm open to hearing any ideas you may have :)

♥♥♥= Super Crave
♥♥= Craving
♥= I'll do it

Bold - Character I would prefer to play! (If both are bold means I will play either)

~My Plots~

♥♥♥{I hate your guts}

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Seme (Char. 1)/Seme (Char. 2)
Character one and two hate each other but are stuck with one another a good part of the time. The two are both close friends with character three and have been for three years. Over the three years character one and two have come to hate one another and are very open with their hatred for each other. The two often fight, bicker and tease one another mercilessly. Wanting the two to get along better character three invites both over to his house where they 'have you ever' each time someone has done what the person says you have to take a drink. Less then an hour later the two are totally drunk. Character three being fairly innocent was able to keep from having to drink too much himself as most of the questions asked were of sexual nature and such. He then tells the two to sleep over at his place because they are too wasted. He then makes up a fake phone call from his sister and has to leave for several hours to help her with something. Character one and two are now left alone with one another, completely drunk. The alcohol gets the better of them and they do things they would never do sober. Though once they come down from the alcohol high the two discover they enjoy each others bodies even if they still don't like one another. The two continue their messing around with one another, not letting their friend know. Will the hate between the two of them slowly start to dissipate?

♥♥♥{Father of Mine}

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Seke (Char. 1)/Seke (Char. 2)
Character one's father left when he was only five years old. The man leaving his mother for some teenage boy that he was having an affair with. Character two (the father) always had a thing for teenage boys and often cheated on his wife. After he left when his son was five the man didn't so much as call or send any letters or try and contact his son again. Character one and his mother struggled through as they barely received any child support from his father. Once character one is grown he decides he wants to find his father and get him back for all that he had did to him and his mother. He finds the school his father is working at as a professor and joins the mans night class. He flirts with his father and gets him interested in him. Character two (his father) invites the boy over for a date. Character one then takes the oppertunity to cuff his father to the bed and have his way with him. Character two always being the dominate one doesn't want to be the one on the recieiving end. Once character one is done with his father he then announces to the man that he is his son.

♥♥♥{Brother O' Brother}

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Seme (Char. 1)/Uke (Char. 2)
Character one and two are brothers that haven't seen one another in five years. The last time they saw one another character one was eighteen and character two was thirteen. Character one moved out right at age eighteen to get away from his mother who had never treated him well. The two are half brothers with different fathers. Character one had come from a man that abused and left their mother which the women had never been able to get over. Instead of blaming it on Character ones dad she took it out on character one. On the other hand character two came from a wonderful man she married although died when character two was five years old. So instead of sharing her love most of the woman's love went to her second son. Being sheltered by his mother Character two never learned how to survive on his own, so when his mother dies in an accident Character two is left to fend for himself. He then looks up his brother to help him. Character one had never liked his younger brother for the fact that he had always been treated well while he himself was treated like shit. Character one takes this opportunity and decides to use it to get back at character two. He tells his younger brother he can live with him as long as the other becomes his house wife. Character one making character two cook, clean and even take care of whatever needs Character one might have. Not knowing where else to go Character two is stuck going whatever his brother wants.

♥♥♥{Back to the Labyrinth}

*This is based off of the movie Labyrinth*

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Toby will be a Seke in this as well as Jareth. I want Toby to be more in charge at first and force Jareth to want him.
Toby spends years trying to find his way back into the world he can barely remember from when he was a baby. The boys mind keeping small memories of the place and of the man there. Finally after searching for so long he finds a way to get back there on his seventeenth birthday. He then meets the man he had been dreaming of all these years, Jareth. Toby decides he wants to live there with Jareth and never go back home. Jareth is surprised by how much the boy has grown since the last time he saw him. Toby is now much more mature and has decided he wants Jareth and will do anything to have the other.

♥♥♥{Red string of fate}

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Seme (Char. 2)/Uke (Char.1)
In Japan there is a belief of the red string of fate. This belief says there is a red string that ties two people together. Character one is able to see everyone's string but his own. The only people that know of his ability are a couple of his close friends. If more people knew they would be all over him to tell them who they will end up with. Even his couple friends that know of his secret pester him about telling them. His own string is not visible to him until one day in class his string appears. Not sure what he should do he ignores it for a few days but grows more and more curious. His best friend who had been pestering him to tell him who he ends up with now is pestering his friend to find out who he himself ends up with. Curiosity getting to him he follows his string and finds his soul mate. Upon finding his soul mate is his worst enemy (Character two) he starts to doubt his ability. The two of them hating each other since grade school due to always fighting for the top spot in their class.

♥♥{My house wife is a secret agent!}

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Seke (Char. 2)/Seke (Char.1)
Character one used to be a secret agent from age eighteen to twenty one. At age twenty one he decides he wants to settle down and leave that life style behind. After completing a huge mission and shutting down a whole gang he retires from his job. Months later he meets character two a gorgeous business man who he instantly falls in love with. The two date for almost a year before deciding to move in together and get married. Character two being the bread winner works full time and takes care of the finances. Character one becomes the house wife, cleaning, cooking and doing whatever he can to please character two. After a few months of married life Character ones old partner comes to his door one day to explain that the leader of the gang they had put away had gotten out and started gathering people to seek revenge on the two that put him away. He tells Character one that him and his husband are both in danger. Character one then hurries to get everything together and tells his husband about his past life and about how they need to get out of the country immediately. All three fleeing together so that character one and his partner can regroup and think of what to do about their situation and so that Character two is safe. Character two in for a huge awakening when he finds his cute little house wife is really a trained killer, much more aggressive and sexy then he would have ever imagined.
(Basically ch. 2 is used to ch. 1 being his submissive house wife. Once ch. 1's true self is revealed he becomes more dominate. The pairing then becomes sekexseke)

♥♥{Top Model}

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Seme (Char. 2)/Uke (Char. 1)
Character one and two are the most popular gay models in Europe. The two having to work with one another often but have never gotten along very well. Somehow a rumor starts going around that the two have a secret relationship with one another. Their popularity increases even more due to this rumor. Their manager decides he wants to capitalize on this and tells the two models that in public they must act as if they are in a relationship. He even makes them same motel rooms to keep up appearances. Will the two be able to pull it off? Or will they get caught in their lie?

♥♥{More than Sex }

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Seme (Char. 2)/Uke (Char. 1)
Character one and two have been "together" for almost a year. "Together" meaning that they have been sleeping together and share an amazing sex based relationship. Both of them never getting tired of jumping into bed with one another. Character one is an extremely aggressive bottom that likes taking charge of things every now and then. Character two isn't someone that commits to anyone. Character two considered character one a friend, a friend with benefits. Character one used to be like character two, never committed to anyone. Finally character one wants to commit himself, he is madly in love with character two and wants to be his one and only. Character two sleeps with others, not often as he finds no one else better then character one in that department but it happens. Character one hides his feelings about getting upset that he sleeps with other and hides that he is in love with character two. But what happens when he breaks down and expresses his feelings for character two. Character two then telling him he isn't interested in having a commitment but wants what he has with character one to stay the same. Character one tries to toss out his feeling and continue on normally but just can't get over his love for Character two. Will he ever be able to get character two to commit to him?

♥♥{I Want You}

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Seme (Char. 1)/ Uke (Char. 2)
Character one is definitely a boy that gets around, a play boy you might say. Anyone one that the high school senior wants can be made readily available. Half way through the year a shy quiet boy enters a couple of his classes (character two). Character one immediately decides he must have Character two. At first it seems as if Character two is going to be an easy catch; although character one quickly finds that he is mistaken. Character two although meek in front of others quickly gains a backbone while alone with character one. After character one starts his moves on character two, the new boy quickly derails character two, stating that they must go on ten dates before anything will happen between the two of them.

♥♥♥{Fun at the doctors}

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Seme (Char. 2)/Uke (Char. 1)
A young teenage boy, character one has been seeing the same doctor for about a year now. Ever since he was switched from his old doctor to the new one the boy has been having many more doctor visits then usual. The teen boy always seems to get sick or say he needs a physical or something that requires medical attention. His mother doesn't question and just brings the boy in as he asks. Unknown to her the reason the teen wants to be brought to the doctor is because the boy has a crush on his doctor. Character one craving attention from the doctor (Char. 2) and wanting him badly.  Ever since character two, the doctor saw the teen he wanted him. And ever since the doctor started touching him that first time in the doctors office, the teen wanted more and more from the doctor. It getting so bad that the boy is showing up almost every week for his special appointment with his doctor.

{I hate you, But I'm sure I'd enjoy you}

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Seme (Char. B)/Uke (Char. A)
Character A & B are stuck sharing a college dorm room. They were assigned to the room by the school themselves. Character A is a bit more studious then character B. While Character A keeps his parties and fun to weekends only and focuses on school through the week, Character B parties all week and uses the weekends to catch up on his studying. Their schedules conflict greatly and from the first day they drove each other crazy. Although even through all the fighting and hatred they are both aware that each other is gay and both find the other attractive. Instead of admitting it and trying to form some kind of friendship/relationship the two of them battle it out. Each purposefully trying to drive the other one crazy, either by bringing random boys into their room, stripping purposefully in front of the other, teasing one another, flirting and messing with each other, ect. Will the two ever find common grounds to get along? Or will they at least give into their temptations and admit they want the other person.


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Seme (Char. 2)/Uke (Char. 1)
What happens when you are a prostitute, hating it, and trying to find somewhere that will hire you? Character one gets a rich looking attractive man that comes in taking him up on what he offers. The next day Character one saves a women by pushing her out of the way from being hit by a car. The woman being very grateful to the boy offers character one a job as an assistance at an important downtown office, her husbands office. She also lets character one stay at her place until he can collect enough money for a down payment on an apartment close by the job. After arriving at the woman's house, Character one meets her husband (character two) being the man that Character one was with last night. Character two continues to treat character one like a whore. The man still believing he can do whatever he pleases with character one and simply pay it off with money. Character one doesn't want to consider himself a whore any longer, he has a real job and wants to leave the past behind. Character two being the cocky and arrogant man he is wont accept character one and treat him like a human being. Though after being stuck together for so long will something more blossom between them?

{All for your happiness}

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Seme (oldest brother)/Seke (17 yr old)/Uke (Younger brother)
*One person will play the 17 yr old and the other two will play the younger and older brothers*
A Boy has a mother that never seems to be happy, she has been single for a long time and finally she finds a man and they decide to get married. The boy is seventeen and understands that his mothers happiness comes first. The mother and son are now moving into the mans house which he also has two sons. One son is older then the boy and one son is younger. What the boy does not know is that both the older and younger brother are attracted to him. The older brother expresses it opening and makes advances openly, while the little brother plays innocent until he gets the other boy alone with him.

{While I was Drunk}

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Seme (Char. 1)/Uke (Char. 2)
Character one and Character two are acquaintances from school. One night Character one sees character two at a bar. Character one approaches, talks to the man, buys him drinks. Finally by the end of the night Character two is absolutely drunk. Character one offers to take him back to his place which character two accepts. Character one then getting the drunk boy to have sex with him and character ones roommate. The two video tapping the whole thing without character twos knowledge. Now all of a sudden a week later, character one finds out through his friends that there is a porn video on the internet of him. Though what happens when the laws and authorities wont help him? And character one wont take the video off the internet, due to how much money he is making off of it. What will Character two do? Will he find a way to get character one to take the video off?

♥♥♥{Turn off the lights }

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Seme (Char. 2)/ Uke (Char. 1)
Character one (the step-son) decides to start selectively whoring himself out. The boy being eighteen and still a virgin. He had always been interested in older men, not to old, mid twenties to early thirties. So he decides best way to get someone experienced to take his first time is to be a prostitute for a couple times. Yet what he doesn't know is that his first client is his step-father. Nor does his step-father know he arranged to buy his step-son for the night. When they finally meet at a hotel the teen walks into the room, seeing his step-father. Aroused by the idea of his step-father being his first the boy turns out the lights so that the man wont know its him. Though what happens when half way through the step-father turns on the lights to find his step-son?

{I wont let you die}

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Seme (Char. 2)/ Uke (Char. 1)
*Whoever plays character 2 will also play the god*
Character one and Character two's families have been close since before both characters were born. The two families are the wealthiest on their island and are much like royalty. One and Two have been betrothed since they were children. The two spend every moment together and ever since they became old enough to want to date they had been dating. Character two had just two weeks prior asked character one to marry him which he of course said yes to. Both of them extremely happy, that is until the gods call upon a sacrifice and demand it to be character one. Character ones parents know they have to protect their people and do as the god says and agree to sacrifice their only child. Character one agrees and knows he must die to save his people. Character two on the other hand drugs character one and takes him far away to the other side of the island in hopes to find a way off the island and run away. He will not let character one sacrifice himself. Although what happens when the god takes on a human form and comes down to take character one for himself.

♥♥{Betray thy Memories}

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Seme (Char. 2)/Uke (Char. 1)
Character one had a traumatic childhood. His father was abusive, the boy next-door which had been his good friend molested him, his mother shot herself after to get away from her abusive husband. When character one turns fifteen years old they tell him their is a technology that they can go in and replace his distressing memories with more favorable ones. The distress character one had gone through ended him in an insane asylum and the boy unable to live anything close to a normal life. To achieve his normal life he agrees to have his memories changed. Once his memories are changed he can only remember positive things about his father and the boy next-door. The molestation was forgotten, the abuse forgotten and his mother killing herself was transformed into a car crash. What happens once he meets up with his next-door neighbor now that he is twenty years old and the other boy is twenty three. They meet in one of their college classes which they share. Character two (The neigh-boor boy) soon finds out the other has no memory of what he did to him. The two become friends and roommates and character two begins to turn their friendship into romance. The two begin dating but what happens when character one starts having flash backs of his old memories. He starts to remember what the other boy did to him back then.

♥♥{Electoral Control}

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Seme (Vamp)/uke (Humans)
A vampire is elected to Congress and has a large amount of control over his area. He introduces extremely controversial concepts. The world now being 70% vampires and only 30% humans, many of his new ideas get accepted and made into laws. These laws giving more control to vampires over the humans. The vampires son then takes advantage of his fathers power and uses it to get the attention of a human at his school he had been pinning over. The teen vampire saying that if the human agrees to be his boyfriend he will get his father to give humans back some control.

♥♥{My Crazy Ex Boyfriend}

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Seme (Char. 2)/Uke (Char. 1)/Uke (The Ex)
*The Ex and Character 1 will be played by same person*
Character one has been seeing his new boyfriend, character two, for several months now. Things are slowly starting to get a bit more serious between the two. Character three, character twos ex decides to show back up into the picture. Character three being a bit crazy and had always been the extremely jealous type. Although character three had broken up with character two, he decides he now wants him back and has to get rid of character one, to do that Character three makes up a sob story about loosing his job and needing somewhere to stay. Being the nice man character two is he agrees and lets his ex stay with them (Character one and two already living together). Character three then begins trying to get into character twos pants to get him back. Character two and threes relationship had been mostly about the sex. Character three being a lot more kinky and wild in bed then character one. Can character one resist character threes advances. Will character three start threatening character two when he doesn't get his way?

♥♥♥{Unfaithful Trickery}

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Seme (Char. 1)/Uke (Char. 2)
A billionaire Character one marries his high school sweetheart. A prenuptial agreement is signed stating that if he cheats on his significant other, he can divorce him and receive seventy percent of his company and everything. His husband then hires a shape shifter Character two, to do everything he can to get his husband to cheat. The shape shifter turning into several different forms trying to find one that appeases the man and tricks him into cheating.

♥♥{I'm in love with Me}

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Seke (Past)/Seke (Future)
A man in his mid twenties shape shifts and visits his past self, going back in time to stop his twenty year old self from making bad life choices which end with him marrying a women and getting everything taken from him in a divorce and ending up homeless. What happens when he gets close with his past self? His past self falling in love with his shape shifted future self. The future self falling for his past self. How will he explain to himself that he is from the future and not a unique person but a future self.