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Author Topic: Rehashing a few ideas and adding a few more  (Read 959 times)

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Rehashing a few ideas and adding a few more
« on: April 04, 2008, 05:04:57 AM »
As it says above Im rehashing a few ideas and putting in a few more. For the new people out there I want you to note that I do not take writing partners on a first come first serve basis anymore. After a few days I begin some research on potential candidates and choose the ones that I feel are the most compatible. Doing it otherwise has just left me with a lot of headaches and dead games

Discussion can only help us create a better game for the both of us so if you are interested PM me, tell me what you think about the idea. What you like or dont like. What you think you might like to change or what you find interesting about it. Anything is fair game

Also if you have additional ideas, PM me with them. Im always interested in more roleplaying partners

1) Nocturnal Reverie

Deep in the wilderness of Romania (or really any similar european country) there is a castle that is still owned and occupied by a wealthy lord. In the relitivly nearby town (some 20 or 30 miles away) a young woman comes across a job opportunity of a lifetime as the lord decides to hire a maid to help clean his castle. After their initial meeting and her tour of the estate he offers her a place to stay while she works there. On her first night there she accidently knocks over a suit of armor and opens a hidden passageway. Curious she decides to enter and from her first footstep inside everything seems like a daydream.

She wakes in her room as the rays of mornings light cast over her bed from the open window with only fragments of her memories after entering the hidden passageway. A few of those fragments are of the master binding and taking her in the night but also of something darker and more sinister that she cant quite put her finger on. Wanting to know the truth she decides to continue exploring the castle while she does her work as the maid, trying to find what the truth behind the master is.


This supernatural thriller is set to be in a modern setting but it could easily be adapted for a more medival or fantasy feel and assumes for a healthy use of BDSM type interaction with the maid as a submissive but not neccsarily NC. If you are interested in exploring this idea with me or just have questions/comments feel free to get in touch with me so we can work out the details

2) Not sure what to call this one

A super hero and villainess have been fighting eachother for several years (2-5 Im thinking). One day when they believe they are both about to die from a natural disaster and with no way out they take the last few hours to indulge in an intense night of passion filled love making. Suprisingly they miraculously survive the encounter along with the rest of their city but feelings linger in both their hearts. Going back to business as usual seems natural but an unrequinted love develops between them and soon effects the hero's ability to stop her and her ability to prevent the hero from ruining her plans. Can they bridge the gap of perception and find neutral ground to develop the budding relationship or will the difference in ideals doom them to unhappiness?


This one is more emotional then sexual IMO but there is definatly room for sex scenes in it. Anything can really be worked out in it so consider the door wide open for what you want to experience and play out

3) Reality isnt real enough

One night when a young woman goes to sleep she has a number of unusual dreams unlike anything she has ever thought of. She spends the night as a slave in this dream world, at the bidding of a powerful master who she loves with all her heart and soul. When she wakes she can think of little else and as the days and nights progress she experiences dreams that are similar to it and feel more real then reality itself. What she does not know is that a modern day mage has tapped into her mind and has begun manipulating  her dreams to turn her into a perfect servant for both his study of Arcana and his personal needs

This one could involve anything really. I like the idea of concensual romantic sex with some bondage thrown in but it could be worked out for anything.

4) Not sure what to call this one

A young soldier in his kingdom has just come of age and been given command of a fort on the border of the mountain kingdom. When he arrives he find that the fort is understaffed, underarmed, and most of the soldiers have become corrupt. Having no one else to turn to the young man summon's a Succubi able to grant wishes but she requires a mix of mortal and demonic sexual energy for each wish.

Eventually their contract develops into something more but the situation also becomes more complex as other noblemen and soldiers move in on his position.

THe idea mixes a bit of romance, sexuality, political intruige, and fantasy. Theres also a lot of room to add in or adjust ideas to make an interesting game.

5. Summoner's sin

Centuries ago a prophecy was handed down from the last of the summoner kings. A young woman would be born and achieve the power of the summoners when tragedy struck her life. One day the summoner's village is assulted by the neighboring kingdom and just as the prophecy said she summons a great demon that destroys her enemies. However she also finds that she can not send the being back to its realm. The creature soon becomes an influence in her life, trying to tempt her into using her power for her (and secretly its) own gain rather then thinking of the needs of other people.

This ones made for a fantasy setting

6. The greatest of treasures

A pirate captain has terrorized the seas for years and one day he attacks and devastates a military vessel to raid its supplies and take their treasure. However the best piece of booty happens to be a young duchess who was being escorted to their destination. After taking her aboard he intends to break her spirit and turn her into a willing slave of his whims.

As an alternative this one setting could be adjusted to a sci-fi setting

7. Not sure what to call this one

A young woman notices an add in the paper wanting models for bondage related pictures. Having a big payment attached to it the young woman decides it would be the perfect opportunity to pull in some extra money. However when she shows up she finds out that she is a natural submissive and the photographer decides that he wants to keep her.

Obviously this one is about bondage. I could make the photographer male or female as well as work in a variety of fetishes

8. The service

In modern times a man comes upon a bottle in the sand and cleans it off with a few rubs. The bottle suddenly shakes violently till he drops it and a genie appears that was trapped within for thousands of years. She is bound to the ancient rules of having to grant wishes but the man is smart enough to trick her into granting him infinite wishes. He then starts to wish for sexual favors from her.

Perhaps the genie is reluctant in her services or perhaps after so many years without someone's touch she is more then willing for his advances.

9. not sure what to call this one

In the surface world a maiden is taken prisoner by slaver's and forced underground. Weeks later she finds herself for sale in one of the Dark elf cities and is sold off to a powerful matriarch as a sex slave. The matriarch intends to break her will and use the elf as a tool to further her house's position in the city hierarchy as well as her own personal needs. However over time a real relationship forms between Matriarch and slave

This ones a fantasy setting in which I would be playing the Matriarch. It has a lot of promise with room for political intreuge, sorcery, unrequited love, and secret romance
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Re: Rehashing a few ideas and adding a few more
« Reply #1 on: April 06, 2008, 10:03:40 PM »
two down two to go. Also if anyone has an idea they want to run by me dont be shy, PM me with the details and we can talk about it

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Re: Rehashing a few ideas and adding a few more
« Reply #2 on: April 21, 2008, 07:56:08 PM »
I added some more ideas that poped into my head and 1 and 4 are still open

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Re: Rehashing a few ideas and adding a few more
« Reply #3 on: April 23, 2008, 06:43:44 PM »
added a couple more ideas

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Re: Rehashing a few ideas and adding a few more
« Reply #4 on: May 04, 2008, 10:04:58 PM »
Giving this a bump, theres a lot that hasnt been taken yet

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Re: Rehashing a few ideas and adding a few more
« Reply #5 on: May 06, 2008, 01:49:36 PM »
Hmmm, seven looks pretty interesting to me.