Olivia's Hard Dickings - ugly duckling story

Started by RedEve, March 17, 2012, 09:23:13 AM

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Olivia never was the prettiest girl. All of junior high and her freshman and sophomore years of high school were made a hell by the mean girls who tormented her and the guys who cruelly made fun of her appearance. Puberty had dealt her a cruel hand. Not only did she have the worst acne, but she wore braces that looked more like a medieval torture device and her glasses were the opposite of trendy. She was tall from an early age, but her chest and butt were both flat, so she looked more like a broom stick than a woman (which was one of the names she was called nearly daily).

It was partly to escape the torment of day to day life at her school that she applied to study a year abroad. And so she spent her junior year of high school in Paris. It wasn't only intellectually that Olivia blossomed there. One of her French class mates gave her the name of an anti-acne creme that cleared up her face in a matter of weeks. She replaced her old-woman specs with a pair of lenses. The braces got removed just days before she left for France. And as the biggest miracle of all, she turned out to be just a late developer, as her chest, buttocks and hips all grew in volume. Her year in France proved to be fruitful. She made friends for the first time in her life, had her first real boyfriend and even lost her virginity.

It was with a heavy heart she returned back to the US to finish her HS at her old school. But will Olivia still be treated the same way now that she had flowered into a beautiful swan?

I'm basically looking to play an R-rated version of the countless teen movies about the "ugly duckling turned swan". Olivia is going to make up for lost time once she figures out all the jocks and popular boys who used to torment her are now trying to get into her panties. Perhaps I will even include a fling with one of the teachers just to mix it up. ;)
This will be a one-on-one game, but the person who plays the other role will have to take on several characters (basically all the guys she sleeps with upon her return to her high school).

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