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Author Topic: Darker themes and Delicious plots (MxM)  (Read 377 times)

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Offline tissuesanTopic starter

Darker themes and Delicious plots (MxM)
« on: February 28, 2013, 10:49:52 PM »
Read before proceeding further
I have expectations that my roleplay partners must meet in order for me to remain interested in our rps To decide if you are what I’m looking for I will browse your posts to get an idea of how you rp.
If I become disinterested in our rp I will let you know. I expect you to do the same if you tire of our rp.
When it comes to fandom rps I expect 2+ paragraphs, Original ideas I expect 3+ paragraphs.
I have 11 years of roleplay experience
When it comes to grammar I’m not perfect and don’t expect you to be either, although spelling and simple punctuation should be correct for the most part.
My replies vary and can come as often as every day or as little as once a week, it depends on my current real life situation.
I enjoy discussing our roleplay and communicating with my partners.
I play all roles Seme (top), Seke (switch) and Uke (bottom) and don’t have much of a preference either way.
If I haven't scared you off yet continue onto my Plots and Fandom list below.


(More plots will be added soon!)

The little triplets
Looking for seke

Torture, Multiple partners, Bondage, Dark themes, Blood play, Incest

MC's are triplets that live in a house far out in the woods. They have been on their own for years since their parents died in a car accident a few years back. The triplets aren't your ordinary teenagers and find themselves bored living such a lonely existence out in the woods. One of the triplets goes out one night and finds himself trapped by a man and gets raped. The man afterwards follows the boy home and meets the other two brothers which aren't pleased that the man put his hands on their brother. The two brothers along with the one that was raped trap the man inside the cellar and use him to rid themselves of their bordum.

Papa I hate you
Looking for Seke

Incest, Threesomes, Violence, Abuse

MC has been involved with his father (YC) for several months. At first it wasn’t against MC’s will and MC was the one to initiate the interaction between them. What MC didn’t know was that YC would become extremely possessive and controlling. MC is no longer allowed to associate with other people as YC fears that he will cheat on him. YC keeps close tabs on MC and can become violent when he believes that MC is interested in someone else or will possibly try to leave him. MC gets fed up with being controlled and hires a man to kill YC. MC2 is a hitman who enjoys getting close to his prey before following through with the hit. He sets up an agreement with MC to kill YC after three weeks time and in the meantime MC2 gets involved with the father.

Let me be your obsession
Looking for Seke

Stalking, Obsession, Kidnapping, Coercion

YC was once in love with his English professor during his first quarter at a top notch university. He took every class the man taught and tried his hardest to form a bond. His love for the man slowly turned into an obsession until one night during a private study session he admitted his feeling and made a move on the professor. That night YC was turned down and any hope for a possible relationship was shattered. The professor has a son (MC) who is extremely similar to his father. MC lives with his mother and visits his father a couple times a year. YC spots the professor with his son at the university and instantly devices a plan to kidnap MC and use him to get to the professor. What YC doesn’t know is that MC will become intrigued by his captor (YC) and will try to pull his interest away from the professor and onto him instead.

Be my shield
Looking for an Uke

Post apocalyptic world, Gore, Violence, possible coercion and noncon

Destruction do to foreign life forms desecrated a large percent of the world’s population and turned everything in its path to ruins. Several large domes were constructed by the military soon after the attack in order to protect the remaining rich and famous of the population. There were only enough domes created to protect the important figure of society such as political figures, movie stars and the obscenely rich business men and their families. The population that isn’t so fortunate is given weapons and thrown outside to cooperate with the military in destroying the aliens that are attempting to take over our planet. YC is part of the higher class and is given an ID card to prove his identity to gain access into the dome. During a large scuffle with the poorer people being forced into the outer world as soldiers, MC steals YC’s bag which has the ID inside. YC gets separated from his father and ends up getting thrown in with the poorer class and is sent outside to fight in the war. YC has no survival skills and is as good as dead once scent out there as he is nothing more than a pampered rich kid. MC saves YC from an alien that is about kill him and afterward YC notices that this is the same man that stole his bag and got him banished in the first place. YC demands his card back and when MC admits he threw it out YC decides to tag along with MC and demands that the man protect him as it is his fault that he is out there.

What nightmares are made of
Looking for an Uke

Death,Paranormal phenomenon,slight gore

Everywhere MC goes death follows, people refer to him as a jinx. His father died in a car accident when he was small, the car became totaled, the father died but he came out without a scratch. MC's classmates throughout his years in school would mysteriously die do to accidents, talk started and parents begun taking their kids out of MC's class, even one of his teachers died. His mother decided it was best to home school him and took him out of school in the seventh grade. She taught him up until twelfth grade when she died from an unexpected heart attack. Almost eighteen years old the state took him in for several months but couldn't keep him for long and with his back story no one is interested in adopting him. YC is fascinated by MC to the point of obsession. YC is secretly interested and an avid believer in the paranormal. YC is attracted to MC because of the paranormal phenomenon and mystery that surrounds him. YC after finding out that MC has no where to go offers to take him in.


Kuroko no Basuke
Togainu no Chi
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