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Author Topic: Just A Guy Looking To Play Some FFM Scenes  (Read 2980 times)

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Just A Guy Looking To Play Some FFM Scenes
« on: May 16, 2012, 12:12:35 AM »
I am looking for two women roleplayers who would like to play any out any of the scenes listed below. I should add that in regards to sexual roleplays I only play with women playing as women, that is not a slight against anyone nor is it meant to be personal or me passing judgement on anyone. I just like what I like. Alterations can be made to the roles, and I am always up for discussion regarding them. Enjoy and if you have any questions? By all means ask away.

About Me & What I Am Looking For
-I only play as heterosexual males, and with actual women playing as women for sexually based roles. Sorry if this steps on anyone's toes and I don't mean it to sound insulting at all. I like what I like though.
-I'm obviously a man of color, and I will only play as men of color. Identity has been a huge part of my life, but that doesn't reflect in my roles. All of my roles do not have to do with race, and I am open to any and all partners playing any and all races because I feel like every race is beautiful.
-I absolutely adore women with curves, which is why most the models I use? Are curvy. An hourglass figure? Is awesome, although I do think that people have a different definition of what constitutes as curvy or thick. What I mean? Is a Gianna Michaels or a Christina Hendricks.
-Details and strong writing are a must. I give what I get for the most part, and short posts without substance do nothing for me. I am not saying that every post needs to be like a page long or something but just give me something to work with. I also try not to be a spelling or a grammar nazi, I'm not perfect myself but do double check your posts please. I'm an English tutor, and that is what I will be teaching so yeah lol.
-No god modding, I'm sure that is something that gets under everyone's skin.
-I only play as original characters, though roles might be influenced by different forms of media. I don't like playing as existing characters.
-Basically, just looking for a fun story and I love conflict between the characters.

Please refer to my O/O's page.

The Roles!

How Much Have You Had To Drink?- The three of us are in college together, and there's a wild party that is slated to happen to celebrate the end of the semester. I am roommates with one of you, and we frequently flirt but you're a notorious tease. You know I want you, and you know that as long as I can't have you? You have power over me. Our last roommate recently moved out because he proposed to his girlfriend and they decided to get a place together. We have no choice but to find a new roommate. We quickly get a new applicant, an attractive classmate of ours who is looking to get the hell out of the dorms so she'll have more freedom. The two of you were initially acquaintances, while she is a Theatre Major with me and we had to appear as a couple in a play somewhat recently. She is quickly brought into the cycle of flirtation and teasing which is made all the more cruel now until on New Year's Eve, instead of going to a party? We all get trashed, and someone decides a game of Truth or Dare is in order. While at the start there were some semblance of rules, caution quickly goes out of the window.

This Doesn't Feel Right- Woman A is in a relationship with the man, they've been together for a little while and she knows the best way to get him to do as she wants? Is through his pants, so she uses her sexuality to her advantage against him. She is coworkers with woman B whom she absolutely despises. The two of them went to school together where woman B was the most popular girl on campus. She made woman A's life a living hell and now it seems that since both of them are up for the same job? She'll get it over woman A. This causes her to snap, and Woman A winds up drugging and kidnapping woman B. The man is beyond confused at what has happened, Woman A plans on keeping woman B for awhile and making her life a living hell. This includes some light torture, humilation and living out some of her more intimate fantasies on the woman. She also encourages her boyfriend to have his way with woman B although he is definitely reluctant to do so.

I'm Not Sure If You're Right For The Role- The two of you are beautiful young actresses who are quickly making names for themselves. You both are right at that place in your careers, where you are at the verge of becoming household names. Understandably with the two of you being so close in age, and both having talent and good looks? You'd naturally develop a rivalry with one another to some degree. There is a new movie that is being filmed, and the leading man has already been selected. He's a household name, and an academy award winner who has had a few run ins with the law. He's one of the producers on the film and has a hand in the casting. It is a highly anticipated adaptation of some popular adult book. There is a major role open for a young actress that is a dual role. The problem? The studio is unsure of who to cast in the role, so they leave this task up to me. I suggest that the three of us take a short holiday together where I'll watch you two and make my decision. Seeing this whole holiday as one long audition process. Both of you are thrilled at this chance, but you both also absolutely want the role and are willing to do whatever it takes to sway my opinion. One of you is more naive and highly trained, you aren't innocent but you're a bit more conservative which makes me unsure of whether you'll be able to handle the darker aspect of the role. While the other is more passionate and more sultry, but leaves me unsure if she'll handle the more innocent aspects of the character. I do plan on eventually casting both of you in the role, and having two actresses play each aspect of the character but I leep that information to myself for the time being.

Passion Amongst The Gods- Ares & Aphrodite are involved in an affair with one another, one that continues despite Aphrodite being married to Ares' brother. Both are amongst the most passionate gods, and their romance is the stuff of legends. However, the two of them also bicker a fair deal because of their differing natures. Aphrodite expects Ares to be more romantic, and Ares is anything but romantic. The third character in the mix can be either (Athena or Artemis). Whichever goddess is involved, influences the relationship between the characters.

In regards to Athena, her and Ares are closer in age to one another and bitter rivals. Both are gods of war, but Athena is more compassionate and utilizes strategy whereas Ares is brutal and bloodthirsty. Behind their hatred for one another, there is a very faint mutual attraction that Aphrodite is easily able to pick up on, and deciding to have some fun? She decides to push at the seams. Aphrodite herself has a somewhat mutual dislike with Athena, that stems from their differences in nature. Athena sees Aphrodite as a raging harlot, while Aphrodite sees Athena as a frigid prude and somewhat masculine in comparison to herself. She sees Athena as needing to desperately have fun.

In regards to Artemis, she is a good deal younger than Aphrodite and Ares. (She'd be the equivalent for a god, of an 18-19 year old.) Artemis is one of the few gods that Ares shows anything resembling kindness to. Seeing her as a beloved younger sibling, whom he watches out for in his own way and who shares some traits with himself. Aprhodite and her bump heads somewhat because Artemis is the patron for women, and doesn't believe they need be temptresses. While Aphrodite does enjoy her younger sibling's carefree nature. Artemis has something of a crush on Ares, but will not act out on it and doesn't think he sees her in that way. Not to mention she's planning on holding onto her chasity. The love goddess picks up on these feelings and decides that pushing things could be fun and fruitful for all parties involved. Deciding to personally educate Artemis on how to win Ares' affections.

Artemis and Athena are both traditionally virgins. In regards to whether Artemis or Athena is used? Either storyline can work, it depends on what the parties involved would like to do.

South Of Heaven- I'm the frontman for a metal group, we go through some lineup changes because of how much of a perfectionist I am. Woman A is my girlfriend, who also plays in the band. She is a bassist and co-vocalist. The two of us are highly argumentative. She is prone to experimentation and trying new things. We need a new bandmate after ejecting our rhythmn guitarist for his drug habit. I suggest one of my students as a replacement, since I teach guitar as a side gig. I've been teaching Woman B guitar for a long chunk of time, she is easily my best student and when I spring the idea to her? She accepts. Woman A automatically doesn't like Woman B and the feeling is mutual. Despite both women having tattoos and definitely fufilling the image of what you'd think of when you think of a female metal head. They're both wildly different. Woman B is somewhat more timid, submissive and despite the way she looks? Shy and almost innocent. While Woman A personifies a total bombshell in personality. The two butt heads frequently, but after a night of drinking during a song writing session? The two other bandmates leave early, leaving the three of us there alone. Eventually the three of us wind up getting intimate, and we're left to deal with the fallout since we're going on tour.

Round & Round We Go- (The characters are either in College or their senior year of High School.) Woman A and the Man were dating previously. He was quite attached to Woman A and sought to make her happy. However he wasn't enough, not for her. Woman A and Woman B are both popular members of the cheerleader squad, and one day the man walked in on the two of them. He is left quite hurt after this happens and Woman A breaks things off with him. However things aren't perfect with the two women. Woman A is strongly attached to Woman B and gets frustrated that Woman B doesn't view their relationship as seriously as she does. Woman B misses men, and she wants to keep their relationship quiet. Woman A starts to get desperate to make Woman B happy so she can keep her, so she goes to the man and proposes a deal. To make Woman B happy, and to keep her satisifed? The three of them will share an intimate relationship. The man gets Woman A to a degree which is what he wants, and he'll get two women at the same time as long as he keeps Woman B satisfied. Unsurprisingly given the odd arrangement, things go wrong. The man has strong feelings for Woman A, and he is attracted to B but doesn't have the same feelings. Woman is attracted to the man, and while there are some lingering feelings? She is devoted to Woman B. Woman B does like her girlfriend, but she's also really attracted to The Man and starts to develop a strong interest in him.

It Must Flow Like Water- The women are both two highly skilled martial artists who are given the chance of a lifetime, the chance to be trained by one of the deadliest martial artists on the planet. He routinely fights death matches, and under his watchful eye? The two could elevate their abilities to unheard levels. However this gift comes with a price. The training & style are beyond brutal, and he isn't a kind man. Also he is quite lecherous and that is part of the reason he won't accept money for his training. Having two gorgeous and eager pupils? That is a match in heaven for the master.

You People Are Nuts- The Man & Woman A are lovers who make their living through crime. Woman A helped to stage a daring prison escape for the man and now the two are on the run. In regards to them, the man is more business minded and easier to negotiate with. It is hardly personal with him and he's calculating. While Woman A enjoys the violence. She utterly gets off on it and lives to please in regards to the Man. The two of them take a woman hostage as they try to escape to Mexico. The woman has a past of sorts with the man, She was his psychiatrist behind bars and has demons of her own. As she spends time with the two? She starts to slowly become more like them, especially as her own demons are put forth on the table more. Woman A is initially delighted about the idea of a new playmate in the mix until she starts to realize it really means another playmate in the mix. Woman B becomes a mix of the two influencing forces to a degree.

See That His Demands Are Met- It is Ancient Rome, and the two of you are young slaves who have had their virginity kept intact by your masters. Working exclusively in the house, the two of you are the absolute best of friends and grew up together. Both of you are exceptional beauties, and it is only through the efforts of the Master's wife that you two still have your innocence. The two of you frequently wonder and talk about your expectations regarding becoming women and being deflowered. The two of you find out that you're going to discover quite soon, as the master sees fit to reward his champion. The champion is a gladiator of some form, whom is quite exotic and somewhat easy on the eyes but also a killer like no other. He has brought about much prosperity, and seemingly accomplished a task that was believed impossible. In celebration, as the gladiator doesn't indulge in whores like his brothers do, the two of you are presented to him as gifts. You're still slaves and will do as told by your masters. However at nights, after his training would be finished and after matches? The two of you are to satisfy any and all of his demands.

Dead Campus- The three of us are students, and we go to University together. Before everything happened? The two of you? Were frenemies who were quite competitive and renowned for your beauty. Although the two of you are completely different. Both of you are in great shape, but one of you is a borderline genius and the other? Is something of a gun nut. When a zombie apocalypse hits? The two of you find yourselves working together to survive. Your skills complement each other well and you're able to make it off of campus. You both know a guy, although one knows him better than the other. So when he encounters you two in the aftermath after a routine supply run? He tells the two of you to come with him, as he has a spot. Turns out that this guy? Is ex military, got discharged and without even really preparing for an apocalypse? His place could serve as an excellent shelter as he's been working on fortifying it. This offers a welcome reprieve, although with three young people in such confines and the world possibly ending? It is understandable if emotions run high.

Like Mother, Like Daughter? Have Them Both- She had her daughter at a young age, and to her credit? She has become a very prominent example of a milf. She doesn't look all that much older than her daughter and she has a fondness for younger men. The two of them love one another, but at the same time have a very tense relationship with one another. It isn't uncommon for one to steal away a man from the other, and when they're not butting heads over men? They're just arguing with one another over any and everything. Both of them decide to get away, and to that end they go on a vacation to Japan. Staying at a luxury hotel, both of them find themselves attracted to a young man who is another guest at the hotel. He's in Japan because he's a martial artist and competing out there as well as studying. He found both of them to be quite striking as well and initially his flirtations were with the daughter. She'd never been with a man of color before and the two of them hit it off quite decently, while the mother encountered him at the bar later that night and the two of them had a very, very stimulating conversation. It turns out that before she had her daughter and moved them to the small town they lived in? She exclusively dated men of color, and he rekindled something in her from those days. Everyone involved isn't the best person, including him as he had a girlfriend back in the states. Here in Japan? He found a new interest, and it was this mother and this daughter and he was just dying to see what could come out of a little exploration.

Do for us, and we'll do for you- Woman A and Woman B decided to explore the wonders of online dating. They were happy with one another but were also at that age and point where they figured that adding a guy into the mix would be fun. Granted, they didn't want to have a total relationship with him like they had with one another. But they wanted someone to be able to screw every now and then who wasn't a total asshole and who would genuinely be fun to hang out with. Two attractive women on a dating website naturally get butt loads of attention and to their dismay? Most of the messages they receive are horrid or they're just not into the guys. However they eventually crossed a certain profile that stood out to them. Both of them were film buffs and this guy? Had very similar tastes to them, plus he was very easy on the eyes so they decided to message him.

This guy however was in a totally different position. He was genuinely lonely and on these sites in the hope that he could find a committed relationship, not having very much luck in the past. Despite that, he is still quite picky and far from desperate so when he got the message from the two chicks? He didn't know what to think about it. On one hand it wasn't what he was looking for, he could see from their profile that they wanted a friend with benefits while he wanted a relationship. At the same time, both of them were extremely cute and while not flat out promising sex? All he had to do was make a good impression on them, then he could live out that dream of dreams of having a threesome. The three of them meet for this independent horror film festival that is being held on their campus, and they grab food after. Nothing happens that night, although they get on quite well with one another and it seems he made quite the impression on them. Getting a text, that states that they want him to come over to their apartment during the weekend. The three of them do become intimate and the girls are elated to have accomplished their goal. He on the other hand, is extremely conflicted because he really likes them both but he knows that they don't want more from him. He had never planned to like them both as much as he does.

I've Got The Golden Ticket- The two of them were adult film stars who were quite popular, and outside of working with one another on camera frequently? They were also really good friends and a couple in their real lives as well. The two of them were up for several AVN awards, and the night of the big show? Wind up meeting a guy who is an absolute big fan of both of them. He had won a contest, and was pretty much being given the VIP treatment at this award show. Upon meeting the two young women, he is absolutely blown away and overwhelmed. He's mostly surprised to find out how down to earth and friendly the two of them are. To his credit, he is a good looking guy and not awkward which makes things move along more smoothly. He hangs out with the two of them for awhile, before he endears himself to them enough to invite him to an after party following the show. He thinks this means hanging out with a bunch of pornographic actors, however they plan on going back to their hotel room and unwinding with drinks and once this dream of dreams come true? They're genuinely shocked and decide to try to get him into the industry all the while maintaining something of a loose relationship with him, even as all parties involved have their feelings towards one another gradually shift in different ways.

Power & Responsibility-Would Really Like To Play
They were two completely different girls from different backgrounds who happened to go to school together and were involved in a love triangle of sorts with the same guy. This guy had a double identity as a costumed vigilante, and both of them are aware of it. It has been a source of problems for him and his love life however.

The first girl? Is one he has known most of his life, and the two of them? Had dated for awhile in the past. They were highschool sweethearts and she was the first person to learn who he really was. Thinking it was awesome for awhile, until a villain used her as a weapon against him and nearly died as a result. Realizing how dangerous his life was finally, she gave him an ultimatum and sadly? He wouldn't give up his costumed career, and she left him out of love which was a painful experience for them both. Now? About a year or so later? She's trying to attempt to move on, and is dating a new guy even if she still cares strongly for him and seeing her with someone else? Is painful for him. All the same, it was events on his end that pushed her to this course of action.

The second girl? She was a more recent development in his life, but one who was a welcome addition. While both girls were absolute beauties? She was more of the classic bombshell, and she had started flirting with him rather openly. A good deal of their chemistry? Comes from the fact that she also has superpowers and is a crime fighter in her own right. A big part of his angst has been that fear of dating someone and knowing he cannot protect them all the time. But to date someone who could more than defend themselves? Was as exciting as her? And who could be a constant in both the sides of his life? It was something he couldn't pass up. So now he's at a place where he's strongly considering a relationship with her.

How do these two girls relate to one another? They're not enemies by any stretch of imagination, and they don't even really hate each other. They've known each other for awhile and are even friends to a degree. He has unwittingly drove something of a wedge between the two of them which makes him feel terrible, especially as he has very strong feelings for both of them and he doesn't want to see anyone get hurt.

How Much Do You Love Me?- Woman A had grown up in an inner city neighborhood for her entire life. She always had a taste for the finer things and would do her best to look good, when her family won the lottery? She was beyond elated and they moved to a more upscale neighborhood where she enrolled in a Private University. She became friends with Woman B who did come from a well off family, and although the two were friends? Woman B teased Woman A about not coming from money fairly often. Initially it wasn't a problem, until one day when Woman A and Woman B were interested in the same guy and giving him a ride home? Woman B dropped Woman A off in her old neighborhood and told the guy that this is where she came from.

Woman A did not take kindly to that at all and wanted to fix Woman B. To her surprise, an opportunity revealed itself since she was instantly recognized and she discovered that her ex? Just got out of prison the night before. The two had been in love before he got arrested for voluntary manslaughter. She goes to see him and though he is initially cross that she had severed their bonds when he went away? The two quickly reconcile and she wants him to do something for her that will also make up for what she did. She wants to abduct her former friend, and to turn her into a plaything for the two of them to use and abuse as they see fit. When he sees a picture? He is quickly onboard for the plan.

We're All We've Got- (Savages flipped around pretty much. I won't lie)
The two girls were the absolute best of friends, they had known each other their entire lives and shared everything together. In a truly unique fashion, they even knowingly shared the same man who was in love with both of them. Both the girls considered themselves drug afficinados and to that end realized that together? They'd be able to start up the perfect business together. One was a chemistry major, and the other was a business major. The business major was quite street smart, while the chemistry major knew a lot more upscale clientele. These differences even extended to the man in their life, as he had a different relationship with each one of them. With girl a, the two would fuck one another and enjoyed being rough and devouring one another. Girl b on the other hand, she and him would make love with one another and were far more tender and openly romantic with one another. He wound up becoming the missing piece in their business as he became the muscle, the contingency for unknowns.

Business was booming for a few years and they became rich and enjoyed the fruits of their labor while living together. However things would change when an organization that had been in the drug game for far longer with more guns wanted them to throw their hats in with them. All three parties knew this would be a bad idea, and so they decided to go on the run while organizing their resources towards survival and finding a way out of the hell their lives had become.

Things Of Beauty- It isn't uncommon for the rich to live eccentric lifestyles, the man was not any different in that regard. He loved to surround himself with opulence, and he had more than his fair share of women. He wanted to try something new, and to that end, he found two totally gorgeous young actresses who came from completely different walks of life. He was not at all a bad looking man mind you, but he basically flashed a lot of money to get the two to agree to go on holiday with him. While neither party was a prostitute, they knew that agreeing would mean that they were going to have sex with this man in exchange for money. It was still a lot of money, and neither party had ever been to Rome before. So they both agreed without knowing that there'd be another woman there. He flew both of them out to his summer home, and they were surprised to meet the other. Do you remember when I said the guy lived an eccentric lifestyle? Well here comes the eccentric part. During his holiday the man wished to shoot a movie, he's a huge fan of Lars Von Trier mind you. To that end, he was shooting what could loosely be described as an erotic drama movie, and he didn't want to simulate anything. The basis of the movie was very sexual, and he wanted to shoot actual sex scenes with his two leading ladies. Hence the shooting happening in Rome, naturally both parties were very reluctant about this. Until they discovered they'd be getting paydays in the 7 figures if they complied.

Dysfunctional- The two were sisters who were only about a year apart in age, aside from their beauty the two had next to nothing in common. The older one experienced everything before her sister, she was always more apt to disobey their parents and she was a bad influence on her younger sister who idolized her. The younger of the two was far more naive and she'd be totally innocent if she didn't idolize her sister. When they weren't in college they lived back home with their parents, but this year the two of them were going on Spring Break. It turned out the older sister had a boyfriend of sorts who was in turn a horrible influence on her and she was looking forward to having all sorts of fun with him over the break, he could get ahold of a number of vices easily and she wanted to invite her sister to indulge with them. This week would see the gradual corruption of the untouched flower as the three shared a week of hedonism, bad decisions and altered influences.

Bad Both of the women were part of the cast for the latest season of BGC, and they were both young women who lived wild lifestyles. The two became roommates, and while they had differing personalities, they were both in the house for a reason. Woman A was more aggressive than Woman B and could be something of a bully at times, but Woman B was nowhere near as timid as people thought that she was and if she had a few drinks, she could become an absolute nightmare. The two had been in the house for about a month and some change before they really started to crave some masculine attention. Woman A had a casual buddy who she frequently saw when she was home, and so she decided to give him a call and to ask him to come out and see her, sweetening the deal by letting him know that he'd be on television. He did indeed fly out, and she was able to get all of the attention that she wanted from him. One night the rest of the girls went out to party except for the two roommates, and when her buddy came by the house? She decided to be a nice roommate and to loan her buddy to the other girl, and the three became intimate with each other which made the relationship between the two women even more complex than it already was.

This Tangled Web- The two women were roommates, who were involved in a limited sexual relationship with one another. Basically woman A would allow woman B to perform oral sex on her, and they'd get a little affectionate after fooling around. Woman A insisted she was straight, she just enjoyed having oral performed on her and she knew woman b enjoyed doing it. Woman b was actually quite in love with woman a even if she didn't admit it because she knew woman a's feelings on the matter. Woman A had recently started seeing a guy who she is fairly wild about, all the while carrying on her thing with Woman B. One day she has her guy come over, and the two get a little hot and heavy. Woman B is there that night and so she decides to invite her roomie to join them. Initially woman b is very reluctant, especially since she doesn't have sex with guys but she relents. The guy is fairly perceptive and just by observing the two of them? He pretty much figures out their whole relationship, and he finds himself somewhat drawn to woman b. So he encourages his girlfriend to return the favor to woman b and she reluctantly goes down on a woman for the first time in her life, but only if woman b will have sex with the guy. She really wants to see it, and woman b accepts even if she's obviously nervous. To the guy's credit he is surprisingly gentle and tender with her, and she's shocked when she's able to get off with him. When it is all said and done, he doesn't have a problem with the two women being involved. He actually would like to see his girlfriend return more of woman b's affection, though he likes woman b a lot. He offers to teach her more about how to get woman a to do the things he knows she wants to do, but in return wants to continue having intimacy with her under the guise of teaching her.

Declining Values- People thought that he had corrupted the two of them. After all he was a drug dealer, he led a gang of criminals, and he had no problems committing violent actions. Murder was an occupational hazard, and you didn't cry over it. Yet the two of them had been corrupted to their very cores by the time they shacked up with him. Two young women that were a products of the times. Immoral, vicious, and slaves to their greed and lusts. They were the best of friends, their relationship was forged by a mutual inability to conform to societal standards and they were utter terrors in their quant suburban lives. Gorgeous and unrepentant, how could he not take notice of them when they crossed paths? He offered the two young women a roof over their heads as they were out of towners, and they were utterly captivated with his decadent lifestyle as well as all of his possessions. He found kindred spirits in the two of them and took them in under his wing. They dealt drugs, they went with the members of his gang and intimidated those who needed intimidation, and they cared even less about committing murder than he did. The three of them enjoyed a life of excess, and when they weren't taking everything in the world that they could get, they'd readily take each other. It wasn't all glitz and glamour however, and the girls were going to learn that the hard way.

2 Girls, 1 Stud- Two young female adult film stars shared an interesting relationship with one another. The two of them were friends, frequently hanging out together. The two of them had hooked up together off-screen of their own volition. The two were also rivals, both had name recognition, both of them were competing for most of the same awards this upcoming year and both were just about at that point where they were going to become household names in the industry. That meant getting their own websites, their own film series' and doing feature dancing. At that point they'd have it made. Both were approached about a new website/experiment that would get them to where they wanted to reach in their career. A website designed as a reality show, it'd follow the lives of the two of them and a male actor for a three month time span in the summer. They'd be expected to turn out a scene a day, with prompts coming directly from the producers. Other performers would be invited by the condo where they'd be living together, but the success of the site was going to rest on the three performers. Naturally, the two women accepted. They enjoyed each other's company immensely and they had great chemistry.

The wild card was the male talent, both had differing opinions about him. In terms of name recognition, he was highly successful for a male actor. He was a household name, and the success he had is what they wanted. Woman A hated the man with a passion, she'd performed in one scene with him when she was first starting out and it had been a painful and humiliating experience for her. The director and the producers had instructed him to really put her through the ringer and the scene ended in genuine tears for her. Since then she vowed to never perform with him again, even after he apologized to her. The guy was very well endowed and hadn't been very mindful of it, but it had been a landmark scene for her. Her first interracial scene, her first anal scene, and to her displeasure, it had been the scene that really opened doors for her and it had been nominated for several awards. Woman B on the other hand had a huge crush on the actor, she had wanted to work with him for some time despite what her friend told her, and she was a definite fan of his and was overjoyed at the idea of working with him. Against her better judgment, Woman A very reluctantly agreed as the pay was absolutely huge and the exposure would be ridiculous. She made it very clear to the man however that he'd only get to touch her for purposes of shooting scenes, anything else and she'd hurt him. Badly. Which he was surprisingly alright with initially, Woman B had no qualms about him touching her and she found herself having to play mediator. 

Bounce It- They were a young couple who had a mutual infatuation with asses, the larger the better in their eyes. It was a big part of the reason why he had started dating her in the first place, she had an amazing backside and she knew it. He couldn't keep his hands off of it and she actually enjoyed incorporating it into their love life. The funny thing was she appreciated a good ass even more than her boyfriend did, and she was openly bisexual. She'd been with women, and she generally tried to seek out women with nice butts. When she got hold of one, she was even more dominant than her boyfriend was, which was definitely saying something. The two had been discussing the possibility of incorporating another woman into their shenanigans for some time now. It was all a matter of finding the perfect one. The two went to a gentleman's club in the city, and saw a number of stunners on display. However none of them had the ass that she wanted to get ahold of, not until the dancer came out. The dancer was drop dead fine, but she also had an ass that was quite possibly superior to that of the woman's. The young couple were hooked, and the woman in particular knew she wanted to have the dancer. Other parties that night were interested in her too, and it turned into a whole bidding exercise of sorts between the couple and some of the guys there.

Thankfully the couple wound up winning out. As it turned out, once they got closer to one another, the two women realized they went to High School together and had some of the same friends even if they never ran in the same social circles. The Dancer as it turned out was also notoriously shy and fairly submissive despite her stage show. She found the couple to be very attractive, and went into the back with them to dance for them. She wound up not charging them for a good deal of the dancing that she did, instead talking with them and actually allowing them to touch her which was something she never allowed customers to do. She'd never went back with a couple before, and she freely admitted the man made her nervous. He had tattoos, he was in great shape and he was by all accounts the sort of guy who wanted something from a woman and could easily convince them to give it to him. It was the woman who she needed to be worried about however, her touching quickly became more and she got the dancer worked up enough to agree to catch a ride with them when she got off work. They didn't take her home right away, instead making a detour for their place where they spent the night ravishing her, with the woman in particular treating her like a piece of meat and then dropped her off in the morning.

It'd been a new experience, and she was certain she'd never hear back from them, at least until she got a text the next day from the Woman who wanted to see her more regularly.

Desire & Despair- With the increasing economic woes that faced the country, highly controversial polices were passed. In many instances people were incapable of paying debts, and an agency was put together to confiscate assets of those who were faced with heavy debts. Under the new laws passed, people could be considered assets and it brought about the return of indentured servitudes. The seized assets were usually sold off to the wealthy, and if the assets were insufficient to cover the debts the next assets to be auctioned off were members of a family, they're expected to work until the debt is paid off completely. The servants in these cases have very few legal rights, and more often than not, it turns into a case of legalized prostitution where the owner can take what they want from the person in question.

The two sisters were especially attractive, and they were used to the prosperity their parents had. They'd lived next door to a somewhat awkward young man during their teenaged years where they had teased him relentlessly. They knew he often watched them, and that he was beyond attracted to them so they'd get him hopelessly turned on and then laugh. They never expected him to grow out of his ugly duckling phase, or to wind up becoming a huge success. They also never expected their father to squander all of their money through shady deals and then find themselves being counted as assets that were purchased by their former neighbor who planned to get as much enjoyment as possible out of them, now that they were his property.

Misery Loves Company- He was a very powerful and rich man who was at the head of a vast company. On the surface he appeared to be a stern yet fair boss who was practically worshipped by his employees and admired for his charismatic nature. Underneath it all, he reveled in his power over other people and he did as he pleased without any regards for anyone else. He maintained a number of virtual slaves who obeyed his every wish, and who he delighted in sexually abusing. His current favorite was an absolutely gorgeous young foreign student who he had met while abroad and brought back to the United States. She'd initially been very reluctant and resistant to his desires, but after a year of serving as his plaything, she was far more accepting of her lot in life. She strived to pleasure her master, she enjoyed letting him take what he wanted and she felt secure in her position. The boss however found a new obsession in a curvy young manager in one of his holding companies who just happened to be involved with a good friend of his. He had her brought to him and forced himself on her, having his favorite join in as they spent the better part of the night using her for their pleasure. As it turned out, her torment was not to end there. His favorite was installed as her new secretary and her obligations towards him quickly took precedent over her actual job. As he began to assert more and more power over her, his favorite began to get dismayed as she felt her position slipping out from underneath her which meant he had started allowing others to use her. Both of the two young women began to find solace in one another, and secretly started to see one another because they knew that if they did so openly, the punishment would be severe. He didn't like any of his playthings having sex without his permission.
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Re: Just A Guy Looking To Play Some FFM Scenes
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 I've browsed all of your ideas and would be interested in the mercenary role, the mother or daughter vacationing in Japan role or even the Dead Campus role play. I could portray a single character in any if them. Also if we don't find a co-writer I have experience in portraying multiple females so that's not a worry in my regard.  :-)

I'm bubbling with ideas so hopefully we can strike up a mutual interest.

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Re: Just A Guy Looking To Play Some FFM Scenes
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I would love to play the kidnapped woman in 'You people are Nuts'. 'Let's play a game' its also a good plot, it seems to be quite strong one. Let me know if you wanna rp any of these two.

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I would love to play the kidnapped woman in 'You people are Nuts'. 'Let's play a game' its also a good plot, it seems to be quite strong one. Let me know if you wanna rp any of these two.

Well I'm not very criminally oriented, but I like action(ey) roles. I could plausibly portray the female kidnapper then.

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Added Power & Responsibility which I would really like to see done.

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If you don't mind me hopping in another one of your RPs, I could dig Power and Responsibility, Darkcide. I don't know which role I'd like more, so I'd probably let the other woman pick her role first, if you want me in.

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Hey, definitely. That works. Hopefully we get another.

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Interested in Power & Responsibility as well. Let me know if you want me :)

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I'd be willing to play one of the girls in 'How much have you had to drink?' or 'See that his demands are met'... Which ever has its other role filled first. :)

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Re: Just A Guy Looking To Play Some FFM Scenes
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2 Girls, 1 Stud added.

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Desire & Despair added.

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Misery Loves Company added.