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September 22, 2023, 04:29:57 pm

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Author Topic: Some ideas  (Read 1441 times)

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Some ideas
« on: March 21, 2008, 08:21:18 pm »
I'm not a volumous poster but I do manage a couple a week, usally at least four or five.

Army of Two

In the not too near future, large corporations begin to take over what is left of the Earth.  A size of the population has moved into the new colonies in space.  What is left of the governments, both country and the U.N. is little more then puppet organizations for the multinational corps who own various representatives.  Corporate towers take over multiple city blocks, being miniature cities inside. 

The Ukraine is one of the major point of contentions these days, with some of the largest corporations holding research facilities and Data Vaults near Kiev.  Open warfare started nearly a year ago, with mercenary groups fighting it out on behalf of the corporations. 

Two units are going into the heart of the battle, being airdropped down into the heart of the city.  But as they land, the LAV the are on is hit by rocket and mortar fire, blowing it apart and killing most of the soldiers.  Two survive out of the first vehicle, a cold, cool infiltration expert who is deadly with a long ranged rifle and a hot tempered assault expert who is a one woman swat team.

The two are forced to work together and get out of the hell hole, taking a lot of enemy with them.  Once bunkered down, the whole thing starts getting to them and they realize the need something to relieve the frustration and the tension.  After getting hot and heavy, they realize they have only one option.  Assault the main Data Vaults and ransom it for their lives and freedom.

Breaking Good Habits

Father Ben was part of a secret order instituted many years ago by the Vatican, the Order of the Demon Hunters.  But a year ago, he was injured while fighting a nest of demons in Chicago and has been confined to a wheelchair since that day.  No holy man or healer among the church has been able to heal the man.

But the years of research and combat has given the Father a large occult knowledge and library.  Using that knowledge, he has been able to subjugate a Shikma demon and take his body.  Unfortunately, with taking the creatures form, he has begun to take on its lustful nature and need.

A young nun has been assigned to him as his nurse since his rehabilitation, a new one having just taken over.  She is young and chase, and watching her lovely body beneath the confines of her habit has slowly built a great desire for her.  He has decided to take her and make her his.

Sunglasses at Night

A young, goth boi has been tolling the club scene for some time, dressing more like a goth chick in his outings.  He happens upon a older gentleman at one club, wearing sunglasses at night.  He is curious, having met so many posers, and strikes up a conversation.  The man trails him along and then suddenly leaves him in the lurch, heading for the back rooms.

The boi is not so willing to give up though, and he follows the man.  Unfortunately, he is meeting with some people who don’t like interlopers.  The man, a Elemental, is forced to claim him as his own, his property.  He is not like the other posers pretending to be a vampire, he is something more.  Some would call him a psychic vampire but such would be a limited definition.  He feeds and grows off the desire and drive of humans, builds on their wants to his own ends.

He is left in a position that he must now take the boi truly and make him his own.  To be his master and play him well.

Unlikely Allies

Far in the east, the temple of a long lost goddess, Futa, is found again.  The well-preserved temple was full of images of the beautiful goddess but strangely the secret, inner temple was full of phallic symbols.  Finally, the goddess appeared to the curious explorers, changing their fate, and their bodies.

Futa was a goddess of chaos and passion, two human forces that often went together.  Strange tales began to circulate among the local populace as the cult turned into a religion.  Training their minds and bodies towards physical perfection, the championed individual freedom above all things.  Martial arts, meditation and energy work  balance out their spiritual paths, for there are times one must be able to fight to preserve individual freedom.

Acolytes of Futa are changed, becoming beautiful women with hidden masculinity, as the goddess was in her time.  The temple has become a bastion of neutrality in a chaotic world, devoted to the freedom of all.

A young disciple is given the task of escorting either a princess or a knight to a peace negations.  Unfortunately, there are many who do not want them to make it.  They are tossed together and the heat between them builds, as Futa effects all.  They grow together and explore one another as they work to accomplish their goal.