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Author Topic: (M for F)Intricate Stories-Detail Oriented-Extreme-D/s-Romance-Many Genres!  (Read 1353 times)

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Offline Retro HereticTopic starter

My current RP's Read them, enjoy them, see my writing style for yourself

The Taming, written with Ezekla
The Centurion's Captive, written with Kaienah

Historical Fantasy
A Northern Wind Blows South, written with Saidi

Fandom RP
Volatile Magics, written with Bloodied Porcelain (Harry Potter)

(Yes I sometimes play women, it is challenging and I enjoy writing for them. But I will only RP that with someone who really inspires me to. I will be quite picky in that regard)

Please take a look at my writing before you PM me. Next listed are ideas for a stories which absolutely no substance, only context.

Black is normal, Green is Craving, Red is Taken

Modern (Anytime from 1900-Current)

Soviet Russia 1944 – 1950
A German woman in a forced labor camp escapes into Siberia, she is pursued into the wilderness by three soviet soldiers. (Romance, or possible Extreme NC, depending)
United States 2004
During the invasion of Iraq Andrew Young's fiance was killed in combat, now, after attempting to cope with her loss a year later, he stands on the edge of Golden Gate Bridge when a woman approaches. She must talk him down, the two fall in love...and she must help him get over his self destructive, addictive nature. (Romance)

Historical(Anytime before 1900)

Russia 1043 AD
During the naval raid by the Russian Navy on the Empire of Constantinople one of the Navy commanders of the Russian fleet captures a vessel belonging to the Empire. On the vessel is the young Captain and his young wife and daughter, The Captain of the Russian ship kills the Captain of the other and takes the wife and daughter. Upon return to Russia he forces her into marriage. (NC, Possible Extreme)

((More stories are to come, I got tired.)) :P

Listed below are detailed RP ideas and synopsis, please click on those below

Got ideas for your own RPs, wanna RP me with me anyway? PM me!

Although I do not like to place a minimum word requirement on posts for my RP's I usually will post around 800+ words everytime, I would prefer that my partner be able to keep up...I am a very detail oriented person.


Kunark : The Legionnaire’s Prize Available
Anthromorph Reptile on soft skin RP
Heavy / Intense Storyline / Fandom


(image of an Iksar with his High Elven slave, the Iksar is what I will be playing)

Welcome to the wilds of the most southern continent of all of Norrath! This RP will take place just before the timeline in which Kunark was discovered, when Iksars and Sarnaks were unknown and the sailors of the high seas were convinced that all of the continents that had been discovered were it, unknowing that Kunark, and Velious still were waiting to the far south.

The story will begin with a shipwreck, one of the scout ships sent by *** (depending on your race, there will be a little bit of OOC discussion before the RP starts) has met with a terrible fate during a monsoon off the coast of Kunark. The survivors were washed ashore, and were met with hostile force by a Squadron of Iksar patrolling the coastland.

Iksar are violent, destructive, tribal, and very massive. Large Anthromorphic Lizard men (see the picture!) who are very civilized as far as their society goes, but a little bit less than knowledgeable about the lands outside of their home…having never seen the “softskins” before they are a bit curious..and one of the Legionnaire’s, their leader, decides to take prisoner the only living survivor after their initial onslaught.

My Character : Ryiss Thuleborn

Ryiss is a Legionnaire, an Iksar Legionnaire to be exact. He and his squad have been tasked with patrolling the coastline of North Western Kunark for over three months with no leave, as such, they are tired, angry, constantly in fighting, and looking for any excuse to return to the Capitol, back to Cabilis. His history is marred with death and he is a bit of a social outcast even though his one of the powerful players within the politics of the city, and very soon he will be coming into a leadership position among his family…vying for tribal control of the council through whatever means necessary.

Your Character *Name to be determined*

Your character is very dependent upon what you have a mind to play within the realm of Everquest Lore, the choices that exist (excluding some of the ones I would rather not RP with in a sexual sense) are High Elves, Wood Elves, Half Elves, Humans, Dark Elves (though this may take some serious back story to explain why she is on the boat! But it’s worth a go!), or Barbarian. Your choice as to whether or not your character was a heroine, or an adventurer of some type will matter. Was she an adventurer who signed on with the ship to scout out new lands in search of riches and knowledge? Or is she a normal citizen of Norrath, unskilled in combat and working on ship as a servant. (That doesn’t work if she’s a Dark Elf)

Regardless of what choice is picked the Iksar will be like nothing she has ever come upon before, dangerous, powerful, and violent.


This is a Dom/sub RP and will belong in the extreme section of the solo’s forum, Ryiss will not be friendly, he will not be nice, and he will NEVER take no for an answer. While this game will have a large element of sex there will be tons of storyline and adventure in which your character will carry the plotline. If you are not okay with Anthromorphic Lizard-esqe creature on Soft skinned sex, this isn’t the RP for you.

Will be an EXTREMELY detail and story driven RP. Be ready.

Hope to hear from you soon!

The Centurion's Captive Taken

Heavy / Intense Storyline
Tons of NPC's

Those are just a few words that describe the RP listed above. I would honestly prefer not to get in too deep into the details of the RP as I would rather my ideas not be mooched off of by others so if you have a relative interest in the RP please send me a reply and let me know, I will post character requirements and a story line type but that's about it.  All attempts to make the story line as historically accurate as possible will be made. The RP will be gritty, dark, dirty and full of all of those things that made Ancient Rome so fascinating a place, expect plenty of travel, violence, death, politics and story line drama to take place.

My Character : Thracius Livus

Thracius Livus is an officer, a Centurion in the Roman Legion under the command of the soon to be Roman Emperor (and god) Caligula currently stationed and fighting in Gaul where the fighting has been intense after a resurgence of violence in the peaceful, yet forcibly held region. Gaul is once again attempting to break away from the Roman Empire and live as it has for many centuries as an independent tribal state. Thracius finds himself commanding a small platoon in the seventh legion with important ground to hold until the rest of the legion can arrive and help them control the territory once again.

Your Character : *Name to be determined*

A Gaulish native whose village will be destroyed and massacred by the invading armies of the Empire, where you take her from there will be up to you. She is to become property of the commander of the group which has defeated and slain her family and friends (Thracius) and will serve him as a slave until her eventual release, sale, or death.

Expectations :

When dealing with a sort of slavery RP I do not expect the one playing the female to be at all obedient in the beginning, make it realistic, perhaps there is even a language barrier that prevents proper communication between master and slave, adding to the drama and difficulty of her bondage to him. The game will be largely story line and NPC led by me, however any NPC's which you would like to introduce or play are more than welcome to be played by you! I am not 100% dead set on the story going exactly as I plan it to go, if you have ideas to throw around and a place you would like to see it go let me know and we will build this world together.

 You need to be okay with violence, abuse, derogatory comments directed towards your character. Vivid sexual scenes will be involved in the RP, consenting or not, do not have any barriers towards what you will RP. Remember...this is 12 BC and your character is a slave, they were not treated very nicely. Posts should be well organized, grammar and spelling are a must. I may ask to see a few of your past RP posts before I get into an agreement with you over the story, and you of course should see mine as well so you know what you are getting into. The RP will be largely Forum based, but if you don't feel up to doing it over the forum I would not mind doing e-mails (in fact that is easier for me)

I was also considering having my role play partner play two sisters or two friends as well, but that is completely up to you, if you wish to take on the challenge of playing multiple characters you may, if you don't...I really don't care. I will likely be playing various main-ish type characters which are important to the story as well.

Hope to hear from you! Send me a PM!

Controlling Seven - Taken
Heavy / Intense Storyline

This RP will be much less planned out on my part than the one listed above (though I want all of my RPs to feature intense story) and be more of a joint project with extensive planning made along with my RP partner, though I do have a general understanding of where I kind of want the RP to go.

My Character (or in this case, Characters) : Vladimir and Ivan Mozarov

Two brothers, (two lawyers in fact) who own a very successful law firm within the city of Moscow, Russia. While they are both successful trial lawyers like their father before them their business is actually a front for a company which operates in secrecy and in "private commodities" with many foreign and local clients. Human trafficking, and in their case in particular, women from around the globe who are freshly caught to serve their new masters needs.

Your Character *Name to be determined*

Having been either studying abroad or vacationing with family somewhere in Europe she would have been found and abducted (likely by drugging) from wherever she was at and brought to moscow under heavy sedation by one of of the "scouts" who worked for the brothers Mozarov. She would the a cold bright room with nothing but a nearly solid steel collar around her neck with a chain that runs from the ceiling. Across her bare stomach the number seven was painted onto her stomach, there are nine other girls in the room, all situated the same as her.


Little about this RP is pre-planned, though i do intend it to have a lot of travel...serious training, and her being shared by BOTH brothers and becoming their shared property. I have several good ideas floating around in my head but they aren't exactly formulated yet.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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Added a new RP, both stories still open.

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Re: (M for F) The most Retro of Heretic's list of RP ideas.
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I am interested in the Roma RP. Would you like to discuss it here or over another type of communication?

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Removed one RP, added a new one! Two games still available, PM me!

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Added Several new stories

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Edited Available and adjusted stories.