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Started by Sephiriel, April 21, 2012, 07:15:06 PM

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Welcome kiddies,

Since you're all grown up (just us adults here), you must be this tall to enter. Pick your picks and choose your choosings 'cause you're about to experience the ride of your life. If any from the below might sparkle your interest or tickle yer fancy, send a PM or drop in to post "hi" and I'll gladly reply.
One more thing: I like stories that focus on character development, I'm not (necessarily) looking for literate partners, but anything below ten lines is a turnoff. More details on these stories will come by request via PM and I'm more than happy to brainstorm with you on the plot. 

Harley Quinn and the Joker – Mad love

A story that follows Harley Quinn’s obsessive love for the Joker and his power over her. Voted as “the most suitable team of villains to take control over the city”, Harley Quinn and The Clown Prince of Crime will always have a special kind of relationship.

Tags: bondage, intellectual dominance, abusive nature, power switch, comic relief

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The Creation

She is an artist in love with her own creation. Night after night she falls asleep looking at him, dreaming about him and a world where fantasies come true…until one fateful night when something else besides her dreams comes to life.

Tags: romance, light, one shot

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Bedtime stories

When the bells of judgment ring, we all have to answer to one particular entity before departing to another designated place. For [insert witty name here] the rigorous process of dying never goes by the book, yet things could be so much more simple. If only she would understand.

Death has been stalking her over the years, waiting for her to grow up into the beautiful young woman he knew she would eventually become. She had to reach the perfect age, not a bud anymore, yet not in full bloom as well, when he would come to reap what he had sown. He offers her three days of life for every task she achieves in pleasuring him, whether it’s about an entertaining game of chess or acts of a more sensual nature. Abusive and cruel, death starts to enjoy his games with her, almost reaching addiction. It doesn’t matter how far he goes, as he can bring her back to life numerous times only to start over again.

Sometimes he takes her with him on his missions, where she learns that not only does he get to choose the nature of one’s death, but also makes it happen, taking pleasure especially from the cruelest circumstances. She gets to know each of his victims, their motivations and desires, their way of life until he comes to end everything. At least he has some sense of morality, whether it is self induced or forced by higher forces. Hardened criminals die in outrageous fashions, while children simply fall asleep and wake up on the other side. She is forced to watch every event unfold in front of her, without having the power to prevent anything from happening. Until one day, when he asks her to choose their next bedtime story.

Tags: fantasy, historical periods, dark romance, time and space travelling

Return to Wonderland

It has been nearly nine years since Alice came back from Wonderland with fond memories which she would never want to forget. Reaching the age of 19, she has everything a girl her age might want. A healthy beautiful body, a loving family and a small fortune to keep everyone happy for the rest of their lives, including their beloved servants. Her father, an esteemed citizen of the country, has invented many things that help humankind in its rough process of evolution. Her mother, a caring voluntary at the shelters for the poor, is loved and admired for what she is. They all live in a normal world, without magic and wonders, is true, but blessed and beautiful just as it is. Alice often remembers her time in Wonderland with warmth and fondness, but she never thinks of going back. Until one day when everything changes.

Masked men enter the Liddlle mansion one night, only to leave a pool of blood and a traumatized young Alice behind them. No one touched her however, leaving her there to lose her minds, confused and heartbroken.
Who would have guessed the cruel fate that came upon the Liddlles and why did this happen to her? Obsessed to find out their identity and their reason for killing her loved ones, Alice remembered what the Mad Hatter once told her when she first came to Wonderland.

“Here is a perfect world, my dear. Not by means of lacking evil, but by having everything one might desire. Should you need anything at all and possess the power to wish it, then Wonderland will give you that. Not without payment, of course, that’s why they always say: be careful what you wish for.”

She decides to go back and search for a criminal powerful enough to find out who were the masked men. This time a black rabbit guides her back to a Wonderland she’d never seen before, shaped into a world of her own making, just like the first, only this time she is the one who changed. After many tribulations she founds the one she was searching for. He agrees to find her soon-to-be victims, but refuses to do the job meant for her: killing them one by one. Instead he offers to teach her how to fulfill her moral duty in exchange for her body and will, which he would use in any way he sees fit. Alice refuses, changing her mind and decides to search again for a more suitable assassin. Maybe someone from her own world as he would gladly take the money she offered without wanting anything else in return. Unfortunately for her, this one has already agreed to a pact and will stop at nothing to see it fullfilled.

As the days go by, Alice learns to listen and obey, but also how to become a trained killer, her mentor slowly shaping her into a feminine version of himself. Little by little she changes, until the time to end the pact draws near and he must keep to his word of finding the masked men who changed her life for the worst.  He does so easily, pointing to her the exact location of their whereabouts, their daily schedule and other facts she might use in order to bring them their just deserts. As she gets closer to the truth, Alice finds out that Wonderland wasn’t the first place she had met her mentor, knowingly or not.

Tags: fantasy, dark, possible NC, dominant-submissive relationship


Spirited away

"Fairies, sprites, and angels, keep her!
Holy stars, permit no wrong!
And return to wake the sleeper."
- Percy Bysshe Shelley, "Bridal Song"

Everyone knows that making a pact with the Fae King most often leads to unwanted circumstances. What if you didn’t ask for his help, didn’t even knew about his existence and still he insists that payday is here? How will you return the debt?

This story will focus more on descriptive details and a "stylish" way of writing, foreplay and visual stimulation will play a very important role within the plot. Multiple characters will be involved, as well as an array of side-stories which have a connection with the main theme. A new world will emerge from beauty and nature. I will need someone who is eager to engage in a rather complex fairy tale. 

Tags: fae world, fantasy, inspirational settings, beauty and nature

Cry for the moon

A well-known, yet simply hard-to-resist story: the maiden who falls in love with a werewolf. In her village it's a well known fact that wolves roam the forest and that no one should travel alone at night. There is no folklore involved, the existence of werewolves is but a myth just like with all other fictional creatures. The young girl is simply fond of wolves and everything they represent: the chase, the danger, loyalty, strong ties, freedom. Hearing their howl every night makes her dream of their life within the pack, until one night when she ventures to seek their lair.

Tags: romance, shapeshifters, medieval setting 


Yes, my lord

A little age difference craving I had for quite some time, a story which takes place in the Victorian Era between a young woman (not younger than 16) and an older man (not older than 39).
Social status can vary from nobility to pirates ( :o ) for both characters, plot still under construction, I have no specific idea for this one yet. More than happy to brainstorm with you as a partner.


I like your story of the ghost wife.  If u don't mind I will suggest a twist.  How about the ghost is actually her jealous old lover who killed himself when she broke off from her.  Perhaps he romances her using the form of her deceased husband who has decided to move on and not turn ghost. lol.  He may romance her and he will certainly love the sex but what is he really after?  Revenge?  Control?We can decide later or you may want to to it if you are at all interested.  thanks and please let me know either way.


Damn kinda sad that the Joker is gone already. But perhaps I can be your Fae King.
Originality is fast becoming obsolete, to make a trully unique world all your own is the mark of a great writer, artist, thinker.

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Why Self, I didn't know you had it in you *wink wink*  PM coming your way later today :D


You'd be surprised by my mind sometimes. Though I'm not sure it's what's "in" me that should concern you but what may be found "in" you.

Sorry that was incredibly cheesy.
Originality is fast becoming obsolete, to make a trully unique world all your own is the mark of a great writer, artist, thinker.

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You know what they say... you have to get guts before you get cheesy. (he he, food joke, pun not intended)
What I meant to say is that it takes courage to be cheesy, not everyone can do it with style. 


I'm generally very poetic but I usually have a face or a voice to work with. So I'm stuck there.
Originality is fast becoming obsolete, to make a trully unique world all your own is the mark of a great writer, artist, thinker.

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Introducing the GRIMM[ER] TALES section, EXOTIC MARVELS section and LITTLE SNACKS section. Yessiree, we're expanding.


Hey there! I really really like your Cry at the Moon idea...I can really see a good RP coming from it.  ;D
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