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Author Topic: Give Yourself to the Dragon (M seeking Any)  (Read 1127 times)

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Give Yourself to the Dragon (M seeking Any)
« on: January 11, 2015, 03:16:44 PM »

Hello E! My name is Dringdar, and I'm here for the same reason as every other person on this site; to roleplay. And this, as I'm sure you've figured out, is my roleplay search topic. In this topic, I will post ideas and plots and pairings and really whatever the heck I damn well please in regards to roleplays. For those of you who are interested, please check out my Ons/Offs, which I will link at the bottom of this post.

Craved pairings

"Keeping Her Safe" *NEW*
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This game is one in which I have an idea, but no real substance to run with. The general plot of the game is that my character would be protecting yours for whatever reason. Maybe she's the last survivor of a nearly extinct race, or perhaps the only human to not succumb to zombification after being bitten, or she's a princess who needs to reach her kingdom to lead a revolution against her traitorous family. Who knows? Its entirely up for discussion and negotiation. We can do a fantasy world, apocalypse, sci-fi, or anything. With this said, I think it would work best in a science ficition universe, as my cravings for this involve a partner who plays a non-human character.

The story for the game would be entirely up for our discussion, but I imagine it would begin with either our characters meeting, or a recap of their meeting. Perhaps they were brought together when she was a child, and he a younger man, or his friend comes to him with your character in tow, and desperately asks him to protect her as a dying request. Who knows? Its entirely debatable. I'm sorry for not having any actual plot for this game! Please don't throw sticks and stones at me! But aherm. From there, they would go on an adventure to do whatever it is they need to do to get the girl to safety... But, it wouldn't be much of an escort mission if there weren't dangers, now would there? For whatever reason, the girl is wanted dead. Maybe her corpse is worth a substantial amount of money to whomever brings it in? Or maybe her species is hated for crimes it had committed in the past, and its simple revenge that leads to her death being sought. Of course, its possible her flesh is just tasty, and the undead and monsters of the world will consume it as eagerly as any other.

As far as sexuality goes, I imagine this roleplay could be Light in nature, but would certainly not go above bondage based scenes. I have zero interest in non-consensual sex in this game, though I suppose there might be elements of violence or other such things that warrant the game being placed in the extreme category. For the specific kinks, I actually have several. First and foremost, I want age play and size play to be present in the game; a minimum age difference of ten years would work best, though I would be content to go older than that upon request. For the size difference, I'm more willing to negotiate; I imagine a female character round 5'2 to 5'4, opposite my character being roughly 6'5 or so. I would also like my partner to play an exotic character, provided the setting fits it. Unlike the age play and size play, this is not mandatory, but very, very much requested.

Lesser but still very much desired kinks is rough sex; biting, pinning, choking, scratching, etc. A virgin female partner would be lovely, as would a risk of pregnancy without it actually occurring. Usage of improvised restraints, most immediately belts and torn clothing, would also be fun. I would also welcome to hear about any of your requests as far as kinks go. This about covers the idea I think. If one has any questions, feel free to message me, and I will answer them to the best of my ability. I hope to hear from all prospective partners soon!

"Release Your Hatred"
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This story would be set in the Star Wars universe. It would occur in a fan-made time period of our discussion somewhere in the universe; ultimately the time is irrelevant, though it would not coincide with any events in the movies, and I would prefer if it not reference any of the various other Star Wars material currently in existence, such as novels, comics, video games, etc. The only Star Wars lore I am familiar with is that of the actual six films, and as such this will be what I use during the roleplay. If there is material, or other such information that would be beneficial for me to know, please inform me of it.

The actual story will follow the journey of a pair of Jedi; one an aging but well respected, highly skilled master, and the other his Padawan. In their training, it comes to their attention that the Sith Lord and his apprentice are in a nearby system, where they are rallying local criminals, traitors, radicals, and other dangerous persons to rebel against the peaceful and just government. This rebellion is being planned to occur in conjunction with a galactic convening of delegates from countless systems to discuss a matter of importance. Should the terrorists succeed in their plot, they will have thousands of high value hostages to hold for ransom... Assuming any survive. The Sith Lord will then use these individuals for some nefarious purpose.

Under orders from the council, the two Jedi head off at once to neutralize the threat, or at least fend it off. Unfortunately, the entire event turns out to be a trap. Security forces quickly shoot down the Jedi ships after accusing them of being "Dangerous Sith warriors". The Jedi communications are jammed, and a deadly manhunt quickly ensures, wherein the Jedi Master is injured by hostile soldiers during their search for alternate transportation off the planet, or communication back to the council. It is there that they are set upon by the Sith Lord, who orders his apprentice to kill the Jedi. The Jedi Padawan is disarmed and knocked out of battle in moments, her skills no match for the evil hate of the Sith Apprentice; she watches as her master is cut down by the sadistic female Sith.

In a bout of justifiable rage, the Apprentice forgoes her subpar saber skills in favor of her most substantial talent; grappling. The Sith Apprentice drops her lightsaber after nearly having her arms broken, and the young Padawan capitalizes on the situation to gain an advantage. She prepares to cut down her foe, when the Sith Lord launches into his offering; "Kill her." he states. "Your hate has made you powerful. Destroy her. Come to me. Let me show you the true power of the Force." the young woman appears seduced for just a moment, before using a non-lethal strike to render the Sith girl unconscious.

She denies the Sith Lord anything except an opportunity to lay down his sword, and surrender peacefully. The Sith and her dialog briefly, with him seeking to seduce her, and she refusing him at every turn. Ultimately they come to battle, the Sith taunting, mocking, and teasing her as he effortlessly resists her exhaustive efforts. Desperate she turns to her trump card, grappling, only to end up shocked as the Sith lord chokes her with powerful fingers. As she passes out, she prays for a quick, clean death.

The Sith lord wakes his unconscious ally, who panics and pleads that she will do better in the future. The Sith Lord, not interested in killing her for such a mistake, instead punishes her severely, before ordering her to bring the Jedi girl to the ship, where she will find her fate far more terrible than death could ever be... At least at first.

This plot revolves around the three way relationship between the Jedi Padawan, the Sith Apprentice, and the Sith Lord. The Sith lord, although referred to as a male throughout this description could be female should it be preferable to my partner. The exact configuration of this plot is almost certainly going to require some discussion, as one person will be required to play multiple characters, and sometimes simultaneously in a single scene. I am willing to play any of these three characters, though I think I would most like to play the Padawan, and not the Sith Lord.

This roleplay would be sexual in nature. I'd very much like the Sith Lord to take the Padawan, and turn her from Jedi in training, into a slave slut who will die to protect him. The Sith Apprentice would also be involved sexually with both persons; perhaps as a dominant or sadist opposite the Padawan, and submissively opposite the Sith Lord. The exact nature of this dynamic is up for discussion. Maybe the Apprentice is planning to usurp her Master. Maybe the Padawan decides she wants the power promised by the Sith Lord.

This roleplay will contain scenes including the Sith Lord and the Padawan, and the Sith Apprentice and the Padawan for certain. Whether the Apprentice and the Lord also fuck, or if they are both present simultaneously during scenes with the Padawan is up for discussion. I welcome the inclusion of most kinks and most content, though I would appreciate discussion of any and all intended kinks and the like prior to the game beginning. If one has any questions, please ask, and I will answer them to the best of my ability! I hope to hear from you soon!

The Prince and the Knight
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This story would be set in a fantasy setting, high, low, or historical, depending on the preference of my partner. A young prince would be doing typical prince things; learning how to hold court, speak to the nobility of his kingdom, use swords and bows and other weapons, and other duties which are natural for a young ruler in training. The prince is happy to take these responsibilities, and eager to get the chance to rule over his kingdom. His father, the king, agreeing with the young man that he needs real world experience, sends the prince off to the border, with instructions to quell a rebellion.

However, the king is no fool; he knows his young son is hardly qualified for war, and as such sends several advisers. One is a political man, who knows well how to play the sport of negotiation without causing issue, while also getting what he wants. The second is a woman who is a high ranking official in the most profitable merchants guild in the kingdom. Her talent is using trade, in all of its forms, to get things done. Lastly, in the event that military action is needed, he sends a talented and well trained knight with many years of experience under their belt. War is second nature to him or her.

The prince uses all three advisers to formulate his plan, and through careful movements, succeeds in putting down the insurrectionists with only minimal bloodshed. Order is restored, and the young royal celebrates his victory. It is here, at last, that the young man notices something interesting... Namely, how attractive he finds the knight in the candle light.

This roleplay is available for either MxF or MxM. My hope with this game is to play a submissive prince, just discovering his sexuality, and playing the bottom to a more experienced, older person. This is fairly far out of my comfort zone; I rarely ever play submissive characters, and I have only once or twice done MxM pairings. However, I have grown a bit bored of my typical roleplay, which involves me playing a dominant character opposite a submissive female. As such, I would like to play something I'm not used to. I am open to including most kinks or the like for this game. I want to really push myself creatively for this game, and as such encourage you to suggest naughty things. I look forward to hearing from you!

"Pleasure Pet"
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This story would be set in a modern setting. The game would focus on a college student, seriously down in his luck. He comes home one day to his crappy apartment, and finds a delivery person waiting for him with a massive package, the size of a refrigerator. The package has no return address; he signs for it, and the people bring it inside. When he opens it, he is astonished to find a woman inside... And she's not human. She wears a collar, and nothing else. Attached to the collar is a note. "Please take care of me. I will love you very much."

The roleplay details the relationship between this pet, and the boy. The girl is created in a lab which takes part in legal, but morally questionable genetic experiments on people. These "pets" are modified in some manner to be the perfect sexual toy. They are devoted to whoever owns them, friendly, and with a positive attitude. They feed emotionally on sex, pleasure, and other physical activities; if they are denied these things, they will lose interest in their master, and attempt to leave.

However, some pets "imprint" on their owners. This occurs when someone gives them more than their base instincts demand. Cuddling, non-sexual play, and overall the type of behavior that most people would attribute to normal in a romantic relationship, will trigger a powerful chemical response in the pet's brain. An imprinted pet is extremely vulnerable. They no longer have sexual desires for those other than their owner, and they will seek to be with that person whenever possible for as long as possible.

An imprinted pet is extremely vulnerable. They begin to suffer physical ailments if ignored, neglected, or mistreated by their owner. It starts with loss of energy and fatigue, and eventually, if it goes on too long, will cause the pet to literally die. Fortunately, actually killing a pleasure pet like this is difficult; it takes surprisingly little affection to bring them back to full health under most circumstances. If they are at death's door, then they can be brought back only through considerable kindness for an extended period, usually three days.

Pleasure pets are not simple minded animals; they are humans with severe genetic and body modification. They can behave as humans, act as humans, and utilize all of their higher level cognitive functioning. They simply prefer to be simple, to have fun, play, and be happy, though they are capable of showing other emotions if the context of the situation requires it.

This roleplay is MxF in nature, and is very likely to be romantic and sweet, but also will express the frustration, and difficulty of the college student, who has to balance his job, his school, and his new room mate. It has plenty of opportunity for comedy, as well as drama and simple fun. It is a light roleplay at heart, but could probably go into light bondage if that was an interest the pet held before she was changed.

The Champion of the Pit
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This story would be set in a low fantasy world, predominately on a fighting pit in a major city. Mostly its fighters are criminals or slaves who seek freedom from their fates. Others are glory seekers or professional pit fighters, seeking to make some coin, or a name for themselves. All of them are there only for the entertainment of the ruling class, who determines who lives and who dies within the pit. Professional fighters do battle with animals, monsters, and other warriors, and sometimes, if they do well, they're given... Gifts.

This roleplay details one such gift given to the pit's champion, a skilled warrior who is undefeated, and holds a great number of kills under his or her belt. How he or she obtains his or her gift is up to discussion; maybe he or she defeats another fighter in combat, and the judge, instead of calling for blood, gives the defeated to his or her foe as a prize. The champion takes him or her gladly, probably needing entertainment. Or perhaps a simple slave is brought to the champion, and told that he or she may do as they wish to their new slave. Its entirely up for discussion; I welcome creative ideas and discussion!

This roleplay is MxF only, and can go wherever we please. I can play either a dominant or a submissive character for this plot; I have no preference either way, though if I was forced to choose I'd be the top. At the same time, I almost would prefer a female champion who collars an arrogant rookie, and puts him in his place. Its up to you. Really though, I'm not picky. Can include bondage, non-con or whatever.

The Loyal Butler
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This game focuses on the BDSM relationship between a wealthy families butler, and the daughter. The parents are never around, so the girl was raised almost entirely by her butler. She trusts him unconditionally, and as such goes to him whenever she needs advice, or is in trouble. One day, she discovers erotica on BDSM; a video, a book, fanfiction, it doesn't matter. She goes to the butler, and talks to him about the subject. She is astonished at how wise and knowledgeable of the subject he is. She continues to explore the lifestyle from a safe distance; exclusively through fantasy mediums.

It soon proves to be insufficient. She goes back to her butler, and asks him to watch a video with her. He agrees. They watch a BDSM scene that is pretty light. As the video ends, the young woman turns to him, and asks him to recreate the scene. Dutiful and loyal, he agrees. After a wonderful experience, the girl goes back to him every few days, with a new scene to act out. Each time the butler follows through, enjoying the sex. The relationship escalates steadily, until the daughter comes to her butler, and asks for him to own her, and use her as he pleases.

This roleplay obviously involves bondage, but aside from that should be a fairly sweet and romantic story. We can change this up as needed. In this story, the butler is the dominant and the girl is the submissive, despite that she comes to him with requests. Once she gives herself over to him, he will start to use her as he pleases, but prior to that we'll probably need to discuss the scenes a bit.

The Barbarian and the Knight
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This roleplay revolves around two groups. The first is a country which is considered to be high society; they live in cities, build castles, have walls and wealth and armor and fantastic knights. They are powerful politically, financially, and in military capability. Although their actual nation is small, about the size of Florida in terms of mileage, they also rule over an area surrounding their nation that is the size of several larger states. In these lands live naught but heinous barbarians, twisted beasts, and criminals.

Naturally, the main country considers this land to be barren and useless, and the people within less than they are. The king levies taxes, legislation and the like on this region; naturally these folk have little in the way of gold, for they prefer a bartering system of trade. Without gold for taxes, the military goes in, and takes whatever they like in favor of taxes. At first, this goes well. They don't struggle to obtain their demands... Until a barbarian lord decides he's had enough, and leads an army of thousands to war on the tyrant king.

This lord makes first contact with a knight and a noble, who right away attacks, despite it being obviously a poor decision. The knight couldn't care less; after all, the barbarians were out numbered two to one, and wore nothing but furs and hide! They could never cause any true trouble for the trained soldiers of the empire! Well, an hour later that noble and knight is knelt, bloody and bruised beside her few surviving troops, waiting for the barbarian who bested her to make an example of her.

This plot contains quite a bit of wiggle room for what goes into it. He can be just as barbaric as she expects, raping her, beating her, etc, or he could prove her wrong, as both an intelligent, wise, and kind soul; the type of man who'd have made a wonderful noble and knight, and anything in between. As for her, she's your character; write her as you please.

Futa Villain x Super Heroine
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I don't have too much of this plot actually fleshed out honestly, but as I absolutely love futa, this was a no brainer.

The arch nemesis of a famous heroine has been defeated; frustrated, that villain employs the skills of a woman most dangerous... And orders that woman to defeat, and humiliate, his enemy, though she is given nothing else but this vague description. The futa tracks down the heroine, and fights her. Through combat, the heroine is bested, and made into a plaything for her new mistress.

Potentially includes BDSM, non-con... Really its whatever we want; as I said, I have very little of this actually mapped out. I can comfortably and happily play either of these roles. I have no preference for either role; both are equally good for me. Obviously this is a female x female pairing, so those uncomfortable with such things should probably avert their eyes...

Dragon(ess) x Hunter (Taken)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
In this plot, a dragon has taken a small kingdom hostage, and more precisely, its princess. The beast has warned that if its demands are not met within a month, that it will devour the princess in front of her family. The king, unable to meet the dragon's demands, and unwilling to see his daughter made into dinner, calls upon the greatest dragon slayer alive. He or she arrives shortly after, and proceeds to hunt the terrible creature.

Here is where things can get fun. I have multiple plots here, both involving the princess.

In the first idea, the princess and the dragon are actually allies; the princess for some reason wants her father to pay up. Maybe its greed, or maybe she wants her father to be a father, not a king; it doesn't matter. She's of minimal importance aside from perhaps as a plot fodder. What matters is that for the first idea, she sabotages the hunter, and allows the dragon to overpower him or her. The captive hunter is forced to wear a powerful collar which can be removed only by the dragon. The hunter is now at the dragons mercy, unable to leave, fight, or resist, for fear of being slain.

Alternatively, the hunter still manages to defeat the dragon despite the princesses betrayal. The dragon, bloodied, injured and frightened, pleads his or her life, and offers to become the hunters servant for the rest of his or her life, and even goes so far as to adapt a form more suitable to the hunter's needs; either that of an elf, or an anthropomorphic dragon. The hunter accepts, on a condition; the dragon is forced to wear the same collar that would have been put on the hunter had they been beaten.

There are elements of BDSM and non-con for both of these, but I'm perfectly willing to discuss alternatives and other ideas for this game. If you have something you'd like to suggest, then please do so. I can play either the hunter, or the dragon in this roleplay. We will need to discuss prior to starting which character is victorious.

The Inspector and The Pirates
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This is a plot I have been craving for months, and only finally decided to actually ask for. It is set in an alternative universe from our own. A ship known as the Disgraceful Innocence is crewed by women. They dock, and are shortly after accosted by an Inspector, who seeks to collect taxes and the like. Naturally, the pirates don't like that idea. So they take him prisoner, chain him up in the brig, and go about their business.

However, despite the nature of the ship, not all of the women aboard are interested exclusively in the female body... Some rather like the idea of having a man present, just so they can explore and experiment with their desires. Others are exclusively heterosexual, and are ecstatic to have a man on board to play with. The idea I had for this plot is based loosely on a roleplay I was doing a few months ago. You're not required to play multiple characters, but if you want to, you're more than welcome to do so!

Stories Without Plot

Here is where I'll offer up ideas without plots or characters or any such thing; maybe it'll be a kink I want to explore, a pairing that has me interested, or something else that I don't have a plot for. My character will have *s around it to indicate the role I'd like to play. If there are no asterisks, then I can play as either character. I especially welcome smut for these character pairings, but I'm not unwilling to make it a plot based game either.

Submissive Male x Dominant Person
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I usually play a dominant character, or a character who is controlling, or on top, or otherwise not submissive. I'd like to play a submissive and see if I like it or not. I'm willing to play opposite a male character or a female character, with no preference for either/or.

Tentacles x Someone
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Who doesn't like tentacles? I love it. I'd be happy to play the monster, or the victim. This game is almost sure to be pure smut; if we manage to make it not pure smut, then I will be completely smitten and totally stoked.


Here are some suggestions and ideas I have which could ultimately end up being the basis for a new roleplay, or even something bigger! If it is posted here, then it means I would like to do some kind of experimentation with whatever is mentioned here, be it a plot, a character, a world I'm creating, or otherwise. Typically I will be eager to accept advice, tips, and in some cases even collaboration on this project! If you're interested in assisting me in this endeavor, then please feel free to message me!

Jierdan Kain: Avatar of Death
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Jierdan Kain was a member of a special group of test subjects who were to be the first generation of super soldiers. Of the fifty subjects, nineteen died, and twenty one were damaged beyond repair. Of those who took to the serum properly, four shortly thereafter went insane, and were incarcerated for the safety of the public, and themselves. The remaining six soldiers, one of whom was Jierdan Kain, quickly found themselves being deployed around the world to deal with criminals, terrorists, and even super villains. For about eight years, this went well. The six warriors were effectively unstoppable agents of the government, effortlessly bringing down anyone who dared to oppose them.

At least until Jierdan acted against orders, and executed a group of criminals despite instructions to take them alive. Jierdan and his troops came back to base. Twelve hours later, Jierdan was betrayed by his comrades, the five of them filling his body with bullets, and then for good measure, lighting him, and the building he was in, on fire. The government, confident in the efficiency of their super soldiers, marked Jierdan as Executed for Treason, and got on with their lives.

Unfortunately, fate had other plans. Jierdan awoke with a start in another universe, a realm he could not identify or recognize. He was alone, except for a tall figure in dark robes, and carrying a sickle. The super soldier recognized his mortality when he saw it, but his training and instinct told him not to give in to it. He draws his handgun, and opens fire on the figure... And as he suspected, it has no effect. The figure approaches the paralyzed trooper, before gently touching his forehead with a skeletal finger. Instantly Jierdan doubles over in the most intense agony he has ever felt; he was certain he would die were he not already dead.

But through the pain, his mind was filled with knowledge. Endless amounts of information. The abilities, skills, training, experiences, knowledge and thoughts of every soldier, warrior and fighter who had ever died. He could imagine millions of weapons, thousands of vehicles, countless combat maneuvers, unlimited numbers of throws and martial arts; all of this became instinctively mastered within his body. That was when the robed figure touched his forehead again; this time Jierdan learned without pain.

This was the state known to some religions as "limbo" and he was Death. And Death was not happy with Jierdan's untimely end. The soldier had abandoned his orders, the mantra and dogma with which he'd lived his entire military career. This had been, as it were, a trick used not by Death, or by Jierdan, or by anyone... Except for another being of great power, just like Death. Jierdan soon learned of why he had been brought here; Death sought a replacement.

And so began the man's transformation from super soldier, into the Avatar of Death itself.

This is a character idea, of which I would love to have help fleshing out. I have a handful of ideas for Jierdan's powers, abilities and the like after becoming the Avatar of Death, though I am uncertain of how exactly they would pan out and develop. I plan to eventually actually write a starter, or even a story, for this character, and as such I would love someone to bounce ideas off of. Mainly, I would like help developing challenges, trials and events that help Jierdan to develop his power even further.


This is currently all I felt the need to post; if you have questions, or want clarification, please contact me in PM! I'd be happy to answer any and all questions you have. In addition, if you have a suggestion for how I might improve this topic, then I will eagerly receive them! With that said, please do not post in this thread for any reason. ^_^
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Re: Give Yourself to the Dragon (M seeking Any)
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Added two new plots! "The Barbarian and The Knight" and "The Dragon King" now available for play!

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Added a new plot! "The Butler's Most Important Chore" is now available for play!

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Re: Give Yourself to the Dragon (M seeking Any)
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Added a new plot! "The Noble Brat" is now available for play!

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Added a new plot! "The Champion of the Pit" is now available for play!

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Re: Give Yourself to the Dragon (M seeking Any)
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Re: Give Yourself to the Dragon (M seeking Any)
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Added a new plot! "Release Your Hatred" is now available for play!

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Monthly Legal Bump.

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Added a new plot! "Keeping Her Safe" is now available for play!