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Author Topic: Superheroine Humiliation (NC) [GMs/Villains/Thugs Needed]  (Read 3851 times)

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Superheroine Humiliation (NC) [GMs/Villains/Thugs Needed]
« on: March 24, 2012, 01:55:15 pm »
Here are a few ideas I've had regarding Superheroines and the trouble they may find themselves in.  There are some links below to potential situations they could find themselves in, or jumping off points if the story strikes your fancy.  I'll be playing the superheroine in these situations though there's a large list of superheroines that I have available to play in my signature.

1. Trials of Crusader
Crusader is considered to be the most powerful person on the planet.  She has incredible strength, speed, and resilience to harm.  Due to this she's quickly become famous in the world of being a pure and virtuous superheroine.  While no one is her equal in terms of raw power there are those out there that would love to see her demise.  She's known the world over and the public adores her.  All attempts at bringing her down have failed thus far.

The Game:  In terms of the game, I'm looking for someone to play that badguy that does finally take her out.  I want an equal dose of plot and smut.  Crusader will have to come to terms with being humiliated, groped, forced to orgasm, and probably even raped.  I'm not looking for an overly serious take on these scenarios, she'll more have to come to terms with the fact that she didn't completely hate it, rather than what really happens in real life.  As the name of the game suggests, I'd like her to go through a series of trials or even episodes where she may have some obstacle to overcome (a villain, monster, natural disaster, trap, etc.)  all while looking for this guy who originally defeats her.

2. Fanboy
A superheroine has become famous for protecting the city in which she lives and cleaning it up from a corrupt pit of filth and crime to a metropolis that has a thriving economy and far less corruption.  While her job is never done, it's easier now than it was when she first started.  She's known across the nation for her acts of valor and triumph over corrupt politicians, police, gangs, slaver rings, etc. and through her fight has gained many enemies.  While she may get defeated or knocked out on occasion, the people that do it to her soon regret it.

The beautiful superheroine has had a few interviews on TV, and while she doesn't always like to be in the lime-light, it's something that has evolved with being so good at her job.  Being on TV and in countless YouTube videos has given her a lot of fan boys that argue constantly about her outfit and things she could have done better, or complimenting her on a job well done.  Pretty much things that fan boys like to do.

One fan boy isn't getting enough of her though.  He wants her all to himself.  And while he's been called a loser all of his life he doesn't want that anymore.  He sets up an elaborate trap for our heroine, hoping to capture her and see her in person.  Maybe even humiliate her a little bit.  When he does finally get a hold of her, he doesn't know what he'll do. 

The Game: The idea is fairly basic.  Famous superheroine meets obsessed fanboy.  Where it goes from there is up for discussion.  I could go with it being multiple fanboys that see the first one and then become just as obsessed.  Maybe they form a gang that's the only ones that can consistently take her down.  Maybe he stinks at it and gets arrested, others join in, methods slowly getting better and better until they finally are able to take her down.  Or perhaps they're strangely good at it, able to  humiliate her at the drop of a hat.  And so on.  There are a lot of possibilities, I just like the idea of someone being so obsessed with a superheroine that they wind up becoming a supervillain (or supervillains).

3. Superheroine Sex Slaves
There's a strip club in Imperial City that caters to the wild and interesting fetishes of men.  Anything from slave girls to cheerleaders to even superheroines.  The most demand comes from the superheroine crowd.  As there is always at least one heroine protecting every major city (and many smaller cities as well) there's a high demand to see look-a-likes on stage peeling themselves out of their skin-tight bodysuits or leotards.  And while this pulls in a lot of money, the girls on stage are highly convincing, it's just not real.

The complaint comes in time and again.  They want to see a real heroine, they'll pay big money if even a B-class heroine shows up to strip.  The owner has tried everything that he (or she) can legally.  Money, invites, a salary of epic proportions just to fight crime.  But nothing flies, nearly every heroine is too virtuous and those that aren't virtuous are too dedicated to the mission to strip in front of some horny guy that wants to see her out of her tights.  A big fat "No thanks" slaps the owner in the face time and again.

Finally they get fed up enough that they go to a small-town heroine and ask her.  If she won't, no one will.  She says no, that no amount of money is worth that, and turns away from the owner.  They knock her out with chloroform that they'd brought with them, and the heroine goes down fairly easily.  A few gropes for good measure, and then the owner drags her back to Imperial City and their strip club.  There's a new underground side of the business that's opened, and men pay to see her behind glass.  Then they want to touch her, so they pay more, ultimately they want sex.  She fights hard but the owner subdues her, hypnotizes her, and starts renting her out for a night so the men can play out their ultimate fantasies.

It works for a while and business is booming, but then the men want more.  Another girl, some variety, so the owner kidnaps another heroine, brainwashes her and the masses are appeased for a while.  Then they want another girl and another.  The owner has to get more and more clever but ultimately takes out the entire B-class superheroine population.  Then they want someone more famous, which is when the owner has to get really creative it taking out heroines.

The Game: There are a few versions of this game.  We can start in the middle, when the owner goes after more famous and powerful heroines, coming up with creative traps to subdue them, or plots to take them out. 

We could start at the beginning, where the owner takes out the first one and then then have fun with her as the owner learns the tastes of the men in their club.  This would require a fast posting rate of at least one post every day (if not multiple a day) just to get into the thick of it pretty quick.

Or we could focus on one or two heroines that see all of the heroines across the country going missing and go in to investigate.  I would like the heroines to just be sex slaves, no guards or anything like that, basically just tools so that the men of their club can get off.  The heroine investigating could wind up getting captured, but be immune to the hypnotizing but still gets rented out, or she could set them free in the end. 

4. Unmasking
A superheroine winds up running into the wrong guy.  Unmasking is typically seen as an unwritten-rule no-no, but this villain/thug seems to have missed the memo.  He knocks out, captures, and then unmasks the superheroione while she's awake.  He doesn't recognize her, but he does have the genius idea of taking her photo from the neck up and seeing if anyone recognizes her.  He hits a grandslam when he visits her school (college or high school) and finds out what classes she's taking and more importantly where she lives.

The Game: I'd like to explore the different possibilities of what happens when a superheroine gets unmasked.  Certainly the badguy breaking into her apartment or house, possibly putting microscopic vibrators in her suit at the crotch, butt and breasts, or any number of humiliating things.  I do want to keep most of the play to her superheroine identity, just less centered around patrolling, and more around this guy constantly showing up at the worst times possible.  Lots of humiliation, lots of groping and forced orgasms, rape is optional.

5. Champions Virtual Reality: Hacked! (Based on Champions: Online "Free for All")
In the year 2109 there's a new Virtual Reality technology that not only complete immerses the player in the world, but allows him/her to feel everything their character feels.  The graphics are as close to realistic as they come without being in the real world.  Champions: Virtual Reality is a hit almost immediately.  With real superheroines running around rooftops and fighting supervillains that leaves the rest of the world wanting or wishing they could take part, but sadly don't have the skills, abilities, or confidence to go out and risk their lives. 

The game then allows them to make up their own superhero or superheroine persona, pick from powers (though all characters and names must be original), and then fight the evils that Millennium City has to offer.  It's a basic game allowing players to level up by beating up thugs (that look real enough).  They gain more power, or add abilities related to their power set, health, and so on as they level up.  If they die? Simple, they just respawn at the closest point to where they "died".  Contact with other players is done on a permission-based system.  Leaving hugs and even kisses up to the player that either does or doesn't want contact.  Able to feel everything in the environment does allow them to feel a kiss, a hug, or even an ass pat for a job well done.

The system rules only allow certain actions to happen in certain place.  For example in an all player room there can't be any touches at all. In a battle scene only power-based attacks, kicks, and punches.  And so on and so forth.  However there are alternate identity rooms, home bases, and such to allow the players to set the rules of what is and isn't allowed.  There have been rumors that you can even have consensual sex with someone and feel every last bit of the passion!

And while everything goes great for the first few years of the game, someone finally gets the bright idea of how to hack the game.  First he blocks any player that's not over eighteen (he's sick, he's not THAT sick), then he rewrites the rules.  Female characters are suddenly locked into the game when they log in, leaving them unable to log back out (leaving a few male players locked in as well, but feeling everything the female body would feel).  He rewrites the defeated rules to that a character is simply knocked out, and ultimately he rewrites the NPC's to be a little more perverted.

Instead of respawning, assuming the character isn't killed, the superheroines in the game wake up in various states of bondage and humiliation.  The hacker allows others to log in that would want to play villains, rape now allowed they can simply bend over a superheroine and have their way with them.  He adds "cheats" such as chloroform in and pleasurable feed-back loops that cause immense, mind blowing pleasure to anyone that walks into such a trap.  He also adds perverted powers such as tentacles, large dicks, pheromones, and cum-based powers.

Males, besides those that the hacker hand-picks, aren't allowed to log in.  Leaving the female Game Master's to log in and try and find a fix for the problem while the others try to find one from the outside.  In game the GM's have all of the upgraded features that the game allows, leaving them incredibly powerful under normal game rules.  But under the hacker's rules, even the GM's start to fall one by one.

The Game: I see this game developing from the first time the hacker hacks into the game.  From the point of view of a superheroine that's always played the game and doesn't realize something's wrong until she finally gets defeated and wakes up in a very scary position.  GM's log in after that trying to restore order, but are quickly overtaken by the hand-picked supervillains in the game.  I can see this climbing the chain pretty quickly going from Game Masters, to Virtual Reality Investigators to even real-life superheroines.  Another option is for me to play a girl that's always in the game and having fun, and she winds up becoming a superheroine for real, able to defeat some of the hacks that this guy has set out and ultimately to restore Champions to the game it's supposed to be...though not without her running into a few gropes/humiliating circumstances/orgasms/rapes of her own.

6. One Lucky S.O.B.
A powerful, or at least a popular superheroine stops criminals for a living.  She's so good at her job that the city pays for her to do it full time, even giving her the latest equipment to help her out.  She's scary to criminals and they tend to just run away when she shows up.  Not that she lets them get away with that.  She stops crime after crime, mostly on appearance alone these days.

However there's one lucky thug that's about to make his career out of her.  And he doesn't even know it!  He's holding a gas station up when the heroine shows up.  Even more beautiful than he'd imagined, his eyes lock on her athletic frame, the way she moves, and the way she carries herself, so confident.  If it weren't for her about to break every bone in his body, he may think he's found the perfect girl.  His loins certainly think so. 

As she approaches, he panics.  Most criminals have the flight part of flight or fight instincts.  He apparently has the instinct to fight.  He doesn't want all of his bones broken, he doesn't want to go to prison.  Whatever the reason, he fights, and miraculously he wins.  Whether this is a kick to the crotch, or stumbling upon some other weakness, he brings the superheroine down to her knees then knocks her out.  Both he and the clerk in the store are stunned.

He takes the girl in tights over one shoulder, takes his bag of money and his gun, then sees what fun he can have with her.

The Game: I'm looking for a more smut-based game in this one.  The superheroine (choose from the list) is over confident and sure that he'll run away when he manages to get a good shot in on her.  If we go with someone as powerful as Crusader, obviously the crotch kick won't work, but someone more like Sunbeam and it could.  At any rate he defeats her, he tosses her over his shoulder, and takes her back to his apartment or other favorite secret place.  He ties her up, humiliates her, and has his way with her.  She can beat up any other criminal (when he lets her go) but every time she faces this one thug he defeats her and humiliates her.

7. King Pin
The man whom rules the underbelly of the city is the King Pin (not the one from the comics).  He's got everything, money, women, power, and couldn't ask for more.  Except he does want more.  He's had a crush on one of the world's most powerful superheroines for a long time now.  He wants her as his own and he'll do anything to get her. 

The Game: It's a short idea, I know, but it's based on the She-Hulk comic pages below where a kingpin sort lures her into his home and drugs her, wanting to rape her.  Granted in the comic she gets free and such, but I'd like to explore the traps he's willing to lay out for her. Maybe they don't work at first, or perhaps he says he has information on someone that she can't pass up.  Whatever the reason, she is lured into trap after trap.  I'd like to see anything from outrageous to a more subtle candle-that-releases-sedatives to even slipping her a roofie in her drink.  Maybe he lets her go and captures her again, finding that the thrill of the chase is more fun than actually humiliating her...although that's not to say he doesn't still do it. 

8. Father of the Year
She's always been a daddy's little girl. He's spoiled her with his ill-gotten gains though he's managed to keep that life away from her.  He actually cares for his daughter and would do anything to protect her.  Even murder.  He's an international supervillain that has always holed up in his home town and his secret identity.  He's always been a criminal of one sort or another, first having mob ties, and then cartel ties.  He's used and leveraged his position in many cases to protect his only child from the world he lives in.  As such she thinks he's a pretty great guy and has raised her with a stubborn willpower and sense of what is right and wrong.

Her instincts of right and wrong are so great that she's become a superheroine, fighting the injustices in the city and managing to overcome any obstacle in her way.  Her dad, not knowing that his daughter is a superheroine any more than that she knows he's a supervillain, is hired to take her out.  He has a thing for superheroines anyway, always going for the humiliation, groping, or even rape when he can.  Seeing her in her tights stirs things inside of him, it reminds of him of his deceased wife and he'll stop at nothing to capture her.  Both for his duty as a supervillain for hire, and to show this cocky little bitch her place.

The Game: The heroine may have to be created in this case, but I see her as a Batgirl-type heroine, with skills, gadgets, even skin-tight armor, but no real abilities to speak of.  Her face is hidden by a mask, as is her dad's, and while their builds could be dead giveaways, they run into enough villains/thugs/heroes/heroines on their own to know that pretty much anyone could have that build.  Plus rationalizing goes a long way to seeing someone other than their relative in costume.  As for voices I figure they each use a voice modulator that makes them sound like someone completely different. 

If she were to find out it was her father, she'd do everything to tell him, so she might have to be gagged or maybe tied up, basically never finding out that it is her dad that's feeling her up.  Also if he were to find out that this superheroine were his daughter, he'd probably have a heart-attack or stroke from having just humiliated the girl he's tried to protect all these years.  I'd prefer that neither of them find out, at least until we're certain we want the game to end.  She could feasibly find out that her father is a crook and even the supervillain raping her without the game ending, but there's no way he could look behind the mask and see his daughter there without the game ending.

9. Evil Step-Father
Her father had died when she was nine, her mother found Henry when she was fourteen, and then gotten married to the sleazebag when she was sixteen.  She always felt that his eyes were on her, but could never prove anything, especially to her love-smitten mother.  At eighteen she got to leave the house, thank goodness!, and strike out on her own.  Her first taste of the big city made her realize just how messed up it is.  She started a degree in criminal justice, but couldn't obey the rules all the time.  She needed another identity.  She's always known she's had powers, so she saved up and got a costume for herself.  Now that she patrols the streets looking for crime she's actually really good at it.

She's gotten a little cocky within the last couple of years but it's well deserved.  Of course the one thing that struck her to her core was when she found out that her step-father is the head of a major criminal organization.  Any and all attempts to warn her mother, subtly since she couldn't give away her superheroine identity, failed miserably.  The only way to fix this is to prove that Henry is really head of this organization.  The only one that can do that is her alter-ego.  She spends her nights trying to expose him, then outright confronts him.

That's when things go south for our superheroine.  He tricks her into believing he's fainted (or otherwise lured her into some false sense of security) and then knocks her out.  He humiliates her with forced orgasms, groping, and probably even rape (oral or otherwise) and then just when she thinks he's going to let her go, he unmasks her!

The Game: I'd like to start it with her sneaking into his hideout to confront him about all of his activities.  He's set up a trap for her and plans on raping her then letting her go.  Unmasking her to make sure that he keeps her out of his hair and so on.  When he finds out it's his bitchy (according to him) step-daughter that makes him all too happy.  He HAD been eyeing her for all those years and now he has the biggest piece of dirt on her.  He agrees to let her go, but if she goes public with his identity, he swears he'll go public with hers, and her mother will never get a restful moment. 

Naturally she won't be able to keep away from stopping him but she can't go public with his identity until she has all evidence that she's the superheroine in her hands or it's destroyed.  Through this I see her falling into trap after trap.  Sometimes getting out of it, maybe even destroying some evidence of her identity, but not all of it...and when she loses, she adds to her own humiliation and evidence stacked against her.

10. Beauty and the Belch
A superheroine faces her worst enemy yet.  A metahuman that is completely disgusting.  Most metahumans are attractive to some degree, but this guy is obese, he sweats, and smells horrible.  As if that weren't enough he has cum powers that allows him to cum on demand and pour out tons of his sticky substance at a time (literally).  He also has these burping powers that can knock a normal girl out.  Worst of all he has a thing for her.  After a butt-grope she aims to put him in his place...with disastrous results.

The Game: She can be a new heroine, one that's been around for a while, of any experience or popularity.  Basically I see him being a pretty disgusting man that wants to toy around with his favorite superheroine.  She thinks he's disgusting but he is SO disgusting that she can never beat him.  She's simply too grossed out, and then he moves in to molest, grope, or even rape her.  I'd love to play this where he can rape her through the costume (perhaps he has an ability to stretch clothing beyond it's normal means), and fill up her ass enough that it comes out of her mouth.  If this isn't for you then that's fine, but I'd really like to have this in this kind of a play.

This game could also be that the superheroine is beautiful and all of the metahuman men wind up being fat and disgusting in one form or another, leaving her constantly battling her gag-reflex as much as the sausage-like fingers that latch onto her, shove into her mouth, grab her ass/breasts, etc.

Some Pictures! Although these are cannon and I normally don't do that, I might be willing to give it a try on She-Hulk, Black Cat, Ms. Marvel...or even Huntress. 

Black Cat
The Wasp
Ms. Marvel
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Re: Superheroine Humiliation (NC) [GMs/Villains/Thugs Needed]
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2012, 09:00:01 am »
Small bump since it's been a few months, and put a strike through on the ones that don't interest me right now.  Also any of the superheroines found here are open for play.

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Re: Superheroine Humiliation (NC) [GMs/Villains/Thugs Needed]
« Reply #2 on: July 15, 2012, 07:18:28 pm »
A few updates and I've got room for one more game at the moment.