World War 2 resistance-themed Game [ M/F, UN ]

Started by Hemingway, February 18, 2012, 03:59:44 PM

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This time, I'm looking for something a bit different. In fact, I don't think I've ever asked for, let alone done, anything quite like it.

What I'm looking for, in a nut shell, is a World War 2 resistance-themed game. It would take place in a German-occupied European country, with Czechoslovakia or France as the most likely candidates. One character would be a member of the local resistance, the other an agent from one of the Allied countries. That said, I would like to add some intrigue, with one or both of the characters being a double, possibly even triple agent for either the Soviet Union or Germany - the details of this can be worked out later, as I have several ideas. In the end, however, the characters are both in it for themselves - whatever they do to help win the war is just a side effect of their real goal. In that sense, this idea is partly inspired by the movie Kelly's Heroes, wherein a group of American soldiers desert to steal a cache of German gold kept several miles behind enemy lines, and end up as heroes after liberating a German-held town. The movie is quite light-hearted, which is also something I'd like for this to be.

I would like to play the male role, but I'm open to filling the role of either the resistance member or the foreign agent. In addition, I don't think a story like this would be complete without a highly refined German officer as an antagonist. Perhaps a German officer with a lovely secretary for humorous and kinky minor scenes.

It's a possibility, is all I'm saying.  ;D


I didn't seem to have much suggest with this the first time around, so I rewrote the whole thing, filled out some details, and added a nice twist. Here's hoping.


Do you foresee bringing any of your ons/offs into the game?


Certainly, though I don't know which ones specifically. My suggestion to have a pair of side characters - the Germany officer and his aide - is essentially a way of including some kinky elements without it being shoehorned in.


Well if you go with the double agent angle you could bring them more naturally into the story.


Sounds interesting.. I belive I would like to be a part of this but fair warning I am still so very new to RP


Could I ask anyone who's interested to please PM me instead? It's much tidier that way.  :P