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Started by Chasseybaby, November 30, 2011, 10:28:46 PM

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Pick a flavor, any flavor or add a little of your own toppings to give me an idea what you are craving. Give me a PM once you've made your selection and I'd be happy play out your wildest dessert desires. :P


Hey! First, thank you for taking the time to look at my request page! If you don’t see anything to your liking but find me witty and sweet PM me I’m always looking for a new friend to chat up! ^^ I’m honestly the most open, funny, intelligent, happy go lucky and sassy girl you have ever met! Or so says, my friends. I’m pretty hard to piss off, though I may have stepped on a few people’s toes a time or two, and in advance for that I’m sorry, I’m no good in heels. ^^ I’ve been roleplaying for a long time let’s say since I was in high school, and that was quite a while ago. I’m a full time 50+ hour AGM so my time is precious. If I’m not working, I’m sleeping or writing. I try and keep a routine for my stories but I may be a day or so late in replying so if that happens please bear with me. The few times I have disappeared from E have been for RL reasons so I try and stay in contact when that happens. I love romantic climb of stories and the smut that is at the top. But if any of my stories perk your interests or if you have an idea that you think would fit my style then your more than welcome to shoot me a message and I’ll let you know. Well enough about me let’s get to know what I’m looking for.

First off, no one-liners. I’ve never really had an issue with this but once, and I’m telling you it hurts to write a detailed paragraph or two and get one to three sentences back from it. I have done a few shorts with people where a couple of sentences would be understandable, but not if we're doing a full-on plot-based game. Now I may write a ton, I’m sorry, I if I get really excited or into a scene, I tend to let myself go and just write. I’m not excepting you to write the same amount back, though if you out write me I’d be very impressed and will put you on my shelf. ^^ But please be mindful, sometimes your reply is the highlight of my day. Sad isn’t it? :p

Details! I love details or pictures or even music. So don’t be shy about showing me what you got and what gets you writing. On that note, I’m no grammar professor and I haven’t met anyone who can spell worse than me but make sure your reply makes sense and is understandable. If I write something and you can’t understand, pm me and I’d be happy to edit and I hope for the same from my partner. I like to keep an open communication with players. I may drop a pm bout a scene I’m cooking up or even an “OMG! THAT WAS F****** AWESOME POST!” So be ready for me to pm you regularly, I may even ask about your day and how you are, so don’t think I’m someone who is cra-cra, I’m just being my friendly self and if that bothers you let me know and I can back off with no hard feelings.

I’m not just here for the smut but for the story as well. I do have a few short one-shots that I’m able to do that is just smut based, but be advised that even those have a bit of a backstory to play as well. I’m pretty open to new things but please pm me first beforehand so I can prepare and make sure it’s nothing that is on my O/O page. Ok, I think you're bored to tears now so I’ll let you venture out onto my page for a while. Have fun!

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Fantasy Adventure Characters

Snow Harpy
Player: Chasseybaby
Name: Zoel Quill
Age: 17
Sex: female
Race: Snow Harpy
Class: White Mage
Gear: White feathered robes, satchel full of potions and recovery items
Powers: Cure, Regen, Raise, and Time Spells - She also can shift into a small snowy owl.
Lunar Staff

Characteristics: Shy, quiet, Zoel is a lost harpy who strives to see the best in others ever after her dark and traumatic past. She is closed off and keeps to herself, never to let anyone too close to her, in case she lost them like she did her family. Like most white mages, Zoel is a devoted to heal others, like her mother taught her. She has a soft spot for children and recognizes that her early life has changed her and doesn't want other children to end up like herself, guarded and alone. Zoel's weakness is her social skills and her lack of trust of others. She hides her feelings of fear and sadness while pushing others away to keep her heart protected.

Bio / History: Zoel Quill is of the Arctic Circle Harpy clan that reside up North. She grew up with her parents and seven siblings happily. Her mother was a mage herself and taught her hatchlings the art of healing magic. Her father was a warrior and favored Zoel, the youngest of their nest. He taught her how to survive in the wild, to hunt and scout. She was happy and well-loved by everyone within her clan’s fortress. She thought it safe and untouchable till they were attacked by an unknown enemy of the South.

Zoel survived the slaughter of her people but suffered an even worst fate as a salve. After witnessing the death of her family and people at the claws of hawk-like creatures known as the Skeksis, Zoel's mind was a jumble of wild and crazy emotions. She fought and tried to escape her prison, but was too weak and small to succeed. Abused mentally and physically, by their leader who saw her as his, claimed her as his war prize. She served him for five years before she learned of his plan to invade other realms and tribs, with the power of a Dark Crystal. Elf, Human and many many more. Fearful that others would suffer as she had she escaped and has been searching for someone to listen to her warning and pleas for help.

Josetta of the Shyver Clan
Character Name: Josetta of the Shyver Clan, Fifth daughter of the Queen of Gypsy's Madge Shyver
Character Age: 22
Character Race: Human
Character Profession: Fortune Teller/Gypsy Dancer/Thief

Background:Josetta does not remember her real parents who were lost during a terrible sickness that passed through her small village off the coast near Frozen Isles. She wandered into the Kingdom of Ribenheim alone, unknown to the people and fought and stole for food, shelter and her own protection against the other street urchins. She grew tough and self-reliant, never backing down from a brawl or showing any sign of weakness because of her sex. She only took from those who had more than enough and gave to the little ones who didn’t have the strength to help themselves.

One day while she was being disciplined for her latest mischief, that of petty theft of a stale muffin, Madam Madge Shyver, who had first commonly, mistaken her for a boy, put a halt to the beating she was absorbing and paid for her meal. A member of a higher society of gypsies, who traveled city to city in their colorful caravans, entertaining the villagers with their fortune telling, mystical snake oils, and exotic dancers. Regarded as a Queen amongst the gypsies, she has a great bond with her people that runs deep and is able to avenge quarrels that have defamed her or her clan without leaving her cart. Knowing any number of her clansmen would hunt the offender down to please their queen. Some claims led her to be considered to be gifted with unholy powers but were quickly snuffed out in fear of an early death to their leader or themselves. Some people accepted her gift and flocked to her for her fortune-telling and potions, though fake, sometimes prove useful to people who believe her. She leads her tribe around the countryside telling fortunes and selling crockery and adopting gifted children into her fold.

Madam Madge eventually took Josetta under her powerful wing and trained the young child in her gypsy thieving ways. She enjoyed her new family, dancing and reading palms for coins, even the pickpocketing, and gambling. She was quick to learn to wield a knife and excelled in hand to hand and short sword combat, to her Madam's surprised and soon, became the best knife thrower in her tribe. Madam grew fond of the girl and honored her with her name, making her one of her many daughters, providing her with special magic skills as well. Madam was known to dabble in the dark arts and gifted her youngest daughter with the gift of shadows. The ability to move unseen with the aid of darkness, blending in with shadows and become almost invisible at night or in dark places.

As she grew so did her beauty, maturing from a tomboy into a seductive gypsy princess. Madam, who was growing older with a weak heart, wanted to give her clan a bright future with a strong leader to uphold their laws and honor. She demanded her five daughters on a quest to prove which would best lead their clan before her death to see her family was well looked after when she was gone. Her sisters argued that Josetta was not of Shyver bloodline and should not have the right to inherit the leadership of their people. Outraged by the insincerity of her sisters, she slit her hand with one of her blades and held it to the four women.

"My blood may not be as red as yours, as strong as yours, or as powerful as yours. I may not be of your people, but we are all born from the same earth and share the same bread and the same sorrows and joys. The bond that links our family is not one of blood, but of respect and loyalty in each other. I am a Shyver bound by honor for my family, and when I return I promise to uphold my Madam's traditions, her teachings, and her devotion to protecting the clan with every beat of my heart and drop of my blood in my body, so I swear to you..."

Madam was so proud of her little Josie, she ignored her daughter protest and allowed her to join the others. Josetta set off at once on her journey, letting her pride and determination take over to come back victorious. She knew her Madam meant to be fair but couldn’t stand the thought of any of the others ruling, they showed no signs of honor or loyalty to the clan and even were rumored to have ratted many of them out to the law for silver pieces. Rather than allow them to tear the only family she knew and loved, she planned to go to the farthest place she could think of and listen for a quest that would bring dignity and respect home with her. Taking only a few items to sell or trade for food and loggings, she set off to the nearest town to search for her destiny. The only treasure she did not sell was a necklace she was given to her when she turned of age and became a woman. A tribal crest and piece of home she carries with her always that gives her hope to succeeded and one day lead her tribe as great as her Madam had.

It has been an year since then and Josetta had yet to fulfill a quest that would make her clan proud to call her Queen. She traveled South, stopping now and then to dance for gold or pick pockets of the men who were toll full in their cups or the folds of her dress to notice their money missing. Helping some in petty bar battles and harmless quests. She wasnt satisfied with her accomplishments so far. Traveling down the till she then stopped at Red Falcon Inn, where she now rested and waited for news of a crusade for her to partake in. What she didnt know was one of her sisters had word spread to stop her. While resting her tired head in a cup of pale ale, she did not see the knife till the last moment and dodged. She fought back and even took out a few men, but was out numbered in the end and jumped out a second story window to escape. Sore but unharmed, she used her shadow magic to blend into the dark and into the crowed city, hoping to be undiscovered. The next day rumors of her escape and how she vanished into the darkness, and how so used witchcraft to elude her abductor, who were said to be the men who she had stolen from and were looking to take her to the law. One of the men had seen her outside the window, use her powers and were now looking for the gyps girl to hang her for her crime of having unholy powers. Unable to leave the city without being seen or to flee back to her tribe without her task complete, Josetta knew she had to find a place where people wouldnt look for her and hoped to not be found till people forgot about her and her crimes.

Personality:Josetta is a very lost soul yet kind and compassionate about her family and the less fortunate. Abandoned as babe, she took to the streets and learned more than a child her age shouldn't have while growing up. She has an allure that draws people to her and regularly has to swat away pursuers who are captivated by her exotic looks. She is street smart and also quick on her feet, learning something new is as easy as counting for her. Her hate for the rich and wealthy noblemen makes her a bit vindictive at times but also fines them the most gullible for her ruses and cons. She uses her beauty to fool people into her tricks and is very good a seduction when she is gambling or stealing. People usually fine her temperament and wit amusing and charming at times when she is relaxed and enjoying good company. She is a bit suborn when it comes to getting her way and seems to always wines up in trouble because she often doesnt listen to reason. But her natural goodness and perseverance always carries the day, sometimes...

Major Skills:Knife Throwing, Short Sword Combat, Thievery(includes lock picking and trap disabling)
Minor Skills: Stealth, Acrobatics
Innate Abilities:Shadow Shifting, Deception

Additional Information/Secrets: Is known as the" Fatal Flower " of Madam Madge's daughters for her captivate body and dance as well as her deadly bladed petals.

Would love to do a DmC role pllay with Dante and Kat

I love this video, Krieg's voice is so fucking sexy... *Drools*
You will be my hero if anyone can pull off this story! *shivers* I love me a crazy psycho path who talks about meat bicycles! ^^

The Champion of the Pit **This game was original written and posted on Dringdar's Thread page I liked the idea behind it and would love to play it though I'd play the female character** OPEN

This story would be set in a low fantasy world, predominately on a fighting pit in a major city. Mostly its fighters are criminals or slaves who seek freedom from their fates. Others are glory seekers or professional pit fighters, seeking to make some coin or a name for themselves. All of them are there only for the entertainment of the ruling class, who determines who lives and who dies within the pit. Professional fighters do battle with animals, monsters, and other warriors, and sometimes, if they do well, they're given... Gifts.
This roleplay details one such gift given to the pit's champion, a skilled warrior who is undefeated and holds a great number of kills under his or her belt. How he or she obtains his or her gift is up to discussion; maybe he or she defeats another fighter in combat, and the judge, instead of calling for blood, gives the defeated to his or her foe as a prize. The champion takes him or her gladly, probably needing entertainment. Or perhaps a simple slave is brought to the champion and told that he or she may do as they wish to their new slave. It's entirely up for discussion; I welcome creative ideas and discussion!


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