Tag! Forced public nudity, humiliation, BDSM, rape, mind control, school setting

Started by Haibane, November 27, 2011, 06:04:45 AM

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I'm looking for a partner to write either the submissive girl or the more (but not explicitely) dominant partner (also a girl) here. Please be aware that I tend towards writing highly detailed, descriptive, narrative style posts in the first person omniscient past tense. I like my games to have good consistency, continuity and realism (even in the fantasy elements). I'd like my writing partners to either match me or come close; 200 to 500 word posts without detail when I'm producing 1000 to 2000 words may make it an unhappy union, so do please bear that in mind. If you can't write in such volumes and detail, making up for this by being a lovely enthusiastic person in PMs would be great!

I do write short posts when the pacing requires them but I usually write well above the average for the site, so I'm told.

I also enjoy working through a story via PMs and planning things and generally getting to know my writing partners so you'll need to be an outgoing friendly person, able to communicate. RPing with someone who never sends a PM I find rather cold and uninspiring. I don't like the detachment, I like to get to know my partners and swap ideas with them constantly.

I don't enjoy spontaneous ad-libbed stories - planning ahead is vital to my enjoyment though when I'm dominating and have the plan all formed in my head I do enjoy springing surprises on my writing partner and their submissive character - though you can trust me that I know exactly where such twists are headed.

I am okay with having male characters written by males or females but I prefer my female characters to be written by female writers. Please don't have a go at me over this, its just how I'm wired. If that's not to your taste I know you'll find other people on E who are happy with cross-gender play in its fullest extent. I'm only half way there in being comfortable with that.

My O/Os are linked to in my sig. My O/O thread also contains links to a few of my favourite games which will give you an idea of my writing style.

So, to this particular story idea.

Tag! f/F and M/f, (I could run an m/M and m/F version if that is your preference) forced NC public nudity, rape, humiliation and exhibitionism, some elements of BDSM, mind control and/or some mild 'magic' or hypnotism elements.

Based on a wonderful doujin of the same name (which you will download and enjoy almost as much as I do if you're to be my partner here). Set in Japan, a high school girl sees a naked girl running furtively and in some panic across the school grounds one Sunday when she attends her cram class. Later the next week she thinks she recognizes the same girl in the school cafeteria but when questioned the girl tells her "you do not want to know or be involoved".

A week or two later the girl is attending the school's culture festival with her best friend and out of simple curiosity goes to have her fortune told by a figure in a black gown and shawl (very much like a burka). The girl passes out and comes-to some hours later in a classroom where her boyfriend is there watching over her.

The boyfriend offers to drive her home but part way home pulls the car over and attacks her, raping her. The main character cannot resist, is overcome with powerful sexual urges and enjoys the bondage and brutal rape. A week or two later she hears a whistle from a doorway to the gym store. Going over she looks inside to find it is her best friend (from the culture festival). She is stark naked and very nervous, just like the strange girl she saw some weeks ago. The main character's friend grabs her and kisses her and as she does so a guy on a pushbike rides by and throws a parcel down. The naked friend grabs the parcel, rips it open to find it contains her clothes. She gratefully and hurriedly gets dressed and gives, from the parcel, a note to the main character. The now dressed friend says "strip naked" and the main character finds she is doing so, unable to resist the command and unable to control her body. Once nude, she's given the note which says she must go to a certain address and kiss the girl she finds there, whereupon the mysterious Organisation of this Tag game will give her clothes back and she'll be free to go.

The "Tag" game goes on (I won't go into more detail) but the main character is drawn deeper and deeper into a mysterious underground world of sexual domination, abuse, rape and forced exhibitionism, all of which she's both powerless to resist and which she begins to find she loves... then craves, her addiction becoming complete when she is "released" but even when no longer forced by the Organisation to do such acts she still needs to, wilfully streaking and going to addresses to be raped and abused by strangers. In this game my writing partner would play the exploited main character and I would play everyone else. I'd have to feed bits of info of the various situations and if you have a fantasy about exhibitionism and public nudity this game will appeal to you.


Please contaact me by PM to lodge your interest. Thanks.

Bloody Rose

I did read the hentai manga a couple of times and I can be your partner if you want.