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Author Topic: Celtic's Cravings  (Read 834 times)

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Celtic's Cravings
« on: October 13, 2011, 03:58:19 PM »
Before PMing me about any of my ideas, please be sure to check my Ons/offs first. It should help to give you some idea of whether or not we'd be compatible as partners. While I am looking for someone to play a male character, I have little care for the gender of the person playing opposite me--if you're female, and can play a male, go for it. Also, please do not reply to this posting here--send a PM instead. It's much more likely to get my attention.

I try to give as good as I get, but sometimes my fingers run away with me and I'll find myself with 1000+ words for a post. I don't expect my partner to keep up with this, though if they are able to match or exceed this count from time to time as the game warrants, that's perfectly fine with me. I love details, and love having something to work with to help further the story. My average post is usually between 300-700 words, or three to five really decent paragraphs, the notable exception being moments of dialogue when my posts may be shorter in order to allow for a response.

I would appreciate my partner be able to post at least once a week, and I will try to match that. If I'm unable to for any reason, I will be sure to let a partner know.

Current cravings

Untitled Story
Status: Available

She, a shy, bookish type, not really looking for a date, or boyfriend. Her friends call her reclusive, naive, encourage her to get out more. One fateful day in the library studying for exams, one of these friends pushes her too far. Dares her to kiss the next guy she sees. How unfortunate that this guy, while definitely good looking and probably would make a great boyfriend, is also a serial killer on the side. He's careful, hasn't been caught, and his victims have never been linked to each other...if they've been found at all. Most are still listed as 'missing'. What happens when she catches his attention, gets invited to his house...only to arrive early and accidentally see him storing one of his victims, still alive, waiting for their turn to die?

Elements may include: Murder. Deception. Romance. Blackmail. Heavy themes of BDSM. Possible non-con or dubious-con.
Looking for: Someone to play the serial killer, possibly some NPCs (murder victims, police, etc.). Player gender does not matter.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
"Will you leave it alone already, Katlyn!" Ari slammed her book closed, annoyed that her friend was bothering her about the party again. "I don't want to go. I'm not going. I have midterms to study for and I'd like to pass them." Aribel Montgomery was a good student, but she found that studying was relaxing, and Katlyn didn't understand that.

"Sorry, Ari," Kat murmured, looking appropriately chastised. "But you never get out! It isn't good for you, and I'm tired of going out al the time, having fun, while you stay in with your books. You probably wouldn't even know what to do with a guy!"

"I would so!" Ari retorted hotly.

"Oh yeah? Then kiss the next guy you see," Kat dared, a cheeky grin on her face.

That stopped Ari in her tracks, and she looked up from shoving books into her bag. "Wh-what...?" she stammered, brow drawing down in confusion. It was so outrageous, just the thought of kissing some stranger, that her stomach fluttered at the idea.

"The very next guy you see. I dare you. Kiss him." Kat grinned, seeing Ari's discomfort but not about to back down now that the challenge was out.

"A-all right," Ari agreed, feeling foolish. It was a foolish thing! She didn't know why she'd even agreed to it; for all she knew, the next guy she saw would be her father. Or some fat, bald, old guy, who smelled like sweaty gym socks. "All right, I'll do it," she said again, with more conviction than she felt. Aribel felt like she was making a mistake, but maybe this would be radical enough to get Katlyn off her back for a while.

With her books finally packed up, Aribel headed toward the elevator, waving absently to Kat over her shoulder. Maybe there would be a way to avoid seeing anyone. She could just keep her nose in a book; then she wouldn't see any guys and feel obligated to kiss them. She had a thought--what if the guy was gay?--and shuddered. It would be uncomfortable for both of them, but at least Kat wouldn't expect any kind of follow-up.

Impatient, she pushed the call button for the elevator a few times, heard it start its lumbering way up from the ground floor. She was on the third floor, and probably should have taken the stairs. In the time it took the elevator to get there, she could be gone already. Ari heard the elevator gears screech to a stop--someone on the second floor either wanted on or off the car. Then the gears started again, and the car began its ponderous way to the third floor, where Ari waited.

Graveyard (Might resurrect later; interest has waned, but don't be afraid to ask to play one of these.)

An Angel's Choice
Status: Available

Ariami had hunted well, had lured a farm-woman from her warm bed and out into the chill of the night, with only a robe wrapped around her. She could see the woman's confusion at being outdoors so late, the light of the moon gleaming a pale mock-smile in the sky, stars glimmering against the velvet backdrop of the night.

Her lithe, wraith-like form emerged from around the side of the barn, ivory hair flowing in the soft breeze that kicked up. It carried to her the scent of her prey, and she breathed in, let her lips curl into a slow, lazy smile as she sauntered forward. “Come now, I promise I won’t hurt you,” Ariami cooed to the hesitant woman. She was more reluctant than others, but the huntress could see her reservations thinning. Soon, the prey was in the pale-haired woman’s arms. Ari could feel the tension draining from the thick body of the other woman—thick because she was healthy, and Ari could detect no trace of illness on her.

She was perfect. Still cooing soothingly to the woman, Ariami bent her head to the supple throat and breathed deeply, let her breath waft cool and soft against the woman's throat. Her charm was beginning to work, and the woman moaned softly at the feel of Ariami’s breath against her neck, pressed inevitably closer to the huntress. It was time.

The strike was swift, the woman unaware that anything had changed. She felt a kiss, a rush of warmth through her body, and her breath released in a shuddering sigh. Ariami felt the richness of blood coat her tongue, and in that moment she was lost to the kill. She fed hungrily at the pulse beneath her lips, though not voraciously; she was far more skilled than that. It was minutes before the woman began to struggle ineffectively, finally realizing something was wrong as her heart began to stutter, beating a frantic, broken tattoo behind the cage of her ribs.

But it was too little, far too late. It only took minutes more before those weak struggles and protests were over, and Ariami was lowering the limp form to the ground. Her lips were crimson with blood as she arranged the pale figure into a mockery of rest, pulling the robe neatly around the corpse. Almost reverently, she passed a hand over the empty eyes, closing them in a mimicry of sleep before pressing ruby-hued lips to the pale lids to leave her gruesome calling card. When she stepped away, bloody kisses marked the woman's eye lids, and Ariami licked the traceries of her meal from the corners of her lips before departing the tableau she'd arranged, unwilling to be caught by the guard that was sure to be summoned.

She, the vampire with the snowy white hair. He, the Angel sent to offer her a choice--Reformation, or death. However, upon finding the vampire, the Angel instead finds himself faced with a choice. Remain pure and true to his cause, or allow this female to seduce him, taint him, teach him other ways of life that don't involve hunting her kind?

Elements may include: Murder. Deception. Romance.
Looking for: Someone to play the Angel. Player gender does not matter.

Status: Available

"Nora, what are you doing?" Le-Kara shouted as the brunette darted away from the small group. Her dark eyes widened as she watched the girl race toward the wyvern, disregarding her own safety. At least, it seemed that way.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" Nora shouted back, still racing toward the captured creature. "Distract it, will ya!"

Le-Karai caught on, looked behind her. "Jasin, Travis! Use your knives. Draw its attention!"

Nora was still racing ahead, weaving back and forth in the corridor. Le-Karai watched the wyvern weave and bob its head, following her, prepared to lash out at the girl when she was close enough. And then it let out a horrible screech, and she saw a dagger glance off the scaled hide. Nora ducked under the writhing body, leapt nimbly up along the back until she could reach the locks that secured the chains.

But Karai still wondered--who had bound the wyvern? Who had set the trap that had captured the noble creature? The crystalline form of the dragon-kin glimmered in the dim tunnel, eyes wild and panicked as Nora went to work on the locks. The treasure had been forgotten in the excitement of freeing the beast, and the twins were darting about, hurling their daggers, drawing the attention away from the brown-haired girl astride the wyvern's neck, working feverishly at the locks that trapped it.

Of course, no one had quite thought of what would happen when it was freed. "Uh...Karai?" she heard from behind her, and turned.

"Mm? What is it, Brutus?" she asked, one brow lifting.

"That thing's gonna be mad when it's free. We gonna run?"


Nora screamed, and Le-Karai whipped back around, watched as the wyvern lifted its great head, her friend still astride the neck, and strained against the chains. They were coming loose. "Nora, get out of there!" Karai yelled, her voice echoing oddly in the tunnel. "Jasin! Travis! Let's go!"

Urgency was in her voice, and the twins wasted no time at all. In a flash, they were at her side, watching, anxious, as Nora began her treacherous descent. The wyvern stretched and strained, claws scrabbling at the walls, wings trying to spread but finding no room against the chains that still looped over it. But they were slipping, sliding against the scales, and with a final effort Nora leapt free of the beast and raced toward her friends.

She, the tavern girl slash adventurer. He, the wayward noble/prince (exact identity to be determined) looking for a bit of fun. But he finds more than that in this girl. She intrigues him, captures his attention, perhaps even steals his heart. However, not everyone is willing to allow a commoner like her into the upper echelon. There are always those who would use her origins against her for their own gain. How far will he go to keep her safe?

Elements may include: Court intrigue. Blackmail. Romance. Murder. Non-con.
Looking for: Someone to play the noble/prince, the blackmailer(s), and maybe one or more of Le-Karai's troop of adventurers. Player gender does not matter.

If you've read this far (and checked out my O/O's) and are still interested, feel free to shoot me a PM to discuss the possibility of a game.
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