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Started by Lumasan, August 06, 2012, 05:24:49 AM

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Alright, so here I am again. Posting some cravings here in the One on One request thread. I've been actually wanting to run a group game but have no ideas what so ever that would work for one. I have a few things I'm craving at the moment, and this thread will be my official cravings thread from here on out. This thread may or may not be image heavy, nerdy, and all about romance and looking for permanent one on one partners. I have terrible luck with keeping one on one partners in the long run (past a year) and I need to replenish my base of friends. I like to be kept busy with posting things at the moment since I have pretty much nothing else to do.

I do not have much as to preference in partners, I do have a tendency of gathering more attention from males (although some of the best role playing partners were female friends, they were more romantically driven). But I will state what I am looking forwards to from anyone interested in role-playing with me:

  • Plot and Romance are inter-related: I only play games that are about plot and romance, sex acts of any kind are a bonus.
  • Literacy: I expect a good amount of paragraphs for posts, proper grammar and spelling. With the help of online spell checker now-a-days, it's a bit easier for a lot of us. I still expect posts with a minimum of 2-3 paragraphs.
  • Availability: I am available a majority of the time, but I have a terrible knack for disappearing without notice. I prefer partners who can make at least 1-2 posts a week, and who I can communicate with through messenger, should I suddenly become busy.
  • Understanding and Patience: I'm terrible sometimes, well in my own opinion. I can get a bit excited sometimes and end up pestering my partners with conversation and or prodding for posts. I need a partner to be understanding of this and have patience enough to deal with it, with at least some enthusiasm.
  • Communication: Lastly, like availability, I find communication with partners to be key, hence why any one I role-play with, I require an instant messenger id to talk to them with. I find this is my most likely way to let my partners know that something is up on my end.

Now that we have that over and done with... I can get onto my cravings for now. They will be posted here, as regularly as I come up with them. Strikethrough lines are ideas that have been taken.

If you are interested in an Rp. Please follow the rules regarding each idea. If I require an Rp sample (for a specific character) please provide one. If I require that you have knowledge of a certain subject, please state you have it with some examples of what you know.

If you are interested in any of the following story ideas, please pm me on this site, with the Story idea as the title followed by the words "Herpity derp" to signified you actually read through all of this and understand what I am looking for.

The Ideas

Run Away With Me

Somehow, somewhere, the Doctor was involved in another life changing event. Injured and broken, possibly dejected and lonely, he's forced to regenerate. My partner would get the opportunity to make the Doctor his own, playing a new Regeneration. I would be a companion of course, as we would run across the universe and time together. Long term, romantic, adventurous and open for sexuality. Possibilities for ideas within this for plot can include any of the Doctor's enemies, finding other time lords, parallel universes, ect.

This one would be a unique story as it would involve extensive talks with my potential partner. It's tailor made and special. If you are interested in this idea, please send me a pm stating your knowledge of the verse, a basic idea for your Doctor (can include potential appearances), and a general writing sample (can be taken from any of your previous games).

How the Mighty Have Fallen

Warning Possible Spoilers!

This idea requires knowledge of the entire series of Supernatural up to the most recent season finale. Preferably, proper knowledge of Castiel is a must. I need to mention that I just recently got into Supernatural (about a year and a half ago now) and I am doing my best to learn everything about it still (including the role-playing game system).

I am hoping that this long term story will follow some of the events of the series, but through the eyes of Castiel and my character (a human), some kind of curiosity would drive a friendship between these two characters. Possibly mine would have been a potential prophet, who has yet to realize her duty (because it has yet to come) and Castiel is her charge. Just an idea. But a story that evolved with the series would be interesting and would provide enough plot to start off with. And yes it would continue after Castiel disappears for a time after releasing the Leviathans, and after he withdraws Sam's madness (Possible fragments of Lucifer) into himself.

This is a loose idea, but I love the character Castiel. He is intriguing and his innocence is enough to make me want to corrupt him, but not necessarily corrupt him. Rather teach him. This idea can also be taken to a different level and revolve around different events, the alter-verse, and much more. I hope my partner and I in this story will do much talking about this idea.

If you are interested in this idea, please send me a pm stating your knowledge of this universe, and a writing sample in the form of a post as Castiel (can be doing anything, but try to demonstrate Castiel in all his quirkiness).

My Ons and Offs/My Current Cravings 1x1's

"The Greatest Thing You'll Ever Learn, Is Just to Love, And Be Loved In Return" -Eden Abhez "Wild Boys"


~*~ NEW ~*~

Temptations of Fate

This role-play idea revolves around fate, destiny and star crossed romance. The Red String of Fate is something that will be behind the romance in this one on one. It will be two original characters, and any other number of things could involve. I would like there to be a pattern of them coming back to each other time after time and again, troubles, worries, drama. I don't really care about the little stuff until we discuss it in a pm. There's a lot of room for setting, time period and plot (besides the fate idea) that would allow most people to work with it easily. Same rules apply for this role-play as the others, pm me with interest in this, writing sample for this is optional, and feel free to suggest things.

My Ons and Offs/My Current Cravings 1x1's

"The Greatest Thing You'll Ever Learn, Is Just to Love, And Be Loved In Return" -Eden Abhez "Wild Boys"


~*~ NEW ~*~

For You, Always

Commander Cullen and Lady Rozalyn Trevelyan (pictured) are now at a pass. Whilst the Inquisition still has much to do after the defeat of Corypheus, they still have plenty of free time on their hands. This story would take place after the end of Inquisition, but can really be set at any point. Could be before or after the new Divine is chosen. Before the Elven rebellion (if there is one), and what not. This is really just a request to find someone capable of playing Cullen to my Trevelyan. Would very much enjoy this, considering the hang up on this character I have been having.

Must have a working knowledge of DA:I and the Dragon Age Universe. Ability to play Cullen relatively in character is a must. Mage Sympathetic (Trevelyan is a mage: Knight Enchanter). If you know the codex, you will be my best friend! This could go on for any length of time, could just be short sex scenes, don't care, just need Cullen Fluff.

Same rules apply to this rp as the others that are listed. If interested in fulfilling this role please send a pm with the following: Acknowledgement of knowledge of Thedas and it's history, and a general writing sample (can be pulled from past roleplays or can be a sample of you as Cullen. Cullens get kudos)
My Ons and Offs/My Current Cravings 1x1's

"The Greatest Thing You'll Ever Learn, Is Just to Love, And Be Loved In Return" -Eden Abhez "Wild Boys"