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Author Topic: Demascion Lycan's Ideas (MxF or FxF){Cravings Noted}  (Read 4909 times)

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Demascion Lycan's Ideas (MxF or FxF){Cravings Noted}
« on: July 10, 2012, 10:08:29 pm »
Hey [Insert your name here]! Demascion Lycan is here! I'm looking forward to hearing from you and writing beautiful stories that will more than likely never be read by the public. Even so, I do enjoy writing, and that is why I am here. You see, I use to RP on GaiaOnline, but the restrictions were pg13. Of course I, along with most of the other users, pushed those boundaries, but it still didn't let us tell the story in all the gory details. And I mean that literally. Some of the stories I was in were a little gory. I came here, not for the sex in the stories, but for freedom in itself.

Now I know that this site was founded on the principle of sex, and I love writing about it, but I want a plot. I want creativity. I want the story to go somewhere. If it becomes all smut, I will respectfully inform you that I am done with the role play. There will be no hard feelings, and unless I had a problem with your style I would probably be more than willing to try a different story with you. I'm not too hard to please.

I officially created an F-List Account, so please check that out, though my ons and offs link on E are still in my signature. Make sure you look over at least the Ons and Off before contacting me. Also, use the RP you are interested in as the title for the message. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

Characters that need a story
Alexander Augustine ~CRAVING~
Name: Alexander Augustine (Alex)
Vampire, doll, werecreature: Vampire
Age: 97 (born March 8th, 1918. Created July 11th, 1942)
Claimed: None
Orientation: Straight
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Caramel
Height: 6'2"
Appearance: Having grown up on a plantation in Louisiana, Alex earned a toned, muscular body. To keep himself from overheating in the sun, he always kept his hair cropped short. This habit carried on to when he was made a vampire. His hands, once calloused from manual labor have smoothed out as a creature of the night, no longer being able to tend to the fields.
Personality:Alex is a very self-motivated individual. Hard work to achieve one's goals was instilled in him from a young age. He always had chores to do growing up, and having less than a century as the undead under his belt, he hadn't lost all of his humanity. He was raised to respect everyone, no matter their race, and this was only exemplified when he was made a vampire and began seeing humanity almost as a cat sees a mouse.
Ability: Illusion
Ons & Offs:
History:Alexander Augustine was born into a wealthy plantation family. His grandparents had been slave owners, as had his great-grandparents. Even so, The Augustines were not the type to treat their servants as mules like many did throughout the eighteen hundreds. In fact, their servant's shelters were quite hospitable, though still not quite as luxurious as the the main house's. As a result, after the war and the decree that slavery was made illegal, many of their slaves stayed on as paid staff. Of course, their pay was still minuscule, but they were free to move about the towns and spend their coin as they pleased after their work was finished.

As the help was no longer free long before Alex was born, he was raised to help tend the fields alongside their servants. He was raised to view them as men and women at work, not property. This set him apart from most of the other young people as he grew up. It instilled work ethic and respect into his daily routine. He never had a chance to see things differently.

The plantation grew hot peppers and cotton that was carted off to the cities where they would be sold. Alex was sixteen before he ever got to see that part of the business. He father wanted to make sure he earned the right to see the merchant side of the business. He had to work his way up as an employee before being able to take the more leisurely job of negotiating prices for selling their product. It ensured he would respect his workers when the plantation would eventually be handed down to him.

It was on this trip that the young Alexander would meet Caroline Everett. Caroline was fifteen and by far the most beautiful woman the young farm boy had ever seen. It was late in the day, and his father had rented out a room for the week while they did their business in New Orleans. Alex was given a little money to enjoy the city. It was at a small tavern where a small band played jazz in the corner. Their lively beat had several people up and dancing. Alex took this as his chance. He asked the young woman to dance and she accepted.

From that day on, every time his father went on a merchant trip, Alex joined, and every night, he spent visiting his love. That was, until he turned nineteen, and she didn't appear at their meeting place. Alex searched the town only to find that by her father's order, Caroline had been betrothed to another. The wedding would take place in only six months time. Of course, by that time, Alex would have become a workaholic who spent his free time drinking in taverns. When his father passed away from pneumonia three years later, it only got worse.

It was on a drinking binge one night on a merchant trip that Alexander would meet Joanne. It was nearing midnight, and she was the most elegant dancer in the tavern. Alex decided that much like many of the dancers he had met over the years, she would be his next conquest. He danced with her and offered for her to join him in his quarters that night. To his excitement, she would accept.

Once in his room, he showed no shame. He undressed the woman quickly, but before he could take her, she pinned him to his bed and sunk her fangs into his throat. Joanne was a vampire. She drained enough of his blood to weaken him, but not enough for him to lose consciousness before offering him a choice: Death or eternal life as a vampire.

At first, the idea of death was a comfort to him. Other than the hired help, there was no one at home to miss him. They would surely find work somewhere. Perhaps on another plantation. But then his mind drifted to bigger and brighter things. He would live forever. He would have this woman with him. He would be introduced to a new world like none he had ever dreamed. Having made his choice, Alexander was drained of most of his blood before Joanne cut herself and fed him her blood. He somehow could feel it pulsing through his body before he blacked out.

When he awoke, Alexander felt a thirst like none other. He looked around the room for water, but he found none. Instead, he saw Joanne waiting by the window of his room, dressed in her white cotton dress. Beside her, on a small sofa, lay another woman. This stranger was sleeping. Joanne would then teach Alex how to feed, which, as with any vampire, came to him naturally. He drained the woman to her death before looking to Joanne.

Alexander spent the next few years traveling with Joanne. She taught him the ins and outs of vampire society, the pros and cons of covens and most importantly how to hunt without being caught. He also learned that he had a special ability unlike the one Joanne had. He could create illusions so realistic that few would be able to tell what was real and what wasn't. He learned to use this power to draw women away from their true mates and join him before making them his meal.

After a decade, he had been trained to recognize vampires, their laws and werecreatures, Alex departed ways with Joanne. She had lost interest in him as a travel companion, and he had other plans for what he wanted to do with the rest of eternity. He traveled the country, seeing it through several wars, though being unable to fight in one himself. He used his illusions to make some easy money doing magic shows for the people. Of course, he could have easily used real slight of hand with his speed and dexterity, but his illusions made the tricks even more awe inspiring.

By the twenty first century, Alexander had made more than enough to sustain himself for a century or more. After all, he had no need for food, so entertainment and gasoline for his tour bus were all he required. He lived out of that bus while putting on shows across the country, and if he decided to take a break, he would buy out a cabin by the ocean or in the mountains for months, sometimes years at a time. Even so, in the seventy three years since his creation, Alex never returned to Louisiana. Not until he was certain that no one would remember him.

More to come.

Open Role Plays
Almost any of these can be modified for the right partner. Shoot me an idea if you think you want one with a few changes. Even if it's as simple as asking for it to be a little more fantasy based or more realistic. I don't mind working with people on the details.

Where Am I? - CRAVING
The whirlpool seemed to come out of nowhere, swallowing Sean Morgan's small sailing vessel in an instant. Sean was pinned under his locker as the storm ensued. Before long, he blacked out, believing his life was at an end.

When Sean woke, the sun was shining though his window. The ship wasn't swaying in the water, so he knew that he had washed up on shore. Somehow the locker had made it's way off of him while he was out, which allowed him to crawl back to his feet. Once he stepped out into the salty air, he knew he was nowhere near home, but where was he?

In this RP, I would like to create an alternate universe for Sean. The whirlpool made him travel from the world of humans to a place of legends. Your character will be one of the dominant species in this Universe. I'll let you pick the race, be it Vampire, Lycan, Shifter, Angel, Demon, whatever. For all I care you could be a wood nymph. Just have a full character ready if you use more obscure races. We will talk about the laws/politics of the world dependent on your character's species.

Take note that I want your character to be extremely Humanoid. Odd skin color is fine, but human body style, at the least during more adult scenes.

No more Peace: The Fifth Great Ninja War (A Narutoverse RP) CRAVING
Before getting into the plot, I want to make this clear. We will be playing years after the shippuden series. The children of the main cast will have grown up and already determined their stations in life. Our characters will be completely original. Now, this doesn't mean you can't play the granddaughter of Sasuke if you want. It just means that actual cannon characters that have already been given a personality by the writers will not be your main character.

Life in the leaf village had been peaceful since the end of the fourth great ninja war. Of course, this meant that the number of missions in the village had dwindled to mostly protecting diplomats and capturing criminals, but few felt the need to complain. After all, it meant that they had been safe. he Seventh Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki retired after many happy years protecting his village, and chose Sarada Uchiha, the daughter of Sasuke and Sakura as his successor, truly restoring the Uchiha name to the greatness it once held.

Of course, in such times of peace, when the ninja villages have little work, there is always a select few who look to profit in causing war. In this case, a new team called "Busho" has formed, striking many small villages, masquerading as shinobi from the five great nations so as to build tensions and attempt to destroy treaties. So far, the five Kage have been able to keep the peace, but with tensions rising, they know a new war is inevitable. Training the chunin and genin while preparing the Junin had taken almost the same priority as completing missions. Of course, this meant more dangerous missions had become available as well.

In this RP, I will be playing the grandchild of Naruto and Hinata, Tadao Uzumaki. He is the only son of their daughter, Himawari and Shikadai Nara.

Tadao is highly inteligent, much like his grandfather, Shikamaru, but also energetic as was Naruto and his uncle, Boruto, which frustrated his academy teachers. They couldn't understand why someone with such skill would put it to use on meaningless and often annoying pranks. He inherited the Byakugan from the Hyuga clan and therefore has an affinity for chacra control beyond normal shinobi of his age. He has an affinity for the Wind Chacra Nature though is also highly proficient in fire techniques from training under his sensei, Sarada Uchiha, before she was named Hokage.

At this point in the story, Tadao is 18 and a chunin. Your character cannot be blood related to mine, but otherwise, you are completely free to create her as you wish. I am definitely looking for plot driven play here, and I haven't quite decided if Tadeo will be happy living in the leaf village or if he will search for more power, but that is something we can talk about together. Oh, and I will eventually make up a list of jutsu Tadao uses and I would like you to do the same for your character so as to avoid being OP. Thank you.

Just a Little Help
Life had been going nowhere for James. He had worked dead end jobs, moved in and out of the homes of family members, and had never been able to afford his own place without a roommate. He was lucky he had a running vehicle to drive. It was time to make a change, and he knew exactly what he needed to do.

James signed up for a course that allowed him to train to be a surgical technician in under a year. It was a rigorous course, but he had always been amazing in school, and this time was no different. A few weeks into class, James felt more and more confident in his life. He was consistently making A's and B's on his quizzes and was having no problem with any of the course work. Everything was going right for him.

Of course, not everyone was doing so well. There was a beautiful young woman who sat beside him who always seemed to struggle just to pass. He continually offered to help her simply because she was attractive and he didn't want her to fail out. There were always ulterior motives, though. After their first session together, he would tell her the price for his tutoring. If she wanted his help, she would have to give herself to him. However he wanted it.

This one could easily be turned into a fantasy one by making it a school, like Hogwarts, but more like an extended learning school.

Life in Straton was normal. It was a small town of just over nine hundred people. The only time people even visited the town was for the fall apple festival held every September. The orchards brought in millions from apple pies, scarecrows, hay rides and other fall oriented souvenirs. Everything was simple. Elegant.

That is, until Delilah Rider was killed by her twelve year old nephew, Corey. It was a brutal murder. Seven stab wounds to the chest with a small chopping knife. No one knew why he did it, but he was sentenced to five years in juvenile detention, and people soon forgot about him, as they all would do.

When Corey was released, his mother took him back in, in the same house. He was a Junior in High school, and he was being forced to try to make a life where everyone thought he was a sociopath and no one trusted him.

This role play is based off of the TV series, Twisted. I left out some details and changed some more, but I want it to be just as suspenseful and plot driven. It has all of the potential to go farther than the show ever did.

The Lucky Charm
When Brian O'Connor arrived at his new High School in Springfield, no one knew what to think. He was a quiet kid who didn't have any friends. He was cast out. After all, he arrived as a senior. Rumors spread about the reason he had moved into town. Some said that he had just been released from a mental institution. Others said that he was running from the law. The only thing that they knew for certain was that he was from Ireland. His accent, pale skin, emerald eyes and ginger hair made that obvious.

One thing that the school agreed upon was that Brian was not to be trusted. He was too different, came in too late, or was just too shy to fit in. That is until Jason took a chance. Jason was in a group of misfit friends that had been watching Brian since he started school. The group had three girls (Chastity, Angel and Alexis) and two guys (Jason and Dexter). They all had different backgrounds, religions, etc, but they took care of each other. Jason decided that Brian needed them as much as they needed a guy to even the odds against the girls.

For a while, no one thought anything about Brian joining the misfit friends until things started going especially well for them. First it was small things like Chastity winning fifty dollars off a scratch off ticket she had received for her eighteenth birthday, but the strokes of luck increased the closer the got to Brian. Dexter's mother fell into remission from her lung cancer, Alexis' father hit big on the slots while on a business trip to Vegas, Jason's shoulder injury healed miraculously, allowing him to rejoin the baseball team as the star pitcher once again. No one understood how their luck was suddenly changing, but many noticed that it only started after they had accepted Brian.

Of course, no one could guess the truth. After all, Leprechauns were supposed to be three inches tall and live at the end of the rainbow. Brian never quite fit that description. Sure, he did gave an affinity for green, but many people thought that emerald was a pretty color, and who didn't love gold? Brian knew that he could never tell his friends his secret, but his lucky coin remained in his wallet at all times. He could change anyone's luck as he pleased, whether it be good or bad, and to those who deserved it, Leprechauns tried to keep the balance tipped in their favor.

In this RP, I will be playing as Brian. You would be playing as either one of the girls I mentioned or as an outsider to the group. You could also play as someone who finds out about his powers and tries to use them for her own personal gain. Obviously, in this RP, Leprechauns are human in all aspects except for their magic which is drawn from their talisman, in his case a 4-leaf clover gold coin that was passed down in his family. Just having the coin isn't enough to give you the powers though. You must also know how to use it.

The Dark Side - CRAVING
Marik Novastar was born on Alderaan, a decade before the clone wars. His Mother had died during labor, leading his father into a life of drinking while Marik was taken care of by the locals until he was old enough to take on a position in the Jedi Order. He trained for years, pushing himself to the limits as a padawan while trying to earn himself the distinguished title of Jedi.

Marik was in his final year of training when the Jedi Council disbanded and his master, Senator Palpatine, built the galactic empire, Marik followed in his master's footsteps, embracing the seemingly more powerful, Dark Side of the Force. He was trained as a Sith warrior who was strong in the force, but much more handy with a Light Saber.

Despite accepting the roll that was given to him, Novastar always had an aching in his gut that what they were doing wasn't right. There was no longer a sense of freedom in the galaxy. The people lived in fear of the empire. The support for the alliance was daunting. uncertain of what was right and what was wrong, Marik faked his death, leaving his old life behind and searching for a new truth. As the clone wars were fought, the young Sith warrior hid, moving from planet to planet, doing what served him and became a watcher.

In this RP, I will play as Marik, a human. Your character does not have to be human, but must be one of the humanoid races. (IE, no wookie, no Jaba, etc.) Your character will influence which side he will fight for. This could be a classic love tale, or he could be rejected by your character and go full torturous Sith. I'm really open to anything.

My Dream; Someone's Nightmare
Creed moved on to a new town. He had found a new host body that he could manipulate to his liking. He was in control. He was finding that the people here would be great for him to feed on. There were plenty of parties and there was a large variety in the people. This would be fun indeed.
My Character, Creed
Name: Creedance
Age: 1652
Race: Demon

Main Power: Telepathy (Reading/altering of thoughts)
Bio: Since escaping the deepest depths of hell, Creedance, or Creed for short, Has began wandering all over the world. He has mastered his telepathy and used it as a tool in his perverse search for pleasure. He Loves altering an innocent girl's will to have her go farther with her boyfriend. He never has to do much. Just implant the idea. Then he feeds off of the guilt that pours from the girl in the following days.
Weapons: Creed carries only one weapon, a staff. At one end of the staff is a summoning tome that allows him to summon a dragon. At the other end is a dark gem that allows the staff to change forms when tapped against the ground. He can only use one of these pieces at a time though.
Fears: His only fear is being sent back to hell. He escaped the first time out of sheer luck.

In this role play, there will be all kinds of sex, bondage, and we are likely to play many NPCs to make the story move along. There will be demons, angels, vampires and many more. It will not be a pure smut RP. Your main character will not know Creed, and I would prefer her not to even notice him until he makes himself clear to her. If you aren't into action, long standing story lines, plot twists, death, blood, and a little mind control, don't bother messaging me about this RP. I won't try to take over your character, but he will implant thoughts into her head. Mainly flashes of images, just enough to give an idea.

I would also like to be able to chat on an IM program so as to discuss story lines so that we don't get different ideas without the other person having any kind of say. I would like this story to last, so it would be best if we talk about where we would like to take the RP. ^_^

Already Taken? Challenge Accepted
Boy meets girl. Girl meets another boy. Girl and boy number two are a match made in heaven, but she's already happily taken by boy number one. Eventually she can't fight her feelings for boy number two and they fall into passion's embrace. Will she continue to cheat, end her first relationship, or continue to fight relationship number two?

In this RP, I will be playing Boy number two. I haven't decided who the character will be yet. I think I'm going to create a new one. He will be Kind, affectionate, a bit geeky, but in a good way, constantly complimenting her, and will be quick to say those three words. He will also have a major kinky side, but your character has to really be into everything from leashes, to cuffs, to light blood play(Very light), to bring it out of him.

The College Experiment
Shasta was excited to meet her roommate. She was tired of living with guys. Her ex boyfriend had made her wonder if any guy was worth the trouble. Especially when there were so many beautiful women in the world. Perhaps her new roommate would be enough of a companion for her. She couldn't wait until the next week when she would move into the dorm. Who will her roommate be?

The Best Man
It was a beautiful weekend. They were on the lake. Just Sean and the boys. It had been too long. Sean knew that Jarred had something to announce, but he wasn't going to rush his best friend. No need to ruin the first outing the four guys had been on in nearly three years. Sure, they still hung out at the bar every Friday night, but Jarred and Kieth usually cut out early and Russ wasn't as much fun to hang out with alone. There was no cutting out of this trip. They were only able to bring one of the vehicles this deep into the park, and Sean one the pull.

Sean had just got the fire going when Jarred got everyone together. "I know its been a long time, so you guys have probably been wondering why I drug ya'll out here," he said while Sean just tried to read his expression. Jarred was normally an easy read to Sean since they had known each other since grade school, but Jarred was keeping himself in check this time. Sean wasn't quite so sure if it was a good thing or not.

Then Jarred smiled, and the rouse was up. "Sara and I are getting married!" he announced, beaming. Sean instantly let his jaw drop and feigned shock as though he had just told them he was dying.

Jarred lost his smile for a moment before Sean burst into laughter. "How the hell did you trick her into marrying your ass?" he let out between fits of laughter.

The rest of the weekend went by pretty quickly. Everyone was enjoying the time away from the real world, though they all knew it would soon come to an end. As Kieth and Russ were throwing the last of their stuff into Sean's truck, Jarred stood beside Sean, looking out into the water. "I want you to be my best man," he told him.

Sean looked over to Jarred, who's eyes never left the water. "What about your brother?" he asked. "I know you have had your problems, but" he started, but Jarred waved him off.

"Randy may be blood, but you're my brother just as much as he is," Jarred said. Sean just smiled. "And get a new tux," Jarred added before turning to get into the truck.

((This Role play will start at the wedding. I will have some more back story about Sean in the first post, but you'll have to wait for that. And Sean is 24.))

The Slave Market
In a country where slavery is legal, and anyone who puts themselves into extreme debt can become a slave, children can be sold by their parents as slaves, and slaves are rarely freed, my character is a musician who wants to buy a slave.

I want your character to be spunky. As in she spits in the face of the shop owner. She has never been shown kindness. Otherwise, her backstory and appearance is completely up to you. I have some ideas as to where the story could go, but that could be decided later. ^_^

Pokémon Aftermath
Thirty years since Red's ascension to the top, pokémon battles are now illegal. Pokemon are now protected by the federal government under the mistreatment of pokémon act. underground fight clubs still exist, and criminals still use them as weapons against their victims, but if you are caught using a pokémon in such a manor, your name is kept on file as though you were using a gun in the same manor.

Pokémon are still used by the police to defend the people. Their main forces are Growlithes and the occasional Arcanine. This has led to many criminals carrying at least one water type pokémon with them at all time in order to aid in their escapes. Many trainers have joined volunteer groups in order to continue battling with their long time partners. Red had retired from battling and started a watch group that was funded by the government. In his efforts to protect the ones he loves and continue doing what he loves with the pokémon that have lived with him his entire lives
In this RP, we will both play original characters. My character will be one of the rogue trainers that battles in underground clubs. He is considered one of the best. He also has a dark side. He has used his winnings to become a crime lord. When he sees a top contender making a name for him/herself, he makes them an offer to join his corporation. Though most of the people except his offer, being nearly as shady as him, a few are more moral than that, and only battle because they have no other way to make money. The people who decline meet an unfortunate end, however the crime lord decides.

You will play a female trainer who catches my eye. How the story plays out, though, we can discuss later.

Hiding in Plain Sight
No one knew why the Lycans and Vampires were always at war. No one knew why they felt as though they were meant to hate
each other. At least no one on earth. No one who would speak of those ancient wars that had waged on a much higher battlefield centuries past. The truth was simply that their war had been started because of the differences of Celestial beings. The humans called them angels. It had started when Lycan'Pira had put thoughts of pride and hatred towards the humans into the mind of a much more well known angel, Lucifer.

After the great war died out, Lyc used the new freedom that the angels had to traverse the earth and then the depths of hell where he studied curses and power that was forbidden to the beings by their father. He studied and built his curse on the combination of his favored creature, the wolf and the creator's favored, humans. This was how the first lycan came to be. After a century of lycans infesting the earth, the creator sent Lyc's very brother to find a way to limit the numbers of the beast which would have hunted the humans to extinction. It was ironic that the solution was to create another being that needed to feed, the vampire.

Vampires were less powerful, but they had more control of themselves at their peak, which gave them the cunning edge against the lycan beasts. Thus the vampires and lycans were always meant to kill each other. With the two groups always at war, their numbers were never great threats to the human population from that point on. They would hunt themselves to a safe number. Only a few humans even had to know that they existed at all.

That it was, until the vampires finally gained the upper hand and began to trap the lycans and breed them as slaves. The lycans were kept as entertainment beasts and guard dogs for the race that appeared to finally have gained the superior position. The slaves were kept healthy, and their numbers limited. Of course a few Lycans lived outside the Vampire's reach though they were forever hunted while they tried to help break their brethren free from the vampirical tyranny.

The leader of the rebels was named Lucian, and after nearly a century of his kin being suppressed, he finally hatched a plan to break them free. He would let himself be captured and they would have the free lycans attack from the outside. While the vampires were distracted, he would unbind the inside lycans from their limit collars before joining the attack from the inside.

The tactic was brilliant, though Lucian was only able to free about half of the slaves before the vampires showed their true numbers and regained the control. The newly freed lycans escaped, though many who remained were killed. Lucian was among the dead. Now few slaves remain, though they are hunted once more.

Years after the assault, Lycan'Pira decided it was time to give his people a chance. He would develop a new strain of his curse that had many of the advantages of the vampires. Thus he met a human boy named Demascus who would be the newest victim of the lycan curse.

Character Name: Demascus
Age: 20
Appearance: Demascus
Bio: Demascus was born normal. He was born in a small city hospital like most people. He was raised by a single dad most of the time and spent his summers with his mom.  These basic details simply things that were part of everyday life to him though. It was the personal details that defined who he really was.

Until Demascus was thirteen, he didn’t have any real friends. he was the strange kid who kept quiet in the back of the room. He pretended that it didn’t bother him. He pretended that nothing bothered him, but inside an anger and hatred of the world was brewing. On this particular day, Demascus couldn’t hold in his anger any more. His father and he got into a fight. His father was fuming, and Demascus grabbed a basket ball and walked to the nearby park.

It was on this fateful day that his life would never be the same. his life wouldn’t even be normal by nearly any standards. Demascus, on this day, met Fenrir, his future best friend. Fenrir showed up on the basket ball court just as angry as Demascus and without a word, they began shooting together. Not a word was spoken until Demascus was ready to return home. Then they exchanged names and were friends instantly.

It was Fenrir that taught Demascus of the supernatural. He brought Demascus into a world that somewhat frightened him, and there was nothing that he could do but embrace what he knew to be true. It wasn’t long before the two of them met up with Cip and Perini, two vessels of many a demon and angel.

Demascus’s anger issues didn’t improve any throughout the years, and when he was seventeen, he learned why. The friends he had made through the supernatural bonds had noticed that his personalities were so sporadic that it couldn’t simply be a mood swing. Demascus was what they called an unaware. He was a vessel, but not just a vessel, but an open vessel. Almost any demon or angel could use him as an entrance to the physical realm.

It was during this intervention that Demascus met Lycan’Pira, the originating angel that created the Lycan curse. He taught Demascus how to block angels and demons from his mind. The downside to meeting Lyc was that Lyc used him as a test subject for a new lycan curse. This new curse made the person more wolf like in their personality and abilities, but they never changed into any form of wolf.

It was due to this curse that Demascus accidentally killed Fenrir in a fit of uncontrolled rage. His power was new to him, as was his lack of emotional control. Ever since, Demascus has been traveling the world trying to make up for what he had done.
Personality: Demascus has the qualities of a wolf. He is aggressive in all aspects of his life. This means he is stubborn when it comes to getting what he wants, finding the truth, and proving the facts. It also means that he gets angry quicker than most people and that he is quick to fight. Beyond his aggression, he has uncontrollable loyalty. He will fight to the death to protect someone that he only just befriended.

What Lyc didn't expect was that Demascus would rather not take part in the pointless war. He would rather fight only to defend himself. He would befriend anyone, no matter what their race, as long as they would accept him. He would find that due to his new strain of curse, his scent could be explained by simply working near the lycans. Many vampires simply thought of him as a human. They didn't realize that their enemy was hiding in their own towns. The vampires that figured it out often met with their death before they could tell anyone else.

It was in one of these towns that a young vampiric girl would meet him, and eventually discover his secret, though not until after he had saved her life. How will she react?

"I'm Gonna be a Star!" - CRAVING
(This is a wrestling storyline. I'm not certain how I want it to play out yet, but Your character will meet him just as he starts out on the WWE roster. Also, this is supposed to be like real life. Wrestling is predetermined. ORIGINAL CHARACTERS)

Stan had always been a fan of wrestling. As a kid he watched WCW, ECW, and what was then known as the WWF, the WWE. He went to local shows with his father and every time they left a show, from the time he was 5 until the time he was 17, he would tell his father, "That's going to be me one day. I will be a champion." Of course, he realized that the events were staged. He knew that the matches were predetermined. He didn't care. The athleticism was real. The bumps and bruises were real. They were trained to do things the safest way possible, but that didn't make it a safe way to go.

Though his father wasn't extremely enthusiastic about his dream, he supported Stan. Stan made a deal with his father that as long as he went to college and got a degree to fall back on, Stan's father, Chuck, would put him through wrestling school. He would be trained just like the professionals. Stan took his first class when he was 16. Classes were every Saturday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. When Stan got out of class, he was often tired and had his own share of bumps and bruises, but he took to the art quickly. It was his passion, and he wouldn't give up on his dream.

Stan was never extremely muscular. He was about 6'2" when he graduated high school, and had a build similar to that of Dean from his favorite non-wrestling television show, Supernatural. He knew that he wasn't going to be a powerhouse. That just wasn't his style. Stan was taking advanced classes on personalizing his style at this point, and he had chosen to be a risk taker. He wanted to take part in hardcore matches and fly around the ring. When they put on matches in the gym, he had developed aerial  offense that rivaled the performance of his Idol, Jeff Hardy.

When Chuck came to Stan about college, Stan kept his end of the bargain. He would be a business major so that he had a great degree to fall back on. What he didn't tell his father was that if he didn't make it as a wrestler, he planned on starting his own wrestling company. Wrestling was all that he wanted. It was everything to him.

When Stan wasn't training or in class, he had gone through a handful of girlfriends, though they seemed to want him to give up on his dream. They either didn't want him to get hurt, of they felt that he didn't spend enough time with them. He had felt his share of heartbreak, but he let those emotions drive his training to further extremes. He pushed himself until finally a scout took notice.

Stan was on his last month of college. All he had left was to ace the finals. He was determined to do so. Even when he was approached by Al Snow during one of his training classes. Al Snow told him that he would like to take him on through NWA as a developmental course of action. The NWA would be Stan's foot in the door. Stan agreed on the provision that he could start after he graduated, which he did, with full honors.

During his first event, wrestling in a dark match, Stan was billed under the name of Stealth. He wore black tripp pants and entered with a cape of similar goth styling. He was supposed to be fast and dangerous like a US Stealth jet. Stan liked the name, and did it proud. Though he was originally booked to lose this match, halfway through the ref got a signal to switch the decision. The ref then let Stan and his opponent know, and Stan finished the match with a 450 splash. It wasn't a move he had designed, but it showed everyone that he had the capability to end a match well.

After 3 months in the NWA, Al Snow once again approached Stan, telling him that there were 2 offers ahead of him. One was with TNA, and the other with WWE. In TNA he would start on a roll and if the fans reacted well, he would be a viable option for the X Division championship within 3 months. The WWE agent on the other hand said he would start from the bottom, but had a higher starting salary. Stan was ecstatic. He asked for a week to think it over. When he got home that night, he called his father, and all he had to say was "I'm gonna be a Star."

It took him years to realize what was happening. Looking back on his story, it was clear how the path reached his destination, though he never expected it to turn out the way it was. He never thought it would be so difficult. The story wasn't one that would make the little children happy, but he was proud of his choices over the years. Things weren't easy, but he had always done what he felt was necessary for the greater good.

In this RP, my character will be the chosen one in your average fantasy tale. He is supposed to save the world in the long run, which leads to him having to make extremely difficult decisions. He believes that he is the hero, but as the situation gets tougher, his decisions become more and more heartless. He does what he believes will help save the world at the expense of innocent lives. He becomes the villain he wished to save the world from.

I don't have a full outline for this story, nor do I have a starting point in mind, but I really want to see where this story can go. If you have any ideas, I would love to hear them out.

Taken Role Plays
I am willing to run a double of any taken Role Plays, but you have to have a character ready and samples of your posting style that really intrigue me. (Longer is NOT always better. Quality, not quantity)

Guardian Angel - CRAVING
Gabriel Zachariah Angelo, Known as angel by most, was a bit of a loner. He had a few friends that he could call if he wanted to go out, but he wasn't one to get too attached to anyone. He had learned from his mother's sudden decision to walk out when he was eleven that no one was truly there forever. No one truly cared.

Of course he still had his father, who tried his best to give him whatever he needed, but the emotional connection wasn't there. Even so, Mr. Angelo always got home at six o'clock, bringing home something for dinner. Sometimes it was a simple pizza, other times he had a four course meal delivered. They would sit down together, and he would try to get Angel to open up to him. Sometimes he would invite Angel's friends, other times some of his own. His friends would bring their kids who were about Angel's age. Those nights were the one's Angel hated most.

Most nights, though, they would talk about the monotonous ins and outs of their daily lives. Angel told his father just enough to get by until dinner was over and Angel went to his room, spent time with his friends, or trained for the next parkour event. He never spent time with his father outside of those dinners. Parkour and free running were Angel's workout and stress relief of choice.

By the time Angel had graduated high school, he had won several obstacle course races and freestyle trick competitions. He was even starting to make a name for himself and gain sponsors so that when he graduated he had enough money to move into his own apartment. When he moved, his father finally recognized that this would be his career and congratulated him by paying for a $500 Anatomically Correct Wing Tattoo that Angel had been wanting since earning the nickname.

Angel spent his free time working out, playing video games practicing guitar and going to parties with his friends. It was at one of these parties that he took notice of {Your Character}. She was getting a little too drunk and a guy was trying to take advantage of her despite her clear disposition against it. Angel stepped in and defended her. He was just doing what he thought was right, and all she saw was her guardian angel.

Why Do We Do This?
Destrian was getting older. He had been hunting for nearly a decade, had met many hunters and killed almost every kind of monster he had ever heard of, save for a few that he knew only existed in foreign countries. Yet the world never ceased to find new ways to surprise him. New monsters, gods and more always appeared. He had many sleepless nights and always searched for the next job.

Despite the hundreds or thousands of lives Destrian had saved, he always felt as though he was failing the world. He had more than a handful of fans who came to his shows in most of the cities he played in. He was deep in the underground music circuit and made plenty of money. Very few of the other musicians could draw in a crowd as well as he did. He was paid more by the bars than most. He even had a few singles being sold online along with ringtones and merchandise. The money was instantly transferred to his bank card. But none of this mattered. People were dying all over the world. He couldn't stop the death, and that tortured him every night.

In this story, Destrian would meet your character, another hunter, and is continually looking for a purpose. When he started hunting, he loved what he was doing, but the more he learns, the less certain he is that he is actually making a difference. Your character will assist him on the hunt, perhaps she has more experience with this particular creature than he does or perhaps she's just the bait. I really don't care how she helps him. Either way, they get close and she tries to help pull him from the internal madness and growing depression in him.

The key to this RP is that it is based in the Supernatural universe. That means any monster that has been used in the show has to continue following their rules. I am very much a Supernatural obsessed geek. You cannot play a cannon character. Cannon characters might make an appearance, but they shall be brief. I prefer OC almost in every case.

Very General plots/one shots
Supernatural (The show on CW)
Superhero/Damsel in distress
Caring woman/injured man

Links to my old RPs for a sample of my style
Medium to short posts - The Presidents Daughter

Long to medium posts - Chains of Slavery

Short to long Posts - Pokémon Aftermath

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