Starfire One Shot Request [Possible NC, BON, etc]

Started by Xanatos, October 21, 2011, 08:26:58 PM

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Type: NC, BON, and other elements (perhaps light to mod torture and collaring if partner is okay with it)
Plot: Starfire is captured and abused by a villain. Its cliche, but who cares right? (Open for other ideas)

Plot will be light. One shots are more sex oriented for me. Regardless of how cliche the plot is, I do expect good posts. Even a one shot can still have a good story/character development despite not being the main focus. This will not be a simple penetrate and thrust story. I simply don't do it even in a one shot. I put emotion and thought behind characters.

For an example of the kind of one shot I do, check the link below (warning, it is a beastiality story, so read knowing this).

I don't mind what gender of villainy captures Starfire. A female villainness could be very interesting (lesbian stuff aside). Starfire is hetero, so it would be interesting to explore what she is thinking while being abused at the hands of a woman. If the assailant is male, just as good (I am leaning towards a male assailant for this plot, but I'm not stuck on this).

I will play Starfire or the bad guy(woman). Its basically up for discussion. I do enjoy playing women in peril, but I also enjoy dominating women.

What little story we put into it can be discussed before hand or as we go.

What I need from you

-I need a creative partner willing to put time into this. It doesn't have to be consecutive hours in front of the computer typing RP posts or talking to me (if you can do that, bonus points to you, as I tend to have a good amount of time to sit at my computer).
-Needs to be a good writer. Equal, greater, or slightly less than me is fine. Too much lower, though, and I can lose interest in even trying to read.
-Check my O/O's. We need to be compatible in enough ways to make the sex parts worth it. Check my Rabbit Hole for a more extensive list.

What you can expect from me

-I am creative and love to be creative.
-You can expect good writing. (as a note: my in game writing is better than my out of game writing)
-You can expect me to check your writing ability before we pair up.
-You can expect me to check your O/O's before we pair up.

How to contact me

-Via PM is preferred.
-Noting interest in this post will suffice as well.