Looking to play... a servant girl!

Started by Beorning, December 29, 2011, 06:29:38 AM

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Hello, people :) Here's a new idea I'd like to make into a story...

Basically, I'd like to play a servant girl or a female slave. I'm not thinking of a sexual slave or servant here - I mean a literal servant or slave, in the floor-scrubbing and meal-serving sense :) I see my character as a young woman who finds herself inducted (willingly or by force) into the household staff of some rich person or family and is assigned a lowly position and menial tasks.

I'm flexible when it comes to the story's details. My character could be a slave in Ancient Rome bought by some noble family... a servant at a castle in some fantasy realm... or a maid in a Victorian Era Britain. We might even go with some sort of alternate version of the modern world - one where slavery still exists. It's not necessary for my character to be a slave, though - I'd be satisfied with any situation where my character is someone in the lowly, subordinate position.

When it comes to the role my writing partner could play, I see two possibilities. One option would be to go with a straight romance story, with my partner playing a member of the "upper class" (whatever that would mean in the context of the chosen setting) who falls in love with my character. Another option would be for my writing partner to play a more GM-esque kind of role and simply help to chronicle my character's life as a servant / slave.

Anyone interested? Feel free to PM me :) I realize the idea is a bit vague, but I'd more than happy to iron out all of the details by the way of brainstorming!