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Author Topic: Littledoll's Roleplay Request Thread  (Read 903 times)

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Littledoll's Roleplay Request Thread
« on: April 05, 2013, 10:36:07 PM »

Part One - About The Writer

My favorite type of roleplaying is the type of story that has everything: Romance, excitement, adventure, drama, sex. The list goes on. They say, You can't have your cake and eat it too. Well I say in the world of make believe, why not? I mean that's really what roleplaying is right? Make believe for writers! It's a writer's job to create things that we want, we've experienced, we dream of, what our imagination comes up with and more. I believe a great roleplay as well as any good story needs to have multiple elements, not just one or two or else it's boring. Or you simply feel like something is missing. I've been roleplaying for 10+ years and it's taken me many years and hundreds if not thousands of roleplays, roleplay boards and writing in general to figure a lot out about writing and roleplaying as a whole. But we're only human right? If we're only human and life is about learning and making mistakes, then I'm just another human being... maybe. ;)

Since I have been writing stories since I could read and write, writing has always been my passion. Now at almost 23 years old, I've been able to get my writing at a place that makes me happy and quite satisfied by my work. Roleplaying is no different. Roleplaying in the "common rooms", as I've started to call them (IE: The Hotbox, Game rooms, ect.) is different from my real way of roleplaying. I also tend to adapt to others and their formats. When I go from simply writing like this with quotes and I suddenly start using asterisks, more than likely, it's because others around me are using them too. But the real way I roleplay is in story format. I can do both third person and first person so it doesn't bother me to do either format as well. I can also roleplay with either sex. I'm open to doing things and trying new things but I warn you to tread lightly, I wouldn't call myself picky, just set in my ways roleplay wise. Either way, it can't hurt to ask!

Part Two - This Is A Must Read!

I am a woman of many faces which means I have many likes and dislikes in roleplays. Disregard the dislikes right now this is what I like. :) For one, I tell everyone who I talk to about roleplaying, I HAVE TO FEEL WHAT I WRITE! If you have no idea then allow me to explain. I am bipolar and so my moods fluctuate quite frequently. That being said, little things put me in different moods. Turn me on, turn me off, make me happy, make me mad. It doesn't matter what I read, I can be put in a certain mood. When I read what a character does to my character or when I read over what I've written for my character's response to something, I have to be able to visualize it as well as feel it. I have to be able to close my eyes and picture everything in my mind and feel it all. If I can't then I will not enjoy it so much. That is one of the reasons why I ask so much out of my partner when it comes to portraying a story properly. If you have a post with simple action and no thought, no feeling, there is nothing to enjoy it. I mean I don't want to just be seeing what the character feels, I need something to respond to as well.

The only true thing that I ask for is, give me something to work with! Try to remember that there is another person who needs to respond. Give me something that I can really feed off of. Give me the action, the feeling, the dialogue. I try to do it in every post that I make. Of course some posts are just perfect with no words but when there is no action and no dialogue and only feeling/though, I can't respond to that. If there is only action and dialogue but no though/feeling, I probably won't feel it. I can deal more with the only dialogue and action with no feeling/thought MORE than the no dialogue and no action with only thought/feeling. My character doesn't know what your character is thinking so it's impossible to play off of that.

The Things I Love

  • Period Pieces (Historical/Current/Futuristic)
  • Ancient Cities
  • Alternate Universe
  • Distant Lands
  • Other Worlds
  • Foreign Countries
  • All Seasons
  • Romance
  • Drama
  • Action/Adventure
  • Mystery
  • Sex
  • Fantasy
  • Steamounk
  • Tragedy
  • Cyberpunk
  • Family
  • Some Fandoms
Sexual Themes
  • Vanilla
  • BDSM
  • D/s or M/s
  • Homo/Hetero/Trans Pairing
  • Impregnating
  • Some Anal Play
  • Extreme Force
  • Bondage
  • Toys
  • Some Fetishes
  • Multiple Partners
Characters I play
  • Female
  • Sub
  • Historical Women
  • Supernatural Women
  • Science Fiction Women
  • Fantasy Women
  • Human Women
  • Lesbian
  • Bisexual
  • Straight
Characters You play
  • Female
  • Male
  • Dominant
  • Historical Women/Men
  • Supernatural Women/Men
  • Science Fiction Women/Men
  • Fantasy Women/Men
  • Human Women/Men
  • Transgender
  • Bisexual
  • Straight
Favorite Fandom Pairings
  • Bo and Lauren - Lost Girl
  • Bo and Dyson - Lost Girl
  • Bo and Tamsin - Lost Girl
  • Selene and Michael - Underworld
  • Selene and Marcus - Underworld
  • Selene and Kraven - Underworld
  • Cassie and Azazeal - Hex
  • Cassie and Thelma - Hex
  • Jessie and Lestat - The Queen Of The Damned
  • Tina and Bette - The L Word
  • Briseis and Achilles - Troy
  • Sookie and Bill - True Blood
  • Raven/Mystique and Eric/Magneto - X-Men
  • Raven/Mystique and Hank/Beast - X-Men
  • Kathryn/Kittie and Piotr/Colossus - X-Men
  • Liz and Red/Hellboy - Hellboy
  • Attia Of The Julii and anyone - ROME
  • Anything From Lords Of The Underworld by Gena Showalter
  • Anything from the Meredith Gentry series by Laurel K Hamilton

I Could Do Without

I must admit, there isn't much I wouldn't roleplay but here are just the few things that are a no-no.

Random Elements & Fandoms
  • Most Fandoms
  • WoW
  • Anime Related Fandoms(Not Including Pictures)
  • Plotless (I try to stay away from "scenes")
  • Twilight
  • Zombies
  • The Hunger Games
  • Harry Potty
  • Lord Of The Rings (I love the movies but I don't know enough to do an RP about them)
  • Vampire Diaries
  • Extreme BDSM
  • Extreme Anal Play
  • Some Fetishes
  • Vore
  • Scat
  • Extreme Rape
  • Bestiality

One of my pet peeves is, don't ask me to roleplay and then not post. I understand real life comes first but if you can't post at least once a day, please do not ask me. Also, if you're just looking for a quick scene, please, tread lightly. It's very rare that I just want one scene. If you work with me, maybe. Most "scenes" can be done over PM and/or IM and/or in "play room" (IE: steambox, ect..). I try to keep my roleplays serious and long. I take them very seriously. Now just because I've said this, doesn't mean I won't give you a shot. If you can prove to me it's worth it, than please, by all means, give me your best shot. For example, if you just want to do a scene, to see if I'm the type of person you want for a roleplay, a longer one, we could do that over PM or IM or something. Just don't go starting a thread for an RP just to see if I'm your "type" rp wise. I promise, I don't bite so maybe we can make an arrangement.

Getting Started

The best way to try and get started on a roleplay with me first is to PM me! I am on constantly. I have a smartphone so I check my messages on here and my e-mail often during the day. Please do not be upset if I do not get back to you within a few days. I work long hours and I don't sleep very much. Not to mention that I don't always have the time. Plus, I like to look at your ons/offs and roleplay pages just to see what I'm working with a little. I promise I don't bite! I love roleplaying and beginning new roleplays! So please, don't be afraid to come to me with any sort of idea that you may have, even if it involves something I try not to include and/or roleplay. If the story/idea is good enough, you might be able to change my mind. Either way, you know how to get ahold of me. I have plenty of ways to other than that. I have my messengers listed but my PM is the best way to get ahold of me, seeing that it goes directly to my email.
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Re: Littledoll's Roleplay Request Thread
« Reply #1 on: April 06, 2013, 08:54:46 PM »

My Plot Ideas

Dancing In The Dark - Taken
It's 2013 and a young girl at the ripe age of 18 by the name of Amelia, starts working for a law firm. Her boss is well known Ross Gladstone, a 55 year old lawyer who is known all around New York as one of the top lawyers for everything and anything. Ross is recently divorced and he's got his eye on the young Amelia as she does for him. But Amelia is going to find out what it means to be a good submissive girl for her new master.

Where the Roleplay starts:It would start after Amelia had been working there for a while and Ross finally decides to get what he wants.

Who is your character?: Your character is Ross Gladstone

Trip In Trance - Taken
It's 1800's London. A young virgin, Lilly Blackwater is the daughter of a prominent bookstore owner. When she meets Lord William Bextor, a single man who is looking for an heir to his throne as the king of fae, he sets his eyes on the young Lilly Blackwater. By fae law, he can not trap her and make her love him so he pretends to be the wonderful man that she hopes he would be. When he gets Lilly in his home, he begins his trap to keep Lilly when he proposes marriage to her. She accepts and they marry. He tells Lilly that she was meant to be his and that she must obey him. She will live a normal happy life to others but inside their home, she is his slave, his own personal toy.

Where the Roleplay Starts: It could either start when they first meet or after they're married. I want this one to be more smut than anything. This is perfect on the days for smut days ( :P )

Who is your character?: Your character is Lord William Bextor. He is a fae who needs an heir to his throne. Which means this will involve impregnating, fetishes, some bondage, M/s and other sexual elements may be discussed.

Caressing Winds
(This one is steampunk-esque) The year is 2153 and the world has changed greatly. After the Atomic War in 2045 and the Invasion in 2102, the world is filled with many different species and many different cities. What used to be Las Vegas, is now known as a territory called Limbo. It is the place where new alien races as well as new humans come before they are assigned to a territory and a job in that territory. You can live in Limbo for up to five years before you will be shipped whether you like it or not. Limbo, even though no longer Las Vegas, is still a tourist destination. There are places to gamble (Even with new games that alien races introduced us to), places to eat (alien eateries too), and even brothels (which aliens leagalized in 2130). Some people are lucky enough to be able to stay in Limbo for working purposes but you normally have to know people. My character is a human girl just sent to Limbo by her parents just like any other 18 year old girl, not sure what she wants to do but after a while she decides she wants to stay and needs to find a way how.

Where The Story Starts: Our Characters meeting.

Who is your character?: Your character is a prominent [male or female] member of the Limbo community [any race you'd like, as long as it doesn't involve an "anthro" or "tentacles]. She/he is dominant and uses their status to get what they want from my character and possibly enslaves her as one of his many lover.

The Succubus Slave - Taken
The world is unlike any other world. It's filled with all sorts of magical creatures as well as humans, humans who rule over everyone. It was their home first anyways. But there is one creature that is sacred and endangered of being extinct. The Succubi. Many hunt them and use them for their own pleasures, to use as guards, bait or even to cut out their hearts, claiming that the succubi power lives in it's heart. It is rare and is said to be something that could heal. Now they are forbidden to be hunted. Each succubus has a tracker implanted at birth. They live in special areas where they can try to repopulate. The only true harm to the succubi are the human race, seeing that they want the succubi hearts to heal themselves, seeing that they are the only race that can not heal as fast as others. But many succubi still end up as slaves to others.

Where the story starts: My character (the succubus) being sold to your character

Who is your character?: Your character is whatever specie you want them to be, preferably male but women are accepted too. They are strong, dominant, even somewhat caring about my succubus as a pet and because of the power within her, your character become addicted to her, needing her almost constantly, but still able to maintain your dominance over her. You must break her to be your slave or else, you will never know that true bliss that succubi hold close.

Ancient Bliss
Eve Nash is a beautiful 23 year old. Eve loves life, even though her parents are divorced, her brothers have moved away from home, she works a dead end job and she can't afford much of anything. Eve lives with her mother and grandmother. She is often a dreamer, creative and loves history, especially the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians among other time eras. Eve's boyfriend, Harley has just broken up with her for a woman he works with, her grandfather has just passed away and her family is in shambles. After the incredibly rough day, Eve goes to bed. But when she wakes, she is no longer in 2013 but in fact, in Ancient Greece. She is the daughter of Caesar Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus. They called her Lucilla after her full name, Annia Aurelia Galeria Lucilla. Eve begins to get quite comfortable with being the daughter of Marcus Aurelius until she is the promised hand of her father's partner, Caesar Lucius Aurelius Verus Augustus. Lucius is 18 years her senior and quite a brute. But after they are finally wed, Lucilla (Eve), starts to see another side of Lucius and even begins to love him.

Where the story starts: First of all, I would be the one starting the first post to get it set up. I'd prefer that. But it would start right on the morning where Marcus Aurelius tells Lucilla that she is to married to your character, your character is happy but mine, not so much.

Who is your character?: Your character would be Caesar Lucius Aurelius Verus Augustus, or Lucius Aurelius for short. He is a god-like man but he is feared and with good reason. He is an excellent fighter who spends the majority of his time with my character's father, Marcus Aurelius. But he is a strong, a brute and can be very cold. But this story is aimed more towards romance. We could go another way with it, but I'd prefer the romance. So if the romance is the route we take, we will have him soften up to Lucilla.

Now just like any of my other stories, just because I have not listed something does not mean it's not acceptable for that roleplay. Also, even if your idea isn't exactly like any of the other ones on here, I love to collab. I don't know how many times I have to say that. I will work with people as best as I can because we're all here for one thing: To roleplay. Also if you have any questions, PLEASE PM ME! Or you can add me on any instant messengers and we can discuss things.

Just to give you a loot at the type of characters I use the most, I'm including pictures in here. Especially because I've had many assume that I use my avatar. My avatar who I call "Rue", she is mainly just for the "Adult Socialization" rooms and idle smut 90% of the time.


Anna Silk (Main female used) - I use her a lot with roleplays. She's got the type of look that can be used just about anywhere. Fantasy, historically, modern humanoid. You know that sort of thing. Plus she's hot. :P

Ksenia Solo - I use her for my more so fantasy and supernatural roleplays mainly because she just has that... "enchanted" look if you will.

Rachel Skarsten - I haven't been able to use her yet in a roleplay but I can't wait to! I'd like to use her for main fantasy and historical but I wouldn't mind doing modern humanoid like roleplays with her too.

Havana Brown - This is another one I haven't been able to use yet either. Although I would like to use her for non-fantasy and non-supernatural. Preferably just simply historical and modern setting.

UV - Obviously, everyone has seen my favorite red head. She is my avatar and will always be my avatar. Call her my... my... my inspiration if you will. I'll use her for anything just about but I try to keep her out of my serious roleplays. But I will upon request.

Kayla Katastrophic - When I was told to look this girl up by a friend I rolled my eyes simply because of her name. But as you can see, this woman is gorgeous and I will use her in just about anything. :D[/justify]
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Re: Littledoll's Roleplay Request Thread
« Reply #2 on: April 06, 2013, 09:02:28 PM »

My Current Roleplays

  • The High Priestess - Ebinor must protect Valenor, her god, and nurse him back to health but when the power he has that feeds from her, she becomes addicted to the god... even though she is a sworn priestess of the virgin robes
  • The Professors - Emily Carmichael is a 32 year old single mother who is recently divorced. Logan McCall is her sexy 28 year old co-worker. Relationships ensue.
  • Trip In Trance - Lord William Bextor is secretly king of the fae and he has his eyes set on a young Lilly Blackwater to be the queen to his throne and mother to his heir.
  • Dancing In The Dark - 18 year old Amelia goes to work for Ross Gladstone at his law firm as she herself is a law student at NYU, but she soon finds out just what type of man she is working beneath.
  • The Office Affair - Rhea is the respected assistant to Sterling and when they begin a sexual relationship, he opens her world up to all sorts of fantasies.
  • Office Blackmail - Anna Silk is a very important woman at her office but when the young IT guy falls for her, will he be able to tame her and make her his?
  • Father's Aggression - Lexie was a troubled teenager for her single father, Rodric. Now that she's been kicked out of college, her last chance, will she be able to redeem her father's love?
  • Race For An Heir - Stella Mateescu is the descendant of a powerful Romani gypsy family who were known as the most powerful of warlocks and witches in the world in their day... but has no idea of her lineage. After meeting Samuel Stillwater, that will all change when he decides to choose her to breed him his heir.
  • Empire Reborn - Princess Penelope is the daughter of a powerful king. But when a certain young solider is told by his father to take over her family's kingdom on the island of Caprit, he plans to enslave the princess and claim her as his own to be one of the many women in his harem of beauties.
  • The Succubus Slave - When Isabeau Longrave, a powerful succubus, family is murdered for their power that they hold in their hearts, she is captured and sold to be a slave even though it is very illegal on the island of Metallis. She is sold to an inccubus named Abdiel who is dying and when he finds that the only thing keeping him alive is the sweet juices of a succubus, he decides to buy Isabeau.
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Re: Littledoll's Roleplay Request Thread
« Reply #3 on: April 08, 2013, 03:48:25 PM »
Updated my "Plot Ideas" section with photographs of characters "pictures" I tend to use.

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Re: Littledoll's Roleplay Request Thread
« Reply #4 on: April 09, 2013, 09:22:02 AM »
Updated: Added "Caressing Winds" to my Original Idea!

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Re: Littledoll's Roleplay Request Thread
« Reply #5 on: April 10, 2013, 06:50:01 PM »
Updated: "Trip In Trance" and "Dancing In the Dark" are taken. Added the three roleplays to my "currents" list, including "An Office Affair".
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Re: Littledoll's Roleplay Request Thread
« Reply #6 on: April 21, 2013, 09:22:05 AM »
Updated: Plot Ideas - The Succubus Slave and current roleplays

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Re: Littledoll's Roleplay Request Thread
« Reply #7 on: May 08, 2013, 05:11:49 PM »
Updated: Current roleplays and Roleplay ideas: Ancient Bliss