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Author Topic: Humanimal Gladiators (OOC/Closed)  (Read 10073 times)

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Offline LadyNitrateTopic starter

Humanimal Gladiators (OOC/Closed)
« on: October 20, 2011, 07:39:21 PM »
Welcome ladies and gentlemen! And for those of you who are new in the audience and at home, this is Gladiator!.  As usual we will start with the rules and introduction of Gladiator!. Years ago, when those scientist decided to mess with the devine form of humans, they created hundreds of disgusting human animal mutants. We here at Gladiator! have rounded up some of the humanimal’s and we set them in The Pitt for you to watch as they fight for their freedom. 30 consecutive wins and their freedom is gained, no fighter has yet to do this. Major bets are placed upon them daily, pick your favorite of any species!

How the fighting goes, each Gladiator is equipped with his or her choice of weapon, a battle ax, sword, throwing knives, or nothing. They are allowed to wear armor provided by us, or of their own styling which all of the Gladiator’s are able to make, either from extra’s lying around, or from the armor of their dead enemy.

There are a few different types of fights in The Pitt . (1)Combat, death is prohibited in Combat and if one fighter accidentally kills the other it is considered a loss and the ‘losing’ fighter is forbidden to fight for a month. (2) Tag Team, two fighters are randomly chosen to go up against the previous winners of Tag Team. Winners of Tag Team relinquish their position after 10 consecutive wins, death occurs occasionally but isn’t punished. (3) Deathmatch, the only fight that people can enter themselves in, two fighters, unless someone has offered to fight, are randomly chosen at the end of each week to go into Deathmatch, where they fight to the death. The winner, can chose to show mercy and save the other’s life but it ends in a loss for them.

Now as we have been advertising for the past six months we have a special prize in store for all of our viewers and now it shall be revealed! At the end of each month a few of our fighters will be chosen, by popular vote, to be placed in our newest addition, The Forest , this is closed in woods type area where you can pay to come hunt down these humanimal’s. You do so at your own risk, though we will provide a certain amount of equipment for you and the humanimal’s will go in with virtually nothing.

The Avians -
Class: Mammalia-Aves     
Genus: Halia-Homo 
Species:Sapien. Leucocephalus

Avians were made from males only as they had to have two of their top ribs from each side removed in order for muscles to form for wings, they backs also had to expands by half a foot in order for the muscles to be able to work the wings. Bones lost their density and became lighter so flight, might, be possible. All avians were spliced with predatory birds and most of them found a new liking for rare meat. They also became solitary creatures, but their quickness and enhanced sight makes up for the strength they lose.

The Lupans - Balizar Draconis; Kay Tana
Phylum: Chordata
Species: Sapien. Lupus

Lupans were mixed with all types of wolf DNA, the specific species didn’t matter. Each of their primal instincts were enhanced by tenfold, their top canines were lengthened and their teeth became more dense. Most of the muscles of lupans became more apt and they had higher stamina and their sense of smell, hearing, and sight were also heightened. Lupans are the second strongest of the humanimals and considered the most dangerous for their pack like tendency when they get together.

The Felines - LadyNitrate
Phylum: Chordata
Order: Primate-Carnivora
Genus: Homo-Pantherinae.Uncia
Species: Sapien. Uncia

Feline’s are of the big cats their solitary creatures and though their primal instincts aren’t as enhanced as Lupans, though their canines were also lengthened and they became leaner muscled with the ablitiy to move much more quickly, and gracefully doing almost impossible things. They also inherited the ability to land on their feet, night vision, and better hearing. They aren’t strong at head on attacks but work best in the shadows.

The Amphibians -
Phylum: Chordata
 Order:Primate-Anura: Neobatrachia
 Genus: Homo-Auratus
Species: Sapien-Auratus

Although they don’t secrete poison like Poison Dart Frog’s do, Amphibian’s are resistant to poison’s and have the ability to change pigments in their skin, such as the hair melanin and eye pigment. It would take a lot of time and effort to change more than that. They are quick and are able to jump extremely high amounts. They also have the ability to climb walls and other suffices by the thousands of microscopic sucker like anomalies on their hands and feet.

The Foxes - Elunari
Phylum: Chordata
Genus: Homo-Vulpes
Species: Sapien.Vulpes

Stealthy, quick, those mixed with fox DNA become quite territorial like their cousins Lupans. Their primal instincts were enhanced only slightly, and they become shorter, between 5’0 and 5’9’. Their muscles are adapted for quick busts of speed that can’t be retained for long. They have excellent vision in the day and during the night, unlike lupans whose night vision is lacking compared to felines. Their canine’s while not as prominent as Lupans are also lengthened. They are pack animals by nature and can become depressed when alone to long.

The Snakes - Vaulera
Phylum: Chordata
Genus: Homo-Elapinae
Species: Sapien-Elapinae

Those whose DNA was mixed with snakes were taken from the Cobra and Rattlesnake family, Elapidae’s and Crotalinae’s. These humanimals are usually tall, around 6’0-6’7’ with lithe, muscular bodies. They are quick and powerful with the ability to switch from normal vision to infrared. This takes an immense strain on them though. They have slightly lower body temperatures then normal humans, or humanimals and as such get cold much more easily.  They are solitary and tend to be a bit ‘shy’ when first approached though they are deadly opponents.

The Bears - CrazyJay
Phylum: Chordata
Genus: Homo-Ursus
Species: Sapien-Arctos

The largest and strongest of all the humanimals, those who were spliced with bear DNA often grow denser bones, larger muscles, and become taller. They become territorial of things they claim, including people, and show the easiest ability to recognize when their primal instincts are leading them astray. Bears are nocturnal and as such, those spliced with the DNA prefer the night time. As they don’t hibernate, these humanimals don’t need to store up body fat, though they tend to sleep more, and get cranky if woken up. They have the most powerful punch of all the humanimals, but what they have in strength is made up for in speed and grace, which they don’t have.

The Hares - BeauDésastre
Phylum: Chordata
Genus: Homo-Lepus
Species: Sapien-Lepus

Unlike rabbits, hare’s are naturally adapted to being unprotected from predators, as are the humaninals that are spliced with hare DNA. These humanimals are quick, faster than any other humanimal save for the avian in flight, and powerful. They aren’t timid little bunnies and have quite the temper on them.  They are shy by nature though. These humanimals soon lose their taste for meat and become vegetarians. They can jump large lengths and have endless amounts of stamina, which helps them win their fights.

The Gazelle’s – Shengami
Class: Mammalia
Genus: Homo-Antilopinae
Graceful, quick, and thought to be docile. Gazelle splicers were originally made so that the scientists could see if they had a natural danger indicator like gazelle’s did in the wild. Their since of smell is amazing and they have an almost immediate fight or flight sense. They are strong runners and can do it for much longer than most of the other humanimals. Not many gazelle’s were made because a few of them didn’t respond the way they should, or they were more violent than the scientists thought they would be.

The Hyenas – Missfire
Class: Mammalia
Genus:Homo- Hyaenidae
Hyena’s were made originally to see how people would adapt to being more like canines, but physically more like feline’s. It didn’t turn out well. Out of the 25 hyena’s that were spliced only five of them survived. They had begun to kill each other. Hyena’s were sadistically, slightly insane, humanimals that couldn’t be control in the least. They had to be sedated almost constantly. They are sly creatures with better night vision than you’d think. They won’t stop until they are dead.

None of the dubbed 'humanimals' have ever gotten together and organized themselves before. People who think of escape are usually met with a terrible fate of being fed to the more violent and disfigured lupans, who are rejected specimens from the scientists years ago.

Now, with the prospect of being hunted though, whispers of escape have been made. Their only chance will be during the hunt, it's an enclosed area, with nothing around for miles, but if they were to kills a few hunters, and then find a means of escape, the humanimals might just make it. The end of the month isn't for a week though, and no one is sure just who will be going. If to many weak humanimals are voted in, everyone might come back dead, but if enough strong ones are...they might just have a chance.

But what then? All the other humanimals will be left to suffer, so finding a way back to The Pitt will also be a part of the plan.

Character Sheet
Code: [Select]
[b]Fight Name:[/b]
[b]Age:[/b] (20-30)
[b]Weapon of Choice:[/b]
[b]Armor:[/b] (this won't be made of metal, most of it will be scraps of leather and such, if you have any.)
[b]Winning Streak:[/b]
[b]People Killed:[/b]
[b]People Spared:[/b]
[b]Biography:[/b] (how they got spliced, and thrown into the pitt later)
[b]Extra:[/b] (scars, tattoo's, ect, anything that might not be in your photo, or that I haven't given a place to mention.)

If it isn't already obvious, of the eight DNA splicers I have mentioned I would no more than 2 of each. Though initially I want most of the humanimals filled out before we began to double up. Also, if you would like to make a second character who gets killed that is fine with me. Expect to fight, it will be inevitable, that's one of the reasons why it's a mature roleplay. A good fight is gory and bloody. Not too bloody and gory of course, but this is about fighting.
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Offline Kay Tana

Re: Humanimal Gladiators (Interest Check)
« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2011, 08:23:35 PM »
Hmm this looks like it could be interesting. However, I'm feeling very uncreative at the moment. Perhaps tomorrow I'll introduce you to Kiba. He's more use to a shirt and tie, or less, but he can pick up the sword long enough to see this through.

Offline LadyNitrateTopic starter

Re: Humanimal Gladiators (Interest Check)
« Reply #2 on: October 20, 2011, 08:43:13 PM »
Alright fair enough thank you for the interest . Here's my Character.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
At 5'10" Ronny is a tall girl with curvy frame. A perfect set of teeth, she's got elongated canines and retractable nails that lengthen to a dangerous point. With long black hair and light green eyes, Ronny is a little odd looking at times with her pale skin. She isn't thick with muscle like many splicers, instead she is soft and lean being more flexible than most.
Name: Veronica, Ronny, James

Fight Name: Lady Nior

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Splice: Veronica was spliced with a Panther, which is technically just a puma with pigmentation problems.

Strengths:  Veronica is fast and agile like most Felines, more so though she was a gymnast before the splice so the grace of a cat just amplified the natural talent she already had. She’s also able to be very quiet when she needs to, lurking in the shadows being overly analytical helps with that. Other than that she has all the natural, or unnatural, talents that a Feline splicer has.

Weaknesses: Veronica isn’t a good strategist, she analyzes her opponent but is at a loss with coming up with a strategy to take them out, until the last minute. She also has a low pain tolerance so hacking out the fight for long periods of time, sustaining injuries, puts her at a risk of losing.

Weapon of Choice: Throwing knives, as swords and axe’s cause you to get to close to your opponent.

Armor: Veronica has a leather suit she has sewn together herself over time. It’s inspired by the few catwoman movies that she has seen.

Winning Streak: Veronica has a winning streak of 17 currently.

People Killed:  5

People Spared: 4, a few people call her soft for it.

Personality: Veronica is, eccentric. She takes care of the younger girls in an almost motherly fashion. Occasionally, she can be found giving them battle tips. The four that she has spared were all girls that she had taken under her wing, though she has told them all if it means their freedom to kill someone, they do it. Veronica doesn’t hate regular humans, she pities them for not being able to blame the scientists and not the humanimals. Veronica is also one who is up for laughs, so if you’re needing one she probably has it.

Biography: At 15, Veronica was ripe for the picking. Her parents were in need of money and a few of the scientists were paying $15,000 for volunteers. Veronica’s parents promised to get her a personal coach for her gymnastics if she volunteered, then dreaming of the Olympics, Veronica agreed. That’s how she spent two years in a room, alone most of the time, in agony as the animal DNA bonded, and changed, her own. At first she was violent towards the scientist, for awhile she had claws and would lash out at them, but they soon de-clawed her, that was painful as well.

When she was 17 raiders broke into the science lab, killing all of the scientists and taking all the humanimal’s they could. Only two got away, Veronica and seven others were taken to The Pitt. Of the batch that was turned in that day, Veronica is the only one left from Lab November. Turning it over in her head Veronica figured the military has 26 other bases, all named about the military alphabet.

Extra: Ronny has a few nicks and scratches all over her. Being young they heal over time. The few bad scars she has are all easily hide, and with her new armor she rarely gets new scars. The two tattoos she has are a little faded now, and on either side of her pelvis leading down. She got it as a birthday present for her 15th birthday. Her mother hated it.
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Offline Jason

Re: Humanimal Gladiators (Interest Check)
« Reply #3 on: October 21, 2011, 09:35:46 AM »
I'm in and will be working on my app ASAP

Offline LadyNitrateTopic starter

Re: Humanimal Gladiators (Interest Check)
« Reply #4 on: October 21, 2011, 10:13:11 AM »
Alright, and I would just like to point out to anyone who is looking at this thread and considering joining, the names that appear by the certain animals, such as the Feline has my name by it, that means those are the people who have decided to play a humanimal spliced with that DNA.

Offline Jason

Re: Humanimal Gladiators (Interest Check)
« Reply #5 on: October 21, 2011, 10:15:33 AM »

As you can see, Jason is a naturally blonde man with a feint beard. Standing at 6'0" and weighing 180 lbs he doesn't stand out much in crowds. Being a lumberjack, he wears lumberjack jackets as his favourite outfit.

The splicing on Jason has caused his height to rise up to 7'3" and his weight has became 240 lbs. Not only this, his body frame has became significantly more muscular to match his new aggresive nature. His hair has changed from it's golden blonde to a deep brown, as well as significant boost in facial hair growth.
Name: Jason McIntyre
Fight Name: The Grizzly
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Splice: As hinted by his nickname, Jason was spliced with a Grizzly Bear.
Strengths: Brute force from all other bears has became a significant trait that can't be overlooked in this dangerous beast. Unlike other bears, however, his hands-turned-claws are naturally much more sharper; this is due to his nature of cutting down trees and, therefore, the need of sharp edges. Jason also has quite rough skin, which he makes use of when blocking blunt blows.
Weaknesses: As all bears fall short, he isn't as agile or nimble as his former self. This powerhouse can throw heavy blows, but at the risk of leaving himself exposed for long periods of time.
Weapon of Choice: From his lumberjack origins, Jason has had a kanck at the axe.
Armor: As seen in his above attire, Jason's new outfit consists of leather, along with wooden plating and some straw merely for decoration. The spiked shoulders, however, are "trophy" fangs from fallen victims he placed upon to demonstate his dominant nature in combat. This attire is based of a primitive hunter's outfit.
Winning Streak: Currently on a streak of 7.
People Killed: 10, he rarely takes mercy in Deathmatches.
People Spared: 1, he sticks to his old morals.
Personality: Jason McIntyre is, now, a vicious and dangerously aggresive man who very often shows no mercy in a fight. Regardless of the matchup, he will aim to kill and won't be affraid to become a little more than just violent. However, outside of combat he will be much calmer, though easy to aggrivate. He does have a few morals he lives by, such as never to harm (which turned to kill due to inability to follow this one) a woman, to kill in order to survive, etc. He does have a kinder nature, however, and is quite peaceful when not annoyed or angry. This nicer side is especially portrayed at nigh, he becomes much more gentle and relaxed, however even in the arena his bloodthirsty nature will surge.
Biography: As a young man, Jason was a strapping young and handsome lumberjack, living his life healthy as can be in an environment where his work was making himself stronger. 17 years, his home town was approached by a group of scientists to give a family an extremelly high funding in exchange for a "physically sufficient" candidate. This was Jason McIntyre.

Later Jason was spliced with a very aggresive Grizzly Bear, to the amazement of the scientists Jason slowly but significantly began to metamorphisize into a much taller, heavier, and muscular induvidual. He was also quite aggresive as a result, and single handedly ripped the jaw off another Grizzly with not shown difficulty. Soon he had developed claws which could cut through an entire tree with ease, demonstrating the extremelly potent strength of the man.

Due to his hyper-violent nature, he was thrown into the pitt where he could kill to his content, so long as he behaved. So far he has shown to be significantly aggresive during disturbed day times, yet at night he will often be very kind. Still being monitored on a monthly basis, Jason or rather "The Grizzly" is doing what he can to live peacefully, though the ends don't justify the means.
Extra: Nothing worth noting aside more facial hair and oddly yet wonderfully smelling breath.

Offline LadyNitrateTopic starter

Re: Humanimal Gladiators (Interest Check)
« Reply #6 on: October 21, 2011, 10:27:50 AM »
Alright! It looks good to me thanks for joining Jay. I like the character that you've come up with. We've got two others that are joining so once we get them, I think things should really hit off.

Offline Vaulera

Re: Humanimal Gladiators (Interest Check)
« Reply #7 on: October 21, 2011, 04:05:04 PM »
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Long black hair, Wiry frame, Roughly 6,5
Name: Victor Dradt
Fight Name: The Serpent
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Splice: Serpent
Strengths: Victor is a wiry man, marginally stronger post splicing, but he is devious and single minded when he has a dislike for someone. He uses his infrared without regard to his personal discomfort and Is relatively fast. He uses the fangs begot from his splicing without remorse.
Weaknesses: He is quick to tire and he loves to toy with his victims, making his susceptible to trickery and deception even though he himself is a master.
Weapon of Choice: Bare hands and fangs.
Armor: Victor loves the leather coat he managed to take with him from his former life, sleek black and able to aid him from a few scrapes and bruises.
Winning Streak: 5
People Killed: 8
People Spared: 0 He is ruthless and without remorse when fighting.
Personality: Victor is enigmatic and bitter about the splicing. He is like a light flame upon kindling. A slow and eventual buildup to a raging inferno. Yet through the anger and regret he is the once quiet and unassuming person he was pre-splicing
Biography: Native to the town Cologne, Germany, Victor was an ace student. He was at the top of his class in his second year of law-school. He was going to be a shining star, but a group of scientists took interest in his intelligence. They offered him a significant "scholarship" if he volunteered. He ended up as the pseudo-monster he is now, reduced to barbarism in the Pitt.
Extra: Has a long and extensive tattoo of a cobra rearing to strike along one arm and a Chinese dragon on the other.
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Offline LadyNitrateTopic starter

Re: Humanimal Gladiators (Interest Check)
« Reply #8 on: October 21, 2011, 04:27:07 PM »
Looks good to me! I'm glad that we've got someone who hasn't spared anyone yet. Always need a ruthless killer.

Offline Kay Tana

Re: Humanimal Gladiators (Interest Check)
« Reply #9 on: October 21, 2011, 04:40:18 PM »
(Hmm slight change of plan. This pic is too awesome to pass up.)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Name: Alexander Roivas
Fight Name: Shade
Age: (20-30) 23
Gender: Male
Splice: Lupan, specifically black timber wolf.
Strengths: Alex's muscles are very well toned allowing for quick, pinpoint thrusts and blurring slashes. His strategy is to strike first and end it fast.
Weaknesses: Due to a presplice car accident he has lost most of the vision in his left eye. While he can still vaguely see movement everything is a wash of gray blobs.
Weapon of Choice: Sword
Armor: None. Just the overcoat and jeans.
Winning Streak: 12
People Killed: 0 Hasn't had to take part in a deathmatch and prefers to disable his opponents.
People Spared: N/A  Again has not been in a deathmatch.

Personality: Alex is not a very talkative person, but thats often misinterpreted as a bad attitude. The tattoo trailing down his body doesn't help matters, but that was intentional. He figured it would distract people form his blindness and make them want to approach from his good side. In truth he stays distant because you never know who is gonna die next and doesn't want any emotional ties. However, he is perfectly happy to function with a group and if given the chance to get out would likely open up.

Biography: As part of the experiments the scientists spliced what was once considered well to do, model citizens to see how they would take the change. Alex was not one such person. He was independently wealthy from investing his inheritance in the creation and management of a members only club. Unfortunately, due to its risqué nature it stayed mostly out of the publics view. The extraction team bagged him while everyone in the mansion was asleep and supposedly secure in their beds. While he first violently resisted his captors they threatened to destroy the mansion and everyone in it. Even if he could never go back anyway he had no choice but to accept his fate. He would rather die then be the cause of such a massacre of the people he worked with and loved. As a small reward for their new pet's obedience they gave him the option to chose his splice. Even if he never got back he found at least this way to remember them by. So in the name of The Den he has become the wolf and ware any bleating 'sheep' that get in his way.

Extra: While the tribal like tattoo is obviously there the fact that his left eye has a glazed look would be hard to tell at a distance.

Offline LadyNitrateTopic starter

Re: Humanimal Gladiators (Interest Check)
« Reply #10 on: October 21, 2011, 05:18:06 PM »
Yes! We've got a ruthless one, as well as someone who doesn't take part of Deathmatch, that's great. I approve, of course, I'll be editing you into the lupans.

Offline Jason

Re: Humanimal Gladiators (Interest Check)
« Reply #11 on: October 21, 2011, 05:24:16 PM »
Ideally we need a few more female candidates. I'll ask around, I have a few friends here.

Offline LadyNitrateTopic starter

Re: Humanimal Gladiators (Interest Check)
« Reply #12 on: October 21, 2011, 05:27:49 PM »
Ideally, yes we do need a few more female characters. I don't really want to be passed around >.>

though, I don't know many women who actually like furries so I do appreciate that you'll ask the few friends that you have here.

Offline Vaulera

Re: Humanimal Gladiators (Interest Check)
« Reply #13 on: October 21, 2011, 07:44:06 PM »
This is elliquiy, furries are put in the bundle.

Offline LadyNitrateTopic starter

Re: Humanimal Gladiators (Interest Check)
« Reply #14 on: October 21, 2011, 07:50:24 PM »
This is true, but I don't know many women personally, that is, that are into it.

Offline Jason

Re: Humanimal Gladiators (Interest Check)
« Reply #15 on: October 21, 2011, 07:57:26 PM »
I'm hoping my friend, who is into furries, will join. *crosses fingers*

Offline Vaulera

Re: Humanimal Gladiators (Interest Check)
« Reply #16 on: October 21, 2011, 08:02:27 PM »
I don't know why that would be :/ seems pretty unisex.

Offline Balizar Draconis

Re: Humanimal Gladiators (Interest Check)
« Reply #17 on: October 21, 2011, 08:16:30 PM »
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Name: Xavier Cross
Fight Name: White Knight
Age: (20-30) 28
Gender: Male
Splice: Lupan, specifically Arctic Wolf.
Strengths: Xavier sports the same speed, strength and cunning that all wolves have, but his real power comes in when combining this with the fighting skills he had pre splice.
Weaknesses: Xavier major weakness is his pride, he refuses to bend his principles for any reason. His serious mannerisms often lead to conflicts with others, despite being a Lupan and having the instinct to fight together he will try to do everything by himself.
Weapon of Choice: His claws
Armor: He wears a robe with a sash (pretty much the picture)
Winning Streak: 25
People Killed: 20
People Spared: 4, 3 who were women and 1 who he deemed too weak to bother killing.

Personality: Xaiver has the personality of a blizzard most of the time, he is compossed, cold and spends most of his time alone. He holds his personal code of honor above all else. He only shows a soft side around the younger girls, due to his thoughts of his younger sister.

Biography: Xavier grew up a star among those his age. He was good at studies, sports and anything else he put his mind to. His whole world though was his little sister, she was cute and loved him dearly but she was always a little fragile. That was what ended him up here today, his sister fell ill with a disease that no one could seem to cure. That was went the docotrs appoarched him and offer him a cure in exchange for his "assistance" in thier research. They needed a good test subject and he needed a cure for his sister. The last human moment he had was the doctors telling him to just relax. When he woke up, he was like he is now. He was asked by the doctors to prove that their work was the best in the pit. In exchange for agreeing to fight they promised him something from his past. That is a small ribbon from his sister that he wears braided in his hair.   

Extra: Has a scar that runs down his back from his shoulder blade to his hip.

Edit: Just noticed my weakness got deleted some how...
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Offline LadyNitrateTopic starter

Re: Humanimal Gladiators (Interest Check)
« Reply #18 on: October 21, 2011, 08:23:28 PM »
I don't know why that would be :/ seems pretty unisex.

I have no idea. I've just met more guys that are into it versus women. But it seems pretty 50/50 here.

Bal, your profile looks good so I'll be editing that in soon.

Thanks again Jay for the help.

Offline Vaulera

Re: Humanimal Gladiators (Interest Check)
« Reply #19 on: October 21, 2011, 08:32:37 PM »
So many wolves! any chance you guys could convert to avian or fox. You wouldn't have to change much at all to be fox! just change some of the splicey stuff and keep the appearance.

Offline LadyNitrateTopic starter

Re: Humanimal Gladiators (Interest Check)
« Reply #20 on: October 21, 2011, 08:46:16 PM »
I don't have a problem with two of them being a wolf. As long as there isn't more than 2 I won't ask anyone to change their spliced animal.

Offline Vaulera

Re: Humanimal Gladiators (Interest Check)
« Reply #21 on: October 21, 2011, 08:59:08 PM »
Well now there is three no?

Offline LadyNitrateTopic starter

Re: Humanimal Gladiators (Interest Check)
« Reply #22 on: October 21, 2011, 09:25:33 PM »
Nope there is only two. We have two wolves, A feline, a serpent, and a bear.

Offline Vaulera

Re: Humanimal Gladiators (Interest Check)
« Reply #23 on: October 21, 2011, 09:29:26 PM »
Oh yeah, my bad, I thought that I saw three.

Offline LadyNitrateTopic starter

Re: Humanimal Gladiators (Interest Check)
« Reply #24 on: October 21, 2011, 09:45:14 PM »
No worries. It was a simple mistake. Could have happened to anyone.