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May 22, 2018, 10:53:38 PM

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Author Topic: Yearning [Paranormal/Fantasy Idea] [Seeking M Character] - Taken  (Read 355 times)

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Hello, welcome to this thread. A few things to share before you read further...

This idea is held separate from the rest of my ideas thread at the moment because I am very much craving it and wanted to give it its own space. It is also something that's heavily inspired by other sources outside of my own thoughts; a mix of watching History channel on ancient Greek legends like Medusa and reading the Immortals After Dark series by Kresley Cole. Which left me with the startings of this idea that just grew. That said, I'm not looking for someone that has read the series, I'm aware that's probably unlikely so while this idea could fit into the setting of the Lore that Cole created its certainly not necessary. I've added notes of ideas or possibly twists that came to me in thinking up the idea but I am very open to hearing my partners ideas as well.

I will say upfront I'll be selective about who I write this with. I'm looking for striking a particular note with this story; something very emotionally driven, with hints of tragedy and a darker sort of romance in some ways. I don't know quiet what it is I'm seeking in a partner but I know what it is that I'm not. I really want this story done well.

Thank you for your intest, the idea is below.

Modern or Historical Fantasy / Paranormal - 'Medusa' / Warrior 
Likely to Include  Thriller feel -- Violence -- Toxic Relationship -- Non Con/Coercion/Seduction -- Dark Romance -- Curses -- Possibly Tragedy

A warrior has been drawn to a human woman since she was born, a cruel fate for him as she was so clearly other - human and sworn to a bloodline.

He never knew the bloodline was cursed though. Not even she was aware of it or what it will bring down upon her. But one who stalks her is aware and plans to use it. And it is this creature's plotting that leads to the curse seeing her as tainted and claiming her; transforming her from a beautiful, talented and hopeful young woman into something from nightmares....

She became a creature of antiquity by some thoughts, a Medusa would be one name to put to it.

It wasn't that her hair was dangerous, that was an illisuion, it was rather the horror, the terror, the pain in her eyes that caused the transformation into stone for no human soul should bear such burdens. And what put it there... well some things are best left unsaid. Her kind are rare and their powers prized but often it goes the way of the ancient story where a hero will take their head and others will use the powers, never thinking about the curse, the innocent who's life they claimed.

The one who covets her powers also sees her as the perfect consort for him [Think deathless sorceror perhaps, some evil being that would like having a fearsome bride and tormenting her and others with it] and so sets about trying to seduce her to willingly give him anything. To be his, every inch of her. And he has time, and coaxes the girl to trust him, to let him in...

Terrified of her own powers she tries to live blindfolded, to not take any life but 'heros' start appearing to slay the 'monster'. Surprisingly just as the first one is about to land a killing blow he is destroyed by a looming figure.. Her warrior battles them on instinct and struggles to believe his once beauty is not just a beast, while afraid of scaring her himself with his own powers/race. [Perhaps werewolf or some sort of demon].

~ Notes
- evil one in his attempts reveals that if she takes a man as her consort/lover/husband he alone could be resistant to her powers and see her gaze if she loved him.
- evil one could have possibly gotten her addicted to a morus, a poision from his blood that she has to injest and can use that later to blackmail or try to put her into submission.
- evil one is lying ot her. In actuaility if she finds her fated Guardian then the power can be latent and triggered by choice. She would also become unscryable and be able to perhaps have other powers. Thus becomes more then 'just' a monster.
- Its never happened before in recorded history but in truth there have been a few instances of a Medusa and their Guardian escaping the heros and power hungry factions to live their lives out.
- Could happen in any time period; from ancient world [though actually not preferred here], forward to present day.

~ ✧ ~

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