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Author Topic: WITCH HOUSE [HOOD RAT] (Large group game with three open positions.)  (Read 760 times)

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To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour.
Every night and every morn
Some to misery are born.
Every morn and every night
Some are born to sweet delight.
Some are born to sweet delight,
Some are born to endless night.
We are led to believe a lie
When we see not through the eye
Which was born in a night to perish in a night.
When the soul slept in beams of light.
God appears, and God is light
To those poor souls who dwell in night,
But does a human form display
To those who dwell in realms of day?

[HθθD ΓΔ†]

-3-9 well driven paragraphs
-third person
-decent grammar
-patience with others and courtesy
-comprehensive communication in both game and ooc
-respect for other players
-attentive to events you plan for your character
-no crappy random-sprung drama/events
-dedication to the game
WITCH HOUSE [HOOD RAT] is set in present New York City. It is a game that is themed around a group of troubled and lost inhabitants of the city. The game consists of drama, humour, romance and tension. It is a game with over 1,000 posts, several dedicated players and over twenty characters in total. There are several plot lines simultaneously running and the game is themed around the interaction of characters and their relation to each other. We are only accepting for the positions listed below which are characters already currently active in the game and are mainly used as NPCs that we would like to see used as an actual character brought to life in the game. If you are interested, please reply with which character you are interested in and we will consider you. Thank you.

Available Characters

Caleb Dresden

Caleb is calm and smooth. He has a calming presence and a cool air. He doesn't seem very judgmental or at least never verbally passes judgment on others. He can see beauty in the chaos and find something admirable in even the devil. He's a good friend, albeit reserved in his mannerisms. He's a gentleman and ever patient in even the most exhaustive of situations. He is an ever loyal friend to the less than admirable Tebastian and has a deep love for the innocent-looking, deviant Tebastian. Though his heart is caught by Tebastian, he can and will settle into various relations with other characters. He and Tebastian trade in the way of secrets. They keep secrets, share secrets, trade secrets, make secrets and exploit secrets- for a price, of course and to their advantage. They have a wide and varied spectrum of clientele and victims and an ever larger team of rats beneath them. In short, they practically control the streets as well as the city. Tebastian is the heart of their trade, the mastermind and Caleb organizes and sets up whatever he must in order to see Tabby's desires met. He is the only person who can exercise any form of control over Tabby, as Caleb is the only being Tebastian will listen to.

Caleb is not introduced until the second chapter of the game. He comes in towards the end of Tebastian roughly fucking Madeline in their (Caleb and Tebastian's) living room of the small rundown house. To that, Tebastian asks if he's jealous, even calling Caleb sweetheart, then hanging over Caleb and toying with him. Tabby tells Caleb if it makes him feel any better that he didn't let Madeline finish and that he also got away with stealing her stash, cleverly revealing her pill box then just as cleverly hiding it on himself once more. Caleb asks where Tebastian came from and Tabby answers most likely from Hell. Caleb's phone goes off, to which Tebastian retrieves it from Caleb's pocket letting the two read the text message in which Cassie asks Caleb to meet her at a coffee shop (one across from a sex shop) and tells him a friend needs his help. Tabby comments he'd be much more obliged to go himself if they were meeting at the sex shop instead. Caleb then invites Tabby, since he has nothing better to waste his day on. Tebastian gets a text from Eric and tells him what they have planned for the day. They leave and meet Cassie, Matt and Adelle at the coffee shop finding Eric there as well. Tabby has heard of Adelle and says he has been waiting to stumble across her while looking at her with a devious and poisonous gaze. After exploiting Cass for the scandalous affair of how they met (she agreeing to a threesome with the two strangers on a subway at night) and riling Cassie's boyfriend, Matt. Caleb tries to bring Tebastian down, but doesn't work and then tells him he needs a leash and asks in mock if Tebastian has something to shove up his ass in the sex shop. Tebastian chuckles, flicks Caleb off then says he'd always "go for that one" (fuck Adelle) too, saying she looks like she needs the money anyway. Tebastian then leaves the coffee shop with Eric. Caleb explains that if Adelle can put up with Tebastian then he may help her out and explains their trade in secrets to Adelle. A friend and sweet spot for Caleb, Danica then enters the coffee shop (at the coffee shop owner's distress), which he greets in a innocent getup that is as far from the truth of Danica's self as possible. She kisses his cheek and nips on his earlobe and then goes off on the coffee shop owner who tries to get Danica to leave, who in a rage, does. He turns his attention back upon Adelle and warns her of Tebastian's ways. He explains to Adelle that she will be eyes and ears for their schemes. The coffee scene is finished.

Madeline Effinger

A wasted youth who loves to party. She loves being the center of attention and particularly loves wooing both men and women who already are in a relationship. She has a thing for making cheaters out of people, more often men than women since women get hurt worse than a man would- after all woman on woman is a man's dream come true. She's whispered to have no heart and really there's no argument to counter that. She was abandoned by her parents and lived to be continually abandoned throughout her life. She enjoys getting wasted and doing crazy things with people. She runs with Roman, Tabby and Caleb. Her fashion is anything from grungy, urban, preppy- whatever she feels for the day.

Madeline isn't introduced to the game until the second chapter where she is being brutally fucked by long term cohort Tebastian after an argument where she accuses him of stealing her stash. It starts off as rape, but she submits begging him to fuck her harder. He punishes her by cumming on her ass without letting her climax, only after having made her beg for his forgiveness by having threatened not to let her finish. She seethes about him and shortly leaves without panties (having wiped Tabby's cum off herself with them and throwing them at him) to meet Roman who is giving her drugs he had stolen from his brother Yuri. She daydreams of Yuri for a moment, recalling how "good and thoroughly he'd worn her pussy out with his thick cock." She reflects on how she's always had a thing for Roman's big brother Yuri but how it hasn't stopped her from enjoying a fuck here and there with Roman. She laments about missing Yuri's cock, but is currently after drugs and a quickie which Roman can suffice both needs. She meets Roman in an alley during the day and she notices the love bite left by Roman's "friend with benefits" Atsuko as she begins to rub at Roman's crotch through his pants, making him hard. Roman tries to defend himself trying to claim that Atsuko is not his lover to which Maddie cuts him off by asking if some other girl made the marks and openly laments about her favorite player going soft as she pulls his cock out. She leaves a mark of her own on Roman's neck to stir up trouble later between Roman and Atsuko. Roman and Maddie fuck in the alley and she asks Roman how Yuri is telling Roman that Yuri should give her a call sometime. Roman tells her that he's currently involved with a "crack whore" (Phoebe) then gives Maddie the drugs she met him for. Maddie gets more info on Yuri's current relationship status and ponders over toying with his girlfriend and says it won't last anyway since Yuri likes his space. She then asks if Roman thinks Yuri might take a break from the boyfriend thing to play with herself. Madeline leaves, and afterwards spots a familiar person- Matt (Cassie's boyfriend) an enemy of sorts from high school that she's fucked from time to time. She snorts coke then realizes she should have bummed off him instead of wasting her own. Matt unintentionally draws Maddie's eye to a bite mark from Cass to which Maddie realizes he too is in a relationship. She explains how she's going to try and anger Yuri and fantasizes about him tying her down and spanking her in his anger. She then asks where his "leech" (Cassie) is then tells him she could always play a leech and make a mark of her own, to which Matt suggests they find some place quieter, thinking it best to deal with Maddie easily by giving her what she wants and hoping no more will come of it. Maddie takes him to a place they used to fuck back in high school and asks him how he wants her. After fingering her, Maddie is then ordered to give him head. Matt begins to fuck Maddie, pinning her against the wall and then turns her to fuck her up the ass to which Maddie thoroughly enjoys. After they're done, he tells her not to make a habit out of it. Maddie then says she may have to and that she won't tell if he keeps fucking her.

Yvette Francis

Yvette's beginnings took root in South Africa, where she blossomed under the continuous showered affections of her wealthy parents. Attending a prestigious fashion school, she now takes residence in New York. At the beginning of the game, she spends her time with Yuri, who she had some time ago met at a party and quickly developed strong, yet shallow feelings for. She found herself drawn to Yuri, attracted by his rebellious, bad boy disposition. Though she comes to truly care for Yuri, she does not understand that she has a misinterpretation of him and will never be able to grasp him for who he truly is and so never be able to connect on a deep level. She has come to believe herself in love with Yuri and thinks him sometimes heartless for not initiating or accepting a true and standard relationship between the two. Yvette speaks Afrikaans and English, but has a thick Afrikaans accent even when speaking English. Her fashion is preppy and expensive.

The game begins with Yuri waking a sleeping Yvette by peppering her neck with sensual kisses. She quickly awakens to realize she is late for school, again. She scolds Yuri for not having woken her, to which he tells her to calm down. She angrily explains that if she's late for another class she will be dropped from the class. He hints at having told her the night before that this would happen, to which she tells him to "suck her dick" in jest. He then tells her to present it, to which she approaches him about to slap him upside the face when he pulls her closer by her hips and proceeds to give her head, to which she melts, thus making her run even later. She reflects on a time she told Yuri she loved him, to which he showed her his definition of love which was bringing her to see a young girl whored out by her crack head father for money for his drugs. She later goes to school and meets the sweet and soft spoken Atsuko, who had been drawing Yuri (who had been just across the lawn, girls flirting with him) in her sketch book when Yvette plunkers down next to her and comments that that particular work of art (Yuri) was much more complicated than it looked, reflecting on her frustration of Yuri not committing to her. She soon after invites Atsuko to the party Yuri would have later that night. At the party Yvette meets not-yet-accomplished model Akara who she finds likable. She also meets the bedazzling minx and high fashion model Ash (who she had not known to be Akara's ex-lover), who tells her he would be more than happy to take her to a show with him, Akara overhearing. In the same night, Ash placed a bet with Yuri in which Ash boast he would be able to get into her pants. Yuri agreed to the bet, knowing Yvette was too wrapped around him to truly see another male with any desire and thus cold heartedly disregards Yvette's feelings. Yvette soon after learns and rewards Yuri with a hard slap across the face, leaving the party. She later returns to find Phoebe in his bed and accuses him of already jumping into bed with some "coke whore." After Yuri nearly hits her, Yvette warns Phoebe that all Yuri feels is anger, she throws the key to his apartment at him then leaves in tears. During the time after, Yvette has come to befriend Natasha, a fellow fashion enthusiast whom Yvette currently works under. Upon the streets, she fell in lust with the handsome, charming, Southern gentleman and sweetheart Nathan, scouting him as a model for Natasha's line of clothing. She is still heartbroken over Yuri and mentions him in passing, but manages to keep an otherwise stable condition.

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Re: WITCH HOUSE [HOOD RAT] (Large group game with three open positions.)
« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2012, 03:03:04 PM »
Our game is awesome.

needed to say something to receive alerts...

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Re: WITCH HOUSE [HOOD RAT] (Large group game with three open positions.)
« Reply #2 on: June 24, 2012, 03:05:44 PM »
Our game is awesome.

needed to say something to receive alerts...

Well, perhaps besides our cockiness, we're pretty agreeable too. Heh.

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Re: WITCH HOUSE [HOOD RAT] (Large group game with three open positions.)
« Reply #3 on: June 26, 2012, 09:20:26 PM »
We are still looking for writers to take over these NPC roles. If you would like to see our writing environment along with individual posts for the characters, please feel free to take a peek at the actual thread for the game. :)

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Re: WITCH HOUSE [HOOD RAT] (Large group game with three open positions.)
« Reply #4 on: July 09, 2012, 10:03:46 AM »
Still looking for these roles to be filled if anybody is interested.