The Angel that forsaken me ( F & F pairing)

Started by Malgriff, October 07, 2011, 03:26:56 AM

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Had this idea after a crazy dream I had.

Setting- in this world everyone has a gaurdian angel only they can see but theyinteract with them all the time, especially children. The angels watch out for their wards, though some angels are better then others. (obviously if a person is bad their angel becoms bad too)

Story - A young girl ( me) loves her angel ( you) very much, and because she is the only person the girl really knows is devastated when her angel dissapears for years, till she turns 18. ( The reason for the dissapearence is up to you, be as creative as you like.)
She is going through hard times and finaly snaps one day and cries out for her angel to come back. When she does there are alot of wild emotions that need to be calmed among other things.

Feel free to suggest chages if you like. Anyone interested? Highly craving this plot.


I like it, if you need a angel I would love to rp it for you ^^

Eve Lacus

I would be interested. I think I have a few ideas I could add to this.

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This rp is still open if anyone is interested. Those two above havent replied to my pms so I assume are no longer interested.