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Author Topic: Darwishi's Superheroine Characters  (Read 7513 times)

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Darwishi's Superheroine Characters
« on: April 07, 2010, 12:35:40 PM »
This is a massive thread of a lot (but not all) of my superheroine characters.  Feel free to peruse them at your leisure.  I'm not always available for roleplay, but this thread works well to indicate what a character is like or to get the general gist of a character.  Some profiles are more fleshed out than others, and often they come from a game where they've been played previously, but they're never required to be in any one setting (some have Marvel backgrounds, but we could do DC or original settings pretty easily).  These are just here so I don't have to explain what characters I have all the time.  And as I come up with more and more characters, I'll continue to add to this thread.

By the way, any that are currently not available for play are listed in a spoiler tag.  You can still read through them, just be aware that I don't play two of the same character at the same time...except for rare instances. As of right now (1/20/13) the characters are in order of preference.  I only have one that has not been written yet, though that'll change in the next few days.

Finally, please do not reply to this thread.  I like to keep it clear just for my characters.  If you're interested please PM me.


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« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2010, 12:40:03 PM »

Name: Nicole Summers
Alias: Urban
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Build: Very Athletic, but with enough "baby fat" in her face to make it clear that she's still in her mid teens to early twenties.
Hair: Blonde, hangs to her hips if she lets it down. Normally worn in a ponytail or a french braid when excercising.
Eyes: Blue
Attire: Nicole generally strays over to the tight side of clothing.  Nothing obscenely tight, just the more form-fitting clothing.  Whether it's her sweaters, jeans, jogging pants, shirts, etc, they all tend to be form fitting. Although she'd be lying if she said she didn't have an affinity for spandex...

GPA: 5.0 (Nothing lower than a 100 on everything)
Occupation: High School Senior/Superheroine/Freelance Engineer
Income: Varies, it's based on patents and freelance work.
Personality: In a word? Spunky.  She's a little bit of a wild child, her parents didn't want her to skip through grades for fear that she wouldn't develop socially.  Well she went through high school and developed like any other kid...well most any other kid.  She actually ends up being a little more like the slackers than the smart kids in school.  She doesn't have to study so long as she hears it in class.  Or if she does study, it's skimming through the book and effectively memorizing it.

Anyway back to the point, she's almost a little hyper, ready to do a dance for the hell of it, or try something new.  She cares about other people's feelings and while she'd like to be an outsider and not popular, her beauty, brains, and star-athlete status won't allow that, so she has to settle for being part of the popular crowd that isn't rude, or mean, and goes out of her way to be nice to people.  Even if she doesn't particularly like them.  She tends to tutor whomever needs it, and talks to those guys that it seems like no body notices.  Generally she's really, really, really nice...and hyper.

History: Nicole has never really been normal.  At the age of two she was not only talking, but reading, writing, and doing things that she shouldn't have been able to do.  Not by any normal standards, not by even any smart standards.

As she grew older it became painfully clear to her and her parents that she just isn't getting challenged enough by normal school.  However, by the same token they didn't want to stunt her social capabilities by throwing her straight into it seems that most parents do at that age.  Still, Nicole ended up having far too much free time on her hands even with sports like swimming, tennis, and even joining marching band.

More sports seemed excessive in her parents' eyes, but the last thing they wanted was for their little girl to get knocked up, or start finding trouble and get in with that crowd.  So finally, with permission of the Board of Education and The Bay City Institute of Technology--the most prestigious engineering school in the entire country-- she was able to take courses with them while still in high school.  So long as she could keep her grades up she could take as many or as few classes as she wanted.

It's been three and half years since she started that program and going full time over the summer, winter, and spring breaks helped out a lot too.  But now she's gotten the equivalent of several degrees (she doesn't have them yet because she doesn't have a high school diploma).  Included in this batch is Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, and a few others that she hasn't completed course work for.  She never gets below a hundred and if that wasn't bad enough her mind is creative as well, coming up with new solutions to old problems.

Nicole, having no real powers of her own, besides brains and a slight healing ability (she'd notice that she heals a little faster than your average person on a couple of occasions), grew up watching superheroines and heroes on TV always putting their lives on the line in order to better the world.  Thus, when she started out at Georgia Tech she started researching ways for her to do the same thing.  Going out there with next to no abilities in some form of spandex would be ridiculous.  However if she could build something...

She never saw a direct method.  She has seen and knows that power suits can exist, she just didn't know how.  Thus she wanted to learn anything and everything about it.  How to power it, what kind of materials she might need, how much money she'd have to make, that kind of thing.  So all she did for two years, while attending classes both at her high school and at the college, she worked on figured that out.  Her first few tries were...not successful.  One nearly electrocuted her,  another snapped her bones every time she tried to lift something heavy (like the car).  Finally, she's thinking she's come across the perfect suit through trial and error.

She'd been interested in becoming a superheroine for a long time.  There are rumors flying around Bay City High that it's home to multiple heroes and villains alike.  One such rumor being that one of the guys that went on to become a supervillain got his start when he raped his teacher for giving him an F on his exam.  The rumors fly about that one, how he really found her changing into a superheroine costume and couldn't resist, how he hypnotized her into giving him A's for the rest of the year.  Whatever the case it seems that he was a bad kid, and seemed to start getting A's in a class where he didn't deserve them.

It made Nicole want to be one of the heroines out there, protecting those that couldn't protect themselves.  Just to make it so that those creeps wouldn't get away with stuff like rape and murder anymore.  So after creating a super suit she decided to use it.   She thought she might wait until after she graduated high school to put on the rubber-looking tights, but after the One Bad Day fiasco she's decided to run a few final tests and put it on.

She knows she'll need to make improvements to it late on, but for now she's content to go out with super strength, speed, and a little bit of rocket boosters that she's put in the high heels of her suit.  Being so new, despite having heard rumors of rape, she isn't quite aware of how perverted men and villains can be.  She'll doubtless learn in time...

Natrual Abilities:
Super Genius- Smart really doesn't even define her anymore, but this also isn't a mutant ability.  Just like there are super geniuses (granted one in several million) today, she is that person.  Nicole has never gotten a 4.0 GPA in her's all 5.0.  How is that possible? Well when you score nothing but 100% on everything it tends to just happen.

Strong Will- Nicole has almost a preternaturally strong will.  It's sometimes at odds with her genius, but it allows her to fight back from situations where she might otherwise be broken.  Most things that would break normal girls, or even heroines, will only steel her resolve and allow her to bounce back faster and harder than before.

Suit Abilities: These can change over time due to Nicole upgrading the suit when she realizes it's missing something she could have used on a previous mission.  She always starts with the strength, speed, armor, boosters and neuro-uplink.

Speed- The suit allows Nicole much greater speed than any normal human can dream of.  She's allowed the suit to make her able to travel at speeds of about eighty miles per hour.  She might could modify it faster, but then she runs into the risk of breaking all of her bones...again.

Strength- Nicole's strength is greatly enhanced with this feature.  Again, she's only worked up to one limit which ends up being about five tons, at six her bones snap like dry twigs.

Neuro Uplink- The suit has a neuro uplink to her body, this is what it sounds like, something that directly connects to her brain waves so that she can control non-direct-physical abilities, such as enhanced vision or boosters, without a voice command. This also enhances her reaction time to match her speed, so that she doesn't run into brick walls while going fast over short distances.  However, the reaction time doesn't stick with her without the enhanced speed.

Boosters- Stored in the heels of her boots, there is a chemical compound that's a thousand times more efficient than any normal means of fuel.  The reason it's not in cars? Because if it blows up then it blows up with about a thousand times as much force.  Still, she's regulated a system in the boots to allow her to effectively fly for about five minutes.  Pretty much they're only good for escaping.

Suit Composition-
Nicole made her suit out of several kinds of materials, the outside is like a rubber/kevlar mesh with some other materials there as well.  With as tight as it is, one might figure she's only wearing a custom-made rubber suit.  Like Kevlar it can stop bullets, and also like Kevlar those bullets still hurt like a mother. It does prevent bladed attacks from penetrating, though blunt objects (like fists) still hurt.  The inside of the suit is comprised of several materials, including nanites and a thermal coating to protect against extreme temperatures.

Dampener Effect- The nanites in the suit can only give Nicole super strength by being a sort-of exoskeleton.  Her own bones can't support the lifting of five tons, but the nanites in the suit will stiffen and act like a bone structure that can handle the force.  In the same way, the nanites will also 'stiffen' when she's hit with a bullet, baseball bat, fist, etc.  Thus it makes it hurt less, not that it doesn't hurt at all, it just hurts less.

Internal Nanites- When she first started out, Nicole designed a pill full of nanites that she swallowed.  The nanites are supposed to ward off illness and heal her injuries much faster than she could on her own. 


Enhanced Vision- Nicole has eye covers that will come online when she needs them.  It has three modes, thermal, telescopic, and night vision.

Communicator- A communicator in her ear allows her to connect to the police broadbands to listen in, and transmit signals.  She can also adjust it to other frequencies, but she has to know which ones to patch into.  So she's not going to be listening in on any phone conversations.

Belt/Invisibility- Nicole had been tinkering with a belt for some time to add gadgets, but at the end of the day, the suit needed a few additions.  The belt, while interesting, really only provides her with extra battery power, and invisibility for about 20 minutes.  Granted she can't really fight with it on, it'll drain far too fast.  It's primarily just for escape.

Full mask- It was only a matter of time, but she's found that she really needs a full mask.  She's developed a way for her current cowl to grow around her cheeks and eyes, in case she's caught in a gunfight.

Blunt Objects: This is pretty straight forward, blunt objects just hurt.  Bladed objects hurt as well, but only as a lot of force over a small area.  From fists to baseball bats, to slightly more unconventional weapons, it hurts...a lot.

Surprise: Grab her from behind, lift her from the ground, sneak up on her in any way, shape, or form and she has nothing to detect it.  So any sort of surprise attack and she's going to be surprised.  She might still try to fight back, but some surprise attacks could be an instant K.O.

Normal: And finally, she's just your typical girl.  Really smart with some healing girl, but she's pretty typical.  Outside of her suit this is especially true as she doesn't have any super strength, and not even an official martial arts class.  Likewise, finding out her alter ego could be devastating if someone did some research.  Can't be too hard to find a super genius, right?

Unmasked: Taking off her mask removes her ability to communicate with the nanites.  While she'll still have the protection of the suit, it won't allow her to use super strength or speed until she pulls it back on.

Inexperienced: Due to inexperience in fighting, she's not quite aware of what will or won't knock a person out.  Nor does she expect people to cheat or chloroform her, or even sneak up on her from behind.  These are all hard lessons she'll have to learn over time...that and being a hot girl dressing up in a skin-tight costume will draw some unwelcome eyes...

Hypnosis: It's said that the higher an IQ a person has, the easier it is to hypnotize them.  Nicole is no exception to this rule.  She's extremely easy to hypnotize.  Though at the same time it's easier for her to bounce back from being hypnotized and fight back against commands once she realizes they're there.
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Red Vixen
« Reply #2 on: April 30, 2010, 09:41:39 PM »
Red Vixen

"If you like falling, then gymnastics is thee sport for you! You get to fall on your face, your ass, your back, your knees, and your pride! It's a good thing I didn't like falling... I LOVED IT!"
--Haley Graham, Stick It!

Full Name: Felicia Foxworth
Alias: Red Vixen (Red)
Age/DOB: 22/March 31, 1988
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 122 lbs.

Occupation: World Class Gymnast
Income: Hard to predict, endorsements are a funny thing.
Belief System: She wouldn't refer to herself as a Bible thumper but she certainly does believe in what the Bible says.  She tries to be the example of what a good Christian life can bring you.  Being thrown into the mix as a role model for America hasn't been that great of an extra weight.  She had already been living like cameras (God) was watching her every move.
Personality:She's very up beat and charismatic, always wanting to try the next big thing.  When asked about her skills as a gymnast she's always extremely humble and always refers to God as giving her the gift.  She always gives props to her competition saying that they can take her out at any time, which is a good reason to never stop training and striving to be the best.
Olympic Gold Medals: 12 career medals from 2004 and 2008 Olympics for Vault, Floor, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, Team, and All-Around.
Marital Status: Single, too busy to look.
Friends:  Shannon Miller, Nastia Liukin, Shawn Johnson

Mother: Ariel Foxworth. She's 43 and works as an inner-city math teacher. Ariel, like Daniel, looks to be about ten years younger than her actual age often being assumed to be Felicia's sister (even though she doesn't have siblings) than her mother.

Father: Daniel Foxworth. He's 47 and works as a mechanic.  Due to his physical fitness routines he looks like he might be 37.  Most people believe him to be a much older brother than a father to Felicia.

History: Felicia grew up in some of the rougher and more worn down parts of New York City.  Living in Queens never got any easier from day to day.  By the time her memories really began to cement into her brain at the young age of four, her dad had already retired from the Navy Seals to come home and raise his only child with his lovely wife. 

About the same time as his retirement from the military, Felicia was enrolled, by her mother, to be in gymnastics.  At first it was for fun but after only four more years did they realize that Felicia had a true gift for the sport.  It only took a couple of times for her to rub her victories in her competition's faces and then getting banned by her parents from gymnastics for Felicia to realize that was the wrong thing to do. She'd compete in the next tournament, and then the next, until she got into a little spat with another girl about how she'd wipe the floor with her, and the vault, and the uneven bars, and the beam! Not to mention the all-around.  Except, her parents took her out of that tournament when they heard about it.  Felicia didn't win any trophies as she was unable to participate.

At the time she really didn't understand what she was saying was hurtful.  She was, in her opinion, stating fact.  There were no other circumstances to prove that she could be beaten, so why wouldn't she think she'd win each and every competition?  The punishment, plus actually losing several events when she slacked off (because she was the best, obviously) made her get her head back in the game. 

By the age of twelve she'd learned her lessons in humility quite well both from experience and by her parents.  She'd have to work hard to get what she wants, not only work hard but try new things.  Her old routines wouldn't cut it forever and she needed to practice.  Her parents actually had to pull her out of the gym when the owners wanted to close for the night.  While she had school and her studies to attend to, the only thing she ever wanted to do is get back in the gym and do more.  It got to the point where her parents had to treat it like "play" time for Felicia.  She had to finish her homework, keep her grades up (at least a B, not even a B- would pass) and then she could go practice.

By sixteen she'd won dozens of local, state, and even national competitions which landed her on Team U.S.A. for the 2004 Summer Olympics.  She had never been so nervous in her life.  While she does tend to feed on nerves and perform better this...this was the Olympics.  In Athens for crying out loud.  She'd prepared for this moment so time not to screw it up.  Granted her parents were just happy she'd made it as far as she had.  They always wanted her to do her best.  That was good enough for them. 

Six gold medals.  That's as many as she could have one, and it struck her as incredible.  Suddenly her life changed, there were endorsements from everywhere; she suddenly had an agent to deal with all of that; there short, fame.  And right behind that fortune.  She really didn't feel like she deserved all of that.  Her dad risked his life for his country, all she did was gymnastics.  He deserves all of that recognition, not her!

Apparently the humble thing was even more attractive to everyone, not to mention being a Christian, it was a grand slam for many of the people endorsing her.  Nike, Wheaties, and Clean & Clear just to name a few.  The amount of money they wanted to pay her just for appearing in a commercial or on the front of a cereal box was out of this world.  Sports Illustrated wanted her on the cover. Wild, simply wild.

Things never really, truly died down.  The years stretching between the Olympic games had been filled with modeling, or interviews, and non-stop practicing.  No time for boys (though apparently she had her admirers), she had to keep in shape and be the best she could be.  The nay-sayers, as they always do, said that she wouldn't be able to do it.  All of this advertising was getting to her, making her ego huge.  If anything, it was having the opposite effect.  Her ego got smaller, with less time to practice there was no way she'd be invited back to the 2008 Olympics.  She'd be twenty for them, already "old" for gymnastics and that would be the end of her career.

Except they did invite her back.  She'd been winning straight golds in her competitions since the Olympics, there's very little reason not to invite her back.  In 2008 she won six more golds putting her career total at 12.  It would have been a great place to retire, hang up the leotard but instead she announced that she'd attempt to be in the 2012 Olympics if they would still have her.  So she's been practicing far more than ever to keep her body in shape, trying new things, and falling a hell of a lot.  Pretty typical for any gymnast. 

What's not typical is that she's used some of her dad's connections, her dad, and some of the endorsement money to become a vigilante and registered superheroine (though she'd claim just heroine).  She's obtained a top-of-the-line suit to help protect her plus dozens of gadgets and such to keep her safe.  Plus he's been giving her lessons in hand-to-hand for years to help keep the more dangerous elements between their home and the bus stop in Queens.


Gymnastics: Felicia is a world-class athlete and has combined raw talent with years of practice to become the best (recorded) gymnast in the world.  She's been tested several times to see if she's a metahuman or mutant just to rule out the possibility that she's somehow cheating.  Her agility, flexibility, and balance are extremely high, just not super human.

Hand-to-Hand: Her dad has taught her how to fight hand-to-hand since the age of nine.  He wanted her able to fend off an attack and run to get help in case he couldn't be there.  She's quite adept at typical hand-to-hand but has incorporated a lot of her gymnastics into it, allowing her to pull off stunts that most other normal people couldn't think of doing.

Patience: Perhaps not a skill to most people, but she has great patience for learning new things, especially when it comes to something she's trying for the first time.  Being a gymnast is all about being able to fail and have the patience to know you'll be a little bit better at it next time.

Persistence: It goes hand in hand with patience a lot of the time, especially for her gymnastic pursuits.  It requires her not only to have the patience and knowledge that she'll get it right eventually but the persistence to get up after the twenty-second time and try it again until it's right.

Military Defensive Driving: She's only taken this since she's been able to drive/had her own car.  Which happened right around her eighteenth birthday.  Most of the money earned has been stashed away for a rainy day, but some has been put to good use teaching her defensive driving as well as purchasing other things (like a car and motorcycle) for her career as a crime fightress.

Costume: Red Vixen wears a full body suit of what appears to be a shiny red material.  It's decorated with intricate silver designs across the arms, torso and legs of the suit.  It's paired with knee high boots with three inch heels that are also red with the same silver designs continuing from the legs to make it seem more seamless.  Her gloves, likewise, are red and also continue the same silver designs.  Her mask is actually a cowl that fits snugly over her head allowing her to wear her hair in a tight ponytail.  She wears a utility belt around her hips and a small red cape that hangs down to her waist.

The material of the costume, while it appears to be spandex is actually a spider-silk treated with Sheer Thickening Fluid (or STF for short).  The company that makes the material is called FlexSteel, giving the wearer a relatively non-expensive armor while allowing ultimate flexibility.  The STF has billions of tiny platelets in it that will lock up upon high impacts with the body.  Making it incredibly difficult to penetrate with a bullet, in fact, the higher caliber the bullet the better the armor works; like shooting into water. As the platelets lock up they allow very little through, meaning that knives and even swords (or other pointy/sharp things) don't penetrate the fibers of the suit, instead forcing the "lock up" which disperses the force. This same material is nearly impossible to rip or tear, making it great for riding motorcycles, as an accident would cause the suit to lock up and prevent road rash.

Telescopic Staff: Her staff is probably her most useful weapon to date.  It's a six foot long staff at full length that can be collapsed down to a single foot.  The adamantium staff is lightweight and is an inch and half thick, it's kept on her belt by a hook, able to be pulled off at a moment's notice to be wielded either as the short staff or at full length with a flick of the wrist.

Utility Belt: Her utility belt has nine pouches in total containing anything and everything that a superheroine can possibly need at any given time. From a flashlight to a flash bang.  The contents of the belt may change if she's in a fight and discovers she may need to buy something more for it later on. The contents will not change in the middle of a fight.

Smoke Bombs: More like smoke pellets, they're about as big as a nickle in diameter, and can be thrown to disperse non-toxic smoke over a wide area.  They can fill a small alleyway within seconds, or a large gymnasium withing a few minutes if enough are thrown.  One is enough to fill an alley, though.

Flash Bangs: Flash bangs look extremely similar to the smoke bombs.  They're the same spherical shape of a different color, where as the smoke bombs are black, the flash bangs are white.  They produce the same flash and noise as a military grade flashbang, easily enough to disorient anyone within the same room as the flashbang.  Closing one's eyes will not work to block out the flash, rather it would require putting thicker between the light and the pupil, such as an arm, or pillow, or an entire wall.  Flash Bangs not only are meant to blind and deafen the target, but also to make them dizzy and throw off their sense of balance.

Zip Ties: She uses the same grade that the police uses in apprehending criminals.  They slip over the wrists easily, are flexible enough to carry in a pouch, and strong enough to hold someone's hands and feet together.  She tends to carry around a hundred in two different pouches.

Grappling Gun: Besides the staff, the grappling gun is one of her most important tools.  It has a tiny but strong cable attached to a diamond tipped drill bit.  It can burrow into most metals and concretes, and anchor itself.  Once she's done, the anchor removes with a push of a button, and it recoils back into the gun itself.  This allows her to scale tall buildings without the hassle of having to find fire escapes.

Taser Gun: The taser gun is a single shot gun that fires two electrodes out of the barrel, delivering a high voltage but low amperage shock to make a person's nervous system go berserk.  Essentially it'll drop a person within a few seconds with ease.  The electrodes can then be removed from the person and recoiled into the gun for a second shot. It's most ideal for attacking a single person.

Bike: Red Vixen has two vehicles to her name.  The motorcycle is nothing short of a fast-paced crotch rocket that makes her go vroom.  It has turbo booster capabilities, as well as a jump feature in case she may need to take to the rooftops.  The bike has a built in navigation system, has an armor system that will activate with Red is removed from the bike (gets off or is thrown off), and will taser-shock anyone that's unauthorized to touch it while armored up. The bike also contains two forward facing grappling guns that are far heftier than her personal one.

Car: A 1969 Pontiac GTO.  It's got a black finish when it's not started, but when the engine is running it has a cool almost liquid red look with silver designs. Other than the original design of the car, it's been heavily modified to withstand gun fire, with a far better engine, navigation, and even a few gadgets to lose pesky pursuers.  It doesn't have nearly as many gadgets as it's motorcycle counter part, but it does have armor, and when activated (or the engine is off) the security features are unparalleled with a taser-shock for anyone that tries to hijack the car, and run-flat tires.

Regular Weaknesses:
Typical Human Weakness: She is human.  Things hurt, her brain can get rattled, while extremely physically fit, she can still be stabbed, shot, and beat up.  Fire still burns, ice still can cause frostbite, electricity still electrocutes, and so on and so forth.

In-Costume Weaknesses:
Poison/Drugs: As with any human she doesn't do so well with poisons and drugs being introduced to her system.  Whether it be introduced with syringes, via skin-absorbent cream, darts, gas, etc.  She still won't react very well to it.  The suit is capable of a lot, but it's not invulnerable.

Blunt Force: Everything acts as a blunt force object.  Normal piercing objects such as bullets or knives do not penetrate her suit which means, instead it acts as a blunt force with a very small edge, impacting her.  It might not slice her in half, tear through her organs, or make her bleed out, but it'll still cause bruising and sometimes even internal injuries.

Head Trauma: Her head is the least protected portion of her body.  She wears a cowl with a ponytail coming out the back made of the same material as her suit, but the lower half of her face is showing and unprotected as are her eyes.  Plus as with a normal person getting brained by an object will still knock her silly and sometimes out cold. Not to mention the killer headache.

Unmasked: While hard to get her mask off it's not impossible.  If it were to happen her identity could easily be found if not already known.  Just like one doesn't have to be a swimming enthusiast to know the name Michael Phelps, one also doesn't have to be a gymnastics enthusiast to know the name Felicia Foxworth.

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« Reply #3 on: October 04, 2012, 12:16:03 PM »

Name: Lauren Rockwell
Alias(es): Legs, Lyndsey Jackson (undercover), Jessica Jordan (publishing alias), Mercy (vigilante)
Age/DOB: 26/October 23, 1985
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 175 lbs.
Build: Athletic, big butt (enough to make a black girl jealous), long legs.
Hair: Changes, but typically brunette (she's a natural brunette) with blonde highlights.  She often spends enough time outside that her hair gets naturally bleached turning her more blonde than brunette in the summer months.
Skin: She seems to have a tan all year round.  It really comes from her heritage being essentially American Mutt, when it comes to where her ancestors are from.
Eyes: Dazzling blue. 
Cup Size: A, borderline B.  For those guys that say a handful is enough, that's her.

Work: It really depends what she wears to work, whether she's going in undercover or going into the office.  If undercover, she does something to draw men's eyes to her figure, often a tight or at least flattering top, with skin-tight leather pants, colors depending on where she's going undercover.  Typically as a bartender so she wears low heels and something that'll show off what little cleavage she has.
Casual: Skin tight blue-jeans (most likely worn and with a few holes) and a shirt to fit the season.  If she's lazing about her house it's typically just a pair of hot pants, bikini bottoms, or yoga pants with tank top or matching bra/bikini top.  She likes her skin to breathe, but she's not quite bold enough to walk around her home in the nude.
Date Night: Between being an investigative reporter and the protector of Eden City, who has time for dating?  However if it were to come up she does have her little-black dress that fits perfectly to her frame, make-up, and do-me boots.
Sports: Lauren likes to play sports.  If it's full contact she goes with jeans, worn but without holes, and some kind of a sports bra or tank top.  The former makes her flat as brick, but it keeps her from bouncing around.

Occupation: Investigative Reporter. (Publishes articles under an alias and fake picture)
Income: $175,000/year.  (Going undercover pays the bills nicely)
Belief System: She'll be the first to admit that there are a few too may coincidences in life for there to be nothing bigger out there.  What the something bigger is exactly? She hasn't a clue.
Marital Status: Single.

Close Friends: Mark (her editor).
Community Friends: James, Cameron, Robert, Jay, Marcus, William, Tyler, Taylor... (all the guys she plays sports with, and she treats more like brothers than potential dates)

Family: Lyndsey Rockwell (Mother), Jackson Rockwell (Father), Jason Rockwell (Older brother), Murphy Rockwell (Younger Brother), and Melissa Rockwell (Younger sister).  AKA Diamond, The Rock (both famous superheroes), Light Speed, Amperage, and Alchemist (respectively).
History: Growing up in a family full of superheroes is something of a unique experience.  Most heroes come about after some kind of tragedy or have been around forever origins no longer able to be traced of why they chose the side of good or bad.  Her mom is invincible, her dad can cover himself with the hardest rocks (including diamonds) on Earth even synthesized ones.  They both have super strength, although her dad's is far more than her mom's, an actual ability rather than some side effect of muscles not being able to tear.  Due to the fact of growing up in a family like this, all of the children trained ever since they were able to understand what they were doing (about five years old). 

Street fighting has evolved over the years and they always keep up with it.  Her abilities surfaced when she was sixteen and that's the same time she donned her first pair of tights as Knight Hawk.  She was a junior partner to her parents but her brothers and herself formed a team of teen heroes and heroines that still exists today, but she's no longer a part of it.  The team always consisted of her two brothers and sister, they always figured more would join, but there are so few metahumans that few ever do.  Just humans with the money to buy, or the smarts to build gadgets for themselves and join. Both the partnership of her parents and the team of her brothers and sister exist in Imperial City.  Which is relatively full (meaning the family and the few "normal" people) of heroes and heroines and while they have crime rates they're fairly low, with The Rock and Diamond still patrolling (thanks to their bodies being practically ageless and still looking to be in their mid thirties).

Knight Hawk officially retired after she hit twenty one, or her fifth year in the superheroine business.  Different people speculate on why and most of them are wrong.  However Lauren isn't about to correct them.  They can speculate all they want.  The reason she quit was so she'd have the freedom after graduating from college on where to go.  It gave her a year to finish her journalism degree and then switch cities without anyone being able to follow her.  She used to wear a dark-silver bodysuit with a hawk emblem on her chest and black accessories, no cape and a full cowl with feathered "ears" coming off the top.

Lauren migrated to Eden City after her graduation, taking up the mantel of Mercy.  At twenty-two she had her whole life in front of her, and where better to go for a vigilante and investigative reporter than the most corrupt city in the entire country?  As Lauren she could investigate leads into corrupt political figures, cops, and the gangs and mobs that divided up the city.  She could bartend at seedy bars, then write articles on them later.  She always does it under a fake name and if someone researches that name, a fake picture.  The girl she uses in the picture doesn't actually exist, except for a shape-shifter friend that helped her create the identity.  By all rights Jessica Jordan exists, works for the paper and has a paper-trail going back to birth.  She even has an apartment in Eden City. 

Anyone that follows up on those leads finds her hard to pin down...make that impossible.  Someone clearly keeps up with the apartment, but there's never anyone there.  The paper pays Lauren handsomely for risking her life and exposing people that would rather not be exposed.  Her facts always check out, and a lot of the time the FBI gets involved to arrest someone that just got exposed, landing them in prison along with a mountain of evidence leaving appeals in the wind.

A few months before Lauren showed up in the city there were reports of a masked man, someone finally taking up the duty of being the city's protector, taking out criminals and being as brutal as he could without killing them.  Broken bones and hospital stays would get marked on the memories of the criminals in the city.  No one could ever lay eyes on him, but with the sheer brutality few people would think of it being a girl behind that mask.

She'd set herself up perfectly and managed to keep the rumors flying about the new masked vigilante.  Eight feet tall and bullet proof, a ninja, a ghost that could come through walls.  They had no name for the man save for a calling card. "No Mercy." However too much for the papers and media to handle, it eventually got shortened to Mercy for short.  An ironic name given the brutal nature of the vigilante.  What Lauren couldn't touch as a civilian (even undercover) she'd be able to go after as Mercy.  She managed to get the drop on everyone she ever went after, creating darkness by shutting out the lights, or "fog" with a few smoke bombs.  Whatever the case, the villains and criminals never saw her coming.

Fear has settled in for those committing crimes, four years of an urban legend stomping them into the pavement everytime they think the wrong way, and it's overwhelming.  The rumors are more ridiculous with every passing day and she does nothing to prevent them from getting out of control.  The way she figures it, if they're too afraid to commit the crime, then they won't commit it.  There's now a force in their midst that they can't corrupt or buy off.  One they've never laid eyes on, though every photographer is dying to get a shot of this guy.

If only they knew it was a girl.

Between the articles and this new vigilante, the city is slowly getting cleaned up.  There are actual safe parts of the city where it's fine if a woman goes jogging in the dead of night in nothing but spandex shorts and a sports bra.  Not advised, but it could happen with no dire consequences.  The area is ever expanding too, leaving everyone looking over their shoulders that breaks the law...or even the spirit of the law.


Hand-to-Hand Combat- Being taught in the ways of Krav Maga and other street fighting techniques since the age of five makes her a worthy combatant.  She's trained with SEALS, Army Rangers, and several of the world's elite forces to hone her skills in this area.  While she might not fight like a ninja, there are lessons to be learned there, like the element of surprise or the ability to use fanfare and distraction techniques to guide a person's eye away from her.  Fact is, even if she weren't super human, Lauren isn't a person you want to mess with.
Lock Picking-  She's learned that lock picking can be a girl's best friend.  Especially when she needs to get into an apartment of an abuser without a key or forced entry.   It also comes in handy when she's undercover and needs to show off some kind of useful skills when trying to go deeper into an organization.
Marksmanship- She's an incredible shot with her screams.  She's able to snipe people from over a hundred yards away with the precision of hitting them in the nose or the eye.  She also carries shuriken with her as Mercy, giving her the ability to hit targets from over a hundred feet away.
Computer- While she's not a hacker she does know how to navigate the internet to find quick and reliable information.  She can often figure out a password, or at least use a friend to create a hacking program to get in the computer so she might find some very interesting information on different sources.

Abilities: Super Scream

Super Scream-
  • Huff & Puff: And scream your house down. At her loudest and most powerful she can produce a scream powerful enough to knock down a brick wall, studs, and everything on a first floor building. Otherwise she can scream loud enough to toss cars and trucks, and flip semis.
  • Voice Change/Mimic: She could make an excellent living as a voice actor or a singer. Though this ability allows her to perfectly mimic not only other voices she hears but other sounds. The whoosh of a small projectile is her favorite, and it often accompanies her chirps to knock out street lamps. It's not a particularly powerful ability, but it comes in handy. Especially for those that might otherwise recognize her voice from her alter ego.
  • Breath Holding: Her body converts oxygen at the highest levels, making each breath she takes in used in an absolute manner to oxygenate her blood. So when she holds her breath, or even has her breath knocked out of her, she can keep going for a while longer than your average person. Or else if she needs to hold her breath to pass through a room full of poisonous gas while fighting, she can also pull off such a feat.
  • Marathon Runner:The ability that her lungs provide extend to more than just holding her breath. She also has the stamina to last and last. Much like the energizer bunny for those that remember the bunny with a bass drum. She doesn't run out of breath easily, and when she does, it's easier for her to get it back. And with her blood getting more than enough oxygen, her muscles don't tire out as easily. Making her able to go for much longer periods of time without rest.
  • Head Strong: Her head (and neck), being the thing channeling her voice, is extremely tough, her skin, muscles, and bones all are to compensate for the extreme forces put upon them by her house-leveling scream. Doctor's say she could take a fifty caliber round to the face, and live through it, though she's in no hurry to test that theory. Her lips, cheeks, her tongue, and the rest of the muscles and skin on her face are all made to endure her screams, shape them, and allow her to control her abilities better.
  • Ageless: She's not truly ageless like Diamond had been, but she ages a lot slower due to the way her abilities help out her body. She'll look like she's in her late teens to early twenties for at least another decade.
  • Strength Boost: Her muscles, skin and bones have a slight boost over that of a normal girl her size.  While she's no where near invincible, it does allow her a minor ability to lift slightly more, closer to three fifty over one shoulder if need be.


Utility Belt: She carries various things in her utility belt.  Most importantly she carries things for a first aid kit (antibiotic ointment, eye flushing bottles, smelling salts, bandages, tourniquets, adrenaline shots, and a couple of other things), shuriken, smoke bombs, and flash bangs.

Lenses: She carries three different types of lenses in her utility belt.  They fit and clip into place over the eyes of her mask.  Each one having a different capability.  They include telescopic/microscopic vision (the ability to see things really far away, or up close), night vision (seeing in low light or in perfect dark), and thermal vision (the ability to see how cool or warm something is...can be adjusted to see through walls).

Gauntlets: While a part of her suit, they house tiny generators that produce small amounts of electricity for activating her different pouches on her belt and the different forms of her cape (see Costume).  They also house nano-fiber grappling "hooks".  They're fibers that are woven together to support her weight (plus an additional eight tons should it ever come up) and woven into her suit for maximum support.  They're activated and flung out at any surface to stick to them, then when needed they retract to the suit, allowing her to scale buildings quickly and without the hassle of pulling a grappling gun.


The costume is far from simplistic, although it does look simplistic.  The basics are her mask, bodysuit, utility belt, cape, and gothic boots.  The mask is not just a mask, the underside forms perfectly to her face and held there with a sealant that can only be broken with an aerosol spray.  It can be removed otherwise but it may peel skin or otherwise disfigure her face, which would be worthless when trying to figure out her identity.  On the bright side for those trying to remove it, knowledge of the aerosol agent is somewhat known in the right circles and perfectly attainable through a few back channels.

The bodysuit is perhaps the most complex piece of the suit.  It covers from her neck all the way down to over her toes and her fingers.  The black suit fits snug to her form and looks a great deal like spandex or leather. The actual material is called FlexSteel.  This material is a relatively new and slightly expensive type of armor.  As it's name suggests it can flex but it also can take on the properties of steel.  When FlexSteel is impacted--whether it be with blade, bullet, or fist--it instantly stiffens and hardens temporarily like steel.  The only things that ever have any success at getting through the FlexSteel's unique design are syringes or darts.  Everything hurts less, but it still hurts, a bullet could easily knock her on her ass for the way that the FlexSteel disperses the energy over a wide area.  It turns a bullet wound into a hard shove backwards. The bodysuit also has a hidden zipper along her back.  After zipping up she seals the zipper with the same adhesive that keeps her mask on her face and it's nigh-impossible to find without knowing exactly where to look. Finally the FlexSteel costume, as with the rest of her costume, is fire and water proof, and offers a degree of insulation for cold or hot environments.

The gauntlets that cover her hands don't look too out of the ordinary from regular gloves.  They have the ability to activate small electrical pulses in them that couldn't harm a fly.  They house a lock picking kit as well as a small blade for cutting ropes.  The electricity is used for her cape and her utility belt.  It's more for electronic signatures than to do harm to anyone or anything.  They cannot be removed as they are built into the bodysuit.

Nothing looks special about her utility belt.  It has ten pouches, each one with an electromagnetic lock.  The gauntlets design let her open and close each of the square-like pouches with minimum effort.  All they hold are various tools for the superhero trade.  Gauze, neosporin, stitches, tons of zip ties, another lock picking kit, another blade to cut through twine or rope, and finally a small LED flashlight.  The belt itself is difficult but not impossible to remove.  It comes down to finding the right electrical signature to unlock the belt from it's secure placement on her hips.  Attempts to remove it without the electrical signature will result in a powerful shock.

The cape attaches at the shoulders but seems seamless with the rest of the costume.  It falls down to her knees when she stands up straight, and can cover her entire wing span plus some if she is to hold it in her hands.  The cape, like the belt, responds to the gauntlets' electronic signatures.  It can become stiff and like a glider, or semi-stiff and take on the form of a parachute.  The attachment at the shoulders can also be released if she taps her shoulders with another electrical signature. She can shield herself and others with the cape, jump and glide long distances with it, and drop from a tall building.  It also can hide her movements in a fight and confuse the opponent.  These advantages far outweigh the potential of the cape getting snagged in a fight, or pushed over her head which is why she has the ability to release the cape at a moment's notice.

Her boots are of a gothic style.  They are heavy boots designed to take the constant punishment of running, kicking, and otherwise enduring the high-impact world of being a superhero.  The ties of her boots are protected by seven metal squares that are painted black down the front of the boots.  These squares are to protect her shins when she gets into fights.  The steel toes of the boots make for excellent additions to her kicks, but mostly they keep her feet safe if and when something heavy--or someone heavy--should drop on them.  The plates on the boots also have the electromagnetic locks that can be activated by the gloves on her suit.

Mercy's Costume


Throat: As one would assume with a person that can scream as Lauren can, the throat is a particularly weak spot.  While true on all human beings, this super tough girl still gets choked when hit in the throat.  Furthermore, the swelling that causes, makes her unable to use her scream until the swelling dies down (unassisted it could be several hours).
Gags: Whatever gag is your fancy whether they be penis gags, ball gags, or cleave gags (or anything else really) so long as it blocks her mouth she's unable to scream and use her abilities.  This also stands for oral rape as well.  Ring gags, without anything else to block her mouth are about the only thing that don't work in this category.
Darts: The FlexSteel suit can stand up to a lot, high caliber bullets, blades, stabbing, slashing, tearing, even lasers.  What it can't stand up to is darts.  The way that it's designed, the darts actually wind up poking their way through about 75% of the time, even more in especially soft areas (read: her big ass).
Blunt Force: Blunt force is dulled with the suit on however it still hurts.  She may not suffer from internal injuries, but a punch to the gut is still a punch to the gut. 
Soft Touches: The FlexSteel suit is designed to flex so that the wearer can run, jump, and fight without the suit locking up.  Thus when there's little or no force behind the touch, there's no reason for it to tense up.  In fact, with the way that it stretches and breathes, the real flaw in this kind of suit is that it could stretch too much.  Technically, if anyone could incapacitate Mercy for long enough, they can rape her through her suit.  But otherwise molesting her, vibrators, and so on work as if they were on spandex or even bare skin.
Small Surface Areas:  The suit relies on the principles of being able to spread force out.  Granted it does absorb some of the force itself, but there are places where that's not able to happen over a large enough surface.  These places are the hands and fingers, the armpits, and the crotch.  A punch, or kick to the crotch will feel almost like she's not wearing armor at all and put her down. 
Poisons: Poisons, drugs, and such affect her like anyone else.  Whether they be introduced through a dart or a drink, or even some kind of goop, her body will still respond the same way as everyone else in the world.  The only ones that don't seem to work as well are gasses (though it's really more of an illusion, they work just fine, but she can hold her breath for a long time...often long enough to escape).
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Name: Isabela Alejandra Cruz Garcia
Alias: Voltaje (bolt-ah-hay), Bolt
Age/DOB:  27/ 8 Octubre 1983
Description: Isabela is a tall (5'11"), lean woman with a generous bust, flat abdomen, and round butt that speaks of her heritage.  Her body is always a light tanned color due to her time spent out in the sun.  Her deep dark brown eyes are easy to get lost in over a romantic candle-lit dinner which only slightly outperform her long, wavy, deep dark brown hair that appears black but for in direct sunlight when the brown shows through.  Her slender eyebrows, perfect nose, soft, plush lips, and high cheek-bones only add to her beauty. The only “flaw” one might see is that she has two parallel scars the left side of her lower back. 
Work: Pant suit when meeting with a client, otherwise Home Casual
Home Casual: Gray yoga pants and some kind of a wife beater.
Out Casual: Skin-tight jeans and a t-shirt and/or tank top.
Clubbing:  Tight leather or spandex pants along with knee-high boots often with four or five inch heels.  She tends to wear backless shirts as well. 
Superheroine Costume:
She wears a dark, purple, metallic-colored full body-sheath.  It covers from her toes all the way up to the top of her head only leaving spots open for her eyes, her hair to fall through the back of a cowl, and from the tip of her nose down to the underside of her chin.  The suit also allows the tips of each of her fingers to be seen from the top knuckle on up.  She also wears the wet-look lycra in black for her gloves, also allowing the tips of her fingers to be shown.  Her four-inch heeled boots are built into the costume but appear to be black in color just like the gloves.  Finally to top of Voltaje’s costume she wears a black sash at her hips.

The use of such a suit is also what drew Isabela to it in the first place.  The suit itself is made of a hybrid of materials.  It’s made with a treated spider-silk/unstable molecules material.  Basically the spider-silk is a stretchy version of Kevlar, only about forty times stronger and of a far lighter weight.  The only problem is that it stretches, so it’s dipped into Sheer Thickening Fluid which adds in millions if not billions of tiny plates to the already bullet proof spider-silk.  It means that when something of high velocity (a bullet) impacts the suit that the platelets lock in with one another in a matter of nano-seconds which then allows the material to become stiff.  As this occurs it spreads the force out over a large area turning the driving force of a bullet into a hard shove for the wearer. Technically the STF treatment could make spandex bullet proof, but giving the same treatment to spider-silk makes it stand up to high-caliber bullets, knife strikes and attacks, and a slew of other attacks.  The only things that can get through it with any sliver of success are darts and needles.  A dart, with its relatively slow velocity and the super fine tip will get through the platelets of the suit seventy-five percent of the time. 

The other advantage of using spider-silk is that it’s water resistant.  Meaning that when it rains that the water will slide off of the suit rather than gathering and/or soaking into it.  However, when dunked in water the suit cannot repel the water as well as rubber, and it’ll eventually seep through the pores in the suit that allow it to breathe so well.

The unstable molecules take on properties of the wearer if they’re super human.  This allows someone such as Isabela to turn into a pure form of electricity then travel through a line and into another room, or to attack the electronic parts of a security system, then pop out the other side with her suit still on her body, rather than completely nude.

Occupation: Web & Graphic Designer
Income: $97 million pesos (about $50,000 USD)
Belief System: She’s not as religious as her mom or her dad whom are firm believers in the Christian belief system.  They go to church every Sunday and even live out their lives like good Christians should.  Isabela is a bit more of a free spirit, she believes that God exists and will even say a prayer from time to time, but she doesn’t go to church every Sunday and she’s not always sure where she stands with the big guy.  She doesn’t think her lifestyle is exactly that of a good Christian, despite her want to help and save lives.
Moral Compass: She has a very strong belief of what is right and what is purely wrong in the world.  However there are a lot of cases that are some varying shades of gray.  A father stealing jewelry so he can pawn it and keep his kid alive is one such example.  Maybe the same guy is trying to pay medical bills, or to keep his child from starving.  Is that so wrong?  On the other hand what about the guy he’s stealing from? Does he deserve to be robbed? What if he’s gotten his money through drugs? Or what if he’s a really nice guy and hasn’t done anything wrong in his life?  She’s resolved to do the best that she can with the information that she has.

This is why she’s going after the drug smugglers. She knows for a fact that they’re bad news all the way around.  It’s better to get rid of them than to ignore their presence.

Marital Status: Single
Friends: Andres, Carolina, Diana, Sandra, Carlos, Diego, Eduardo, Ingrid, Angela, Sarita (yes even her “little” sister)
Family: Juan Cruz Vasquez (Dad), Ava Garcia Alvarez (Mom), Sarita Tatiana Cruz Garcia (younger sister)
Personality: Isabela is something of a flirt. She likes to use her beauty to woo men into false securities especially when in costume.  She’s outgoing, strong-willed, and determined to get through anything despite the odds stacked against her. While she doesn’t believe that she’s invincible, she does believe that using her brain will get her through any situation.  Often right before a confrontation her flirtatious side will disappear entirely, replaced by that strong-willed and determined soul.

History: At the age of eight Isabela came into her electricity powers by nearly giving her dad the shock of his life in the most literal sense.  He’d picked her up to give her a bath then nearly lost his life when he put her in the tub.  He also nearly killed his daughter.  Had it not been for Ava, things surely would have gotten far worse.  With the ability to control water at her finger tips she took the water out of the tub and dried off her daughter and husband in one fell swoop.

It took them only a few days to realize that, like Ava, Isabela could turn into the element that she could control.  Such a transformation for Isabela gave her the ability to get clean and heal wounds without having to ever touch water.  Her mom and she never really saw eye to eye after that day.  Their personalities would clash constantly.  Her mother’s over bearing protectiveness and training drove Isabela up the wall.  She wanted to go play like the other kids and her mom wanted to train her to become better at using her powers.  She wanted to tell Isabela all of the horror stories about being a superheroine.

Though that only drove her to want it more.  She wanted to defy her mom, get in there, kick ass and take names; to do it on her terms rather than her mother’s.  Though she ultimately wound up doing exactly what her mother had been training her to do, and she can’t deny not accidentally killing her first boyfriend with a kiss, or while giving her best friend a hug, or even her first lover.  Naturally later in life she can see what her mom was doing; being tough so that Isabela wouldn’t have to suffer any tragedies that could otherwise have befallen her without training.

She got her first suit at the age of seventeen.  Her parents both have the wealth and the connections to buy a superheroine suit without anyone asking any questions.  They went through several versions of the suit leading up to her eighteenth birthday when she would go on her first official patrol with her mom.  Living so close to the jungle means that it rains on and off rather frequently which proved to be a sore point for Isabela.  It’s great for her water-wielding mother, but for a girl whom shorts out every time she gets dunked in the stuff it proved to be quite hazardous.

That is until they came up with the current suit.  Just enough skin showing that she can use her powers, a suit that breathes so she doesn’t overheat, one that repels water, and one that will travel with her if she should transform into pure electricity.  All of these things took quite a while to figure out, and some trial and error involved with testing.  However the suit they came up with also wound up being bullet proof, slash proof, and leaving her mom getting a similar one for her own patrols.

After three years of patrolling with her mom Isabela started on her own patrols.  At twenty-one it seemed like a good time to branch out away from her mother.  Plus her little sister Sarita had grown into her own powers at the age of nine and just turned eighteen meaning it was time for her first patrol. 

Seven years later leaving Isabela even better at using her abilities and far more trained in her mother’s martial art called Fluir.  She’s a force to be reckoned with even apart from her powers, but once those are calculated into the equation she’s nigh unstoppable. 

She started battling the Cartel in Colombia at about twenty-four.  It started with drug busts within the city and interrogating the men she ran into.  Then it branched out into learning who the dealers were and where they got their drugs.  From there she followed vans and trucks out of the city and into small camps spread across the Colombian jungles.  Now, four years after she’s started, she’s beginning to hit at the major arteries of the drug flow, stopping it at the source rather than putting a bandaid on growing problem within the city.  Besides, her mom and sister do that.  Voltaje can afford to patrol the jungles for Cartel camps and bases.

Abilities: Electricity. Isabela’s biology is far stranger than most people would imagine.  Her body produces extreme amounts of bio electricity which enables her to do many things with it.

Touch: She can, through any touch with her skin (even through their clothes), pump electricity into another person or object.  This is why the suit has the finger tips cut out of it, allowing her to manipulate the electricity through her fingers but nowhere else on her form; which means she won’t wind up accidentally attacking an ally.

Bolts: Just as can touch a person with her finger tips she can also shoot electricity from them in powerful arcs.  She’s extremely accurate within five feet of her fingers (she can hit an apple).  At ten feet she can hit a human being in the chest.  Much further than that, and especially beyond twenty-five feet, she loses all control of where the arcs go. 

Travel: Her body can produce so much bio-electricity that it’ll actually turn into a pure form of living electricity.  It allows her to transform quickly, jump into a wire or other conductive material, and travel through it nearly instantaneously. 

Raw Energy: She can and almost always has to convert her body to raw electricity at least once in a day.  Often it doesn’t matter since she lives in the city and she can’t use a shower.  Her way of cleaning herself is to transform to raw energy then to transform back.  It expels some of the built up energy from the night of resting, and also instantly cleans and heals her body of any bumps and bruises acquired during the night.

Reflexes: Isabela’s neural synapses fire faster and far more efficiently than a normal human being’s.  With so much electricity in her body, this also means that her nerves communicate faster with her brain which then allows her to react far faster. 

Agility:  Due to her heightened reflexes Isabela’s body has had to keep up with them.  So her muscle “twitch” reflex has become far better leaving her far more agile and able to keep her balance, move fluidly, and quickly.  Also it’s allowed her to think and draw conclusions more quickly, giving her an intellectual agility.

Endurance: In order for her body to keep up with the massive amounts of energy that it puts out, Isabela has developed a monstrous endurance level; which allows her to exercise, fight, run, and patrol for hours on end, often on little or no sleep at all.

Fluir (flu-eer; English: Flow) is a style of martial arts that her mother came up with to battle crime as a superheroine.  Her mother took many different types of street fighting then combined them all to go together in one fluid motion of fighting.  She developed a technique called the three-second take down which enabled her to take down a single human opponent in three seconds or less. 

The style itself comes mostly from Bushido, Krav Maga, Muay Thai, Kajukenbo techniques all designed for street fighting in real circumstances rather than taught around sporting events where points are awarded for certain moves.  Fluir revolves around the idea of adapting to any circumstance and for one move to easily flow into the next so that there is never any wasted momentum.  This also works extremely well in large groups.  Utilizing fluir could allow a single person to take on up to fifteen untrained opponents at one time and down them all in under a minute.  It’s designed to knock out or otherwise incapacitate the opponent extremely efficiently.

Example of a fight against one opponent: The fighter attacks the thug with a knee to the crotch, and then uses the same leg to deliver a powerful stomp to the thug’s foot, breaking the bones there. Using the same twisting momentum, she then raises her elbow into the man’s temple and knocks him unconscious.

With Suit
Water: Most water will bead up and roll off of her suit.  However when she’s dunked into a body of water (bathtub, lake, river, stream, pool, etc) her suit is quickly overwhelmed and it allows the water through to her skin.  When water touches her skin her powers begin to short out leaving the body of water full of electricity for several minutes until she’s out.  When she does stop shorting out she’s left incredibly weak and helpless.
Chloroform: Or any gas attack for that matter, but chloroform does seem to be a favorite.  She has no form of protection against such an attack and will quickly succumb to the vapors.

Darts: Her suit can deflect almost anything, but is notably weak against darts.  Only a quarter of the time will it deflect darts as well.  A syringe will work even more effectively as it’s an even softer force being used to puncture her suit and her skin.

Blunt Force Trauma: While the suit protects against bullets, blades, and even fists and bats, she can still feel each and every impact.  They’re spread over a greater area but they still hurt.

Soft Force: Soft force is determined by things not moving very fast that also apply force.  Like a bear hug, or any other type of grab.  As mentioned before a syringe being softly applied to the neck, butt, thigh, breast, or anywhere could penetrate the suit far more easily.

Small Surface Area: Such as her crotch or her hands.  Stomping or hitting these areas will still stop bullets and blades, the area around them still becomes stiff to absorb the impact, but since the area in which to distribute the force is so small it doesn’t distribute very well making it easier to stomp, or otherwise crush these areas.

Without Suit
Water: Every time water comes into contact with her skin it causes a small short of her powers along that area.  This makes taking a shower by any normal means completely impossible.  Down pours in the jungle are extremely dangerous as well.  Not to mention being dunked into a body of water.

Normal Human (except for electricity): Otherwise her body reacts almost exactly like a normal person when introduced to adverse things such as fire, bullets, and blades.  The only difference is that trying to use a taser on her won’t have an effect.
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Dark Doll/Force

Dark Doll has no powers, but otherwise is exactly the same as Force which is why they have the same profile.  This character is taken, but the profile will be written soon.
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Blue Bird
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Julianne Fairchild/Blue Bird

Name: Julianne Fairchild
Alias (Supers only): Blue Bird (Superheroine)
Rank: B-4
Age/DOB: 26/ February 3, 1987
Gender: Female
Legal Status: Superheroine
Affiliations: Several superhero groups in the Bay City area. Night Hawk is her on-again/off-again partner.
Powers: Technically she's perfectly human, but she's trained for so long she's found that she can manipulate her chi. Chi is an internal art, so she can only manipulate it to make herself stronger, faster, etc.

Strength Boost: While she's not going to be taking on someone like Paragon or Vendetta any time soon she is quite strong.  Using her chi she's able to lift about five tons.  Ultimately this means she can jump a few stories with relative ease, or flip a car if she should need to use it as a shield. 
Agility Boost: She's already athletic and quite the gymnast, which comes from almost a latent ability to use her chi unconsciously.  She's able to leap over men, flip, and cartwheel with the best of them.  She can often perform feats only done by Olympic level athletes or that have studied parkour for some time. 
Speed Boost: In a dead sprint she can keep up with cars on the highway, though most often it requires several steps and a long straight away to achieve it.  For catching a crook it helps, but it's not always practical. 
Healing: Her chi allows her to heal wounds faster than a normal person.  The whole reason she chose the color blue for her costume and name is because when her chi manifests itself outside of her body it has a blue glow to it.  And almost a feathery look.  When it comes to healing she can heal a bruise in a couple of minutes and even a broken bone within a few hours.  This can also be applied to others, although to a lesser extent and she has to concentrate far more.  Putting her into a more meditative type state.
Sixth Sense: Julianne can sense the chi in others around her.  It gives her a near danger-sense that allows her to have almost precognitive abilities for avoiding harm to her.  It also allows her to locate others that have stronger than the almost non-existent chi in everyone else.
Second Wind:  Julianne has come to call this ability her second wind.  It only ever comes to her when she's in dire straights and can't control it in the least.  When faced with ultimate peril (mutilation, death, severe beat-downs) she'll ramp up to an extreme second wind. It doesn't happen that often anymore as she gets more and more of a handle over her chi.  But especially after getting a beat down she'll suddenly be ready to go again as if she never entered the fight at all.  Almost like a shot of adrenaline, except it doesn't wear off as fast, and her eyes glow a faint blue, and for those keen enough to see it, she gains a hazy blue aura.

Hand-to-Hand: Few can fathom her progress with the martial arts in her relatively young life.  She spent a great amount of time finding herself and ultimately her chi after she found her parents' killers.  She often takes on men that are three to five times her size and comes out on top.  Groups of men and women don't fair much better. 
Marksman: It's a little bit of her ability to use her chi, and a lot of practice.  Using her bird-a-rangs, and her "wires" are not easy by any stretch, but she can hit a target from over two-hundred feet away (although it gets iffy after two-hundred feet).
Engineer: Julianne has developed a lot of the technology that she uses for her crime fighting.  It saves on money, and also earns her some cash since others in the hero community like to use these things.  She's extremely smart and has always been good with machines.

Costume: Blue Bird's costume is made of a material known as FlexSteel.  Essentially it's made of spider silk that's then dipped into a sheer thickening fluid (STF).  The spider-silk by itself is bullet proof, but it's just as stretchy as spandex.  The STF is made up of millions of tiny platelets that intertwine and hook together.  The end result is that when impacted they become extremely rigid  and spread the force out over a larger area.  This makes getting shot leave a bruise, rather than slicing straight through her.  It also fits like a spandex bodysuit. Finally the suit is unable to be ripped or cut and can stand up to high heat (fire) or deep colds (ice) fairly well while keeping the wearer perfectly insulated.

The color is a baby blue and looks like a wet-look lycra suit with a yellow symbol of a bird across her chest.  The suit has a cowl that fits over the top of her head, and lets her blonde hair hang out the back over her blue and yellow cape.  The blue is on the outside, the yellow on the inside facing her back.  She wears matching blue 3-inch heeled boots,  gloves, and a yellow utility belt.
Utility Belt: Blue Bird carries a variety of gadgets in her belt.  Even the belt itself could be considered a gadget.  With a few taps of the buckle she can summon her car or bike to her location or send out an emergency signal to other heroes and heroines in the area.  Some of her more common gadgets are smoke pellets, flash-bang pellets, knock-out gas pellets, bird-a-rangs, tracking devices, and a remote-control bird-on-the-wall to help her spy on certain situations.
Gloves: Her gloves can deliver an electric signature so that she may manipulate or remove her cape, remove her belt, or access it's compartments.  The electricity isn't powerful enough to do harm to another person, just enough to activate her items. The gloves also come equipped with nano-fiber/spider-silk wires that shoot from the bottoms of her wrists (not unlike a familiar wall-crawler), stick to any surface and allows her to traverse the city with ease.  She mostly uses them to get around the rooftops, since they extend, attach, and release easily and can hold her weight.
Cape: The cape is blue on one side, yellow on the other.  However while it only hangs to just above the curve of her shapely ass, it serves a great function.  It can be removed and serve as a shield, or kept on and protects her back from attack.  It's made from a nano-fiber that when stimulated with an electric signature (provided by the fingertips in her gloves) can stiffen into  a short glider form, or a wall to protect her from gun fire or even darts. 
Car: Some may call it the Blue Birdmobile.  It's a high-tech car that looks like a Porsche on the surface, baby-blue in fact.  Beneath the hood would make most men drool and computer geeks wet their pants.  It's a hybrid of technology and muscle that allows the car to drive itself, plus have a dozen different weapons systems that makes it easy to lose a tail, or follow a criminal in a high-speed chase. 
Bike: The bike is modeled after a Ducati.  Other than that and an equilibrium system that gives her perfect control on the bike, and for the bike to drive itself, it's almost exactly like the car.  Of course it can't carry as many weapons, often relying just on similar "wires" like her gloves for getting up the side of buildings, an infrared headlight system that interfaces with her helmet when she needs to be sneaky, and a GPS system that can help her get to a crime even before the police.

Brief Bio: Julia and Max Fairchild always strove to raise their children correctly with good morals and a good understanding of both how the world is and how it used to be.  Both of their parents were cops for their adult lives, having both entered the academy together, become partners then fell in love.  Maxwell brought his marksmanship and knowledge of weapons to the table, Julia her expert knowledge on many forms of hand-to-hand combat and tactical know-how.  All of which was passed on to Julianne and Taylor from just about the time they could walk to just a couple of years ago.  Both of her parents had been very strong willed and very capable police officers, however they were not, by any means, invincible. 

Many years ago they were both having their "date night" and leaving Taylor and Julianne to take care of the dog.  Their parents were gunned down in a drive-by shooting, though it was later discovered that it was no accident.  The life insurance policies went to the twins which could easily support her for years to come.  They stuck together just long enough to find the gang that killed their parents  and then took them out.  However, Julianne wasn't quite aware that Taylor was going to use live ammunition, rather than darts and sedatives...  The split after that, Taylor far too willing to take a life while Julianne has done her best to protect it, no matter whose life it is...

Julianne took a hiatus after taking out the people that killed her parents.  She went off to explore the world and figure out what she wanted to do with her life.  She found monks to live with all over the world that taught her meditation techniques and many of their martial arts.  This is where she found out that she had chi and could manipulate it to her advantage.  After time she began to use it subconsciously boosting her agility, strength, and even using it to sense others around her or dangers that the world may present to her.  After a year and a half she's come back to Bay City.

Now they both fight against the criminals in Bay City, both breaking bones and sending the criminal element to the hospital before they ever see the bars of their jail cells.  However Taylor sometimes takes it an extra step and sends them straight to the morgue. 

Occupation: Living off the trust fund and other investments.
Marital Status: Single
Children: None
Other Relatives: Julia and Maxwell Fairchild (mother and father) both deceased.
Personality: Julianne is outgoing and down to earth.  She enjoys being alive and helping other people.  She's very solid in her beliefs of right and wrong.  While she tries to keep an open mind for most things, there are a few that she won't budge on. 
Distinguishing Features: She has a brilliant blue humming bird tattooed onto her left shoulder blade.  According to the monks it's the animal her spirit is linked with.
Height: 5'2" (5'5" as Blue Bird)
Weight: 121 lbs.
Build: Athletic, lean, but strong muscles.
Eye/Hair Color: Baby Blue eyes with blonde hair.
Education: High School Diploma.  She has some college experience but never finished.


Short Range: All of her abilities require her to be within a certain range of an opponent to engage them in combat.  A longer range provided by a gun, metahuman abilities, or any other means could prove devastating for Blue Bird.

Broad Attacks: She can dodge single shots all day long, or even focused attacks on her.  However a shotgun is harder to dodge, a telekinetic wall nearly impossible, a hail of bullets? She's gotta find some cover.  Basically anything that covers a wide area and makes her hard for her to dodge is a great way to take her out.

Hero's Code: She can't simply leave a victim to their fate.  She has to save them, so if someone wants to get away, putting a civilian in harm's way can distract her.  Or even using the hero's code against her can also prove beneficial.

Blunt Force: While small and high caliber bullets are stopped by the FlexSteel costume they still hurt.  In fact getting hit with a high caliber bullet is like taking a baseball bat, and attaching it to the hood of a car, then driving it straight into her gut (or where ever she's being shot). She'll fly backwards, and have to recover.  Just because she's bullet proof doesn't mean it doesn't hurt.  The slower the object is moving, the more it hurts too.  Instead of a bullet breaking the sound barrier, someone swinging a baseball bat won't have as much of it's force dispersed.  Same goes with blades and darts.

FlexSteel Weakpoints: The costume disperses impacts across a larger portion of her body and stiffens to deflect even more force.  However there are a few spots where this doesn't work.  The armpits, crotch, and the hands.  There simply isn't enough room to disperse the force in these areas.  While it may still stiffen to deflect gunfire, a simple kick to the crotch could do Blue Bird in.

Darts/Needles/Syringes: Because of the slower nature of these devices and the platelet design of the FlexSteel, darts (or other needles) can penetrate at a 95% success rate, slipping off of a platelet, between them, and into her skin.  The tiny surface area can't be deflected or dispersed by the suit very well.  In fact, unless it hits a platelet in just the wrong way, the dart is going in.

Julianne aka Blue Bird

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Julianne in trouble...

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Name: Taylor Fairchild
Alias (Supers only): Cheat, Infinity
Rank: D-5
Age/DOB: 21/ February 3, 1989
Gender: Female
Legal Status: Wanted for "questioning"
Affiliations: Taylor
Powers: Duplication.  Taylor can duplicate any inanimate object within thirty feet of her that is smaller than house cat.  She can also place these duplications in space.  Within five feet of her center mass she can do it with molecular accuracy. 

Hand-to-Hand- Taylor has trained extensively in Krav Maga and knows full well how to defend herself against most humans.
Marksman- She's been shooting guns since she was little with her father.  Over the past few years she's gotten even better with pistols, able to aim accurately beyond what most other humans are capable of.
Weapons Handling- She knows how to clean, take apart, put together, and even modify weapons to her liking.

Equipment: Taylor always has a lock pick hidden away on her person, often on the interior pocket of a jacket.  She also carries a Glock .45 on her person at all times. 

Infinity Costume: She's recently acquired a FlexSteel costume to help blend in with the superheroine crowd, namely that of Virtue.  The full body suit covers from her toes up to about half way up her neck.  It's mostly a wet-look lycra (more accurately FlexSteel).  The material, invented by her sister is relatively easy to manipulate before the final step is made, making it into true FlexSteel.  Ultimately it protects her from slashing, stabbing, and even the gamut of caliber bullets (low to high).  The costume consists of the full bodysuit, knee-high, high heeled boots with an orange bottom, an orange utility belt, a black cape made with nano fibers that's black on the outside, orange on the inside, and an orange infinity symbol on her upper chest.  Her domino mask is black and fits to her face without string or any assistance.  In fact it's impossible to remove without a special type of aerosol.  She wears her hair down as well.

Utility Belt: There are various weapons carried in her utility belt.  Namely a gas grenade, various clips for her guns (typically live ammo, darts, and knock-out gas), as well as a single flash bang.  She also carries a few first aid items in pouches, and has a holster for her gun on her right thigh, also orange.

Stun ASP: It's a police issue telescopic steel baton, the nifty thing about it is that the baton itself is electrified and keeps charged by movements such as running or fighting.  She only carries one, like everything else, but she can duplicate the second giving her two to fight with. It's carried on her left thigh with another orange strap.

Brief Bio: Julia and Max Fairchild always strove to raise their children correctly with good morals and a good understanding of both how the world is and how it used to be.  Both of their parents were cops for their adult lives, having both entered the academy together, become partners then fell in love.  Maxwell brought his marksmanship and knowledge of weapons to the table, Julia her expert knowledge on many forms of hand-to-hand combat and tactical know-how.  All of which was passed on to Taylor from just about the time she could walk to just a couple of years ago.  Both of her parents had been very strong willed and very capable police officers, however they were by no means invincible. 

Two years ago they were both having their "date night" and leaving Taylor and Julianne to take care of the dog.  Their parents were gunned down in a drive-by shooting, though it was later discovered that it was no accident.  The life insurance policies went to the twins which could easily support her for years to come.  They stuck together just long enough to find the gang that killed their parents  and then took them out.  However, Julianne wasn't quite aware that Taylor was going to use live ammunition, rather than darts and sedatives...  The split after that, Taylor far too willing to take a life while Julianne has done her best to protect it, no matter whose life it is...

Now they both fight against the criminals in Bay City, both breaking bones and sending the criminal element to the hospital before they ever see the bars of their jail cells.  However Taylor sometimes takes it an extra step and sends them straight to the morgue. 

Occupation: Living off the trust fund and other investments.
Marital Status: Single
Children: None
Other Relatives: Julia and Maxwell Fairchild (mother and father) both deceased.
Personality: Taylor got the more serious personality of the two Fairchild twins.  She's far more interested in taking out a criminal mastermind than she is in dating.  Although definitely doesn't mind it if she comes across another heroine or hero and they need a good lay.  She even accuses her sister, Blue Bird, of not getting out enough and will often force a tongue-wrestling match on her sibling.  .  If a criminal were to put a victim in harms way, Taylor would chase after/shoot the criminal before thinking to save the civilian.
Distinguishing Features: Taylor has two parallel scars on her left shoulder.  She never talks about them, but they look like they're several years old.
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 131 lbs.
Build: Athletic, lean, but strong muscles.
Eye/Hair Color: Green eyes with dark auburn hair.
Education: Taylor dropped out of high school when she turned fifteen and got her GED.
Other Info: Taylor tends to duplicate things to her advantage.  If she could manage she would probably fold up clothes and duplicate them.  Though with only being able to duplicate one object at a time it would be a waste of her talents.  Instead she "finds" credit cards and duplicates them, then spends what she needs to and what she can without having to sign.  Many stores have a minimum requirement for signing, so as long as she doesn't break the limit she's fine.  She always carries her .45 on her with a clip hidden away in her jacket pocket.  The "original" as she calls it, allows her to duplicate clips directly into the gun, and when those run out, she can duplicate another clip.  Which is where she gets her nickname Cheat, since it's similar to having an infinite ammo cheat in a video game.

Taylor/Cheat has no body armor to speak of.  She can only duplicate one thing at a time but will last until she needs to duplicate something else.  She can duplicate something with multiple parts, but again, once she duplicates something else, all the parts disappear.  Say she duplicates a clip for a gun, she can fire off the bullets and hit people, but as soon as she duplicates the next clip, the previous bullets, clip, and jackets all disappear. The only things that don't disappear are the things that chemically change during the time of being duplicated.  So if she shoots a gas bullet at someone, they get knocked out by the chemical entering the body and changing...that person wouldn't magically wake up when she duplicates another clip. Other than the small limit she is completely human, able to be shot, maimed, raped, stabbed, etc.  Plus she's hot.

Inside the costume she's a lot harder to damage, but blunt force objects do wonders, bullets still hurt even if they don't penetrate the FlexSteel suit.  Plus FlexSteel, has the tendancy to stretch a fair bit more than spandex, allowing someone lucky enough to rape her through her costume.  The costume itself doesn't appear to have a zipper, but with a specific kind of aerosol the zipper will reveal itself.  Darts and syringes also do wonders to penetrate the suit. Finally there are three soft spots on the suit where it doesn't distribute force, each arm-pit and the crotch.  Meaning a good kick to the crotch feels like she might as well be in the nude and getting hit in her baby-maker.  Soft touches also work wonders.  Where as the suit locks up to prevent bullets from getting through, or a baseball bat will have it's force dulled out over a larger area (but still pretty effective) a soft touch like a caress, massage, or grope and the material feels like spandex.
Taylor aka Cheat/Infinity

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Name: Fayth Powers
Alias: Crusader
Height: 5'7"
Age/D.O.A.: 25/December 6 (Date of Arrival)
Weight: 145 lbs.
Build: Athletic
Eyes: Brilliant Blue
Hair: Long (hangs to her ass when loose), dirty-blonde
Cup Size: 38C
Legal Status: None, yet.
Marital status: Single
Occupation: Fayth runs her own software security firm. Able to process so much at one time she's able to figure out coding and complex problems with ease.  Given that she's young and the she still attends high school as a senior (her parents thought it important that she grow up with good social influences) she has to have an older woman (about 26 years old) do a lot of her sales and representing the company.  It also frees her up to be Crusader when she needs to be.
Background:  Fayth Summers was originally born Fae-Tor of Delta Prime. A planet of a peaceful race that lives under a giant blue star which supports the ecology of several nearby planets.  Delta Prime had a race of people that were governed by their wits rather than physical power or charm.  In human terms they all had an average IQ of 185, well into a genius level for a human.  They lived up to 300 years (similar days and nights to that of Earth).  They are a relatively small race of six or seven billion to inhabit their planet while the Kloutonites inhabited a world two planets away.

Due to the harsh climates and the cultures on Klouton, not to mention the sheer size.  The people of Klouton became a warrior race.  They use, most often, sheer numbers to invade and take over planets. Klouton is a planet that's about the size of our Jupiter.  And while the people of Delta Prime thought they were safe from the Kloutonians, they were sorely mistaken.

To make a long story short, Klouton invaded the much smaller Delta Prime (and all of the other planets in that solar system) and took them over.  The Deltans were used as slaves to craft better weapons for the Kloutons.  But just before they invaded, the king and queen of Delta Prime (judged by their supreme knowledge, not an election process, or even bloodlines) made to escape with their newborn daughter.  However they were forced to turn back to protect their daughter's escape path before she could make it into hyper drive.

The trip took several decades to make, but a fair amount of the time was spent in suspended animation.  Fae-Tor was conditioned to UV radiation to make sure that she would be well adjusted and fit in with the other children of Earth.  Finally, after 47 years of travel, the ship hit the Earth atmosphere and plummeted to Earth. 

Found in Montana, a couple quickly took Fae-Tor in and hid the spaceship.  They raised her as their own, but renamed her to a much more Earthly name of Fayth. There was nothing peculiar (save for the alien ship) about Fayth.  Not even as she turned one year old (after the landing in 1994).  But as she crossed the two year birthday they noticed something a little strange.  Her strength and her speed seemed to double.  Not a big deal at first, but as Fayth got older it seemed like every time the Earth made a trip around the sun, Fayth's body would double in power. 

In her teens she started to exhibit other powers with vision, hearing, and even flight.  By sixteen she'd decided to become a superheroine and help out the world.  Her mom fashioned a few costumes before Fayth settled on her current costume.  Made from spandex mostly, but the worked up to better and better materials as Fayth started to pull in her own income. At first it was just her home town in Montana, but then it was the state, then the Northwest United States, then just the western half.  Finally the entire nation, continent, and then the entire world soon followed. 

Due to the nature of a Deltan, Fayth was destined to age up normally until at the peak of her body development.  Which apparently occurred somewhere around eightteen.  She's filled out quite well and seems that she's going to look like she's in her late teens for the next few decades.  A Deltan didn't even reach a mid-life crisis until 150, but with the addition of the UV radiation, and the adaptation of Fayth's body.  She could very well live for a thousand years....that is if she doesn't die of unnatural causes first.

Decoder Ring: She wears it on her right ring finger and while not a cheap decoder ring it does allow her access to a pocket dimension where she stores a spare suit.  This allows for quick changes out of her civvies and into the costume without the hassle of wearing her tights under her clothes.  The ring is a silver band with a celtic design etched into it.  When she activates it the inscribed design glows a faint blue.

Tablet: The tablet docks into a station and can become a laptop like device.  There's nothing overly special about it, but since she runs her own software security firm she lives her life through this tablet. At least when she's not in class at high school.


Strength: She can bench press right around 1,000 tons.  To put that in perspective an eighteen wheeler fully loaded weighs about 80, and a 747 jet weighs about 400 tons.  She can hold a building up if one of the supports is missing, although not for very long.

Speed: At full speed she can fly at approximately Mach 100, this is a hundred times the speed of sound.  In perspective, she can travel around the equator (the longest distance around the Earth) in about twenty minutes.

Reflexes: Due to her outstanding speed she can react just as quickly when she needs to.  Although reflexes take up all of her brain processes or "layers".  Often she's using most of them to assess a situation, not dodge bullets (not that she needs to).

Unbreakable: Her skin, bones, and organs can't be broken.  This makes her bullet proof and able to fall from incredible heights or getting otherwise crushed and not suffer any injuries.  Furthermore, because of her strength she winds up not feeling the same amount of pain as other people.

Brain Activity: Fayth can think on a multitude of levels at the same time.  Making any average multi-tasker look pale in comparison.  She can either think on about 1000 levels of conscious thought at one time, or she can think at about a 1000 times the speed of a genius from the 21st Century.  There is a compromise, splitting speed and levels, although the speed is primarily used for reacting to things while she's traveling at super-speeds. This also makes it insanely tough to read her thoughts, as she might have over a thousand surface thoughts at any one time.  Or they pass so quickly it's hard to keep up. 

Flight: Crusader can fly which makes tossing her off a building difficult, but not impossible.  Her flight is tied into several brain processes and her equilibrium.  If she would be too dizzy to walk, she's too dizzy to fly.

Super Senses: Touch, hearing and vision.  Due to her unbreakable skin, her nerves are a good bit more sensitive than a normal person's.  It allows her to have sort of a "sixth sense" about her though it's not always accurate.  Her hearing and vision are amplified, allowing her x-ray vision and telescopic vision (no laser eyes though) as is her hearing.  She can turn these on and off, but tries to keep some modicum of hearing about her so that she can hear something going down.  Again it helps to be able to filter things out using her brainpower.


Costume: She wears a full body, black, catsuit (made from FlexSteel, a high grade of spider silk dipped into sheer thickening fluid. It's often meant as an armor, but for Crusader it's a suit that can stand up to what she can).  Across her chest is a large blue cross.  The horizontal bar reaching across her chest and the vertical part leading from the neck down to the crotch of the suit.  The suit also bears the blue cross on either shoulder, the horizontal bar reaching across her biceps and triceps, the vertical reaching half way to her shoulder.  Her black boots also have a similar cross, blue and around the front, ending just before the foot of the knee-high boot. Both of her gloves are black with the same cross on
them as well.

Both of her gloves are black with the same cross on them as well.  She has a cowl that covers the top of her head and her face sans the eyes and her jaw/mouth.  To give a better idea of what it looks like, think of Batman's or Batgirl's mask without the ears coming from the top.

Cocky: She's incredibly cocky...even to a fault.  Since she's the most powerful person on the planet she goes into quips and almost never pays attention to what's behind her. It's well warranted, but it's still a character flaw that could get her into some trouble...
Need to Breathe: Whether this come in the form of drowning, throwing her out into space, or poisonous gas attacks, eventually she's got to breathe.
Poison/Toxins/Etc.: Crusader's alien physiology makes drugs and toxins a lot worse for her.  Chloroform will knock her out faster and take her longer to recover, aphrodisiacs make her libido shoot through the roof, even pot will get her high if someone blows it into her face.  Has to be inhaled (gas), ingested (foods, pills, liquids), or soaked through her skin (ointments, lotions, or creams). This includes teargas and mace.
Psychic Attack: She has no mental shielding versus telepathy. Though reading her mind would be a headache since she thinks so much faster than everyone else. Attacking her mind is a far better strategy.  She might be nigh-invulnerable but a half-decent telepath can attack her mind and cause her to lose concentration, disorient her, or even knock her out.
Electricity: Electricity will have a lesser affect on her than it does your typical human being.  But it still packs far more of a punch than say...a baseball bat.  This includes anything from tasers and taser-guns to power lines and car batteries.  It really comes down to how much of a shock you want to give her.
Blonde Bombshell: For all her strengths and weaknesses, she's an 25 year old girl with amazing curves and body type.  Any straight man is likely to fantasize about her in their dreams.
Super Senses: Super touch is great for feeling out if someone might be sneaking up behind her, but it also causes a great amount of pleasure.  Her whole body could be considered an erogenous zone, and her breasts, ass, and crotch are even more sensitive than a normal human's.  Her hearing allows her to hear an argument in a building a couple of blocks away, but extremely loud noises right at her ears will deafen her, and knock her off balance, completely screwing with her equilibrium.  Same way with her super vision, able to see through walls and zoom in, but also to have great night vision, turn on a light while she's in the dark could be devastating for the buxom heroine.
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Name:Mckenzie Tuel
Aliases: Mac, Heatwave
Height: 5'11"
Date of Birth: June 9, 1991/ 18 years old
Occupation: College Freshman
Appearance: Mckenzie is a tall curvy girl of a dance and swimmer background.  She's not skinny by any means; in fact one might describe her shoulders as broad for a woman, abs well defined, and her long legs being just defined enough to still be attractive, but also warn others that getting kicked by such powerful muscles would be the last thing that they want to happen. 

Most of the time, though, she tries to keep her curves hidden.  Not because she's ashamed of them, but because she doesn't feel like dressing up in skin-tight clothing to try and woo someone.  The ample curve of her rear and her chest, though, seem to defy this logic.  Almost nothing is loose enough--not even her men's cargo pants and tee-shirts--to completely cover her up.  Which is also not the point, she dresses in what's comfortable.  And for her nigh six-foot tall frame those clothes can most often be found in the men's sections of the store.  Though this frame of mind doesn't extend to clothes for working out.  At that point she likes the clothes to be tight enough that they don't get in the way.  Bicyclist shorts accompanied by a sports bra go with her to the gym or a jog in the park.  Where as a one-piece swimsuit go with her to the pool.

Her long wavy brown hair hangs clear to the top of her rear when she allows it to be free from a ponytail or a bun.  It's happening more and more often now that she doesn't swim competitively.  Her eyes compliment the dark-locks of hair a bright hazel with green/gray flecks closer to the pupil. 

Attitude: Down to earth geek.  She's seen enough of the bad to know what's really bad and what could be.  And she's seen enough of the good to know that tomorrow always holds something new and exciting.  If a person can get her to crawl out of her shell a little bit, they might find her amiable...even if she does ramble on about comics and movies a little too much.

Abilities: Thermal Manipulation.  Mckenzie's body reacts to temperature different than most people's.  She can't feel hot or cold anymore. It's been said she can walk around in the arctic with nothing more than a bikini and not get frostbite, or in the sweltering heat of the Sahara Desert on the hottest day dressed in ski clothing, and not get shed a single drop of sweat.  She can also manipulate the temperatures outside of her body creating extreme heat or cold using the natural water vapor in the air to even create ice or steam.  Below is a list of possible effects of such abilities including the one's listed here:

Flight: By encasing herself in an extremely warm casing of air and shooting hot currents through her feet she can achieve flight or even hovering status. 

Wind Currents: She's able to form her own hot and cold wind currents from her hands or her feet.  These take on the feeling of wind that's either super-heated or super cooled.  In humid environments they can become steam or ice powered which would leave the water molecules on a person.

Mini-Cyclone:  By forcing the hot and cold currents together in her hands she can form a miniature cyclone.  It's luke warm, so the temperature won't hurt anyone but the gusts of wind can reach up to 100mph  and reach about a hundred feet away though the closer to her the more powerful the wind.  She could, in theory, lift a car with the wind.  The downside being that she wouldn't be able to control where that car would go very well.

Temperate Bubble: Mac can create a sphere of temperature around herself.  This means that within about 25 feet of her center mass she can cool or heat the air to fit her needs.

Healing: Healing really isn't healing all that much.  Instead her body cools or warms an area to help the natural healing process.  This is similar to constantly having an ice-pack on a bruise, or elevating a foot even when it's not elevated.  It helps, especially with bruises, but it's no miracle worker.

Ultra-Violet Vision: She can see on the ultra-violet spectrum if she so chooses.  This means she can see and recognize heat signatures given off by people or other objects.  It also means that if she concentrates she can see "through" walls and to the heat signatures inside if there are any.

Hot/Cold Immunity: Her body doesn't react to heat or cold.  She can't feel either extreme either.  The only hitch here is that if her body is trying to help itself heal it'll produce these temperatures from within Mckenzie's body.  No matter what, though, she still can't feel these temperatures.  That means if she's dressed for winter in the middle of a sun-blistering desert she won't sweat.  Or if she's in a bikini at the North Pole she won't get frost-bite or even be cold.  Then again, it also means she can never feel the warmth of a hug.

Weaknesses and Limitations:

Bubble Fall-Off: When she creates a bubble of either heat or cold, Mac can only effectively affect the area within twenty-five feet of herself.  After that the effects of the cold or the heat diminish relative to the temperature outside.  Which means that if she's got a cold bubble and it's 90 degrees outside not only is it harder to reach the lower temperatures but it's going to diminish rapidly after those 25 feet.  In the winter time it'll diminish more slowly because it's not as warm outside.  Same goes for the heat, except in reverse.

Oxygen Required: Mac cannot "flame-on" simply because she requires oxygen just like the rest of us.  The fire would burn up that oxygen and she'd pass out.  Similarly, if there's not enough oxygen in the air then she cannot create an area hot enough to make the air combustible.

Wind Distance: Just like with the bubbles, the wind currents die off after about fifty feet.  After that they die off and leave her ability to manipulate them.

Healing:  Healing only covers bruises immediately.  Broken bones would have to be set and given a few days to heal, cuts would take a few hours, and again deep ones would have to be stitched to heal correctly.  Plus cauterizing her own wounds is not going to be a fun experience.

The Wind: She cannot manipulate the wind.  She can manipulate the air into "currents" but she cannot take the already existing wind and use it to her advantage.  Likewise, if someone else has wind powers, she can't take their wind and turn it against them.

Humidity:  If the air is extremely dry around Mac she can't cool or heat it enough to manipulate the water in the air because there is either very little or none at all.  The most common point of this comes in a burning building.  She can cool an area down all she wants, but no ice will form.

Costume: Her costume is a simple outfit consisting of a black pair of spandex pants and a black sports bra; knee-high black, three inch-heeled boots; black, elbow-length gloves, and a black domino mask that covers from the top of her forehead down to over her soft cheek bones.  There is cloth that extends up from her boots and acts for a safety net for her knees.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The Mask:

The Sports Bra:

The Pants:

The Boots:

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Silver Lynx
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Silver Lynx
Name: Katsumi Miyamoto (Sandy's roommate)
Alias: Kat
Age: 19
Job: Student at Julliard (dance)
Transformation--she can transform from Katsumi into Silver Lynx so that she gets all her powers. Also, transforming from one identity to the other heals all wounds of the previous form.  Three transformations, though, in a row will knock her out cold.
Mask: It conceals her identity on a magical level. When removed she has a halo of bright light around her eyes to blind the unmasker.
Cat-like: She has cat-like abilities, strength of a lion, speed of a cheetah (eighty miles an hour for about thirty seconds), ability to scale walls, ability to grow one-inch claws from each finger tip, super sight, super hearing, super smell.  Most of all super agility, a cat always lands on it's feet.

Flexible Suit

Skills: Able to speak seven languages fluently, and has training in multiple martial arts.

Costume: Her costume has no seams or zippers just like Blue Angel.  It appears to be a shiny silver spandex, and often looks to have silver boots, gloves, and the silver body sheathe that conceals the rest of her.  A silver domino mask is set over her eyes and her hair is in a long braid that hangs clear to the curve of her butt.
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Justice (Girl)
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Justice (Girl)

Name: Grace Maryanne Fields
Alias: Justice (used to be Justice Girl, but at some point she dropped the Girl)
Age/DOB: 34/March 3, 1978
Affiliations: None officially, but she's been known to take a few of the newer superheroines under her wing, though it's impossible for her to train all of them, just the ones that seem to have the most potential.
Occupation: Private Investigator (Heiress to the Fields' fortune, a by product of Fields Research and Development)
Marital Status: Single. She just hasn't found the right guy yet.
Other Relatives: Jonah Fields (Father, owner of Fields Research and Development), Sarah Fields (Mother, deceased)
Personality: Getting to know Grace is a bit of a challenge.  She has a great many defense mechanisms that prevents most people from ever getting too close to her.  Once someone does get in close to her she's quite kind and very strongly opinionated.  She can be kind and caring, or if someone is ever lucky enough to get her in bed very sensual and seductive.  It's not that she has different personalities, rather that she's all wrapped up into one, making her a lot more complex than the cold-hard bitch that most people see on the surface.  She often acts that way to put some distance between her and her clients, so if they disappoint her it's no big deal.
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 173 lbs.
Build: Athletic, strong. 38D-30-36. Feminine curves, but nearly all muscle.
Eye/Hair Color: Grace has a brilliant blue-green eye color (see above), it's dark and sometimes comes off as brown but in the right lights she definitely has a more unique color of eyes.  Her hair is a natural blonde color, it's long and hangs down to her mid-back when she does let it down, though most of the time it's up in a loose ponytail.
Education: Bachelors in Investigative Journalism and Criminal Justice

  • Hand-to-Hand: The very thing she learned after she could walk was how to defend herself.  She's been taking martial arts since she's been old enough to retain the information.  In total about 28 years.  She wouldn't say she knows any one style, she's fond of kicks though and hitting major pressure points or weak points along the body. 
  • Lock Pick Expert: If you lock your keys in the house and you live in Bayside, there is no secret rock or place where you hide an extra key.  She learned to pick a lock from a few friends at school.  And while it does come in handy from time to time, she'd much rather just kick a door down, rather than spend time picking a lock.
  • Incredible Willpower: While not a direct skill, Grace is blessed with an incredible willpower, allowing her to resist hypnotic suggestion and hold up to torture far better than most soldiers, much less untrained superheroines.
  • Investigator: She's good at picking up on the little things, how one small detail or one thing out of place can tell her a world of information.  She has several gadgets to aid her investigations, but the way she interprets them is all skill that's been honed over the many years of being a private investigator and superheroine.
  • Intuitive: Grace has no problem trusting her gut reaction to certain situations.  It's tied in with her latent empathic powers, but even without them she always had a strong sense of how things would play out, or who might be the culprit.  Even those with mental shielding are susceptible to having their body-language read.  She's spent a long time honing this skill, not purely relying on her powers.
  • Telepathic: Grace is a powerful telepath.  She can sense surface thoughts and intentions from a distance, so long as they're within her line of sight.  In a fight this comes in handy when someone is intending to attack her, and how they'll do it.  Most people don't react to a situation purely on instinct, giving her a small window to sense what's coming even before they do it.  Due to this, her hand-to-hand combat skills are through the roof. It's not that she needs it, but she almost seems untouchable in a fight due to her extra advantage.  Grace also is able to delve completely into a person's mind if she can touch their heads, even if she's wearing gloves.  And all skin-to-skin contact (unless she's able to prepare for it and avoid a read) gives her an in-depth look at a person's intentions and detailed surface thoughts.
  • Latent Telekinetic: While she could be far more powerful than she is with flight and even lifting things from afar, she's just not that good at it.  In fact she attributes her boost in strength to just that, a more strength-based ability.  The truth of the matter is that she can lift up to three tons above her head because of a telekinetic sheathe around her body that allows her to do accomplish feats of strength.  However it only applies when she's actually trying to lift something, so it's not a constant shield for her.  Although if someone recognized her ability for what it is, they could train her to use it more effectively.
  • Latent Empathic: She can sense feelings from several people at once.  She describes it more as a gut feeling, able to tell where danger is, even if she can't see it at the time.  The only limit is that she has to be facing in that direction.  It's literally following her heart or a gut feeling to her and less focusing a refined power of feelings.  The power, like her telepathic power, is boosted with skin-to-skin contact...not always a good thing.
  • FlexSteel Bodysuit: As Justice, Grace wears a full bodysuit of FlexSteel.  It's entirely a blue-green color that shimmers in the right light like shiny spandex except for just below the knee it turns to black to resemble a boot, in case her own boots are removed.  The suit itself is bullet, slice, and rip proof.  Grace even went the extra mile to figure out why other FlexSteel suits were stretching far beyond what they were supposed to, fixed it, and incorporated it into her new suit.  FlexSteel is a little bit like kevlar in that it disperses force over a large area to deflect bullets, it's just far thinner, lighter, and both breathes and insulates incredibly well which also leaves the wearer resistant to extreme cold and extreme heat.
  • Utility Belt: Justice carries various tools and weapons on her for fighting crime.  She has everything from smoke bombs, to knock-out pellets to smelling salts and adrenaline shots.  She also has a simple rebreather she can use that fits perfectly over her mouth and nose without any extra straps.  It also can provide a steady supply of oxygen in case she needs to stay underwater.  She also carries lock picks and blades on her belt, as well as zip ties. If she feels like she may need something to face a particular foe she's got it in there.
  • Reinforced Thigh High Boots: Not only do her thigh high boots accentuate her height and give her an extra four inches of it (making her 6'4" with them on) but they're made with a reinforced spike heel.  It allows her the ability to punch through steel toed boots with her heels.  The boots are also made to act as a new technology called a long-fall boot.  Essentially it means she can fall several stories and land squarely on her feet without breaking any bones.  Excellent for rooftop travel and jumping into alleys.
  • Gloves: Her gloves have several functions to them.  They house an extra lock pick and blade each for if she manages to get tied up without her belt.  But they also have mini-conductors in them that give off a certain electric signature based on her hands position.  Additionally they also have nano-fiber tendrils that shoot out to over two-hundred feet if necessary.  They can "stick" to any surface and haul over ten times her weight.  She can reel them in and lift herself up if need be.  It allows her to traverse the skyline much like Spiderman, without leaving all of the nasty web-stuff behind.
  • Domino Mask: Her mask sticks to her face with an adhesive that only a special aerosol can remove.  Among superheroines it's a great way to keep your identity safe.  Plus it keeps the mask still during battle leaving them able to concentrate on the fight, not their masks getting in the way or potentially coming off.  Hers even comes equipped with places to touch on the mask for telescopic, thermal, or night vision lenses.  It even has a recording device that transmits what she sees wirelessly to a large databank at her home.
  • Cape: Justice's cape is made of a light, nano-fiber material that when certain electric signatures are run across it, it'll take different shapes.  The only two it takes is a wide parachute type shape to help slow her down when she jumps off a tall building, or a glider-mode, that lets her ride the air currents over the city to go somewhere quickly.
  • Hidden Compartments: Justice has several compartment along her suit that aren't readily visible to the naked eye.  Even under close inspection they'd be difficult to see.  The lock picks and blades hidden in her gloves are two, though she has two more in her belt, and another six in her boots.  The ones in her belt are hidden along the back stretch of the belt between the compartments, and one just behind the sophisticated buckle.  All they house are lock picks and blades, and the one behind her belt, even a small laser cutter, powered by her belt.  Her boots contain a hidden compartment in each of her spike heels, along the arches of her feet, and two much higher on the boots along the inside rim along her thigh.

  • Surprise!: For all of Grace's abilities, talents, and gadgets, they don't work unless she's looking at someone, or they're potentially in her field of vision (like behind a wall in front of her).  Anything out of view (behind her or behind her peripheral vision) is subject to sneak up on her and surprise her with an attack.
  • Crotch Kick: Technically it applies to any smaller surface on her suit.  There's just not enough room to disperse the force effectively meaning she feels just about the full blow.  This also happens on her hands and under her arms.  There are certain exceptions to this rule like if the area were stretched out.  If she were doing a high kick for example, the force would spread along her legs and thighs. 
  • Darts/Needles/Syringes: Because of the slower nature and tiny surface area of these devices, they can slip into Justice's costume easily, despite being nigh-invulnerable.
  • Chloroform (and other drugs): Due to being mostly human, drugs and chloroform work exceptionally well on Justice.  For all that she seems invincible at times.  A simple rag drenched in ether or chloroform could potentially take her down.  Due to not being able to read the minds of those behind her, chloroform is especially useful.  Although other drugs work well if someone can surprise her with it (say slipping something in her drink or food, for example.)
  • Skin-to-Skin Contact: If she's not prepared for it, skin-to-skin contact can be disastrous.  She's kept the skin showing on her form to a bare minimum on purpose.  Not only for the armor, but for this weakness.  If someone were to touch her face without her being able to prepare it'll create a direct link with their mind for her.  Pouring thoughts and emotions directly into her mind which can overload it.

    The only caveat is that if she is able to prepare for it, she can create a deep link with the person she's touching and read their thoughts without having to touch their head.  Or she can block it out completely.  It does take about thirty seconds to prepare though, meaning she's got to be ready for it that far in advance and be able to dedicate all her efforts to keeping the other person out.  They'd essentially have to be unconscious or unable to fight back (tied up possibly). 

    That said, a simple kiss could literally blow her mind.

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Dark Star
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Name: Erin Samantha Sinclair
Alias: Darkstar
Age/DOB: 22/ March 3, 1990
Affiliations: None.  There are heroes in other cities, but she doesn't know any of them.
Occupation: Sportswear model, trying to break into an acting career.
Marital Status: Painfully Single.  Being a superheroine is great, but it's killer on her social life.  She hasn't been laid in two years!
Other Relatives: Michael Sinclair (Father), Max Sinclair (Older brother by 6 years), Avery Sinclair (Older brother by 4 years)
Personality: She'd describe herself as down-to-earth with a dash of girly.  She likes to go shopping, for example, but also loves working out, and kicking ass.  She's stubborn and is rather set in her views of right and wrong.  There are plenty of gray areas, but she believes that the city needs to be cleaned up.  And if no one else is going to do it, then she will. 
Sexual Orientation: Straight.
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 184 lbs.
Build: Athletic, strong. 40C-30-36. Feminine curves, but nearly all muscle.
Eye/Hair Color: Hazel eyes that border on green, midnight black hair with soft waves.
Education: High School Diploma.  She has some college experience but never finished.

  • Hand-to-Hand: The very thing she learned after she could walk was how to defend herself.  She's been taking martial arts since she's been old enough to retain the information.  In total about 17 years.  She wouldn't say she knows any one style, she's fond of kicks though and hitting major pressure points or weak points along the body.  She's much more of a brawler than her dad, using her height and weight to throw around rather than relying strictly on technique.
  • Lock Pick Expert: If you lock your keys in the house and you live in Bayside, there is no secret rock or place where you hide an extra key.  She learned to pick a lock from a few friends at school.  And while it does come in handy from time to time, she'd much rather just kick a door down, rather than spend time picking a lock.
  • Actress: As Darkstar she's not found a use for being a good actress.  However she is quite good at it.  She just needs to meet the right person to give her a big break.  She has the physique and drive to become a female action star.  Something she would absolutely love to happen.  For now she's more a fitness model (showing off the latest sports bra or jogging shorts) than actress.
Powers: Technically Erin is perfectly human.  However ever since she got a charm from one of her neighbors (after saving them from an abusive husband/father) she was given a star charm.  It absorbed into her body and now she can transform into Darkstar, a superheroine for Star City whenever she needs to. Though even after she transforms there are limits to her powers, she has to activate and deactivate her powers or else hit a recovery time of one hour.
  • Strength: She's yet to test the upper limits of her strength, but so far she's test it up to ten tons. 
  • Moderate Invulnerability: When she activates her powers she becomes largely invulnerable.  Bullets bounce off of her, blades can't cut her, she's almost invincible. (See weaknesses)
  • Masking Aura: The only power that's always active is the aura that masks her identity from everyone.  She doesn't wear a mask, but her own father can't even recognize her, even if she transforms in front of him.  People can see her just fine, but their minds can't seem to recognize her.
  • Golden Lasso: She has a golden lasso at her hip as Darkstar.  It's completely unbreakable, and she can wrap a person up, hitting them exactly every time.  It's not a skill, but the lasso itself can seek out and wrap around a person or object.

  • Surprise!: Darkstar doesn't have eyes in the back of her head.  Even with her powers fully activated, she can be surprised.  Granted without her powers activated someone can simply punch her in the back of the skull to knock her out.  With her powers activated, she'd have to have a baseball bat, or crow bar or something to knock her out.
  • Time Limit/Recovery Period: Her powers can only last a maximum of five minutes straight.  After that she has to rest for a solid hour before they come back.  If she only uses them for a minute, then it'll take twelve minutes to recover that one minute back.  She's able to ration her activation time a lot of the time and make it last all night, however this forces her to be "normal" most of the time....opening her up to all kinds of attacks.
  • Mostly Human:Erin is completely human, and even when she transforms into Darkstar she's still mostly human.  There's the masking aura, and her golden lasso, but unless she activates her powers, she can be shot, stabbed, and so on pretty easily.
  • Belt: Darkstar's belt houses all of her strength and invulnerability powers.  Removing it from her person will keep her from being able to activate those powers.  Or if she's got them activated it'll strip her of her strength and invulnerability until she can get it back.
  • Tiara: Her tiara houses the power of her masking aura.  Removing it will give the person looking at her the ability to remember her face, or more importantly take a photograph...or even recognize her from one of her modeling shoots. It's like taking off any other heroe's mask.
  • Lasso: Her lasso contains it's own powers, which means if someone else is wielding it, they can take her out and tie her up with unbreakable rope.  They'll also be able to lasso her easily, or choke her out with it, really...they'll be able to more easily take her out if they manage to steal it off of her.
  • Darts/Needles/Syringes: Because of the slower nature and tiny surface area of these devices, they can slip into Darkstar's skin easily, despite being nigh-invulnerable.

Images of Darkstar

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Name: Angela Berkley
Alias(es): Angie, Vendetta
Age/DOB: 29/May 7, 1980
Height: 5'8"
Build: Athletic/curvy
Hair: Blonde, hangs to mid back.
Skin: Often a soft creme color, unless it's in the middle of the summer then she often has a slight bronze coloration to her skin.
Eyes: Sparkling blue

Work: Typically she'll wear a pair of old, ratty jeans, and an equally old t-shirt or tank top.  Often she's teaching someone to paint, and therefore these clothes are there to get such things on them.  If she's meeting with parents or seeing a client, she'll wear a pant-suit with boots, and her hair up in a stylish manner (see above).
Casual: A tight tee or soft sweater paired with either pajama pants while she's at the house, or tight jeans if she's going out somewhere.  If jogging then jogging shorts, sports bra, or if it's colder weather, full pants, sneakers, and a hoodie or wind-breaker.
Date Night: It depends on the date.  If it's a nice restaurant she may wear a pant-suit, or even a nice dress.  If it's dinner and a movie, she'll probably go with a nice blouse paired with jeans or even leather pants.
New York Comic Con: Costumes! Although character depends on her mood, she never goes dressed in plain-clothes to comic conventions.  She doesn't limit herself to comic book characters either, as she might even go as a popular superheroine that she read about in a magazine or newspaper.
Superheroine Costume: An unstable molecule suit that gives her both warmth in the winter, and a coolness in the summer.  Neither are perfect conditions but it'll keep her from dying in the extreme temperature ranges.  The suit has a com link on her left shoulder to communicate with the X-Men or the police.  Boots with two-inch wedge heels, gloves, and a black domino mask complete the outfit. (As shown below)

Occupation: Art Teacher at the Xavier Institute
Income: $75k/year, full benefits, plus room and board at the Xavier Mansion.
Belief System: Something bigger is out there (other than Galactus) but she's not sure what.
Marital Status: Single.

Close Friends: Alexis Swift (fellow teacher), Professor Charles Xavier, Hank McCoy
Community Friends: There's a comic book shop in Manhattan where she plays Hero Clix with a group.  She can't claim to be very good at it, but they're fun guys to hang out with. 
Student Friends: Angela is a friend to any student that wants one.  She's good at listening and comforting the woes of your typical mutant teen.  Though not every teen likes her, she is their teacher after all.

Family: Jessica Berkley (mother), Albert Berkley (Father), Joseph Berkley (Older brother), Mark Berkley (second older brother), Thomas Berkley (little brother).

History: There's not too much to tell.  Or rather there's not too much to tell anyone that she doesn't trust explicitly (see close friends).  Her life at the mansion has had it's ups and downs, but over all she'd like to think of it as an uplifting experience.  Recently she did go on a two-year hiatus to search for a peace that had been missing in her life.  On that search she found some things about herself that she really needed to let go of, and for the most part has let go of such things.

That doesn't mean she likes to talk about these things, but they're well enough dealt with that she doesn't have to very often.  She's been teaching art at Xavier's for four years, it would be six, but again she went on a soul-search for herself.  Vendetta has come in many costumes over the years, though the X-Man costume has been the one she's stuck with the longest.  Other than that, as aforementioned, it's been pretty uneventful.  Well except for fighting Magneto, and other world threats, but then...that is a typical day in the life of someone on the X-Men team.


Hand-to-Hand Combat- Every X-Man has to go through the same training in hand-to-hand combat.  Angela is decent at it, but as with all things, if you don't practice then the edge wears off.  She's still pretty good, she just prefers fighting from the air.
Eagle Eye- Or rather, she can spot things that other people miss.  Years of taking art classes and training with the X-Men have honed her abilities to spot a detail where it might otherwise be missed.  Normally this comes in handy when assessing situations and possible threat levels.
Marksmanship- With her spheres.  She can throw and hit a target up to about fifty yards, and then it's horseshoes and hand-grenades.  Luckily with most of her spheres there are blast radii that will make up for any falter in her aiming.

Abilities: Kinetic Energy Manipulation.


Force Spheres- Angela can concentrate kinetic energy into spheres of varying size.  The blue light that these emit comes from the molecules in the spheres bouncing around so much and so fast.  When she releases the spheres she can then release the built up kinetic energy in a massive "explosion" or in something far less spectacular.  This is why the force of the explosions is directly proportional to the radius of the explosion.  A sphere meant to bend a paper clip may have the radius of a centimeter or two, where as one meant to flip a hummer will have the radius of about the length of a hummer. <p>These can be formed in front of her, behind her, or even relatively close to her.  They can be fairly small in power (only enough to bend a paper clip) or large in power (enough to flip a hummer).  Normally she uses her hands to form them, and direct the balls of energy.  The explosions are only of sound and of concussive force, no extra smoke or fire.
Flight- Angela can fly up to 120mph, though she doesn't get reaction time with this, so if she flies too fast in a crowded area she could hit something.  She does this by focusing the kinetic energies around her so that if she wants to go up, then she pushes the kinetic energy around her down, if she wants to go right, she pushes them left, and so on and so forth.

Unbreakable- Doesn't meant invincible.  All it means is that blades, bullets, darts, and things otherwise made to break the skin, simply do not. Her bones also do not break, and her muscles don't rip.  She doesn't bruise and pain doesn't linger too long.  This is her body's natural way of preventing Angela from killing herself while manipulating kinetic energy.


Force Spheres: The force spheres, unfortunately, can't be directed when they explode.  And the bigger the force, the bigger the "explosion".  While the size of the sphere doesn't have much impact on how the explosion turns out, the actual explosion is directly related to how much force there is.  If you have a force enough to throw a small car, the 'explosion' area is likely to be ten feet in diameter.  Where as if she's just trying to break chains on handcuffs, then the force diameter may only be a centimeter.  The reason this is a weakness is because a sphere can go off too close to her, and in doing so will hit her with the same force as it hits an opponent.
Blunt Force: While Angela is impenetrable, this does not mean she's tough to beat.  It does mean her bones won't break, she won't bruise, but it also means that a 2x4 over the back of her head is an effect means of knocking her out.  So is hitting with a Mack Truck.  A fist to the gut feels like a fist to the gut, the only difference is that the lingering pain only lasts a few seconds.  The air can still be knocked from her...basically she still reacts in the way a normal human would, just without the internal bleeding and/or death associated with getting hit in the head with a falling piano.
Basic Hand-to-Hand:  She's had the basic courses to take on hand-to-hand combat that every X-Man is required to take.  And while she's alright at it, and could beat a normal street-fighting thug into oblivion there are some snags here.  If someone is a master at street-fighting, or even really good, they could overcome her pretty easy.  Also a more experienced martial artist than herself can also kick her butt.   
Poisons: Pretty basic, inhaled, ingested, and topical all work pretty well, though anything that is injected won't work since the needle will bend or break against her skin.
Need to Breathe: Angela can't go without breathing, thus pushing a pillow in her face, shoving her head underwater, or even a plastic bag could be an effective way to kill her.  Anything that obstructs her breathing (say if a building fell on her) will eventually make it impossible for her to survive.

Costume: See Below
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Bat Lady
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Bat Lady (sometimes played as Falcon)

Name: Jessica Jacquelyn Steele
Alias: Bat Lady (though the press has taken to calling her Batgirl); J.J., Jessi, Jess.
Age/DOB: Just turned 19
Affiliations: She has no real affiliations with teams.  She knows Urban in Terminus City, and though she suspects a girl that she graduated high school with, she can't be certain of her identity.  She does go to Urban for supplies.  She also gets gadgets from Blue Bird, but she's never officially met the girl.
Occupation: College Co-Ed. Full time Daddy's Little Girl. Debutante.
Marital Status: Single. Being a superheroine eats up a lot of her time, not to say she's not looking.
Other Relatives: Cole Steele (father, owner of a multi-trillion dollar corporation), Heather Steele (mother, died when Jessica was seven when she was hit on her bike by a drunk driver)
Personality:  Jessica has a strong sense of what's right and wrong in the world and believes that she can help out.  Like most teens she hasn't thought about her own mortality.  It's not as if she believes herself to be invincible, but she simply hasn't considered the possibility of dying.  She's upbeat and loves a good conversation and tries to see the good in people.
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 138 lbs.
Build: Athletic build like a runner. She has strong muscles much like a gymnast or dancer, a nice bubble butt, and perky B cup breasts.
Eyes/Hair/Skin: Piercing blue eyes matched with fair skin and strawberry blonde hair.  Most of the time she wears her hair up in a strict pony tail, but when it's loose it hangs down clear to her ass.
Education:College Freshman


  • Hand-to-Hand: As long as she's been alive, Jessica has known her dad had a lot of money.  As such her dad enrolled her in military-style hand-to-hand combat training.  The idea was that he couldn't always protect, especially when she got older, and she'd need the ability to fight off any would-be kidnappers.  There's not as much of that as the movies would have you believe, but then people have tried to kidnap her twice, once when she was eight (the poor man ended up with her foot in his crotch), and again when she was sixteen.  The latter time she beat him to a pulp after he'd tried to chloroform her.
  • Incredible Willpower: While not necessarily a skill, she does have incredible willpower for a nineteen year old.  She's strong in her convictions and will prove to be incredibly hard to break.  While she's yet to find herself in too much trouble, when she does, she'll be able to work through it and likely even escape.
  • Lock Pick Expert: Her dad taught his daughter quite a bit about locks and how to pick them.  It wasn't to break into places, but rather if she ever did wind up kidnapped and was held by cuffs, he gave her ideas on how to make lock picks, and then how also to pick cuffs and various other locks. 
  • Incredible Wealth: Jessica's trust fund has been multiplying over the years, especially with her daddy's start-up investment in things like Google and other now-corporate giants, he own trust fund is well into the billions.  She'll never have to actually work a day in her life, if she doesn't want to.  It does mean she has incredible funds to work with when buying gadgets and suits for herself.  She can be a full-time superheroine and never feel the burden of needing to keep up any other job.

  • FlexSteel Bodysuit: Bat Lady wears a full bodysuit of FlexSteel.  The suit itself is bullet, slice, and rip proof.  Jessica even went the extra mile to find the producer of the less stretchy FlexSteel suit and bought one for herself.  FlexSteel is a little bit like Kevlar in that it disperses force over a large area to deflect bullets, it's just far thinner, lighter, and both breathes and insulates incredibly well which also leaves the wearer resistant to extreme cold and extreme heat.
  • Utility Belt: Bat Lady's utility belt looks more or less like a strip of rubber around her svelte hips.  However it's home to a multitude of pocket dimensions that she accesses with her gloves and knowing exactly where they are.  They carry everything from military-grade flash bangs to electric batons to medical supplies to...a fair number of things.  The real limitation is the size of the pocket dimension openings meaning she can only fit small objects through them.  It also houses a GPS locator in the buckle of her belt allowing her to communicate with the plethora of vehicles that she owns. Depending where she taps and how she taps on her buckle she can call any of them to her person, or let the cops know, briefly, where to come to pick up a criminal.
  • Reinforced Knee High Boots: Not only do her knee high boots accentuate her height and give her an extra three inches of it (making her 5'10" with them on) but they're made with a reinforced spike heel.  It allows her the ability to punch through steel toed boots with her heels.  The boots are also made to act as a new technology called a long-fall boot.  Essentially it means she can fall several stories and land squarely on her feet without breaking any bones.  Excellent for rooftop travel and jumping into alleys.
  • Gloves: Her gloves have several functions to them.  They house an extra lock pick and blade each for if she manages to get tied up without her belt.  But they also have mini-conductors in them that give off a certain electric signature based on her hands position.  Additionally they also have nano-fiber tendrils that shoot out to over two-hundred feet if necessary.  They can "stick" to any surface and haul over ten times her weight.  She can reel them in and lift herself up if need be.  It allows her to traverse the skyline much like Spiderman, without leaving all of the nasty web-stuff behind.
  • Domino Mask: Her mask sticks to her face with an adhesive that only a special aerosol can remove.  Among superheroines it's a great way to keep your identity safe.  Plus it keeps the mask still during battle leaving them able to concentrate on the fight, not their masks getting in the way or potentially coming off.  Hers even comes equipped with places to touch on the mask for telescopic, thermal, or night vision lenses.  It even has a recording device that transmits what she sees wirelessly to a large databank at her home.
  • Cape: The cape is made of the same light material as her costume, FlexSteel.  She's able to detach it quickly and use it to shield herself or other people from harm.
  • Hidden Compartments: Bat Lady has several compartment along her suit that aren't readily visible to the naked eye.  Even under close inspection they'd be difficult to see.  The lock picks and blades hidden in her gloves are two, though she has two more in her belt, and another six in her boots.  The ones in her belt are hidden along the back stretch of the belt between the compartments, and one just behind the sophisticated buckle.  All they house are lock picks and blades, and the one behind her belt, even a small laser cutter, powered by her belt.  Her boots contain a hidden compartment in each of her spike heels, along the arches of her feet, and two much higher on the boots along the inside rim along her calf.

  • Bat Car: Bat Lady's car is the closest thing that looks like a normal car.  It appears to be a 1969 GTO muscle car.  That's about as far as the similarities go.  She has the ability to make it into a flying car, weapons (non lethal) to lose a tail, and stealth mode built in.  She even has infrared and ultraviolet headlights that allows her to remain completely hidden in the dark, but to see perfectly fine, either through heat signatures or through the perfectly defined night vision.
  • Bat Jet: The jet appears to be something out of the future.  It has the ability to hover.  It's completely silent, allowing her to zip across the skyline undetected.  The jet can fly at Mach 10 (ten times the speed of sound) meaning she can get across the nation or even some oceans with little trouble.  It also is equipped to sustain mid-air refueling, either from a tanker or one of her personal refueling stations over various places in the world.
  • Bat Copter: Her helicopter packs the blades away as soon as it lands. It also has the capability to slowly lower itself to the ground if somehow the power is cut off from the vehicle.  It has a passenger seat behind her, allowing her to carry one other person.  If absolutely necessary she can haul something as big as a large sedan with a cable.  It's built for short travel, both in speed and in maneuverability.
  • Bat Bike: Her motocycle doesn't look like any specific model.  Instead it allows her to blend in without anyone being able to readily identify it.  It comes with rampless jumping capabilities through a turbo boost and shooting a shaft into the ground to give her the necessary lift.  It has a bullet-proof mode where a canopy forms over the top, giving it a very futuristic look.  It has several other weapons as well, and the same systems as the car...although not as much given how much more compact it is.
  • Bat Boat/Sub: What starts off as a speed boat can shed some of it's parts and become a jet ski.  Or it can form a sleek canopy and dive below the surface of the water.  She finds that she doesn't have to use it all that often, but she knows it's there if she needs it.  It also comes with a personal submerging device, allowing her to travel quickly underwater just by herself if for some reason she can't use the sub.

  • "Ticklish": Jessica has several erogenous zones that can be taken advantage of if touched sensually.  While her breasts and crotch are obvious, as even her bubble butt may be...there are other regions such as from her hips up to under her armpits along her sides, her flat tummy and especially her belly button, along the nape of her neck and her inner thighs that are just as easy to take advantage of.  What's worse is that besides a couple of boyfriends "tickling" her in all the right ways, she's never run into it in the field.  She's not aware that if she's not in a sexual situation that it'll still turn her on.
  • Crotch Kick: Technically it applies to any smaller surface on her suit.  There's just not enough room to disperse the force effectively meaning she feels just about the full blow.  This also happens on her hands and under her arms.  There are certain exceptions to this rule like if the area were stretched out.  If she were doing a high kick for example, the force would spread along her legs and thighs. 
  • Darts/Needles/Syringes: Because of the slower nature and tiny surface area of these devices, they can slip into Bat Lady's costume easily, despite being nigh-invulnerable.
  • Chloroform (and other drugs): Due to being mostly human, drugs and chloroform work exceptionally well on Justice.  For all that she seems invincible at times.  A simple rag drenched in ether or chloroform could potentially take her down.   Although other drugs work well if someone can surprise her with it (say slipping something in her drink or food, for example.)
  • :

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Swim Girl
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Name: Kirsten Jordan
Alias: N/A
Age: 19
Job: College Student
Strength- Lift 140 tons. Throw 100 tons.
Speed- Mach 8
Mask- Keeps her identity a secret on a magical level.  People that should recognize her won't while her mask is in place.

Poison/Drugs- Darts, syringes, chloroform, gas, etc.  Delivery methods and all drugs work on her.
Unmasked-Once the mask is removed the spell is broken, people can recognize her in and out of the mask.
Attractive- Extremely attractive, most men want to get a piece of her.
Swimsuit- Her powers come from wearing a swimsuit.  While she wears one most of the time, it can be removed.  This isn't widely known as a weakness.

Costume: In addition to the pictures below she wears a red domino mask, keeps her hair in a french braid, and wears knee-high, red boots, with a four inch heel.
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Name: Cassandra Kemp
Alias: Sandy Kemp
Job: Student at Julliard (Dance)
Hallowed Fire
Shield from the Cold-Hearted: Sandy is able to create shields out of nothing.  The hallowed fire will form either in a shield she forms from her hands, or once she gathers more power, she’ll be able to form entire domes to protect herself and others.

Connect with the Living: Connect is the key here, she has to brush up against someone to read a surface thought, or touch someone’s head to reach down into their deeper thoughts.  This effect is amplified if the person is unable to resist (knocked unconscious).

Burn Impurities:  Sandy can heal wounds faster than a normal person; a scrape will heal in a day.  A bruise will heal within a few minutes to an hour.  A broken bone will heal within a week, and a severed limb can grow again in a month.

Purge Sinful Thoughts: It’s related with her Connect with the Living abilities.  If she’s able to take a hold of a person’s head then she can temporarily purge evil thoughts from their skulls (or sinful thoughts) to give them a conscience on any crimes they’ve committed.  This only lasts a few minutes to an hour, possibly longer or shorter, depending on the severity of the person’s mind.

Fire wields Light: Light, in this case, is in terms of weight.  By wielding the Hallowed Fire she can surround objects to throw them at enemies.

Rise from the Ashes: Just like a phoenix she can rise from the proverbial ashes.  If Flare dies, she will wake up again, and often with new or greater a new, but similar costume. 

Skills: Kajukenbo, lock picking, escaping bondage, small magical spells.

Water Extinguishes Flame:  Or in this case it weakens the Hallowed Fire.  Rain will cause a dampening-like effect on her shields and her powers, where as being thrown in and submersed in water will nearly nullify all of her powers.
Dark smothers Light: Contact with those that possess darker powers will cause a backlash in her mind.  Depending on the severity of the darkness lying within, it could daze her or manifest itself physically and throw her.  Just like with her power being stronger if she should touch a person’s head so will this.  Though in that case it must be a strong dark force within the person and could likely knock the fire right out of Sandy for some time.

Starve the Fire: Fire needs fuel, or in this case Hallowed Fire needs a host, and given the host is a person, flesh and blood, it’s possible to tire her out to the point that the fire has to stop, lest it burn through Sandy and leave nothing but ashes.

Flesh and Blood: While Sandy is able to heal more quickly than most, she can’t heal immediately.  Thus she can effectively be knocked out, or killed just like any other human.

Walk into the Light: After Flare dies it is possible for her to be buried or cremated.  If this should happen she'll be effectively crossed over into Heaven and therefore be permanently dead. Also, dying requires her to be dead for a few days before reviving.

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Name: Taylor Bristow
Age: 23
Height: 5’3”
Appearance: Taylor is a curvy young woman with dark brown eyes and equally dark black hair.  Her skin complements her at a light shade of caramel.  Even without make-up her features are soft; when she smiles it gives her a "cute" quality that attracts many guys but gets her carded when she goes to order drinks.  She has rock solid abs that accompany a very athletic frame.  Her daily work outs give her such a physique; where as genes take care of the rest.
Clothing: Taylor's a jeans and whatever-fits-the-bill kind of girl.  Be it blouses for club-night or date-night, hoodies during the winter, or tanks and tees during the summer almost nothing can beat a good pair of jeans.  Though there are times where she won't be in her trademark denim; like at work they have a specific dress code of a Video Mania forest-green polo shirt, khaki pants, and tennis shoes.  While the shoes aren't hard rules for the company the khaki colored pants and the shirts are very "you will get fired if you don't wear this" kind of rules. 

Occupation: Assistant Manager at Video Mania and Registered Superheroine
Income: $40k/year.  It largely depends on overtime worked and how many hours she puts in. Being a registered superheroine means she pulls in an extra $30k a year.
Belief System: Taylor isn't rightly sure what to believe in. At least she's not sure which religion to follow.  Maybe there's a higher power.  No, there's definitely a higher power at work.  Call it the Universe, Fate, Destiny, God, Allah, Adonai, Zeus, Odin, or whatever there just seems to be some other force that acts upon people's lives. 
Moral Compass: While it may be human to sympathize with someone that's stealing to support their family, it's also not right.  People work damn hard for what they have and stealing that from them is simply wrong.  People excuse what they do all the time, especially if they know it's wrong.  That doesn't make it any less wrong.  What's the saying? The road to Hell is paved with good intentions?  How does this apply? Well there are a lot fewer gray areas in life than most politicians would have you believe.
Marital Status: Single/Dating
Friends: Jerry, Tony, Terri, Jason, Bobby, Michael, Chris
Family: Little brother:  Andrew.  He calls her his little sister because he’s over a foot taller than her, even though he's three years younger; Mother: Cynthia; Father: Gary

Abilities: Wave-Form Manipulation.  For the foreseeable future it only pertains to light wave forms.  She absorbs the light through her eyes so that it can be manipulated by her brain.  From there she's learned to manipulate the light in several ways.  Not nearly the array she had before, but still a decent scope of manipulating light.  Thus she has to be able to see a bright enough light in order to manipulate it.

Light Saber: While Taylor could pull light together and form it into a beam of light that's about three or four feet long it's not very practical.  It takes entirely too much effort to do so.  Instead she carries with her, as Sunbeam, a hilt to a Star Wars' replica light saber--provided by Lester Jenkins.  Inside of it she and Dr. McCoy have fashioned an LED flashlight that shines brightly.  Thus all she needs to do is cap it, turn it into a laser and change the color to bring out the light saber.  The hilt is charged by movement, so walking and running, even while in use constantly charges the device. Also, she can change the way the light acts to change it more into an electro-stasis field.  The result is that her light saber is thereby set to "stun" rather than "kill".  The stun portion is like getting hit with a taser.  It'll hurt, and it'll probably drop you, but it won't kill you.  She can't uses the sword to bludgeon anyone, it isn't solid, instead someone could pass right through it just like a flashlight beam.  However, this is ill advised when set to "stun" or "kill" for obvious reasons.
Laser Blasts Strapped to Sunbeam's left thigh is something right out of a Star Trek movie.  The blaster is also a replica again with an LED motion-charged flashlight hidden in the barrel.  Likewise to the light saber she can use her abilities to create lasers that will cut through most anything, or tone it to a different station so that she can create the "stun" effect. 
Laser Shield: She can bend light.  It's a hell of a deal for some people to grasp that she can even do it.  The shield is made up of  lasers that are coiled together rather than shooting out straight.  She often forms it on her left forearm while using her light saber.  Anything to hit it will get incinerated on "impact". 
Flash: She can take a light and make it much, much brighter in an instant creating a bright flash effect to blind someone.
Ultra Violet Vision: As Dr. McCoy predicted Taylor can absorb light on a spectrum that normal humans can't see without assistance.  It also makes her able to see such ranges of light.  In this case she's learned to control the ability to see in extremely low light situations.  A dark room will appear light as day to Taylor, though everything will be as if it were green monochrome.
Hard Light: Using the same physics that the Danger Room uses to manipulate light to affect space and physicality of objects, she can create multitudes of weapons.  Most often she can use this to grind on light-created railings like a skate-boarder might.  This allows her to traverse rooftops more easily.  Also she can create platforms directly under her soles to allow her to walk on.  She can also shoot this hard light, so it'll be like getting hit with rubber bullets.
Invisibility: Through a master manipulation of bending light, she can bend light around her so that she appears to be invisible.  Thermal vision would still pick her up, but night vision would still find her to be invisible. 
Illusions: She can create illusions down to the minute details that someone is somewhere else.  If someone is on a rooftop, she can make an alley appear further way, thus causing them to walk right down into the alley while the ground gives out from under them.
Hard Illusions:Just as she can create hard light, she can create a scenario around a person that allows them to believe that they're somewhere else.  This takes a hell of a lot of concentration and leaves her open to outside attacks from those that she's not manipulating through hard illusions.  Often these will be used to temporarily confuse an opponent while she makes a getaway, though without her there they only last for about thirty seconds before dissipating due to her being out of range.

Blind: Since all of her powers come from her eyes absorbing light, then if her eyes are closed, or she has a blindfold on then it'd be possible to keep her powers at bay.
Dark Corners: She can't manipulate light that she can't see or that isn't bright enough.  If she were kept in a dark room with the only light coming in from under the door, she wouldn't be able to do anything with that.  It'd have to be a fairly bright light on the other end of the door for her to even get on the ground and look under the door to absorb the light.  Similarly if it's anything but a full moon she can't use the ambient lights from the sky to power her.  She'd have to find a street lamp, apartment, or the LED lights on her thighs to manipulate. 
Mirrors: They can be her greatest weapon or her greatest weakness.  She can bounce light off of them so that the light becomes brighter and enough for her to use, or the opponent can wield them.  Light bounces off of mirrors.  Even her light saber in kill mode, or her laser blasts.  Anything with the silver-mirror finish can effectively deflect any of Taylor's attacks. 
Out Matched:  She's trained in Judo for a while now but she's still only so good at it.  She relies heavily on her powers to fight with, and while they are formidable they do require concentration and they can be countered.  She's taken some other martial arts, but her punches are horribly telegraphed as are her kicks.  An experienced fighter could easily take her on in hand-to-hand.

Sunbeam wears a solid silver unitard that reaches from her neck all the way to her feet.  Up the outsides of her legs are black, but shiny strips that do nothing but add to the design of the costume.  She wears a slim, black stretchy belt around her waist, and two thigh holsters.  In her right holster rests a damn good replica of a Star Wars light saber, and in the left holster a replica of a Star Trek blaster.  Each holster is black as well.  Her boots have no heels, and are of the gothic variety.  Thick soles with steel toes and metal braces over the leather straps that keep the boot on.  She wears black finger gloves on her hands.  Her torso is covered by a black leather jacket with zip ties in her various pockets.  Finally the costume is topped off with a black domino mask that fist snug to her face and doesn't appear to have straps that go to the back of her head.  The unitard sleeves do have the black stripes up to her shoulders, but those go unseen due to the jacket.

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Name: Coral Anemone
Age: 24
Job: Fire Fighter
Abilities:    The ability to control water molecules.  At age twelve she discovered the power and has been practicing since her parents died to refine it.   Coral can draw water from it's source, but its volume will shrink as she controls it.  Not because of evaporation, or because she can't control it all, but because she can only control the water molecules.  The dirt and air filters from the water source briefly as she takes control of it.  After ten years of training with her power, she can control something as massive as a 25- yard, 8-lane swimming pool. (eight feet deep in the deep end, four feet deep in the shallow end.)  Though that's the max, and takes a good deal of concentration to pull off.  Also, depending on how much water she has she can speed the molecules up, or slow them down, thus creating boiling hot water, or freezing cold ice.

Water Tension: Coral is able to control the water at the molecular level, and therefore can bind the molecules closer together and make the surface tension greater.  Allowing her to create walls, or the ability to stand on water.
Slow/Cool Down: Controlling water at the molecular level means she can vibrate the molecules and slow down that vibration, therefore cooling the water and possibly turning it to ice.
Speed/Heat Up:  Controlling water at the molecular level means she can vibrate the molecules and speed up that vibration, therefore heating the water and possibly turning it to steam.
Limit: She's only able, during a fight to control a maximum amount of water, equal to that of a large swimming pool. (Measurments listed above)  However in deep mediation she may be able to control quantities larger than a swimming pool.  Yet mediation in a heated situation is nigh impossible.
Velocity: If flinging the water at a person she can push the water, or ice, up to 200 miles per hour.
Water within objects: Such as within humans she could control it, but it'd kill the person.  Therefore she normally sticks to more solid objects like water bottles.  By controlling the water in them, she can turn a water bottle into a 'grenade', or possibly a 'missile'.
Water Sense: Coral is able to sense the water in an area, though it's harder to tell humans from animals and other surroundings unless in a dehydrated enviorment (like a fire or the desert).  Then she is able to sense where water is and what the water is (person, in a pipe, an underground stream, etc.) more easily.

Skill: Black Belt in Tai Chi.

Arid--Deserts, fires, any place where there is no humidity she has no water to manipulate.  Extreme heat makes it hard to condense the water in the air into something worth fighting with.
Typical Human Weaknesses

Costume: She wears a spider-silk treated costume that's bullet proof, rip proof, and cut proof.  It's a black, wet-lycra, look with a shimmering, rippling (as if it were water) silver H on her chest.  She wears no weapons on her, but lives where it's humid so she always has water at hand.
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Name: Calliope Kearney
Alias: C.K.
Age: 28
Job: Police Detective
Super Suit- It gives her strength (5 tons), speed (100 mph), and is bullet proof, fire-proof, and has a lot of gadgets to help her out.

Skills: Black Belt in her own style Flow.  It's a myriad of mixed martial arts perfect for crime fighting.

Crotch--it hasn't been discovered yet, as she's never been defeated, but a hit to the groin shorts the suit out for thirty seconds, plus it hurts like a bitch.

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Name: Kim Li (older sister to Amy, younger sister to evil brother)
Age: 26
Job: Ring-Fighter, bouncer, thief of thieves
Strength-Lift 6 tons. Throw 4 tons. Jump 10 stories
Speed- 120 mph
Super Senses- Touch, smell, sight, taste, and hearing are all increased by forty times.  It allows her to sense people coming up behind her, track down criminals, see in the dark, see up to half a mile away, etc.  She can only somewhat dull the senses if she needs to.

Super Senses: Touch means extra pain and pleasure. Smell means she can be knocked out with chloroform ten feet away, sight means she can be blinded, and hearing means she can be deafened easily.

Costume: She wears a purple body-sheathe of the wet-lycra variety.  It shimmers against the light that makes her body seem all that more attractive.  She wears a purple cowl with the suit, black belt, gloves, and boots.  On the belt she has various things to help her out while fighting or sneaking into places, such as lock picks, rope cutters, and other various tools.
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Spider Girl
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Name: Abigail McCabe
Alias: Jade Jamison, J.J. (pen names for modeling)
Age: 21
Job: Ultimo Lingerie Model
Crystal of Ragno Rock- Upon finding this crystal, Abby found that it absorbed itself into her body.  The crystal of forgotten legend immediately transformed her body into one of the legendary hero Ragno.

Transformation: Abigail can transform into Spider-Girl no matter where she is or what she's wearing.  The crystal that's now fused with her body and spirit gives her the ability to create spider-silk out of the pores of her skin, and even make a costume in a matter of seconds.  Thus she can effectively 'transform' into Spider-Girl where ever she may be.
NOTE: Abigail doesn't know this yet, but her mind actually controls what the suit will look like.  She feels her powers make her like Spider-Girl therefore the crystal interprets that to mean she wants to look like Spider-Girl.  In the future her costume may change due to a realization that she can control what it looks like, instead of assuming that it's just naturally this way.  Also, once the suit if formed, it's only just a suit, she doesn't have any lingering connection to it.
Strength: She can lift 75 tons above her head and throw it for about ten feet.  With adrenaline and in a dead lift, she could max out at 100 tons above her head...though it'd only last about five seconds and she'd pass out afterward.
Spidey-Sense: Possibly her most powerful ability.  The ability to sense danger directed at her, and from what direction it's coming from.  Giving her the ability to get out of the way or at least prepare for it.
Web-Slinging: She's able to produce, naturally, webbing from her wrists.  This can be used in a variety of manners, from swinging from buildings to shooting globs off, to tying up the badguys.  The strength of these extremely sticky, stretchy bands, can hold up to 300 tons. She can actually produce the webbing from anywhere on her body, but she prefers using her wrists.
Wall-Crawl: Almost identical to Spider-Man, little barbed, microscopic hairs come out of her skin and allow her to stick to any object.  It works great for scaling large buildings, or sneaking up on people, or just flat out giving her the advantage in a fight.  She hasn't applied it in this way, yet, but she also has the ability to hold onto people extra tight or other objects like bats or crowbars if she's trying to steal them away from someone else.
Agility: A precognitive sense would almost be worthless without some heightened agility.  She's able to jump, flip, and tumble with the best of them, making her ability to dodge uncanny. 
Tough: Not as tough as she'd like to be, but tough enough.  She can fall from a height of fifty stories and merely be a human bruise, upon waking up a good twenty minutes later.  It takes more force to break her skin and her bones, even to cause burns, but the potential of getting hurt is still there. This really is just secondary to her other abilities, one that makes sure she won't get squashed by something she's trying to lift.
Spidey-Suit: Not really an ability, but once the suit if formed it acts as another shield to her body.  It'll block most blade and bullet attacks from penetrating her skin. 

Gas: While Abby wear's a full mask it isn't built for filtering the air.  Just like any other person, gas (from mace to knock-out gas) will affect her in the exact same way as a normal person.
Darts: Her suit may be bullet proof, but darts or syringes can get through the fibers just fine.  Thus injecting her with toxins is a perfectly reasonable option for taking her out.
Blunt/Blade/Bullet: Blades won't penetrate the suit in a slicing motion, but in a stabbing motion the blade can penetrate up to a half-inch.  Not much but it still hurts.  High caliber rounds also will slice through the second-skin without much of a problem.  Finally regular bullets, blunt objects, and slashing blades all have about the same effect.  They hurt like hell and might cause welts or bruises, but won't penetrate the suit.  And while Abigail is tough a normal guy swinging a baseball back towards her skull is still going to knock her silly, or getting hit by a speeding car is still going to take her out for a moment.  Just not kill her.
Multiple Attacks: Referring to her spidey-sense, she can dodge single attacks pretty well.  Even two or three attacks at the same time, though once the attacks start coming from all directions and multiple sources, the ability to dodge goes way down.  Just one attack landing can cause her to lose her balance and start taking other hits.
Electricity: Tasers are quite effective against Abigail.  It'll make her body seize and then be extremely weak if not unconscious after such an attack.
Famous: No doubt about it.  Abigail is famous in Japan.  Taking off her mask as Spider-Girl could be horrible for her health.  Even if someone happened not to recognize her off the bat, it'd only be a matter of time before they saw her face in a lingerie ad, or in a superhero film, or even some star roles in American films. 
Goop: Creams, gels, and all gooey substances (and liquids) inbetween.  Assuming that it's got some kind of chemical agent to be absorbed through the skin, soaking Abby and/or Spider-Girl in such things will be quite effective at subduing her.
Untrained: She's not trained in anything but stage-fighting.  She knows how to make a fight look real on screen, and even a few techniques of martial arts for stage-fighting, but the actual martial arts? Never been trained.  Doesn't really need it with the ability to sense danger and react so quickly.  Not unless she comes up against a martial artist, or ten...
Extreme Heat: Like in a fire.  Her suit has to scale itself back when in extremely hot and dry situations.  Spider-silk is almost constantly moist due to the body oils of her skin, and the ability to maintain the moisture levels.  In hot and dry environments her body protects itself, and the suit becomes brittle.  Thus it often has to scale back into protecting core-elements (just her torso) and takes on a more swim-suit like appearance.  This opens her up to all kinds of attacks, and often, even the scaled-back suit can be ripped fairly easily.
Other Poison: Any and all types of poison can harm Spider-Girl/Abby, so long as the method of delivery is sound, she will likely find herself in a world of trouble.

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Spy Girl
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Spy Girl

Name: Victoria Little
Alias: Spy Girl
Age: 22
Job: College Sophomore, Superheroine
Reality Manipulation: While potentially powerful it's only manifested itself in Victoria as to allow her to transform into her superheroine identity and create weapons out of thin air.  This gives her an infinity ammo cheat with reality, and a flawless secret identity since she shifts into another girl entirely when she changes into Spy Girl.  She's capable of creating a suit that would give her powers and any piece of technology she can imagine (even if she doesn't know exactly how it works), leaving her quite powerful.  However she's assuming she's a shape shifter with some extra little abilities, not realizing all that she can really do.

Under the chin: She has a weak spot.  Instant orgasms occur when someone rubs the underside of her chin.
Daddy Issues: Her dad, though she doesn't know it, is a crime boss.  And Spy Girl is a thorn in his side.

Spy Girl

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Ms. Cool
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Ms. Cool

Name: Amy Li
Age: 17, almost 18
Job: Senior in high school
Ice- She can create and use ice to her advantage.

Skills: Some martial arts, creative mind for creating ice objects.

Heat: Anything above 90 degrees starts to weaken Ms. Cool.

Costume: Ms. Cool wears a sleeveless leotard with a diagonal cut between metallic blue on top and silver on bottom.  The "cut" in colors reaches from her right hip to her left under arm.  She also wears a pleated micro-mini that just hides her naughty bits during battle.  She wears a blue and silver mask along with blue ankle boots with four-inch heels, and blue and silver opera gloves.
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Name: Ashleigh Crow
Age: 18
Job: Cocoa Cove Barista/High School Senior
Miniature Black Holes: Essentially Ashleigh can create ball of light and shoot it out in front of her or make it hover in one place. When this ball of light collapses (much like a star) it creates a miniature black-hole. The gravitation field that results will pull anything within it's pull towards it. Ashleigh also has the ability to shut these black-holes off. Meaning they'll dissipate into nothingness.

Spheres: The spheres themselves don't do any damage. They're about the size of a baseball, and at their best they light the way like a flashlight. The spheres are intangible meaning she can float them inside of other objects such as soda cans if she so wishes. Ashleigh can hover the spheres in place or throw them at someone.

Collapse: When the spheres of light collapse they create a massive suction all around them. In this sense it's much like a black hole will force all things to come into it. Her own mini-black holes are far weaker than what happens after a star collapses. They can drag up to 5 tons with them. Albeit very slowly and the object probably won't get to them if it's that big before it dissipates. Given a weak enough composition, she can shoot a sphere into something like a soda can then collapse the sphere, which would then collapse the can of soda into a much more compact form. She's killer at doing recyclables.

String: Depending on the size of the object, Ashleigh can set up a series or a string of spheres to turn on and off in order to throw the object at an accelerated rate. She has to have all the spheres lined up in order for it to work, and she has to collapse them one at a time, and turn the previous one off in order for it to work. This takes a great deal of concentration, but when it works it can accelerate something like a brick up to about fifty miles per hour. The heavier the object is, the closer knit the spheres need to be. So if she's accelerating a penny (several feet), she can have them further apart, but if she's accelerating that brick, they'll need to be closer together (several inches). Thus, making heavy things go really fast is nearly impossible. And making small things go fast often hit terminal velocity before they can do severe damage.

Eye for Detail: Ashleigh has an ability to pick out what other people might miss. This is great for spotting that fiber on that sharp piece of wood in that giant warehouse that even forensics teams may have missed. Or otherwise spotting clues that may have been left at a crime scene.
Gumshoe: Spotting clues wouldn't do much good without the ability to interpret them. It's one of the few cases where having an over-active imagination can come in handy. She can connect the dots between clues and then create a story around it to fit the facts. Whether or not its true doesn't always matter at the time. When she gets more clues, like a good detective, she can reconnect the dots with the new information.

Unskilled: She's not trained, at all, in hand-to-hand combat. She's seen movies. She's watched a little bit of fight quest. She knows just enough to get herself into some serious trouble. She does know not to hook her thumb inside her fingers when making a fist, but that's about it. She telegraphs her moves like crazy and when they impact it's not with the force that should be behind them. She's easily put off balance, she kicks too high, and she leaves herself open all the time.
Normal Human Weaknesses: She can be shot, stabbed, slashed, burned, frost-bitten, poisoned, gassed, etc. just like any other human. Except when she's in costume, then it goes down to being darted, gassed, gooped, poisoned, beat-up etc. like any other human.
Spiiiiiders: EW. They have eight legs and they're nasty and most are poisonous. Essentially they make her shudder and lose all concentration on anything except for killing said spider.
Unconscious/Dazed: If she's hit hard enough, simply chloroformed, or otherwise knocked out or dazed she can't use her powers. She has to be able to concentrate on them and, as aforementioned, she can't do this while dazed or out cold.
Light the Way: When using a string of spheres any intelligent person can see the path that an object will take. Making it easier to dodge an object.
Powers: She can't negate the effects of her spheres on herself. She has to direct them away from her or far enough apart that they won't hit her and drag her into the path of whatever object. This can become problematic in tight spaces.

Nova's costume consists of very little besides the aesthetics. She wears a pair of knee high boot with a two-inch heel. Big enough to make her seem a little taller while small enough that she can still balance and run easily enough. She also wears what appears to be a metallic-silver spandex body-glove. It stretches over her form perfectly ending in a cowl that slips over the top of her head. The cowl itself has an opening the back to allow her loose blond hair to fall free. In the center of her chest is a black star-burst complimented by black elbow-length gloves, and a slim black belt slung around her hips. She also wears a short black cape that hangs down to her hips. It doesn't really serve a function but she thought it looked cute.

The silver parts of the suit are a treated form of spider-silk. Something that's ten times as strong as kevlar but as stretchy as spandex. Being treated with sheer thickening fluid (STF) allows the fibers to stiffen upon high-velocity impact and disperses the force over a larger area. This makes it bullet proof, slice proof, rip proof, and stab roof (with blades). Needles and darts can still penetrate the suit about 75% of the time, and the suit itself still breathes really well. Allowing for insulation against the weather.

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