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Author Topic: A little Craving... Ai no Kusabi (M/M, BON, NC or EX)  (Read 427 times)

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Offline KhorazTopic starter

A little Craving... Ai no Kusabi (M/M, BON, NC or EX)
« on: January 31, 2012, 11:27:52 AM »
With the recent arrival of the remake of the wonderful and amazing Ai no Kusabi, its reignited my adoration for the universe and I would love any and all who are interested to drop me a PM about a story in the setting.

I'm not after a re-run of the story already there; the mongrel taken as a Pet, since that's obviously been done. I have a few vague ideas and themes that could be explored, but they're just little inspirations, and I'd love to hear any ideas anyone else has...

I would play the Pet in these unless otherwise stated.

Lost and Found (Mongrel/Pet) - A Pet, discarded for some reason (we will plot) by his Master; seen as something useless and worthless without a Ring adorning him. He's cast out into the Slums to be forgotten about; left to the mercy of the unforgiving place. A Pet, abandoned or no, is still quite a sight in the Slums so of course he wouldn't be left alone for long... Who finds him? How do they treat him? This would be NC to begin with, but it could progress to something genuinely loving. Depends on your character.

To Serve and Obey (Blondie/Pet) - The most obvious idea. To play out the relationship of a Blondie and his Pet. It could be the beginning of their pairing, during which the Pet must earn the right to wear a Ring, or it could be much further along with the relationship on firm foundations. There's lots of room for plot in this depending on characters, with (obviously) D/s elements, bondage, possible group scenes... There's not much of a limit in this one.

An Impossible Choice (Mongrel/Pet) - It has never been known for a pure-blooded Pet to leave the safety of Eos; it was always thought impossible, even without the link between a Pet and their Master. But somehow one slips through the net, somehow one finds a strange comfort in sneaking away to the Slums in the dead of night to experience the unpredictable chaos that runs wild there. Its liberating; a taste of freedom forever beyond reach and yet during one of the many ventures, there comes a Mongrel who is interested in more than a quick fuck with a hallowed Pet. Slowly, a bond of trust is formed and slowly, the Pet finds himself wish the impossible. To have a Mongrel as a Master. Again, there's no real limit to this kink-wise, there could be NC in the beginning, leading to a D/s relationship and everything that comes with it.

A Chance in the Dark (Pet/Pet) - Many times Pets have been caught engaging together without consent of their owners and always the punishment is swift and brutal, with the intent to break up whatever relationships are formed. I'd like to play the struggle of two Pets who may or may not be paired, trying to keep hold of one another. There might be cause for my partner to play the owner if/when they get caught, so please be prepared to be cruel as well as loving.

These are just a few ideas. I have something of an obsession with Ai no Kusabi, so if anyone has ideas, please don't hesitate to come forward.

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Re: A little Craving... Ai no Kusabi (M/M, BON, NC or EX)
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2012, 12:19:10 PM »

If I even had an inch of room for a new game, you know I'd be over this. Of course I already have a Blondie/Pet one with Eden, so it would have to be something different than that. *nods* Mmm...still no time to watch the new episode yet. Will do soon.

Offline KhorazTopic starter

Re: A little Craving... Ai no Kusabi (M/M, BON, NC or EX)
« Reply #2 on: January 31, 2012, 12:35:49 PM »
*Sighs longingly* Its so very very good. My muse is demanding it constantly <<;

*Prods the request*