Dat Mass Effect! (Female seeking Male chara, Advanced Lit only... see inside)

Started by Lumasan, March 22, 2012, 09:02:47 AM

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Please note: If you know nothing about the ME Universe, please turn around and go elsewhere, I am looking for a meaningful rp full of ME goodies!

We all know the story... You know the one about Shepard, how they took on Saren and the Geth, took down Sovereign, destroyed a Collector's Base and came out alive, and then took on the Reapers for the sake of the galaxy and to save earth. But what about everyone else? What happened where Shepard didn't go? What happened on Earth while Shepard was out gallivanting about? How did Aria come to power, and how did she lose her station to Cerberus? So many questions to be asked, and answered. Specially, what if there were heroes besides Shepard out there? What about their stories?

So here we are, at the beginning of our end...

There are multitudes of stories just waiting to be played out in this universe, that I'm very happy that the Bioware team created. There are many possibilities, but I am looking for one main thing. A long standing/running story role-play focusing on battle, survival and fighting for the universe, with romance subplot. Anything can be derived from that but that is the one requirement. Most of my On's and Off's may or may not apply to this storyline mainly because I want something unique, and heart wrenching to come from this, not just pure let's get it on for the sake of getting it on... So for the sake of this post, I'm writing down a new set of On's and Off's that pertain only to this universe.

Please note the following may not be in any particular order, and are just listed under category as turn ons and turn offs.
Major On's

  • Turians: I cannot stress how much a male Turian turns me on. They make me easier to spread than butter.
  • Cross-Species Romance: Particularly anything of the Human x anything. Specially Turians. (Once again)
  • Krogans: Seriously who doesn't love these guys? But more and more lately, I find amongst my friends, I'm the only person who would love to have a relationship (romantic) with one...


  • Drell: Okay, so what if their lips produce a hallucinogen... Can we say funnest romance ever? I wonder what it would be like...
  • Hanar: Yes... I know I might just be that kind of freak, but I'm more interested in playing around with soul names and ...well holding hands with one?
  • Humans: Someone would probably shoot me if I didn't include these guys....
  • Quarians: I think it would be extremely interesting to divulge unto this culture, explore their need for medical suits, and sterility of things... Would be quite interesting...


  • Asari: I know you're probably wondering now,why not Asari? Because they remind me of humans too much, thank you...
  • Salarians: I just never found these folks to be sexually arousing, more like ... "Dawww, I want to hug you, and pet you, and call you fluffy" kind of cute...
  • Elcor: You'd probably have to give me a good idea to get into a relationship or role-play with one of these guys...
  • AI/Geth: This subject could definitely be explored, especially if I were to be playing a Quarian...
  • Protheans: We'd have to do something historical, possibly expand upon the species Javik mentions, or else we have to do something involving Javik and the current time and space of the universe, which would end up giving up a short time frame to do stuff in.


  • Vorcha
  • Batarians
  • Volus

And in this madness...We found our hope...

There are a number of role-play situations I would like to get into in the Mass Effect universe. Mostly centered on Cross Species relationships, fighting anything (i.e. Cerberus or Collectors, or husks!), romance, and plot. Any of these pairings are pairings I'd like to explore in a story (of any kind, which can be discussed before divulging into the role play itself):

Turian Male x Human Female: Taken This one's a biggy for me, I have a major thing for Turians, and felt kind of ripped off the times I got to see Shepard and Garrus interact, and I want to delve more into Turian history, politics, etc and what not.
Krogan Male x Human Female: Another one, considering you can't romance a Krogan in any of the games, I'd really, really, really like to see how this would turn out!

Anything other than that is up for grabs as well. However, I would prefer it to be centered around a Female Human/Alien crossover...

And hope... Became our greatest weapon...

So I bet you're sitting there right now, reading this, and wondering... What's the catch? Simple... I require you be able to post at least 3 paragraphs of text per post (Although I will let less slide at given times depending on the subject matter, but I'm not going to be easy about that), be able to post on a regular basis... and be relatively literate. This means, grammar is important, I expect no spelling errors or misused words. I will let run-on sentences go, but I DO expect a nice use of vocabulary, and a fair amount of description. Because if you don't give me something detailed to work with, the role-play will quickly fizzle out, and that is something I DO NOT WANT.

I am open if you are a female interested in playing a male character, but I want the character opposite of mine to be Male and there is no budging on that.

I have a strange schedule, and I may not always post every day , and some days I'll make multiple entries, so I require a patient person who's willing to deal with this.

It's not always going to be about the sex, the sex is just an added flavor so to speak. It will be a plus to this, and may change often.

I require you know plenty about the Mass Effect universe, and at the very least I require you have played at least ME1, and some of ME2. If you've played all three games and know your codex entries, then welcome aboard! I will let this slide though (If you've only ever played ME1), because there is a helpful wiki located here: http://masseffect.wikia.com/wiki/Mass_Effect_Wiki

You need to have experience with not being a "I'm a god in combat, and no one can kill me" because our characters, in the end, if decided upon, might die. Also no one likes anything remotely God modish. Take a dang hit once in a while? If not often... Barriers and Shields only hold so long...

That you be competent, polite and understanding, and capable to long term commitment.

And lastly, that you send me a sample of your role-playing techniques and Mass Effect knowledge in a PM to me. Please make sure it is a paragraph or more (preferably around two), it can pertain to anything in the Mass Effect universe, but the length is your only requirement.

If you are still reading this: Congrats! You made it through my proposal! If you are still interested in this role-playing opportunity, please PM me!
My Ons and Offs/My Current Cravings 1x1's

"The Greatest Thing You'll Ever Learn, Is Just to Love, And Be Loved In Return" -Eden Abhez "Wild Boys"


Important Update!

It has come to my attention that I completely neglected the relationship between the Hanar and the Drell. My apologies, this is something that could be delved upon within a role-play situation if you so desire.

I would not mind delving into a Geth x Quarian role-play either, as I would find this an interesting chance to delve into the mechanics of the creators and the created. To explore a time when the Geth were created, long before Shepard came along.

I have to say right now, the main two role-plays I'm craving in this universe right now are Human x Turian or Krogan, which is why they are posted in the main post above. But mostly, I should say, in regards to plot, I'm craving anything Mass Effect related!
My Ons and Offs/My Current Cravings 1x1's

"The Greatest Thing You'll Ever Learn, Is Just to Love, And Be Loved In Return" -Eden Abhez "Wild Boys"