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Author Topic: Millennium Slave Law [Players Wanted]  (Read 55816 times)

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Millennium Slave Law [Players Wanted]
« on: May 28, 2012, 07:52:58 AM »


This game is inspired by but not closely based on the comics of Erenisch. I find Erenish's comics fun for the first one or two and then the world he has created begins to show its loopholes. I plan to have a world that closes these and is more logical and opens up play for dominant female characters to be played as Free Women as well. In this world Free Women may own slaves.


There has been a growing and serious imbalance of gender births since the baby boom of the post WW2 era. By the millenium the imbalance had begun to destabilise societies in a number of western countries and drastic measures were called for to correct the problem.

The Millenium Slave Law was enacted in 20XX very soon after the turn of the century and became statute in the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan and a majority of European countries. While most westernized and modernised nations embraced the law over the next few years, many third world countries who were not experiencing the social issues caused by gender imbalance did not. Several closed their borders to slave traffickers and there are many incidents annually of slave traffickers being caught and imprisoned in a number of the anti-slave law states.

A map of countries and their stance on female slavery:

The World in 201X

Countries with CFSL or similar laws.

After the year 199X, a series of world-wide economic crises caused a large number of countries to adopt authoritarian laws that overturned a number of civil liberties. The "Compulsory Female Slavery Law" that legalized female trade was among them.

Countries with no CFSL but wide spread de-facto female slavery.

Almost all regimes around the world became more authoritarian in response to the crises, but not all countries made legal arrangements to make female slavery compulsory. Some only turned a blind eye to the growing practice.

Countries with anti-slavery laws, but some female trafficking.

A considerable number of states resisted the rapid spread of the CFSL and banned all kinds of female slavery. However not all of them are efficient enough to deal with illegal enslavement of females and smuggling.

Countries with strict anti-slavery laws.

A huge number of countries were able to stop any advances of the CFSL within their borders and effectively stopped female trafficking attempts.

(with credit and thanks to Erenisch at


The role-play is set about a decade after the enactment of the Law and thus is placed in our contemporary world, between about 2007 and 2017 but in an alternative timeline.

The Game World
The Erenisch comics set the date in the 2030s but by then our world would be very different from the way it is today and how it is depicted in the comics which make no great effort to embrace future technologies and the social changes they would bring. The comics are to all intents and purposes set in the 1990s. By taking the 2007-2017 date range I wanted an RP that was easily related to by all players and where there was no need to design a future world twenty years hence.

This RP is going to be set in Europe, in the small and extremely rich principality of Monaco, set on the Mediterranean coast in the far south-eastern part of France. For many years Monaco has been a haven for the rich and so game characters may be of any nationality. The national spoken language is French but English is used equally. I have chosen Monaco in order to have a refreshing change from an anonymous American setting which seems to occur in so many RPs, and because, being a tax haven for the rich, it more easily allows Free Women as characters and these can be dominant and own slaves.

The role I want Free Women to play in my game is perhaps its biggest departure from the Erenish comics which depicted Free Women as simply vulnerable to enslavement and another excuse for more rape-fantasy. They were really little more than slaves who hadn't been enslaved yet. Erenisch is of course writing to satisfy his own fantasies but I think that the universe has much more potential as an RP if it is more balanced.

I'd like the game to appeal to dominant female role players and open things up for more F/f play as well as M/f.

The Principality of Monaco

Where the game is set.

A stunning site that gives panoramic 360 degree views of the city and some of its more famous buildings and hotels:

The Law

The New Masculine Order.

Compulsory Female Slavery Law of 20XX
Compulsory Female Slavery Law of 20XX

Article 1: The New Masculine Order

Section 1 -
All legislative, executive and judicial powers shall be given to the representatives of the male population of the nation. No females shall be eligible for such offices, and they will have no right to vote.

Article 2: The New Status of the Females

Section 1 -
All females over the age of 18 shall become the property of their closest male relatives. Their owners have the right to keep said females as slaves, register them as Free by paying a fee and obtaining an annual licence, or sell them. Females without a close male relative will belong to the public. Public females shall be appropriated and trained by state run institutions for the good of the public.

Section 2 -
a-Enslaved females shall be referred to by such terms as "slave", "fuck slave", "fuck slut" or any other derogatory term the owner deems suitable. The Bureau of Female Affairs uses the term "fuck slave". A slave must refer to herself in the third person and will use whatever term of self-identity her owner instructs. Such terms are required to be derogatory. The Bureau of Female Affairs requires its fuck slaves to use of the term "this cunt".
b-Enslaved females shall call their owner "Master", "Sir", "Boss" or any other term the owner deems suitable.
c-In public, enslaved females shall initially address males other than their owner as "Sir" unless and until that man instructs them to use a different term of address.
d-All enslaved females shall behave respectfully in the presence of men.
e-All enslaved females must bear a black neck-band or collar (which must comply with BFA directive 17-GN-113) to identify themselves as enslaved. Removing a slave collar except in the presence and at the instruction of a BFA official is punishable by death.
f-Enslaved females may not walk or stand upright unless instructed or permitted by their owner.
g-Enslaved females shall be restained by a proper dog-leash when in public unless acting on the orders of their owner for the purpose of conveying messages, carrying goods, undertaking labour, or other like duties.
h-Enslaved females shall never say "no" to their owner or use other negative responses. Enslaved females shall not refuse orders or use negative verbal or body language. Defying an owner or a BFA official is punishable by death.
j-Owners may regulate the circumstances under which their slave may speak. An owner may instruct a slave to remain always silent, to speak only in response to direct questions or to have whatever level of verbal freedom he wishes. A slave may breach these instructions only to warn her owner of danger or potential harm or misfortune. BFA trained slaves must remain silent unless asked a direct question. When asked a question or ordered to perform sexual or other tasks, an enslaved female must speak with a soft and respectful voice.

Article 3 - The Bureau of Female Affairs

Section 1 - Standard Duties
The Bureau of Female Affairs (BFA) shall be responsible (inter alia) for the following duties;
a-The registration and monitoring of all females over the age of 18: All females, whether slave or free, must register at the BFA within seven days of their 18th birthday. The BFA shall obtain and file detailed images and video of the female subjects for the public database and shall evaluate the female on a number of attributes, the combined scored result of which shall determine her market value (see Section 2).
b-Forceful appropriation and training of public females (i.e. orphans, women without a natural or legal owner or females who have failed to register as slave or Free).
c-The BFA shall train public slaves for sexual service and sell them to regulated and accredited trading establishments at the rate of two thirds of their determined market value (DMV).
d-The DMV of a slave shall be stated on its bill of sale.
e-The BFA shall keep a national slave registry in order to safeguard the property owner's rights, provide slave insurance, and enforcement services.
f-The BFA shall monitor the digital signals of slave collars and shall provide a tracking, locating and warning service to owners.
g-The BFA shall collect sales tax on slave transactions at the rate of 10% for domestic sales and 15% for international sales.
h-The BFA has authority to pursue and enforce sales tax collection and seek legal redress for sales tax avoidance.

Section 2 - Determined Market Value.
a-The BFA shall, upon first registering a female, ascertain her market value. Measures that are taken come under the headings: Age, Body Mass Index (BMI), Attractiveness, State of Health and Fitness, Personality, Academic Qualifications, Intelligence.
b-All BFA employees allocate a rating score to the female based on still picture and video recordings and her recorded factual data. The total rating score is then averaged to arrive at a figure that denotes the market value.
c-Once a registered female is valued she is returned to her family unharmed and subsequently has a further seven days to be registered as enslaved or to submit the Freedom tax paperwork and fee. Failure to do one of these will result in the female being declared a public slave, property of the BFA.

Section 3 - Free Females Part 1 - The Exclusion From Slavery Licence
a-All females over the age of 18 must be registered by the Bureau of Female Affairs (see Article 3 Section 1 and Section 2).
b-Relatives of females (parent, husband, sibling, etc) who choose not to enslave their females must pay the Freedom Fee in order to buy an Exclusion From Slavery Licence.
c-The holder of an EFS Licence is excluded from slavery for 12 months.
d-The Licence may be renewed annually by the holder upon presentation of the Licence holder at the appropriate BFA office and the payment of the annual fee. Failure to pay will result in immediate enslavement of the Free female by the BFA.

Section 3 - Free Females Part 2 - Rights of Free Females
a-A Free Female may not vote.
b-A Free Female may not hold any central or local government post above grade E, "Management Grade II".
c-In private enterprise a Free Female may not hold a managerial post higher than the director of a department or division.
d-A Free Female may not be a partner in a registered partnership, may not practice law, and may not sit on any board of directors, board of governors, or board of trustees for any company, institution, place of education or a registered charity.
e-A Free Female may not hold shares in a registered company or corporation above a 1% holding.
f-Sub-Sections c, d and e are exempt for a business in which the Free Female is an employee or is the owner, and which has fewer than 50 employees, salaried, contracted, or enslaved.
g-A Free Female may own slaves.
h-A Free Female may be identified by the lack of a slave collar and in a public place she must produce, upon enquiry by any BFA employee or law enforcement official, the digital identity card issued with her EFS Licence. Failure to produce a valid EFS Licence within 48 hours of being requested to by a person authorised to do so, will result in the female becoming a public slave.

The work and jurisdiction of the BFA in France and Monaco

Le Bureau de l'Administration des Femmes (BAF)

The BAF (called locally "Le BAF" or "Le Bureau") is one of the largest employers in France, as it is worldwide. It is a government department and is staffed by civil servants. The small principality of Monaco currently has no BAF office of its own beyond a small 'admin desk' staffed by about a dozen low-level clerks and a manager which offers information and guidance to owners. Monaco's slave functions as far as the BAF is concerned are regulated from the nearest main French office which is 16km west along the French Riviera, in Nice.

The duties of Le BAF are principally to monitor and control the population of slaves within the country's borders. It does this by a satellite system that communicates with the collar on every slave which returns a sat-nav location accurate to within a metre. Le BAF accepts instructions from slave owners to define a boundary within which the collar signal of that slave may freely move. If the collar signal leaves that boundary a warning message is texted and e-mailed to the owner and they have six hours to respond (in which case a new boundary for that slave must be agreed) or if the movement beyond that boundary is not authorised, after six hours the collar automatically injects a dose of GPAX drug into the wearer's neck which causes paralysis debilitating pain for about two hours.

When owners bring slaves into the country movement boundaries must be agreed in advance.

The BAF accepts no liability for loss to owners when slaves are injured or killed by GPAX injection when outside of pre-agreed boundaries.

The BAF provides other forms of feedback data to owners and acts as an agent to offer slave insurance to non-affiliated companies.

The BAF's second function is to register and monitor Free Females. The Freedom Fee or Freedom Tax as it is known in America is locally known as the EE Licence (Exclus de l'Esclavage - Exclusion from Slavery). The closest male relative (CMR) of a female may register her as Free upon her 18th birthday by paying a fee that grants a 12 month licence. In subsequent annual periods the Free Female herself is responsible for visiting her nearest main BAF office to give a small swab of saliva that checks her DNA for anti-fraud purposes and paying her EE Licence renewal.

The BAF's third and most notorious function is to take ownership of Public Slaves (those females reaching 18 years of age who are without a CMR, and Free Females who fail to pay their annual fee within 7 days of its renewal date or who fail to show their EE licence to a BAF officer or law enforcement officer within 48 hours of being requested to do so.

The BAF takes into its training and indoctrination compounds, all such untrained slaves and trains them. This can take anything from a month to a year depending on the individual and it is this part of the BAF's function that attracts the most employment applications. Not many Free Females work for the BAF but in the trainers ranks, there are a good number. Once trained, a slave is locked into her collar and it is digitally encoded to record details of that individual and a nominal boundary of movement is set.

The BAF does not sell slaves, nor chase runaways. Once a slave is trained she is allocated a Determined Market Value (DMV) which usually varies from Eu10,000 to Eu20,000. Exceptional individuals such as famous women and exceedingly beautiful women can reach up to six figures in value while extremely plain or unfit specimens would be classified as beasts of burden and are often valued at about Eu5,000. A slaves DMV is adjusted each year, upon her annual examination at the BAF compound.

The BAF then transfers the slaves to accredited and authorised trading houses for a fee equal to 2/3rds of their DMV. This is to ensure the trader can turn a profit. The BAF cannot sell direct to the public under the monopoly commission laws.

The accreditation scheme for trading companies to deal with the BAF ensures a basic standard of efficiency, cleanliess and hygiene, storage capacity, staffing levels and good practice is maintained among slave traders. A great deal of illegal trafficking in women goes on in the world and the BAFs complex bureaucracy and security is designed to defeat this.

The slave collar is a significant element in the fight against black market slavery. Made of a synthetic leather interwoven with a ceramic mesh of a material used in military armoured vests it requires heavy bolt cutters to remove. In addition to the automatic GPAX drug applicator, the memory chip containing encrypted slave identification data and the sat-nav transponder, the collar contains, a digital scanning plate that every male or Free Female may scan with a hand-held IR remote and the collar status pad returns data on the slave. This allows great peace of mind to owners, and permits, for example, a slave to be sent unaccompanied across a city on an errand and the owner may set their collar status to 'fully restricted' in which case the slave may not be sexually touched in any way, through a range of settings to 'fully unrestricted' which allows full sexual abuse without consent. There is general agreement between owners to respect the property of others. If this system broke down, anarchy would be the result and slaves would in most cases, be restricted to the home and to accompanying their owner in public. This would be highly damaging to most slave-owning economies. The slave need not be told what setting her master has activated on her collar status pad.

When a slave dies, the collar is removed by a BAF officer, the data on it is downloaded to the deceased storage unit and it is wiped for re-use.

In the event of theft of a slave, or wilfil damage, or runaways, or other slavery-related crimes such as trafficking and tampering with collars, the BAF passes authority to the local law enforcement agency. In Monaco the police force numbers 515 officers and with a resident population of under 36,000 and a transient daily worker population of 40,000, this provides the highest ratio of police per head of population of any nation in the world. There is almost zero crime in Monaco and the only notable crime is slave-related.

The Standard BFA Approved Slave Choker

All slaves upon registration must wear a choker of this design, or one of private manufacture complying with it and produced under license.

The Standard BFA Approved Slave Choker

A- Adjustable super-magnetic button lock. Sold in passive mode and can be activated by hand once the band is wrapped around the female's neck. Integrated power source recharges by movement and heat produced by the slave. Can be unlocked by special apparatus at a BFA registration office, a SEFR vehicle or at a Fem-vet clinic. Do not activate before putting the band around a female's neck. Wait a few seconds until the reinforced smart-leather band adjusts to your female's neck size and shape. Consult a Fem-vet in case of adjustment failure to avoid AFT (accidental female termination).

B- GPAX Injection hole.

C- GPAC'5 Girl-Pacifier module: When an unauthorized attempt to remove the slave-band is detected, the module responds by injecting a non-lethal dose of GPAX via a retractable micro-needle. GPAX is a heavy pain-inducer that leaves the slave conscious but paralyzed for a period of two hours. A standard module contains 60 doses. Please refill when necessary.

D- GSL module: Global slave locator device. Remains connected to the central BFA registry even in passive mode. Can be programmed to trigger GPAX injection when the slave attempts to leave a certain area. When the slave-band is tempered with, it activates and alerts the slave's owner and the BFA central.

E- Wireless BFA Registry Identification module: It contains the ID information and historical data of the female. Frequently updated through online communication with the central BFA registry database.

F- Slave-band registration number engraved at the back of the BFA buckle.

(with credit and thanks to Erenisch at

The Slave Choker Collar Restrictor

The Collar Restrictor
This device is a tiny computer that stores a simple setting and it is embedded into the circuitry of the standard BFA slave collar. A slave's owner holds a small handset remote, something like a car door lock infra-red remote device. It has five buttons and these are marked 'PROGRAM' to open up the restriction setting software; a pair of buttons marked plus and minus to scroll up and down through a list of settings; and a 'SET' command button. There is also an 'INTERROGATE' button.

A slave may be touched and abused by any male or free female but only in accordance with the owner's permission. When the owner is present such permission is given verbally. When the owner is absent his or her permission is granted by means of the setting on the Restrictor. The setting is the permission or refusal of the owner in absentia and therefore carries the same weight of liability in law as doing something to a slave beyond the owners permission, if the owner were present.

The range of settings runs along a scale. From most restrictive to most unrestricted these are:

1) Restricted. The slave may not be touched. She may be spoken to and given things to carry or fetch, in accordance with any errands or tasks the owner has set her. Her hands may be touched briefly if transacting business with, say, coins. The slave may not be given any orders beyond what she should expect to receive in the course of her work or errand.
2) Visual display. This covers the above setting plus the slave may be given orders to take up poses to display her body for the visual entertainment of any male or free woman.
3) Touching only. This covers the above setting plus a male or free woman may touch the slave with their bare hands. No other form of contact may be made. None of the slaves holes may be penetrated. A slave may not be brought to orgasm. The slave must obey all commands to present her body for touching, within the limits of any bondage she is enduring.
4) Touching and kissing. This covers the above setting plus the lips or tongue of a male or free woman may also be brought into contact with the slave's body. A slave may not be brought to orgasm.
5) Oral. This covers the above setting plus a slave may be used for oral sex. This is a major step upwards in access to her body since it implies she must obey commands of any male or free woman to serve them orally.
6) Oral-Anal. This covers the above setting but a second hole is open for use.
7) Oral-Vaginal. This covers the above setting but a second, different hole is open for use. Generally, once the vagina is unrestricted, it is expected that a slave may be allowed to have orgasm.
8) Anal-Vaginal. This covers the above setting plus but a second, different hole is open for use. Generally, once the vagina is unrestricted, it is expected that a slave may be allowed to have orgasm.
9) Unrestricted sex. This covers the above setting plus a slave may be used sexually in any hole.
0) Unrestricted. A slave may be used and abused in any manner. Real harm may sometimes befall slaves with such settings and they are usually only used as an extreme punishment or when the owner simply doesn't care and the slave is disposable.

An owner can thus set the level of access to their property by means of the remote device, by the simple process of pressing the 'PROGRAM' button, moving up and down the list of Restrictor levels by use of the 'PLUS' and 'MINUS' buttons, and when the preferred setting is selected, using the 'SET' button.

Any male or free female may interrogate any slave who is unaccompanied by her owner using the 'INTERROGATE' button on their remote. They are bound by law to only make contact with the slave within the Restrictor level granted. Police have authority to check public activity and enforce the law under the 'Rights of Slave Owners - Private and Corporate Properties Act, 200X'.

Generally corporate slaves (slaves owned by a company and working on their premises such as shop assistants, croupiers, bar staff. waitresses, office workers, air hostesses, cruise line employees, etc) are Restricted so that they may do their jobs efficiently. Some companies, especially those in the tourist and entertainment industry, may set their slaves collars to level 2 or 3 for the benefit of their customers or other staff.

A new gesture and piece of crude urban slang has come into use with the Collar Restrictor. Making a circle with the thumb and index finger and staring at someone through the circle, or raising the arm and wagging the hand and wrist aggressively with a circle made by thumb and finger, or telling someone they are a "zero" or are "worth zero" are all gestures that are a deep insult and imply sentiments similar to "You're dead" or "you're trash" or "you're worthless". In road rage incidents the arm waved aggressively out of the window with the thumb and index finger formed into a circle is common. In terms of how insulting this is, its worse than "fuck you" as it implies the person is not just down on the level of a slave but the most worthless and disposable slave.


Soon after the CFSL was passed many state schools took on a new curriculum aligned with the new social order.

The New Education System
After they passed the age of 12, girls were entered into the new curriculum of 'slave-ed' classes which were designed to make the girls aware of the big change that would occur in their lives when they turned 18. In addition to teaching them what a slave's purpose was, the 'slave-ed' course also included subjects such as sex education, the female's place in society, slave behavioural and posture classes, training theory as well as additional physical education; dietary, beauty treatment and deportment classes. Generally speaking, academic education for girls ended. They were taught to read and write and know basic math and science but beyond that, school became a conditioning centre to prepare the young women for their new roles in society when they turned 18. Physical education stepped up however and the girl's bodies became much more important parts of their education. They were taught to be fit, healthy, to eat well and get regular exercise. Fitness and beauty treatments to aid clear skin, good muscle tone, beautiful hair and other factors that related only to their appearance became much more important subjects in school. Teenaged girls between the ages of 16 and 18 would undergo a variety of the new state-funded body surgery processes to make them more desirable and thus more valuable when they turned 18. The boys, meanwhile, underwent a similar set of courses to prepare them to be future slave masters, the 'Master-Ed' curriculum.

At age 16 onwards the physical training also began (E's minimum age rules) and parents could choose to have them enrolled in just theory classes or practical classes (with or without the penetrative demonstrations and role-play sessions). Actual slaves owned by the Education Board were brought into class and used as demonstration tools, etc. Male family members were told to encourage their children, the coupling of male masters with older female slaves in front of the 16 and 17 year old girls was considered an excellent way to train the young women.

Meanwhile boys underwent a Master-Ed curriculum based around teaching them how to be self-assured, confident, good business and people managers, outgoing and dominant and specifically how to take a certain mental attitude (a mysogynistic one) towards women.

Thus the national schools were instrumental in perpetuating the system.

There were the state schools where the vast majority of female students were expected to cease education on their 18th birthday and enter a life of slavery. Families were given a choice though and a series of private schools were set up called Free Schools wherein a father or male guardian could pay annual fees and their daughter would receive a perfectly normal academic education with recognised qualifications at the end of this time for the young woman to go on in life as a Free Woman. The Free Schools became almost exclusively female-only academies. Free Women with sufficiently good qualifications could then attend university, these places of higher learning having become the strict province almost entirely of males.

The reverse of the Free Schools was a minor but sadistic branch of private education that grew up to satisfy the cruellest and most depraved of perverted fathers. By paying a high fee their daughters were educated at the Closed Schools, usually closed boarding schools that controlled the flow of information in and out of their campuses, and these taught no slave-ed curriculum at all but did teach female fitness and health and female beauty; thus preparing the body of the slave-to-be while keeping her mind unawares. Upon reaching 18 the father took possession of a beautiful slave who was almost completely ignorant of the awful abuse and sexual depravity that awaited her from her own father or grandfather, or older brother, or uncle...

Body Enhancements

The industry surrounding feminine beauty has taken a slightly divergent course in this world from our own.

Body Enhancements
With more profit from beauty treatments and the scope for advancing some techniques further tan in our world, this has resulted in a number of surgical, quasi-surgical and home-applications to enhance female beauty.

1) Spot and blemish creams. These have really begun to deliver what advertisers have been (until now) falsely promising for years; acne, pimples and other skin blemishes and rashes are all a thing of the past with the new creams and applicators that have come onto th emarket in the last 5 years.

2) Skin conditioners. No longer need teenagers in particular, or women of any age, suffer from oily, greasy or dry skins. Oils, rubs and creams are now available that really do balance skin Ph and remove or add natural moisture as necessary. Beautiful clear skin is now an affordable practicality for every teenaged girl.

3) Intense Pulse Light hair removal. This technique has advanced well beyond what we have already in our world. An all-over body treatment that inhibits all hair growth for five years at an affordable price of about Eu1,000 to Eu1,500 means that almost all slaves now, upon coming of age are smooth and hairless everywhere below the eyelashes.

4) Bust enhancements. A treatment of vacuum suction combined with laser muscle 'massage' means that, over a couse of several months to a year a female can, with some guarantee, enhance her bust measurement by a clear cup size and improve her bust firmness and natural support. the patient kneels comfortably on a padded frame and leans forwards and two plastic cups are placed over her chest with a rhythmic pump used to create a pulse-vacuum that constantly excites the mammary glands, drawing the breasts further into the cups. At the sme time a laser pulsed scanner runs against the underside of the bust to affect the internal natuarl muscles that support the bosom and so while the bust is made bigger, it is also made firmer. A patient might need two one-hour sessions a week for six months. Women have also claimed the process to be sexually stimulating and mobile treatment nurses who make home visits are becoming more popular.

5) Nipple enhancements. A very similar treatment for nipples that encourages both length and thickness. In the case of this process, 95% of patients claim they enjoye dsexual arousal during the one-hour sessions.

6) Lactation induction. A combined treatment of drugs (the principal one is called "Milkmaid"), manual manipulation techniques and breast pumps cause a female slave to lactate at rates up to the levels found immediately after childbirth (up to 2 litres every 24 hours). Slave milking machines are now common and widely used, if not for the nutrious liquid they produce, then for the simple humiliation of the subject.

7) Piercings. Gone are the days of painful needle guns and weeks of soreness while the wound scars. A few years ago a handheld laser piercing gun was invented that can be used in any tattoo and piercing parlour and which, by focussing the laser at the desired point in the flesh can cut a hole through any customary place where a piercing is required and the finished ring or stud can be instantly inserted into the hygenically cauterized wound. The one drawback is it is more painful than the needle gun process, at least for the fist twenty seconds, after which almost all pain and discomfort fades and within an hour the piercing is ready for sexual play; add weights, bells, clamps, as you wish. Although very expensive, a home-use version of the laser piercing gun is now available with special software and firmware installed that prevents it being used as a weapon.

Recreational Drugs

With slavery allowing males to copulate far more frequently than hitherto and so that reluctant slaves can be forced into heat, a variety of sexual recreational drugs have been developed.

Recreational Drugs
1) Viagra and Cialis type. Designed for males, these drugs not only promote an erection that can be sustained for hours, but also allows for "quick recovery" and "high volume discharge". A huge hit among many men and available over the counter, cheaply at any pharmacist.

2) Venus. The "female Viagra", this drug induces in the female an intense sensation of sexual arousal including vaginal lubricant production, engorged nipples and breasts, engorged and parted labia, increased heart rate and breathing and direct stimulation of the pleasure centres of the brain. A single dosage can transform a docile, dry or uninterested female into a horny slut for up to 24 hours. Cruel slave owners force feed their slaves one dose a day, making them permanently desperate for sex of any kind. Especially sadistic slave owners feed the slave a double dose, then lock them into a chastity belt and bra.

2) Balance. This innocuously titled drug was designed for those who enjoy anal sex. Taken 24 hours before sex it works to break down all solid waste matter into a creamy-coloured, odourless and flavourless, thick, slippery liquid not unlike male semen. The material has a salty edge to it has been reported as slightly musky but the fluid is completely safe and free of harmful bacteria and germs and can safely be orally injested. It also acts as a natural lubricant. A woman might produce from 1 to 2 pints of this white semen-like substance in 24 hours and her rear opening is thus clean, pre-lubed and available for penetration at any time. The user of this drug is effectively self-creating a very slow enema and plugging the anus closed by an owner can allow for amusing and degrading anal play. The condition lasts as long as the dosage is taken.

Toys, Costumes and Accessories

Many owners like to have fun with their slaves and treat them as animals and pets.

Kitties, puppies and ponies are the most common animal-types owners like to subject and humiliate their slaves with. The puppy and kitty lifestyles involve behavioural training which many owners enjoy undertaking themselves, or the slave can be trained at a number of animal stables set up for this purpose, at a price. Puppies and kitties are always led around on all fours on a lead in public and a protective spray-on coating has been developed for the palms of the hands, knees and feet to protect them. Here is a quote from a slave:

"Each of us had a man in a white coat apply an oval stencil to our knees and spray a colourless liquid from a kind of paint-gun on our skin.

"It's a protective shim," the overseer stated, having entered the room while we dried ourselves, his gaze clearly enjoying our bare bodies. "Less than twenty microns thick, it's fully flexible and transparent but extremely tough. It forms a cushion-pad and will protect your knees from stony or hard ground like concrete or gravel paths. Or the pavement. Or those hard stone setts they have down at the Quai D'Orsay where the rich men like to parade their puppies along beside their yachts. All dogs are given it. The padding is peeled off at the end of the day and disposed of and reapplied the next day. Spray cans are available at most slave showrooms. A similar material is woven into the paws. Now, down on all fours, all of you."

Dogs? I thought in alarm, Paws?

We were then each given gloves on our hands and slippers on our feet. The gloves were of some plastic, supple but tight material. It was clear but held our fingers tight together like a mitten, the thumb too was held alongside the fingers. There was a thin, clear plastic band that went tight around the wrist and somehow locked on, though I could not see how. The palm of the glove was thicker and padded and had pale brown pads on it, like the paw of a cat or dog. I later found out, when I went outside in the hot sun, that the gloves were made of a heat reflective composite that also allowed the skin beneath to aerate, to breathe. My hands never grew hot and sweaty in the animal paw gloves. The 'slippers' on our feet had the stronger, thicker padding on the upper part of the foot and the decorative paw-pads on the sole. Again tight collars closed these on and with the gloves on our hands I couldn't see how we could get them off. The 'slippers' had a carbon fibre shin-guard that extended straight down over the top of the foot. This meant your foot was bent down - pointy-toed, like a ballerina, or as if you were wearing an extremely tall pair of heels. Thus, when crawling, your feet stuck our behind you, and you had to crawl on your knees rather than lift your rear and try to walk on the balls of your feet. The stiff but light 'shin guards' actually made standing up quite impossible. As a puppy-girl or kitty-girl you were degradingly forced to remain on all fours until your owner took the slippers off.

When you crawled as a kitty or puppy your bare breasts would dangle down and flop about. With the jerking gait caused by crawling quickly you just couldn't stop it happening. I felt terribly exposed and it was worse for me as I had a large bust. My rear end was also on view to anyone behind me and the hairless treasure between my thighs was easily visible, even if I crawled with my knees together, as the overseer showed me by holding up a mirror. I blushed with shame. He merely laughed."
In addition to the practical value of the spray-on protecting the slave's skin from abrasions and cuts and dirt, other elements of the animal llifestyle include various costumes and accessories such as ears that are attached to a head-band and of course tails which are connected to butt-plugs. Most tails follow a standard and rather devious design. The tail and it's springy connecting wire is sold separate from the plug that is inserted into the slave's behind. Thus an owner can purchase several animal tails or colours for use with a single plug, or a number of plugs of increasing size can be used with the same tail as a means to stretch or "train" the sphincter of the slave. The common tail design has a flexible metal spine that bends at ninety degrees where it issues from the base of the butt-plug and this runs up between the animal's cheeks to make a second ninety degree bend as it reaches the top of her bottom corresponding to the base of her spine. The padded and fluffy or hairy animal-tail then sprouts from this point. When the slave crawls it gives the impression the tail is growing from the correct part of her body, rather than from too low down. Being of springy wound wire with a heavy steel egg weight moulded to its tip, and then encased in padding and fur, the tail bounces and waves about as the puppy-girl crawls along. This of course ensures that the butt plug in her body is constantly shifting about – the little darlings get their back doors fucked all day long. Kitties, puppies and ponies can be trained to wag their rear ends and thus wag their tails to communicate with their owners. Up and down for "yes"; briskly from side to side for "I'm happy and excited".

The pony-slave lifestyle is a little more complex. There are accepted clothing and accessories such as boots, bit and bridle, blinkers, neck restraints, corsets, armbinders, reins and harnesses. The boots lift the pony up on tip-toe and usually have a steel-shod horse shoe sole. Various designs help the pony keep her ankles lifted such as very hard soles to form the ankle into the appearance of a fetlock, shoes with extended rear curves or with a central rear bar that allow the heel to be supported. Pony girls also pull carts and sulkies. Some merely pull small two-wheeled carts onto which their owners pile their shopping while the sulky, made of extremely tough and lightweight carbon fibre and with large diameter wheels and a sprung padded seat, allow one or two passengers to be hauled around the city by a single slave or a pair of them.

Some owners keep their slaves as animals 24/7. Others choose to just have play sessions or days with them as pets, reverting them to house-slaves at other times. When in the guise of a pet or a pony, slaves are never taken indoors to a public place such as a bar, restaurant or office in the same way that you wouldn't take a real animal into such a place. Pony girls standing between the shafts of sulkies or small cargo carts and waiting patiently while their owners are in some shop or coffee bar, are a common sight around the city.

Character template

Code: [Select]
[b]Character Image:[/b] ~please use a photograph and not artwork. Thanks.~
[b]Player Name:[/b]
[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Status (Free/Slave):[/b]
[b]If free, occupation:[/b]
[b]List other characters yours knows:[/b] ~please list each by name and whether they are a friend or business associate~
[b]If slave, state owner:[/b] ~'unowned' slaves are public property of the BFA~
[b]Age:[/b] ~minimum game age is 16, minimum enslaved age is 18~
[b]Physical attributes:[/b] ~(height, weight, hair & eye colour; for slaves bust-waist-hips)~
[b]Background and Personality Notes:[/b]

An example of a submitted character template.

Populated Character Template
Character Image: With wavy hair:
Player Name: HAIBANE
Character Name: Hattridia Ashraine
Gender: Female
Status (Free/Slave): Slave
If free, occupation:
List other characters yours knows:
1. The nightclub owner, Monsieur Rapagnon - Hattridia thinks he's gorgeous and would willingly have sex with him but he has never used her, being content to fuck his other slavegirl staff. Why? (insert sub plot here)
2. Antione Leclerque - is a frequent client during the day at the nightclub, comes in for drinks and meals, Hattridia has given him several blow jobs during his visits.
3. Antione's slave-daughter Penny - was ordered to have lesbian sex with her one night as entertainment for the whole club, has been made to go down on her a few times, thinks lesbian sex is revolting but endures it.
4. Jean-Claude Lartigue - so far has only served at table but thinks he's hot. If her owner told her to get under his table she'd be willing.
5. Etc, etc
If slave, state owner: Monsieur Charles Rapagnon, owner of the Rascasse nightclub (played by XYZ)
Age: 19
Nationality: Moroccan
Physical attributes: 5' 4", 120 lbs, dark brown hair, black-brown eyes, 34C-24-35, nipples pierced by gold rings
Background and Personality Notes: Captured by slavers, brought to Monaco, purchased by Rapagnon, often given to his best clients for sex, blah, blah, blah

NOTE: The game is now up and running but new players are welcome, particularly free characters. We have a surplus of slave characters right now which is not a bad thing as more than one can be owned by a single free character but it does mean we have scope for more owners.

I'm especially looking for cruel, sadistic owners who will make the extreme rating of the game meaningful ;)

OOC Thread - please only post here once your character is approved.

Characters Thread
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Offline Chrystal

Re: Millenium Slave Law
« Reply #1 on: May 28, 2012, 08:34:04 AM »
Okay, I'm in...

I may be creating a slave character for you, as well as a Free Female, but you know my condition for that...

Actually, I was wondering about something: Would it be possible to play a girl of 17 years, 11 months and 29 days? That way I could explore her fears and hopes as the deadline for her registration approaches. Just a thought...

Offline HaibaneTopic starter

Re: Millenium Slave Law
« Reply #2 on: May 28, 2012, 08:39:13 AM »
Yes, a character can be under age 18 but must be older than 16. No-one can be enslaved until age 18 and in fact the bureaucracy of the FBA might mean its a month after her 18th birthday before her family are ordered to buy a Freedom Licence or make her their slave.

I want the game to be fun and enjoyable for everyone and so, before any IC non-con actions take place, the players involved must all be comfortable with those proposed actions and agree OOC what the limits are. For example if a player is female and does not want interaction with her character with males (whether players or characters) in a non-con manner and her slave character is sent across town to carry a message, then male characters and female characters played by males may not casually touch her. I want everyone to respect everyone else's limits and requests.

As to what part of the forum this game will go into I am thinking extreme, although the only extreme elements I can think of that could be included are bestiality and toilet play. I am not fully comfortable with extreme torture, gore and character death in most RPs. I know that it happened in the comics or was implied so there is scope for it in this game world, but I plan to give slaves in this game a far higher monetary value than they have in the Erenish comics. There a slave is valued about on a par with a decent PC or home stereo, about Eu500 to Eu1500. In my game their value will be much greater, about equivalent to a good quality family car, so around Eu15,000 to Eu20,000 thus only the truly rich and sadistically cruel would be in a position to kill and torture a slave.

If two players are happy to do such a scene I might allow it but it would need to be discussed first and would most likely be allocated its own thread.
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Offline Urbanzorro

Re: Millenium Slave Law
« Reply #3 on: May 28, 2012, 08:42:52 AM »
I'm in :D

Offline JackWhite

Re: Millenium Slave Law
« Reply #4 on: May 28, 2012, 08:45:14 AM »
If I got time I do want to do this too

Offline Chrystal

Re: Millenium Slave Law
« Reply #5 on: May 28, 2012, 08:56:22 AM »
Yes, a character can be under age 18 but must be older than 16.

Hmmm... On second thoughts, what I had in mind doesn't work.

Question: The law as you have it worded states that the EFS licence fee must be paid by the nearest male relative. What if a woman has no male relatives, but has the money? Is she able to pay the fee herself?

Offline HaibaneTopic starter

Re: Millenium Slave Law
« Reply #6 on: May 28, 2012, 08:59:40 AM »
No, she becomes a public slave and the property of the FBA.

But if you think about it, its very rare for anyone to have no living relatives while they are young and that relative could well be male.

In this world there are far more females alive than males however so brothers would be rare, sisters much more common.

The game world does grant fathers and grandfathers a great deal of power and influence.

In my game, once a woman is Free she then becomes the holder of the EFS Licence and responsible for paying it, as any other Free person would. It is only the initial licence fee that must be paid by a male. This could be her master or mistress if an owner wanted to set women free (a theme I'm interested in discussing as an element of this game).
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Offline Chrystal

Re: Millenium Slave Law
« Reply #7 on: May 28, 2012, 09:19:18 AM »
...  must be paid by a male. This could be her ... mistress

Um... I know what you mean, H, but others may not.

A free female is entitled to own slaves, and for the purposes of freeing a slave she owns, she pays the licence tax. This does NOT make her an honorary male.

I have an interesting idea that you can adopt if you like? For a free woman to free a slave, she must actually pass the money to a male bureaucrat. So, how about she pays him an extra fee, and temporarily transfers ownership of the slave to him, he then effectively pays the licence fee on her behalf.

That gives a system open to all sorts of abuse!

Offline Montagne

Re: Millenium Slave Law
« Reply #8 on: May 28, 2012, 09:31:47 AM »
I'm in as you know :)

Offline Montagne

Re: Millenium Slave Law
« Reply #9 on: May 28, 2012, 09:47:18 AM »
 What class are the characters going to be. I'm assuming the majority are going to be the rich playboys of which Monaco are famous for? I would like to play someone who works for the BFA, catching run away girls and raising those without families ready for slavery. Is it possible for the BFA to have a license program in which private businesses can train slaves nd capture run-aways for profit? Much like bounty hunters in America?
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Re: Millenium Slave Law
« Reply #10 on: May 28, 2012, 09:52:13 AM »
Okay, how about this...

If you don't intend on playing in this game, then you refrain from posting in this thread, and vice versa.  If you don't intend to play in the other game, you don't post in that thread.

Thank you. 

Offline Elias

Re: Millenium Slave Law
« Reply #11 on: May 28, 2012, 10:14:35 AM »
Look forward to rping here :D

Offline HaibaneTopic starter

Re: Millenium Slave Law
« Reply #12 on: May 28, 2012, 10:19:32 AM »
Thank you very much, Mith.

@ Red Doctor - I'm open to players playing any class of person who might reasonably be expected to visit or live in Monaco. While there are the very rich residents and almost all tourists have above average income as well, the principality has many ordinary citizens who work in ordinary offices and industries, so waiters and street cleaners and bar tenders and hotel room cleaners are possible as well. Be aware though that many menial jobs are now done by slaves and many of the tourist-facing jobs such as croupiers and hotel and restaurant waitresses, etc would be slaves too. There's very little crime in Monaco but there's potential for players to be low-lifes as well, crooks and schemers who are there to try and beat the system in the casinos, and what have you. Monaco is a tiny world but has all classes of person.

I see the BFA as being a state-funded organisation. Monaco is too small a principality to have it's own BFA office (apart from a small admin set-up with a dozen staff or so) but the French office has jurisdiction here - the borders are fully open of course between Monaco and France which surrounds the small state on three sides. Monaco pays an annual fee to the French BFA - let's call it Le Bureau de l'Administration des Femmes (BAF) to administer its duties in their territory.

Their duties are as given in the Compulsory Female Slavery Law. They collate, measure, regulate, monitor, capture and train. The BFA takes ownership of all women who become 18 and don't have a close male relative. They also take ownership of Free Women who do not pay their annual Licence Fee. They then train these women and finally sell them to official accredited slave trading companies. The BFA themselves may not sell to the public as the Monopolies Commission would have something to say about that and the registered slaving companies they deal with have met certain standards in procedures, staffing levels, security, premises and hygiene.

Is it possible for the BFA to have a license program in which private businesses can train slaves and capture run-aways for profit? Much like bounty hunters in America?
No. The BFA/BAF does not get involved in slave trafficking or trading or acquisition beyond its legal remit.

Slave traffickers would bring slaves into Monaco by boat and sell them to local markets or at auction. I would imagine Monaco would be quite a hub for high-quality slaves, even those acquired illegally since the rich clients here will pay above average prices. Looking at the world map I gave a link to, I should think north Africa is an obvious source of illegally acquired women. Foreign women from slaving countries would also be legally imported. A rich American who now lives in Monaco might prefer to buy an imported American teen purely due to personal tastes, rather than a French girl.

Think of the BAF as civil servants more than cops or traders.
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Re: Millenium Slave Law
« Reply #13 on: May 28, 2012, 10:25:23 AM »
I would like playing, this game, very much. :-)

I only want being, a slave with a female owner, if no one minds though.

Offline Montagne

Re: Millenium Slave Law
« Reply #14 on: May 28, 2012, 10:40:08 AM »
Sorry, I worded my question poorly. When I say "Works for" I didn't mean as an actual part of the BFA, but as a private contractor if you would like. Of course there would be state run capture and schooling programs for the slaves, but is there any room for private versions. IE you could buy slaves from the state. Or if you wanted to pay an absolute premium you could buy a slave from a private institution which deals in very specific wants. Or send your daughter to a private slave school if you have the money. (much like private education today.)

My character idea is a man who runs a business in which he owns various private academies for training slaves, and who assists the BFA/Police in capturing run-away slaves. I would think this would be pretty common in a small city state where the government is relatively small, and it has a high percentage of wealthy people.

Also, just out of interest, is Monaco actually its own city state, or is it owned fully by France, or is it something in between? How does that actually work?

Offline Photo

Re: Millenium Slave Law
« Reply #15 on: May 28, 2012, 10:40:26 AM »
I am in this game. I would like two characters, one unfortunate female, and one fortunate male. but if i can only have one, the female is my selected choice.

A character sheet is the only thing I'm waiting for, and... I'm still concerned about how this world will work as a group game. there are just so many possibilities, that we will be tempted to run in separate directions. I think it will be important to create all of our characters with every one elses characters in mind.

Offline Montagne

Re: Millenium Slave Law
« Reply #16 on: May 28, 2012, 10:42:15 AM »
I am in this game. I would like two characters, one unfortunate female, and one fortunate male. but if i can only have one, the female is my selected choice.

A character sheet is the only thing I'm waiting for, and... I'm still concerned about how this world will work as a group game. there are just so many possibilities, that we will be tempted to run in separate directions. I think it will be important to create all of our characters with every one elses characters in mind.

Couldn't agree more. I don't want to speak for her but I believe Haibane has some ideas on keeping us cohesive?

Offline PeacethatPowerbrings

Re: Millennium Slave Law
« Reply #17 on: May 28, 2012, 11:08:31 AM »
I'll express my interest for playing a slave.

Offline HaibaneTopic starter

Re: Millennium Slave Law
« Reply #18 on: May 28, 2012, 11:35:57 AM »
Wow, this place is exploding. I'll try to answer questions in a bit. I have added the world map and character template code to the opening post.

EDIT: Added the standard BFA approved slave choker.

I will be adding more to that post as we go.

I will be adding a section on education soon which might answer some of your questions Red Doctor. The education system has changed completely in the years since the CFSL was enacted. It will affect what kinds of slave characters are available for play. It will also mean different kinds of schools and private academies are around either as backdrop of even as busineses characters could run.

I need to get back to you about your character Red when I've thought this through a bit more. It should be okay though... But I'd like to keep the acquisition side, the training establishments and the salesrooms separate. I think there's a good split of business interest there and a reason for player interaction if one player trains slaves and another is a trader. If everyone is a trafficker/trainer/trader we are limiting our game interactions.

Monaco is a fully sovereign state with its own laws, police force and ruler, Prince Albert of Monaco. I don't think it has any armed forces though. And I think its one of those odd states where the national orchestra outnumbers its cops, or something like that!

There are just so many possibilities, that we will be tempted to run in separate directions. I think it will be important to create all of our characters with every one elses characters in mind.
This is paramount.

Character sheets here please though do please think about interactions with other players and see if you can design your character to mesh with others either by family or business. Father and daughter-slave. Business owner and slave staff. Trader and customers and BFA official. Teacher and pupils. That kind of thing. I will more readily approve characters that have a high level of integration into the lives and jobs of others and may well be rejecting characters that have a low potential interaction level, asking that they be tweaked so we get a reason to interact more.

I will probably let players have 2 characters, but I am keen to see a ratio of slaves to owners that will keep the gameplay flowing well. I'd like to see the slaves in the majority and I would also love to see players able to casually create NPCs for quick scenes and then sideline them again. Don't just interact with other players please, but invent NPCs as needed. Make our Monaco a bustling busy lively place packed with people who are not in the game.

I would like all characters to be based locally, whether thats a resident, a tourist here for a few weeks, or a business person who has interests here, I'd like all the characters to have Monaco as their focus. Please be inventive as to why your character is here and I will be furnishing some more ideas very soon about the world to give us more to chew on as to how we can have the dominant characters interact.

@ Chrystal. Interesting character! I'm surprised to see one from you who might be found out in-game and enslaved!
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Offline Chrystal

Re: Millennium Slave Law
« Reply #19 on: May 28, 2012, 12:14:19 PM »
@ Chrystal. Interesting character! I'm surprised to see one from you who might be found out in-game and enslaved!

Hee hee... well yes, like I said elsewhere, there's nothing worse for a true switch to be enjoying beating some poor sub, and then to have a real craving for the same thing to be done to her.

And actually, there's no "might" about it. I want her found out.

I'm assuming that we can have an established black market in illegal forgeries of licences, some good enough to stand up to everything but being examined at the BFA's lab, others that won't even pass a casual glance by a cop on the street corner...

I do have a question regarding tourists and visitors...

You say that a lot of the less developed countries that don't have the law have closed their borders, but what of countries that haven't? Presumably, any visiting female must obtain a special visa that is, effectively, a temporary EFS license?

I'm obviously going to need to create a second female slave owner character, be cause the first one is going to end up as a slave and you are going to be short of free females.

Offline Elias

Re: Millennium Slave Law
« Reply #20 on: May 28, 2012, 12:27:23 PM »
I am thinking a luxury car mechanic best in the biz. Knows a few dirty secrets works for a few unscrupulous people and has females who work under him.

Offline HaibaneTopic starter

Re: Millennium Slave Law
« Reply #21 on: May 28, 2012, 12:41:46 PM »
Yes, forged licences would be widespread for those who wanted to remain free but could not afford the fee (or refused to pay it on principle).

With tourists an EFS Licence would be needed when crossing borders and would be shown in the same way a passport is.

A woman who came from an anti-slavery country would think twice about even entering a slave-owning country due to the risk (or percieved risk) of being illegally abducted. However for those who do wish to, whether for tourism, business or other reasons a temporary EFS Licence is issued. This world is still very much like our own remember, and while some fathers or older brothers might be perverts and enslave their famous daughters and abuse and bang them to their hearts content, many would not and so we'd have Free Women still prominent in such public endeavours as sports personalities, pop, rock and opera singers, actresses, TV presenters, musicians with prestigious touring orchestras and so on. Such women, especially, say, pop stars, if abducted and enslaved would command the very highest prices on the black market but the risks for people who trafficked in such high-profile snatches would be extremely high as well.

Money is power and rich families with powerful male members would see to it that their high-profile daughters were well protected.

On the other hand a sadistic and unscrupulous father of a teen pop-idol who was jealous and perhaps due to an argument had been excluded from her rich lifestyle, might enslave her and sell her for hundreds of thousands of Euros.

@ Elias - yes that might work. A mechanic though would probably be a slave - I think the blue collar jobs by ten years into the system will have switched to being almost all done by women. For example, why pay factory workers a salary and have all kinds of insurance and health and safety and pension obligations when you can have slaves and if they get injured you just sell them and if they get killed you just buy another. Not every female is going to be pretty enough to be a sex slave so I imagine the majority of women who are the plain janes will be working away in offices and factories and so on. Beasts of burden, out of sight and out of mind.

If your character was the business owner that serviced or sold cars, or a manager in that business, that would be more appropriate. Remember this is Monaco and most car owners here have plenty of money so they would buy from extremely expensive showrooms and have their vehicles serviced by a main dealer with swanky offices. There would be scope for a car to be collected from someone's home and brought to the dealer for servicing then driven back, a courtesy vehicle being dropped off at the same time. A naked nubile slave could certainly do that and your character could deal with such customers needs as a part of his daily duties ;)

@ Kingmaster1. Only women are slaves in this world. They may be owned by men or women.
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Offline Montagne

Re: Millennium Slave Law
« Reply #22 on: May 28, 2012, 12:55:27 PM »
@ Elias - yes that might work. A mechanic though would probably be a slave - I think the blue collar jobs by ten years into the system will have switched to being almost all done by women. For example, why pay factory workers a salary and have all kinds of insurance and health and safety and pension obligations when you can have slaves and if they get injured you just sell them and if they get killed you just buy another. Not every female is going to be pretty enough to be a sex slave so I imagine the majority of women who are the plain janes will be working away in offices and factories and so on. Beasts of burden, out of sight and out of mind.

If it was say a classic car mechanic (people of Monaco love their classic cars so I hear, with the history from the GP and the old bond films etc etc.) then there still might be call for male mechanics. People with cars worth millions of Euros might want the best of the best to fix it. If he was highly skilled he would be seen more like an architect or another highly skilled tradesmen. Jobs that would most likely be done by men. If he was older he might also have been a mechanic apprentice pre-slavery. Thoughts Haibane? I would assume not all of the males left in the world are going to be in management style positions, although there would be a much higher social stigma against being a failure in that environment.

Also, Haibane, I'm gonna send you a character concept for you to okay later on this evening, then post a full character here :) So keep and eye on your PM's

Offline Elias

Re: Millennium Slave Law
« Reply #23 on: May 28, 2012, 01:06:12 PM »
I think a combination of those two ideas would be great, he does own the business but also fixes the highest end vehicles himself, known as the master of the industry in Monaco. If thats alright?

Offline Photo

Re: Millennium Slave Law
« Reply #24 on: May 28, 2012, 01:09:51 PM »
Did some editing here, there is not much more to read, but it's dashed through out the whole post. If you have read it before, a lot of it will sound familiar.

Adrian Layvin Dumont

I don't like using people AS famous AS JGL, here. But, I looked for almost two hours, I hate finding pictures for male characters. Fortunately, Levitt is pretty much what I am imagining.

Player Name: Photo
Gender: Male
Status (Free/Slave): Free
If free, occupation: Government employee. Lineage comes from nobility.
Age: 29
Nationality: Monacan
Physical attributes: Six feet, two inches tall. Adrian is 215 pounds. He has an athletic build, a little bit too muscular. His genes are large and powerful. Adrian does not actively work on his physique, though. A large upper torso and powerful legs come naturally to him. Dark hair, curly, and thick. Blue eyes (unlike the picture).

Background and Personality Notes: Adrian has some moral challenges in every niche of his mind. He has been raised to believe in an idea that disturbs him down to the center of every molecule. His family is government, and following in his father's footsteps has always made sense to him. Male lineage, family names, family money, and social position mean a lot to the Dumonts. The slaves (woman) of his blood have quickly become known to be outstandingly blond, and full of life. They are vibrant, thin, and their eyes are brightly colored. His family is wealthy due to the price at which his sister's and cousins are selling.

Most of the men in his family are shaped like woman. They are tall, thin men with light brown hair and bright (crazy) eyes. They walk with a high nature, and a fake smile that shines for miles. Adrian on the other hand, looks scotish, and physically more round. He is a few inches shorter than all of his free (male) cousins, but he outweighs all of them by at least thirty pounds. Rumors of a bastard origin are in his past. Those rumors were quelled long ago. But they return intermittently, and he can never seem to abandon his dark, bulky hair. Adrian's abstraction defines him. He has always been the cast shadow of his family; and ultimately, his society. His ideas are strange, and sometimes he appears to be out of his mind.

He is not.

Sophie Maryse Bisset
more pictures/Some info

So, this girl is pretty spot on. I don't have to disclose much about her specific appearance at this time. She is petite. That's the most un-obvious thing in these pictures that should be. Imagine her next to a sixteen foot ladder with snow shoes on that are too big.

Player Name: Photo
Gender: Female
Status (Free/Slave): slave
Age: 20
Nationality: French
Physical attributes: ~(Five feet, six inches - 121 pounds - Short black hair; amber colored brown eyes 31B-24-30)~ Sophie will not have any tattoo's.

Background and Personality Notes: Young Ms. Bisset is a well trained slave. She had no master at the age of eighteen, and aware of the punishment, she turned herself in for training, and trade. Before she turned of age, Sophie was very much an artist, and a free-thinker. She liked music, and singing. Being of French descent, she would be arriving in Monaco two years after her legal fucking age. So, she knows what she's doing.

At the start of the story, she might as well belong to anyone, but it will be important to find out why. She will have to be purchased, traded, stolen, or freed. Any of these are viable options for Sophie. She is a very blank slate as of now. I only know that she will some how find beauty in this twisted world. she will be a woman built for this lifestyle. She will already appreciate slavery when the game starts. so, as the character develops, we'll see if she reaches nirvana or realizes that she's in hell.

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