"Choose Your Own Adventure" Style Story NC-Exotic Solo

Started by Phoenixstar1228, April 03, 2012, 03:28:10 PM

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UPDATE: I think I'm going to put this idea on hold for now.  If you run across this thread and really, really would like to try it with me, shoot me a pm.


Hello everyone! I'm new here and still getting into the swing of things.  I've had this idea for a while now and I thought this might be the place to try it out.  What I would like to do is write a solo rp where others can influence the progression of the story.  I'm not sure how well it would work out, but I'd love to give it a try.  I'm here to see if anyone would be interested in participating. 


I would write several paragraphs of the story, ending in situations that would facilitate different options to the character. A proverbial "fork in the road." Then readers (you guys) could post ideas on what should happen next.  After a period of time I'll decide which idea to take and continue the story.  Wash, rinse, repeat.


The story would follow a female character in a medieval/fantasy era.  I will be posting in NC: Exotic - Freeform Solos, and I'm up for adding anything allowed in said forum.  I'm leaning towards a swords-and-sorcery like story, but that's not set in stone.  If someone suggests something that either I really like or everyone else likes (and I don't hate) I'll work it into the story.

How to Choose

What suggestion I choose to go with will depend on popular opinion and my preference.  It wont be democratic, but I'll give more weight to ideas that several people like.  I'll usually allow at least a day for people to post their suggestions, however I will extend this to a few days at most.

Please let me know if you're interested in participating!


Roleplay Frog

Half half on this. sounds like a lot of effort on your side butif you want to go with it.. sure.

But why not make it more personal, what do you think about...

finding 1 or 2 partners, doing what you presented above, then continuing to spin a story based on their choices. That way their immersion(my problem with this) is higher, but here comes the fun part: The more people you do this with the more and longer ways of your story you have prepared, reducing your work, while still having a unique 'choose your story' experience for all involved, heck if you do it for long enough you could make a lil independent post,story or book style out of it. Now that sounds interesting to me.


I agree with Deva. Love the concept you have here, but it seems like it would be a lot of work on your shoulders than it would if it was a simple case of a GM and player sort of set up. In some ways it might be better suited in the Storytelling thread rather than a RP from what I'm understanding: seems like you'd be doing all the writing currently and taking a poll after each story segment, let me know if that's wrong.

I'm not entirely sure what Deva means by immersion in this sense, cause I'm not sure what alteration he's proposing to player/"audience" involvement. Though that is the question then, would it be a shift from voting audience to active player then with those 1 or 2 partners?

Either way, I'd be also be interested in a more GM-player partnership in writing a story one-on-one with you if that also strikes you as something you want to do, Star.

Roleplay Frog

If lotsa guys vote on things the immersion is necessarily low, specially if you're among the minority. if you do it with personal partners each of them developes their story(just not entirely).


Thanks for the feedback!  I'm thinking about rping with myself and one other person and have the audience post their suggestions for the story.  I've pmed someone who was interested in playing a character, so I'll post more when I hear back from them.


I like what you've put in, but to roleplay with you, i would need some more details on the idea that you have in mind.


I think this sounds brilliant, and if not able to participate myself, very much look forward to seeing how you manange it.

Very creative, and if you can pull it off, I'll likely steal your concept for a thread of my own! ;)


I think I'm going to put this idea on hold for now.  If you run across this thread and really, really would like to try it with me, shoot me a pm.