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Author Topic: From Neverland (A M/M request)  (Read 465 times)

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From Neverland (A M/M request)
« on: August 06, 2012, 07:31:55 PM »
Given the flexibility of most of my other ideas, I have chosen not to place this one with rather specific requirements with my other requests. The story that has sprang to my mind was inspired by the song 'From Neverland,' by Alexander James Adams. Familiarity with the song is not required, but I can try to hunt down a link to listen to it if you'd like. Again, this is a M/M characters request. I care nothing about the gender of the writer I work with on this, but I do ask that they have some experience with M/M stories and the patience to put up with the fact that though I can write certain types of male characters decently, if things get sexy, I don't have experience with those sorts of scenes. That said, I do not play predatory or super dominant male characters well, at least not with any amount of ease and will not be doing so here, please don't ask.

From Neverland:

Devlin Fremont was a bright young man. Top of his class, favored among the older ladies who's society his Lady mother kept. His family was a powerful one, though low on the hierarchy of rank, and he was for the most part treated thus. Then the scandal broke, has father had gambled away their fortune and then took his life. Over night, the boy and his mother became pariah. They lost their home, their status, and even their own relatives would have nothing to do with them. With in a month his mother turned to the only path that she could find to look after her son, devastated as he was by the loss of his father. He was still young, and she refused all his insistence that she allow him to care for them, she did not want her only child to become an adult too soon. So his mother took to whoring, and inevitably, she got sick. Then, the boy, now sixteen was alone.

Lost and terrified his first night on the street that he would not survive it, all Devlin could do was cry. Then something magical happened. A tiny little woman with wings came to him. She saw his tears and had witnessed his pains. She offered him a new home. Away from the pain. She offered to help him forget. Promised him friends and esteem as he'd once had. A house full of brothers and never a dull or sad moment. He accepted that tiny woman's offer and was taken to a place like he'd never known before. A land of magic and fairies and mermaids. As she'd promised, his cares disappeared. He could remember nothing of the sad life that he'd run away from. In Neverland, he was happy again.

The first issue appeared the first time that Devlin and Hook encountered one another. While it had never occurred to Devlin that he was older than the majority of the boys, Hook noticed. He saw one who was more young man than boy, and he wanted him for his crew. So he watched, and waited. It took some amount of time for him to come to know the boy's habits and patterns. It took even longer to research a way to return the boy whatever pains he was running from, that he could be made to be a man. Hooks ship needed more crew.

Soon after that, he caught Devlin, playing with the fairies down along the coast. Forced a few drops of poison down his throat, soon after the memories returned. The things he'd seen his mother do, the things he'd been put through when his father committed suicide, every ounce of pain and heartache came back to him. The fairies came then as he cried out in pain, but there was nothing they could do about the memories this time. They took him to safety, but he couldn't hide from the pain. He saw things in a way that he hadn't seen them before. Began to question the very basis of Neverland. Knowing nothing else to do, he went to Peter Pan, where he was told the only way that he could cease to be in pain was to leave Neverland, to grow up, to become a man. There was no other cure but to figure out who he was and grow into that person in a way that he could never do there.

So that's what Devlin did, with the help of the fairies, he returned to Earth, but it wasn't the same Earth that he'd left. There were monstrous creatures everywhere that seemed to propel themselves and the clothing the people wore was so very strange. Every part of his old life was gone, disappeared in the passage of two centuries or more. Again, Devlin was lost, completely confused and disoriented. People looked at him funny, and he ran away. Hid himself in an alley and cried.


This is where your character would come in. He could be however old or young as you would like (within site rules), and what he wants with my character is open for discussion. What I'm thinking is more along the lines of a mentor turns more sort of relationship where as he learns more about himself and comes to stop blaming himself for the things that he's gone through at the hands of others he also starts to admit to things that would have been taboo for him since he was old enough to think.

Anyway, thank you for taking the time to read this. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask away. Also, forgive the young age. I wouldn't usually play that could end up sexual with a character right at site rules age, but he has to be young for the whole Neverland thing to be within lore for that whole story set. Even that age is pushing it a little.