Trying to be dominant for a change... (looking for F character)

Started by Beorning, July 27, 2012, 06:56:00 PM

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Hello :)

Usually, I tend to play submissive female characters, as evidenced by my stories ideas presented here. Right now, though, I decided that it could be interesting to play a more dominant role for a change.

As with my usual story ideas, I'd be interested in RPing a story involving things like: mad science, hypnosis / mind control, mental transformations, forced conformity or uniforms. I'm looking for a writing partner interested in playing a female who's being subjected to such things. In turn, I'd either play the person behind these things, or take a more general GM role in a story featuring them.

Here's a sampling of possible story ideas:


In this story, my writing partner would play a woman who would arrive to the picturesque town of Stepford. Soon, she would notice that all of the married women in the town are very neat, very pleasant... and very obedient toward their husbands. And... she would be chosen to become one of these women herself! Is she going to escape the fiendish plot? Or is she going to end up as another of the town's perfect wives?


There's... a hospital. A hospital of high quality of service, with clean rooms, good equipment and, most importantly, very professional staff: well-educated doctors and smiling, caring nurses.

But... the hospital has a secret. It functions perfectly... but that's because its support staff are literally unable to perform less than perfectly. The hospital's doctors have literally brainwashed all of the nurses into being hard-working, disciplined and meticulous.

One day, a new young nurse takes a job at this hospital. Of course, she's immediately targeted for being "perfected", too... How will her transformation go?


The story takes place in modern times. The main character, a young woman in early twenties, wins a scholarship at a small, prestigious college or university. She is very happy about it... but, when she arrives to this place to start her studies, she quickly finds out that the college's actual goal is to mold its female students into well-mannered, docile young ladies that would want only to start families and care for their husbands. The lead character would have none of that and wants to leave... but then, it turns out that she cannot. The college's administration won't allow her to leave before she, too, is turned into a proper lady...

These are just three of the possibilities. I'm more than open for discussing any other stories along these lines. Do you have a similar idea you'd like to try out? Let's talk!

So... anyone interested? If so, please PM me! :)