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October 18, 2019, 07:11:29 PM

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Author Topic: The Princess/Prince and the Toad (Fandom) (M/F or M/M)[UN]  (Read 469 times)

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The Princess/Prince and the Toad (Fandom) (M/F or M/M)[UN]
« on: October 21, 2011, 07:57:05 PM »
Honestly, I don't think anyone should think Toad is beyond my list of strange loves. Come on, just look at him. *points to the picture* What is not to love? Skin and bones, greenish skin, smoking, scars, obviously hasn't showered in a week or two, doesn't give a damn about his personal, huh?

Anyway, the story would be set in the X-Men Evolution universe. This means that Toad lives with the other Brotherhood members and attend Bayville high. He is, approximately, 17 years old. He is not considered a big danger since his abilities do not go far beyond flexibility, leaping, prehensile tongue (25 feet length and the muscle is strong enough to crush bone), and wall-scaling abilities. He also has some form of highly adhesive saliva that he can spit out at will.

At school Toad is mocked for his appearance. He's considered grotty and disgusting, not something he finds upsetting. Toad is happy with himself, over all. He believes himself strong, he's cocky, and he's overly confident. He likes to chase girls and call them 'Babycakes' and 'Sugar'. He likes to have fun and break the rules. If it weren't for his appearance, most would just see him as the 'bad boy' type, but because of his appearance he is simply a toad.

Before I get onto the actual plot (Yes, I have one in here somewhere!), I'd like it to be known that I'm willing to play the part of the OC Male or OC Female as well as the role of Toad.

On with the plot give fair warning, it's pretty simple and very basic...

Todd 'Toad' Tolansky is known as the school thief and generally unpleasant to be around. Even though the school doesn't know he's a mutant, they know something is 'wrong' with him. Despite his laziness and apparent poor life style and poor hygiene, he has proven to be an issue in fights when the football players gang up on him. He's very fast and very hard to keep a hold of. Many have been injured simply touching him because of his mutation (part of his mutation is a toxin that can come through his skin at will and causes a drug like haze).

A new girl/boy in school, who may or may not be a mutant, catches Toad rummaging through their locker while running late for a class one day. At first s/he is angry and snaps, but for some reason can't seem to stay mad at the strangely cute mutant (cute on sight, but not on closer inspection or scent). After Toad flees, s/he realizes that he didn't take anything from the locker, mostly because there was nothing to take, and writes the situation off.

Not long later they get teamed up for a class project, but Toad doesn't plan on doing any of the work till s/he makes him.

Here is a list of all Toad's known abilities from all his incarnations. We can discuss which ones to use and not use. Some have to be used (tongue and such):

Superhuman Leaping
Superhuman Stamina
Superhuman Agility
Superhuman Durability
Superhuman Strength (upper body = 1 ton lifting power, lower body = 3 tons lifting power)
Super-Prehensile Tongue
Mind Alteration (due to toxins on his tongue and skin)
Toxic Saliva (caustic phlegmatic substance)
Paralytic Resin (comes from his skin too)
Superhuman Respiratory System
Amphibian Control
Great knowledge of advanced technology (though he dislikes machines)

That's all  I really have. I want input from a partner and build the story from there.

PM me if you're interested.
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