porn star non con mxm

Started by Serephino, October 17, 2011, 03:33:03 AM

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Your character is a bit of a porn addict, and loves to watch videos starring a certain actor (my guy).  Then while at a bar/park/ some other public place, he actually sees his favorite actor.  Thinking he's struck the jackpot, he works up the nerve to ask the guy out.  The actor says yes, not knowing his admirer is a fan of his 'work'

Your character is really excited about the date.  He's fully expecting a night of hot sex just like in all the videos he's watched.  So when his dream date turns him down, he can't believe it.  He decides to take what he wants.

This could be a one shot, or your character could keep mine prisoner.  Or, you could play another character, like a boyfriend or something, that helps my guy deal with the trauma.