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Author Topic: Released From Jail. {Extreme! M/f scene and F/f scene}  (Read 619 times)

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Offline Ophelia JaxonTopic starter

Released From Jail. {Extreme! M/f scene and F/f scene}
« on: October 12, 2011, 08:10:49 am »
The first plot I need a Dominant male partner please and thank you For the second...A Dominant Female xx Please note that the names I use here are just names, you don't have to use them if you don't like them I just hate typing 'your character' each time I refer to Him/Her

Athena and Ryan had been dating for a whole three years before he got sent away. He was in a gang and she? Well she met him at a party. Athena was a stripper who occasionally did some extras on the side and private parties. They had sex. It was good. They started a no strings attached thing., He talked her into not making him pay for it and so started the proper dating. She even stopped seeing men on the side, it was a blow to her bank account, but it was love wasn't it? There was an age difference since she was a sixteen years old with a fake ID and dreams she'd never realize.

Every now and then there was some abuse, he'd have a tough day and she'd piss him off a few slaps, pushes, some violent sex, rarely she'd have a black eye or something, but in her world that was no big deal. At least being with him it meant she had protection from worse in her career.

Well three years on and Ryan was in prison. Accessory to murder. Athena was pregnant and visited him as often as she could for the first month. She had an abortion without telling him. She didn't want a baby and she didn't think she would ever -really- see him again. A few more times she visit, but then she stopped all together. She'd found someone else.

She couldn't wait around for him could she? This someone else was from a rival gang and was cruel to her, making her whore herself to get money.

Ryan was kept up to date with her actions. He considered her his property after all. He got strong. Worked out, had a prison bitch. He wasn't gay...but a guy had to get off somewhere and he was never on the receiving end. He became well known. Had contacts on the outside and Athena's new fling was shot down. She was alone after that. She had been with him when the drive by happened.

Athena took to locking her doors and drinking herself to sleep.

Ryan got out a whole 18 months before his sentence was up from good behaviour. He was a changed man. He had never been a pussy or anything, but not he was harder. Meaner. Determined to make it to the top. First he wanted Athena and the kid he thought he had.

He has to convince her that she's his through and through. She's moved so it takes a while for him to find her...but find her he does. How will he react when they see eachother again?
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Offline Ophelia JaxonTopic starter

Re: Released From Jail. {Extreme! M/f scene and F/f scene}
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2011, 08:11:15 am »
Catalina...Nicknamed Cat...Nicknamed Pussy was in prison for a year. Nothing big, just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. She was a bystander in a barfight and somehow it got pinned on her. She hadn't done it, but her lawyer was shit so she was sent down for it.

Her bunkmate was she had reason to be there. Hell she'd already been there for six years. What had she done? Well...She thought her boyfriend was cheating on her. Didn't have proof, but that didn't matter. She burned the bed they'd shared...with him in it along with the house. She was caught and sent down.

Natasha had long ago started to amuse herself with other women...she was in prison...wasn't much choice was there? She'd been lucky for the past couple years to have her room to herself...That's where Catalina comes in.

Catalina wasn't friendly, but she wasn't hostile either...Natalie stuck to her own since she was up for parole in a year, didn't want to fuck it up.

Catalina...Now named Pussy from the other women was a keep to herself and everything will be OK type of girl...She was also skinny and rather sexy. For the first month she was picked on constantly, never fighting back, ignoring everyone else...then she was in the showers by herself...Well...she wasn't by herself for long.

Two women came out of nowhere...deciding it was time to break the Pussy in...They did quite a number on her. There wasn't much she could do because one had a knife. They had her on the wet floor with her legs spread about to shove said knife into her woman parts.

Natasha came in at the right moment. She barked, the other two backed off. So...Catalina became Natasha's prison bitch. They were in love...or at least Cat let Natasha believe they were. She only had a year which was cut short. They had 'made plans' They were going to move to an exotic location, get a dog, be happy...First when Catalina got out she had to find Natasha's business partner and stay with him until she herself was free.

Once out Catalina did find the business partner. Drugs. Drugs was the business. At first she just shook her head and went on with finding a job...which after a while of trying she gave up on and went back to the drug business. The partner ended up being a cousin of Natasha's.

Her job was measuring and cutting at first, and then distributing.

When Natasha came home...she got off on that parole hearing...rehabilitated. Catalina was on her back on her bed being jammed with Natasha's cousin. He got kicked out of the room.

What happens next? Let's see!
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Online Visna

Re: Released From Jail. {Extreme! M/f scene and F/f scene}
« Reply #2 on: October 12, 2011, 11:29:41 am »
Interested in the second plot. Toss me a PM and we can talk about it. :)