Looking for RP partner.

Started by KiralaShai, June 06, 2012, 11:51:04 PM

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*updated: June, 19th, 2012*

I don't have an O/O thread, only the preferences in my profile, I felt that would be satisfactory enough.

I'm an easy going person to roleplay with, I don't mind minor bits of grammar (If you don't know how to spell something then I don't mind, but don't use text talk in place of regular English), and punctuation doesn't bug me (Though I'd still like if there were at least comma's and period's). I'm usually on every day, and I try to get to all my messages, but because I'm a gamer I tend to get sidetracked once in a while on video games and forget to check this for like a half hour at a time.

A few things if we play together, There must be some story or plot, random sex is nice once in a while, but majority of the time I'd like to have depth with the characters, plot, all of that. And no matter the story, I would like there to be some meaningful relationship between the characters.

A few ideas I'd like to play:
Mass Effect, Star Wars (Preferably KoTOR era), Bleach, Naruto, Fallout, Skyrim, WoW, Dragon Age, Soul Calibur, and Halo, are what I'd like to do for the moment.

I currently have plots in mind for WoW, Star Wars, Mass Effect, Soul Calibur, and Dragon Age.

I'd like to play as my own character, and each storyline would be its own in whatever setting. Any questions should be asked here, otherwise send me a PM and we can discuss a storyline.


I'm up for the following settings:

Mass Effect, KotOR, Skyrim and Dragon Age.
We can work out the details together.

What is your preferred roleplay medium? (forum, IM, PM,...) What is your roleplay method/style? (post length, perspective).

Also, maybe I should wait till you make an On/Off page :-).
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I'm going to stick with forum's and PM's for the moment, and my method is third person and I always aim for at least a paragraph to two.

But feel free to send me a PM Delirium, and we can work out the details.


Do you have a preference for the gender of your RP partner? And do you have a preference for the genders of your characters and your partner's characters? Assuming those things don't rule me out, I'm also interested in the Fallout and Dragon Age universes, as I posted on my own request thread and I'd love to work something out together.
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My preferred pronouns are they/them/their/theirs/themself! Thank you!
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I only play as a futa or a female, but I don't mind what my partner or their character is, so feel free to send me a PM, Moonlight.


Hey Kira, I would be willing to do a Soul Cal rp with you if you wouldn't mind doing one with me of course.

Hope to hear back from you Z  XD
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