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Author Topic: A Penny for your Thoughts (Seeking F)  (Read 5700 times)

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A Penny for your Thoughts (Seeking F)
« on: May 03, 2012, 11:20:22 PM »
Some Ideas of Mine.

Currently seeking to play a game via email [g-docs preferred] while I am away next month on my trip.

Current Craving:

I have two current cravings. The first is a RP involving an M/F/F Threesome. The other is a M/F/M/F foursome.

This can be anywhere from Incest, Swingers, Older Couple/Younger Couple, etc. I just really want to explore such dynamics.

Taken Ideas:

A Bridal Shower
Losing The Bet

Newest Ideas at Bottom of Post.

A Quiet Seduction
A Quiet Seduction - Older Woman / Younger Man. Ages negotiable.

When Jeff went to his friends Steve house, he was happy. Steves mom was a MILF. Video games and movies would be interrupted by the occasional sightings of a Sex Goddess roaming the larger house. Jeff didn't see Mrs. Larson much though. She was rather quiet and reclusive. Just fleeting glimpses as she went about her day. She typically left Jeff and Steven alone. For that matter, his parents had never met her either. But still, the sightings he did see left him wanting more. Little did he know just how much more he would be getting.

Jeff was no virgin and thought he knew how to please a woman enough as it was. He thought he was decent at sex. Boy was he wrong. Spending the night at the Larsons, Jeff got up in the middle of the night in his boxer briefs. He knew his way around the pitch black house and got himself a glass of water. As he turned around, however, he noticed a flickering of light from the living room. Intrigued, he wandered into the living room to see the fire blazing away, and Mrs. Larson sitting on a fur blanket spread across the floor. Her bra and panties left little to the imagination and she even wore heels. With a glace, she beckoned him over.

Jeff was about to learn what making love and pleasuring another really meant.
[Set up as a one shot, could be lengthened into a series of affairs with Mrs. Larson]

A Bridal Shower - NSFW
The Bridal Shower - A Newlywed Wife enjoys her first night.

The new Mrs. McDermott had finally tied the knot. She was excited for her wedding night too, just her and her new husband alone finally. The day had been long and stressful and perhaps a little too much Champagne was drunk. Her husband perhaps drank far too much, requiring two of his groomsmen to help get him back to the Newly Wed Suite. Mrs. McDermott was far kinkier then her new husband and had even had a camera on a stand set up, so they could remember their first night together for a long, long time. Only,  now she was left hanging as Mr. McDermott proceeded to immediately pass out fully clothed on the bed.

Luckily for Mrs. McDermott, there were still 2 mostly sober men in the room who could perhaps satisfy her in a way her husband could not. Smiling to herself, she innocently asked them to help her remove her bridal gown, knowing full well that she wasn't wearing any panties right now and was already a little wet. This was to have been a surprise for her husband. Since he was dead to the world, perhaps his groomsmen could help her fulfill some wishes.

[Easily a One-Shot, could be expanded into my older 'My Wife is a Slut' RP where she continues to have affairs, starting to charge clients/friends to bed her, not a stranger to multiple partners at once or performing at special occasions, a true Nymph.]


The Bookworm and the Butterfly
The Bookworm and the Butterfly - A Beauty and the Beast styled roleplay

Mark ran a second-hand bookstore all by himself. There used to be three people there but due to online stores like Amazon, his bookstore had suffered. So now it was down to just him. He did his best trying to keep things organized but there were just so many books. Of course, most of the day no one came into his store, but he was often reading the books himself or trying to figure out how to reorganize them. Then a group of people would arrive, like they had just hopped off a tourist bus, and everything would be out of place again. And then she came in.

He didn't know who she was but she was beautiful. A tall, leggy brunette. The stuff from every mans dreams. And she quietly flirted with him, even though he was social awkward. She was smart too. When she left, he never thought he'd see her again. But she came back, and came back again. And then, one day, she kissed him. They had sex for the very first time right there among all the clutter in his bookshop. But she wasn't done with him.

She took him out on dates. They went to dinner. They went to the movies. To a play. To a sports game. And she always managed to find her way into his pants. She was certainly opening him out of his sheltered life and introducing him to things he'd never have experienced before.

[Looking for a Romance styled one here, with a heavy dose of kink associated with it. She has needs that need satisfaction. Willing to take this one into the BDSM world, exhibitionism, etc.]

More, please!

More, Please! - Family Incest started by a Spanking.

Isabella was caught with a boys cock in her mouth. Her father was not happy at all. After chasing the boy out of the house, he had turned his attention on Isabella. He lifted her skirt up, bent her over his knees, and spanked her raw. It had hurt at first but that hurt turned into pleasure. Her father left her dripping wet between the legs. Then she started doing things on purpose, in order to get another spanking. It had almost become a daily ritual.

She loved being spanked. But what turned her on more was that it was her father doing it. In fact, she was starting to have indecent thoughts about him. She discovered that she was love with him, the way he dominated her with his spankings. He asked her to clear the dishes after dinner one night while he watched TV. She did not and went to her room. She wanted to know if he loved her as much as she loved him. She lay on her bed, on all fours, and pulled her bottoms down. No panties this time. Then she turned her computer on and began watching some Daddy/Daughter Sex, her favorite lately. How would he react when he came to her room to spank her?

[Heavy theme of Incest here. Options to involve some of Daddys friends down the line once she becomes his personal little slut.]

Losing the Bet
Losing the Bet - a Tale of Submission

Katies husband had a gambling problem. They were young and in love, but he loved gambling more then he loved her. Unknown to her, when she thought he was working late, he was at a gambling den, betting his life away. Out of money, he made one final bet - if he won, he got all his money back, debts were cleared. If he lost, then his Wife was to be given over to the Den Shark and would be his until he could pay off his debts.

Of course, he lost, and before she knew it Katie was whisked off to live with another man. A wealthy, affluent man. Of course, she had no choice in the matter, believing her husband would come to her rescue. She was stripped naked, showered, shaved, and dressed only in garters, heels, and a collar with a leash attached to it. The other servants gave her strict instructions on how to behave with her new master. She was led into his office. It was warm and inviting, smelled of old leather and books and cigar smoke. She was made to kneel on a leather chair and await her masters arrival.

The scary part wasn't that she wasn't nervous - it was that she had never been so wet in her life.

[Looking for Katie, a natural submissive just discovering this about herself as a Stranger, her new Master, takes control of her life, turning her into a willing plaything for all to use.]

Goth Girl + Teacher
[Click to Enlarge]

Mr. Perkins is the Art Teacher. His specialty is Photography and he is always willing to help students out with their portfolios.

One of his students is a Goth Girl. He finds her to be intriguing and attractive despite all the makeup she wears.

She asks him to take pictures of her in various outfits. A friendship is struck up.

Mr. Perkins is only in his mid-20's and always lived a sheltered life. He never got into drinking or drugs. But this student, she invites him to hang out with her one day.

They go back to her place. They smoke. They have sex.

[Ok, so not the best worded plot, but I'd like to explore the relationship between Goth/Teacher with Drug Play involved, and lots of kinky sex in various locations]


Goth Girl + Studemt

Sam and Beth had been friends since childhood. It wasn't until their teens that things changed. Sam became 'that Jock' - popular, handsome, good at sports, etc. Beth went Goth - lots of makeup, dark clothes etc. They weren't friends anymore and neither of them was quite sure what had happened.

[Still working on this plot.]

From HS Cum Queen to Global Porn Star

This one is simple.

A girl in HS wants to be popular. So she lets guys feel her up. It turns her on a lot and when one guy presses her just a little, she willingly goes down on him. Her first taste of cum opens her up to a whole new level. To her, it is the best tasting thing she has ever tasted. And she wants more.

This leads from feeling-up/making out sessions turning into oral sex. Inevitably, she soon loses her virginity. And now she really craves cum - in her or on her, it doesn't matter. She soon becomes known as the High School Cum Queen, willing to swallow a load from anyone and everyone. Teachers get involved, the football team, the Geek Club, everyone. And she loves every minute of it.

As she progresses through HS, and goes to parties, she soon realizes she could make money. She's soon masquerading as a stripper for parties, more then willing to go that extra mile to free that load from her clients, no matter how old they are. By the time she is 18, she is well known for doing just about anything with anyone.

Instead of going to college, an agent from the Porn Industry comes knocking on her door. She doesn't need to try very hard to convince him she has what it takes and she is soon staring in movies, rewarded not with just money, but with the cum she so desperately craves.

[Raunchy, yes, smutty, yes. Looking for a HS Cum Queen. Story will progress from early age to her peak years.]


Corrupting a Teacher

For this idea, I want a girl (like the one in the picture) full of innocence and sex to torment and tease a Male Teacher, both in class and outside of it (sexting, etc). Driving him up the wall until he finally takes her, roughly, just he way she wants it.

Blackmailing Mother

Randy was suspicious when he heard sounds coming from his mothers room. His father was away and the moans she was making were the kinds of moans she made when his father was around. Investigating, he finds his mother laying in bed, masturbating, wearing lingerie, a webcam focused on the scene. It doesn't take long for Randy to go back to his room and hack into the webcam and watch, jerking himself off in the process. A little research suggests that his mother does this quite frequently, talking to her viewers, begging them to come over and fuck her wet little pussy.

Randy quickly blackmails her into letting him do the filming while she performs. Of course, his erection is clearly apparent and the request comes in for her to suck the camera mans cock. She is hesitant, but when Randy pulls out his thick cock, she caves in, knowing it is wrong. Once he cums in her mouth and turns the camera off, she thinks its over. But its only just beginning. Randy fucks her long and hard. She doesn't resist and quickly submits to his every demand.

[Essentially looking for a very submissive mother here, willing to submit to her sons every whim no matter what it may be.]

Sexting Wife

Kate was married with a son. And she was awfully lonely whenever her husband went on business trips. When her son was away, out with friends or whatever, Kate had her fun.

She'd dress provactively and take a camera-phone picture of herself. She'd send it to one of her husbands friends - "Think Mark will like this when he comes home?" - or to one of her sons friends - "Is this too revealing for a woman my age?".

The responses were always the same, clearly indicating that the men (or boy) found her attractive. But she wanted more then compliments. So she'd invite them over to help her slip into a tight fitting dress. And one thing always led to another. Kate always got her way. But how long could this continue? And how many of her boytoys could she be with when she throws a pool party?

[Looking for a MILF looking for some extra fun, very seductive and needy]

Tag Team

I am looking for a beautiful Mother/Daughter Tag Team for this idea. I would also like to see some Mother/Daughter Incest as well.

There are several ideas for this, and some of them can be merged together.

1. Mother/Daughter share a boyfriend that is the Daughters age. Open relationship with Daughter, mother quietly seduces him, before revealing it was planned the whole time.
2. Mother/Daughter share a boyfriend the Mothers age. Reversal of the roles in the above idea.
3. A combination of the two - Mother/Daughter both have boyfriends, both seduce each others, leading to a kinky foursome and threesomes.
4. Daughter is struggling in school. She seduces her teacher for better grades. Mother also seduces teacher to seal the deal. Teacher embarks on illicit threesome relationship with them.
5. Dominant Males starts dating Mother. Makes her watch as he fucks the Daughter. Starts a new life with them, to slaves for his every desire - and those of his friends.

Countless more.

If interested, either PM me or post here.

The Halloween Party

For this, I would like a cheating wife. Dressed like this: or this:

Its around Halloween and she is hosting a party. Her husband is busy with work so might not make it, so she decides to have some fun. One of the guests is a handsome man that she has flirted with before. She follows him upstairs to the bathroom and seduces him. She takes him into a bedroom, leaving the door wide open. Another guest stumbles across them and she invites him to join in, which he does. The husband finally arrives, dressed as a bear (or some such) having wanted to surprise his wife. He finds her in bed with two other men and he joins in - she thinks he is just another man.

More can be discussed with interested persons.

Coming of Age

The Jones Family was an interesting family. All the females over the age of 18 were bared from wearing bras and panties unless it was for some sort of lingerie or roleplaying. Or if they had to go out of the house. While inside of the house, any male of the family could request anything of them. It was not uncommon to see daughters sucking off fathers or mothers doing the same to their sons - once said person came of age. This branch of the Jones family was no different.

Andrew had grown up watching his father fucking his mother for all to see. From the age of 16, he had first watched his oldest sister and then his second sister performing oral sex on their father too, often after he had spent himself inside of their mother. When Sarah had turned 18, Andrew had watched as his father took her virginity. From then on wards, he had watched his father go from Sister to Mother and back, one right after the other, while using his second sister to suck him off.

When Sophie, his second sister, turned 18, however, her father did not touch her. She was being saved. For Andrew. Andrew was only a year younger and was not allowed to participate until he turned 18. He was allowed to jerk off, of course, but not touch. And now it was his 18th birthday. Sophie had been waiting for this moment for a year and was more then eager to please and pleasure her brother.

[Looking, primarily, for some one to play 'Sophie'. Also open to playing multiple characters for each of us to explore the rest of the family.]

The Birthday Gift

A few ideas for this one:

1. Older Sister gifted to younger brother for his birthday.
2. Younger Sister gifted to older brother for his birthday.
3. Wifes best friend gifted to her husband.
4. Wife gifted to her husbands bestfriend/father.
5. Mother gifted to son.
6. Any other pairings possible.

Sold! To the highest bidder!

So, Zhang Ziyi reportedly slept with powerful men for millions of dollars. Whether or not this is true, I'd like to take on a game based on that sort of thing.

Basically, a Celebrity who accepts an offer of a lot of money to have sex with a man(or men) on several occasions.

Details can be discussed. Here is a list of celebrities I'd like people to play.

Natalie Portman
Pippa Middleton
Emilia Clarke
Candace Bailey
Sara Underwood
Olivia Wilde

My mom is my...

Pure and simple, this idea is about a submissive mother who is turned into the familys sex toy.

She is more then willing to be used in such a way.

Her husband is gone for the weekend but leaves her naked and bound on their sons bed. Its the weekend of his 18th birthday and his father has left him a letter explaining his gift. He is allowed to use her in any way he wants, all weekend long.

if interested, PM me. More to go with this plot.

Cover Me
Sarah was a MILF. Hard, tight abs, ample breasts, and looks that could kill, every man that laid eyes on her wanted her. She had always had her pick of men growing up too and had married young. It was no big secret to her that her sons friends spent so much time at her house to look at her. And lately, she was starting to really enjoy the attention. Her husband had died a few years ago and she was longing for some attention. And she knew just where to get it.

Her sons friends had all passed out downstairs. Wearing nothing but a see-through nightie, she sneaked downstairs and found the object of her current desires - one of her sons friends. Quietly, she pulled his pants down and crawled between his legs, taking his flaccid cock into her mouth. She had to muffle her moans at the taste and started to suck him off. When he slowly awoke, she told him to be quiet. It didn't take long for him to cum in her mouth. She leaned over him then and whispered into his ear, inviting him to her room.

The friend followed her for a night he'd always remember. The following night, she selects another of his friends for some fun. Eventually, sleeping with them all, she decides to press her luck and have her first group sex experiences with them.

[Alternatives: 1. She seduces one of her sons friends before exploring a Swinging Lifestyle with him.
2. She provides entertainment for her sons friends during their birthdays or other parties.

Basically, would love to see this woman covered in cum as she pleases as many cocks as she can.]

The Stud
Jessica's dad was a stud. A former pornstar, he has since retired and settled down with a family that produced a daughter. At 18, he is glad she hasn't followed in his footsteps. He keeps in amazing shape, especially now that he is divorced and raising Jessica alone. He's even turned to porn once more, making home videos of his toned body and large cock, jerking off and the like. Never with anyone else.

One night while his daughter has some friends over for a sleepover, he poses in front of the camera once more. It was an income he enjoyed having on the side. One of Jessicas friends walks in on him in the uncompromising situation but instead of being embarrassed, she is turned on. She'd recently discovered his pornstar past and found her attraction to her friends father even stronger. She'd never seen a cock so big and asks if she can touch it.

The rest, they say, is history.

[Looking for the Father to embark on an affair with one (or more) of his daughters friends.]

A Summer of Fun
Hannah, at 16, has started to develop into a beautiful young woman. Her tight, athletic, boyish body has sprouted some curves. But its the summer now and she is sent to live with her uncle and work on his farm. With virtually no one her age around, she has a lot of time to herself, a lot of time to explore her budding body.

Its while exploring herself one night that her Uncle walks in on her. Instead of telling her off or shaming her, he encourages her to continue and even touches her too. Soon, under his guidance, she is learning more about herself and the male body then she ever knew before. Her Uncle even takes her virginity. But the summer is long and she will have plenty of practice - especially with her Uncles friends and Farmhands. It turns out that Hannah is a natural submissive to such men.

The Lover

An idea based on this picture. The girls are sisters, a year apart, or twins. One has a lover, a man who rocks her world in everyway. Her sister does not.

The unclaimed sister listens at night through the wall, picturing herself with her sisters lover.

Does she try to steal him?
Does she try to seduce him?
Does she ask if she can take part and join in?

Lots of possibilities here.

My Teacher is a Stripper?
When Peter heads out of town to celebrate his 18th birthday alone by going to a Strip Club, the last person he expects to see there is his History Teacher. Only she isn't there to visit, like he is - instead, she is the star of the show.

Aroused, Peter decides to treat himself to a lap dance, letting the Club pick who gives it to him. When his Teacher enters, wearing a new set of clothes, Peter is shocked. So is she. But as a paying customer, she can't help but give him a lapdance - and as her student, she makes it extra special.

Thought 1: The Teacher doesn't want to lose her job and asks Peter not to tell anyone. Essentially turning into blackmail - he makes her let him touch her during the private lap dance. He makes her wear sexy clothes to work (she dresses conservatively), he has sex with her - at school, at the club - etc. He uses her to entertain some friends at a party (turns into an orgy).

Though 2: The Teacher has no inhibitions and gives her student the dance of his life, finishing it off with a happy ending. She wants to keep it secret between them, flirting through class with him, holding him afterwards, taking him off campus, inviting him over to her house so she can 'practice' some moves on him. Perhaps asks if he wants her to throw a party at her house with him and some of his guy friends.

Thought 3: Combinations of the two other thoughts, or something else entirely.

Christopher goes to an all boys Catholic School run by Nuns.

He goes to confess his perverted thoughts to one of the Nuns, unsure how to handle them or the painful erections he has started having lately.

Little does he know that this Nun uses a hands on approach to dealing with such thoughts and problems.

Seeking a Nun. Essentially one of the Priest/Schoolgirl ideas, though reversed.

Teaching something new NSFW

Drew had an above-average sized cock and his girlfriend always struggled with it when giving him head. He didn't mind though, he enjoyed the action and was thinking that perhaps they would eventually go all the way. In HS, marriage was certainly not on the front of his mind. Little did he know that his girlfriends mother - a cougar in her own right - had watched them one night and had decided she'd show him what a real blowjob was like.

The mother catches him out back by her pool one day. Her daughter (his girlfriend) is quickly sent off on an errand leaving the two of them alone. The girlfriends mother knows what she wants and how to get and soon Drew is experiencing the best blowjob of his life - his girlfriends mother loves to deepthroat cocks.

[Would like to see this evolve into an affair with the mother, turning into the mother teaching her daughter how to suck and fuck. This plot needs further discussion and elaboration.]

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Re: A Penny for your Thoughts (Seeking F)
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2012, 10:03:55 AM »
Updated with new ideas.

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Re: A Penny for your Thoughts (Seeking F)
« Reply #2 on: May 12, 2012, 07:23:08 PM »
I like all of them except for the "More Please."
I'd be willing to try any of them. If we were to do either of the goth students though, could we discuss that one a bit further? Other than that, I like all the other ones. Especially the bridal one.

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Re: A Penny for your Thoughts (Seeking F)
« Reply #3 on: May 12, 2012, 08:16:36 PM »
I like Bridal Shower and More, Please if you want to try either of them with me. :-)

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Re: A Penny for your Thoughts (Seeking F)
« Reply #4 on: May 22, 2012, 05:43:33 PM »
Crossed out taken idea and added some new ones, along with text to some previous ideas.

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Re: A Penny for your Thoughts (Seeking F)
« Reply #5 on: May 23, 2012, 09:06:21 AM »
I would love to play 'Losing the Bet'

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Re: A Penny for your Thoughts (Seeking F)
« Reply #6 on: May 30, 2012, 10:34:38 AM »

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Re: A Penny for your Thoughts (Seeking F)
« Reply #7 on: May 30, 2012, 03:48:05 PM »
Updated with 2 more new ideas.

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Re: A Penny for your Thoughts (Seeking F)
« Reply #8 on: May 31, 2012, 02:35:52 PM »
Updated with a celebrity pairing.

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Re: A Penny for your Thoughts (Seeking F)
« Reply #9 on: June 05, 2012, 10:38:48 AM »
Another updated idea.

Offline Foxy Oni

Re: A Penny for your Thoughts (Seeking F)
« Reply #10 on: June 05, 2012, 09:30:46 PM »
I'm interested in any of the incest ones, especially the last idea. Love that pic.

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Re: A Penny for your Thoughts (Seeking F)
« Reply #11 on: June 12, 2012, 08:05:46 PM »
Four more ideas added to bottom of first post.

Offline hellsrose

Re: A Penny for your Thoughts (Seeking F)
« Reply #12 on: June 13, 2012, 11:30:56 AM »
Hey there, I'm interested in;
More, please! – I'd love to play Bella.
Losing the Bet – Katie sounds like she'd be fun to play.
Corrupting a Teacher - Sounds sexy.
Tag Team – 5, very interesting.
Coming of Age - She's like a character I used to play.
The Birthday Gift – older sister to younger brother could be interesting.

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Re: A Penny for your Thoughts (Seeking F)
« Reply #13 on: June 14, 2012, 09:00:47 AM »
Updated with taken ideas (Losing the Bet)

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Re: A Penny for your Thoughts (Seeking F)
« Reply #14 on: June 15, 2012, 10:18:44 AM »
Fixed a typo, two ideas revealed.

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Re: A Penny for your Thoughts (Seeking F)
« Reply #15 on: June 15, 2012, 04:43:05 PM »
Added two more ideas. CRAVING CONFESSIONS.

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Re: A Penny for your Thoughts (Seeking F)
« Reply #16 on: June 15, 2012, 09:45:50 PM »
Updated with additional taken ideas.

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Re: A Penny for your Thoughts (Seeking F)
« Reply #17 on: July 08, 2012, 05:28:09 PM »
Updated with Taken Ideas.

Also, I am looking for a game via email (preferably g-docs) while I am away on my trip next month. Postings will be slow, but I'd like to keep something going.

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Re: A Penny for your Thoughts (Seeking F)
« Reply #18 on: July 11, 2012, 10:59:30 AM »
Updated first post with two cravings at very top.