question on where to put something (Dialogs maybe? or P&R or Off-Topic?)

Started by rick957, May 09, 2012, 08:55:32 PM

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Hallo, I have a question and wasn't sure of the best person to ask, so I'm posting here.

I'm hoping to have a conversation with another E member in which I'll be asking for her opinions on a handful of related subjects.  We could have this conversation by PMs, but because the topics will be of general interest, I thought it would be more fun to do it in public, so others could read along and put in their two cents.  The question is, where's a good place on E to do this?  Oh, the topic will have to do with representations of women in popular media such as comic books, but it may wander from there onto other closely-related things.

I thought it might be a good use for the Dialogs (and Dialogs Discussions) section.  I'm uncertain about using that section for two reasons:  one, the conversation might end up with me mostly asking detailed questions and the other person mostly answering, so it would be a dialog, but not a debate, really.  Also, I'm not interested in having either of us cite sources or provide links or do research, because I can always do that stuff on my own, but I'm much more interested in just talking and learning another person's views.

Would Off Topic or P&R be better?  Any responses will be much appreciated, thanks! 


Off topic is certainly a place it can go remembering of course that there are age restrictions on subject matters in open forums so keep it pg13

If you are going into opinion or political arena with your chat, then the politics discussion thread might be your route.

You might wish to make it clear the topics you are discussing and if you go on different tangents you can post links to those in the main thread of the piece and readers interested can link into to those if they wish. How that linking is done is through wikis and I'm not the expert on that so ask your mentor how to do that.

Other members might have other suggestion on this but that is my two cents worth i hope it helps

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Thanks for the replies, folks!  I also received a PM from a helpful staffperson.  I think I'm going to go with the Dialogs section, based on what that person said, although I'm waiting to hear back from her with an additional question.  Anyway, as usual, all the helpfulness around here has been great.  :)