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Eve Lacus

Table of Contents:

I. Poetry
II. Introduction
III. Cravings of the Week
IV. Brief list of Desires
V. Plot, Themes & Pairings
VI. Role-Play Series
VII. Excerpt
VIII. Characters & Pictures

I. Poetry

Come my love, and enter into my garden. Pass by the fervid flowers that press themselves on your sight. Take pleasure in some chance joy, which like a sudden wonder of sunset illumines…yet eludes. For a lover's gift is shy, but it never tells its name, it flits across the glen, spreading a shiver of joy along the dust.
~ Author Unknown

II. Introduction

So I have been away from the site for more than a year. I haven’t really had a lot of time to participate in any of the storylines due to school and other various reasons. So now that I am slightly more scheduled. I will be actively searching for new partners. I’m looking for people who can at least post once a day or week. This way I can ease my way back into the fold with a few one on one role-plays. Below are listed a few plots, scenarios, and brief info on things that interest in at the moment. If you see anything that catches your eye, fill free to either PM me.

III. Cravings of the Week:

Craving: Syfy plot (Any pairing)

Plot & Theme: Werewolf & Shapeshifter

IV. Brief list of Desires

::Post & Post Lengths » I try to give as much in a post as I can. In my intros I can generally get up to a good four or five paragraphs (when I am in a good mood), and have a good idea where the plot is, and understand the story of the world we are going to play in. When one of these are lacking I will try to make up for it by using the story details you provide. I also understand writer's block, I would rather have quality so go ahead and take a break but make sure you inform me.

::Notification » When you will not be able to reply any time soon or do not like the role-play…TELL ME! Don't just disappear; I wouldn’t do it to you. So please extend me the same courtesy. I am not a mean person who would blow a gasket because you didn't, couldn’t, or could not tell me anytime soon to reply. If you can't tell me before it happens, when you get back just provide the information then, I won't be angry. Also I liked to add that whenever I can not post I will give notice within my A/A page. Although this past year I have been very neglectful to my own rule in this I am determined to be more vocal when I have to take absences. I get writers block a lot and sometime need time for inspiration. 

::Plot Before Sex » Look I get it. Really I do. Everyone loves a good roll in the sack, and I for one will be the first to admit that sexual tension, romance, or whatever else can be a positive thing for a role-play. But sex should come eventually, not right after you meet have a few pages of something. You need a strong background to build apon. So please as a request if you PM wanting to brainstorm something. Please have mindset to come up with a plot. Because I will be honest with you, if I feel like we are in an endless rounds of back-to-back sex. I’m making tracks.
::Incorporating Your Own Ideas » I can’t stress this enough. I do not like to take the lead in every game. Dragging a story along for the both of us can be so stressful, if I don’t have any help. So as my partner I want you to try to add your own ideas to the flow of the story. That way I have a break in-between some of the segments.

::Private Messaging Me » No matter how busy I become. I always have time to respond to someone with a question, a request of casual conversation, a response to one of my threads, or a role-play idea. So fill free to bug me any time you wish. I promise I won’t bite…(mischievous grin) much.

::Series » Right now I’m going through this phase, where I’m enjoying what I like to call role-play series. Its where I’m taking the secondary characters from my one of my other role-plays and linking the story by giving that particular character its own plot. I just finished a six-part sequence with a very good friend of mind, and I really loved it. I might try here on E some near the distant future. Also, if you have an idea that you would like to branch out in this direction fill free to PM me.

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone
- Audrey Hepburn

However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results
- Winston Churchill

Eve Lacus


V. Plot, Themes & Pairings

Zorin Henke
(The Spirit of Water)
Sexuality: Homosexual

::Isis & Set: The Untold Story Taken (but still open to second)
Genres: Suspense, Romance Action, Mystery, and Tragedy
Pairings: Male & Female
Idea Created:

Isis and Set from Egyptian mythology are actually star- crossed lovers. Since childhood these two deity siblings have held a clandestine ardor for one another. Secretly hoping that their parent would pair with one another when the time came to choose their life partners. Both sibling were heart-breakingly disappointed when they were torn apart and pair with their other siblings. Now bound by her scared vows to honor, and remain faithful to her husband Osiris. The young goddess must battle the temptation of her heart, and somehow avoid delicious oblivion of Set’s touch.

Basic Summary: We all know the ancient Egyptian myth of the goddess Isis, and her over lord deity husband Osiris. But what if the details of their journey were changed? What if Isis wasn’t in love with her husband Osiris, but their younger brother Set? What then would these two deities do if they had to watch the one another be forever bonded to the siblings they had no wish to hurt. Eternally separated, everlastingly in love, Isis and Set unfold their untold love story, as they embark on their scandalous affair.  Never seen or revealed in Egyptian myth we all know so well.

Note: As you can see up above I change the actual history of the ancient tale to fit my story a bit more. So if anyone gets into there head that this plot doesn’t fit into the actual history. Just as I stated in my first sentence, I did a little revising.

::Catch me if you Can
Genres: Suspense, Romance, Action, , and Mystery
Pairings: Female & Female, and Male & Female (Thief & Federal Agent)

They call her the Lady Sheyn, an illusive international thief that has never been caught, or identified. Roaming continent-to-continent, she acquires only the most wealthiest, or priceless of objects. Playing an endless game cat and mouse between her, and the global law enforcement. Without any leads on where she might strike next, and no plan of action to capture the notorious moonlighter. The frustrated high officials of each corresponding country call upon the USA’s Federal Bureau to lead the investigation. Their choice of agent to lead the case, special agent (Your character. So you choose the name), is the best in the field. He/she is determined to apprehend the mysterious Lady Sheyn, thus beginning the new game of  Catch me if you can. Of course neither one of these opponents counted on smoldering attraction that develops between them.

Overview: I would like this role-play to be a cat, and mouse complex. Only on a more larger scale, the cop and the thief out maneuvering each other as they progressing through story. I would like the sexual attraction between the pair to play a key factor in the out come in some of the thefts that will be planned.
::My Angel, My Love
Genres: Suspense, Romance Action, Mystery, and Tragedy (Possibility)
Pairings: Male & Female, Female & Female, and Male & Male (Possibility)

This plot would revolve around a young woman that was born with an odd, ability to see those that dwell in the paranormal world. After living most of her life without any real contact with other realm, her life is turned upside down. When she attacked by a demon for unknown reasons. Seeing her life flashing before her eyes. The young woman resigns her-self to death, but soon finds herself saved when a heavily wounded angel saves her from her daunting fate. Seeing no other way to repay her angelic savior, the young lady takes the angel home with her and nurses he/she back to health. Soon the young lady finds her home and personal life a warpath, as demons, and angels alike hunt her targeted seraph for the covet prize of his/her soul. Will this young woman be able to help save the

::My Boyfriend the A.I
Genres: Suspense, Romance, Mystery, Intrigue, and Tragedy (Possible)
Pairings: Female & Female (Possible) Taken, and Male & Female

Heart broken from the guy she had a relationship with, a young female finds a weird case with only address on it. Figuring it was the right thing to do in returning it, she meets an oddly dressed man, and enters a conversation were she mentions wanting a new booyfriend. To thank her, he directs her to his company's website, Kellos Heavens. When she visits the site, the girl finds it's a site to create your perfect lover. Thinking it's a game, she customizes and accidentally orders one. The next day, her new order arrives. Following the instruction manual, she kisses him to wake him up and configures him to be in love with only her. She names him "What you name your character.” Stuck with a guy who has no idea how to behave, or act in the outside world. The female is focred to teach her naïve A.I boyfrind what is right, wrong, and oh so proper. All the while not losing her heart in the process.

--- Based off Absolute Boyfriend

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone
- Audrey Hepburn

However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results
- Winston Churchill

Eve Lacus

Evelyn James
(The Spirit of Earth)
Sexuality: Hetrosexual

::Awaking Sapphire Dynasty
Genres: Suspense, Romance, Action, Mystery,
Pairings: Male & Female, and Female & Female

Sworn to avenge the parents, that were stolen away from her. The only living heir to the Zaire throne becomes ruler of an immense galactic empire. Losing everything she ever valued in the process. Sired in exile, torn from the arms of her loved ones, this young aristocrat female is forced to play the puppet empress in the governments plot to consolidate their domination of space. Now the young heiress will journey through the uncertain path of politics, to seize the power of her birthright. All the while trying to not succumb to the dark ambitions of her administration. Her assurances of success are slim, but in a clandestine agreement with the ruthless, slave soldier of empire’s army. The youthful royal will agree to give this determined warrior her body, position in her court, and an even more coveted prize. His freedom to achive her goal. The Empress dosen't know whether or not she can place her trust in this man she has given herself too. That all remains to be seen, but for now her course is set, and there is no looking back. As the one true sovereign of the Zaire the Empress will seize the power to rule her empire.

::Hour of Darkness Blood: Part 1 - Long Term Plot
Genres: Suspense, Action, and Romance,
Pairing: Male & Female, Female & Female, and Male & Male [Possibility, though I can't really it] (Vampire & Angel)

When an inexperienced angel strays from heaven. She is captured by a coven of vampires vying to drain her blood. For it is written that if a vampire ever should feed off an angel, then he said she would awaken to untold knowledge and power. But when this pure hearted entity is brought before the leader of these bloodsuckers. Memories of the past resurface as the cold-hearted leader of this coven realizes that the angel he just kidnapped was once the childhood friend he vowed to protect.

Overview – Vowing to protect his childhood friend. The leader of the vampire coven must find away to protect his childhood friend/angel from harm, as he battles untold threats that vie to use her powers for no good. Added note: I would also like to play the male in this one.

Genres: Suspense, Romance Action, Mystery, and Tragedy
Pairings: Female & Female, Male & Female, maybe Male & Male

The plot is based off the movie “Alice in Wonderland ”, but I decided to add a little twist to the story this time around. Instead of being “Alice” the girl, this time it will be a whole new character (boy or girl) that goes to a new land where he/she finds different creatures and other oddities There he will meet the white king, and the white queen with a daughter or son (the girl names could be Alice or whatever) about around the same age as the boy or girl’s age (The designated number of there age can be worked out as we pan out the details). The white king and the white queen’s only wish was to protect the kingdom and see it prosper. While the other rulers, the king of hearts and queen of hearts only desired to please themselves and bring the leadership of all wonderland under their full control. As the conflict of power ensues the boy must decide witch side is worth fighting for. Will he join the White King and fulfill his destiny or be ensnared by the Red, and bring the downfall of Wonderland.
::My Dark Angel
Genres: Suspense, Action, Mystery, and Romance
Pairings: Female & Female, Male & Female, Male & Male (Secondary Characters)

He was an angel without a mission, surrounded by endless darkness, waiting ever patiently for his master’s call, longing once more to fly free.  When a masterful call reaches the dark gate, this dark angel knows his master has summoned him once more.  He spreads his wings and descends upon the earth, searching and ready to aide the Omega above. Only to find that it was not his former lord that has taken to call him back to earth, but a…powerful and very much in trouble witch. She was a witch fighting for her life. Hunted by those she had believed she could trust. When she is cornered by a small group of the organization that seeks her death, the young witch mistakenly cast a spell. That doesn’t banish her enemies, but summons an angel that decrees that she is his new master, and is bound to defend her from the forces that desire to do her harm. Now to break the contract they have mistakenly forged, the pair forms an alliance to stop the ruthless organization that wish more than just to assassinate the witch. But crave something she holds within that could further their own ambitions.

::Spirit of Requiem
Genres: Suspense, Romance Action, Horror, Mystery, and Tragedy
Pairings: Male & Male, Female & Female, and Male & Female

During the middle Ages, a wealthy family had an "order of seven alchemists" create a puzzle box in order to gain immortality, not knowing that it would in fact open a portal to the demon world. Thousands of demons were unleashed, shattering the device into 148 fragments, which they absorbed. Leaving the portal to the demonic world open and its inhabitants running amok. Feeling responsible forever creating such a device the alchemists used their abilities to trap a majority of the demons back inside the portal. While the remaining few who carried a puzzle piece were bound inside a random group of vessels. Known only to the alchemists, by one name "Symbiont's". Living vessels that were once human beings, allying themselves to the good or the bad, walking the earth harnessing the power of the demons. These immortal abominations are the only weapons, "The Order" have in retrieving the remaining puzzle pieces, the key to closing the portal and preventing the destruction of all human life on Earth.

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone
- Audrey Hepburn

However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results
- Winston Churchill

Eve Lacus


Elexis Wright
(The Spirit of Fire)
Sexuality: Bisexual

::Shadows From the Past
Genres: Suspense, Romance, Action, Horror, Mystery, and Tragedy
Pairings: Female & Female, and Male & Female

Some time ago in the distant past a conflict of warfare raged between the vampires and a subsidiary species know as the Kolas Clan. A group of abominations that emerged when a vampire who would later known as the Kolas Emperor began spreading his lineage through the vast population.

The Kolas legacy, as his bloodline would be later known, differed from other black bloodlines (vampires); humans bitten by a Kolas child would become Kolas themselves, even without a direct infusion of that bloodline's blood.  As well any existing vampire also bitten by a Kolas Child would become apart of the Kolas bloodline as well. Due to this unappealing turn of events the vampire covens had no choice but to reveal their existence to contain the situation. The conflict ensued even more so when the Kolas Emperor entered the battle him-self demanding the "Old Bloods" (Pure blooded vampires) hand over the Lady Eve (The Mother of all Bloodlines) into his care.

Refusing to lose something that scared. The old bloods rejected the Emperor demand, but the Kolas Sovereign would not be denied. In a random act of cruelty he viscously murder the Lady Eve in cold blood. Enraged by this reprehensible act. The lady’s lover -the only vampire in history to ever take her blood – took up his sword, fought then defeated Kolas Emperor and nearly wiped out most of his children. It was then after such a defining act that this warrior would be known as the “ Shadow Blade” the killer of kinds.

This brave soul would then leave the battlefield behind to live a life of solitude, but unknowingly the Lady Eve has been reincarnated and was presently be held by the Pure bloods. Who were now raising her as a normal human girl. Fifty years have past since this time. The people have long forgotten the tragedy that once plagued them. Humans have once again become ignorant to the existents of vampires. Allowing the "Old Bloods" to regain power once more. While the Lady Eve has once again reach her majority. She still has no memory of the life she once led. While the vampire known as the "Shadow Blade," has returned to the coven from his self-imposed exile.

::My Obedient Captive
Genres: Romance, Action, and Suspense,
Pairings: Female & Female, and Male & Female

The warlike Kalian have won. The Rubian’s vanquished. The Rubian prince has no choice but to hand his youngest daughter over to the Warrior-God. The warrior deity is weary from his years of fighting, and takes possession of Rubian princess lush young body. He will not abuse his captive; no Warrior-God would do such a thing. But he knows how to reach through her defenses and will teach her to revere and honor him. The princess, however, is no passive prisoner. Her people might have lost the war, but she will not lay down and give this warrior god his desires. He will have to tame her first.
::His Personal Plaything - Taken
Genres: Romance
Pairings: Female & Female, and Male & Female

A young female from a poor family works hard every day of her life. Her father died when she was young, and her mother has been hospitalized for some time with an unspecified illness. She lives alone with her little brother, doing a number of part-time jobs just to get by. One night, when going home after work, she is cornered  by a street gang. Her situationis nearly hopeless, until a volitile young man saves her, and then extracts payment by stealing her first kiss. After which disappears, and leaves the girl to walk home. The next day at school she is confront by the the most popular guy in the student body. He invites her to a high-class party as his date. Stunned, and yet thrilled the female agrees. They attended the party together, enjoying them,elves immensley. The boy ask her to join him out on the terrace. They talk a while, and then he exspectantly kisses her. The girl realized instantly that the boy kissing her now. Is the same volitile guy who stole her first kiss!

The next day her mother tells the girl that their landlord, who happens to be among her father's closest friends, has offered her a job as a maid at their mansion. Eager to help, he feels that it will be safer at night that way, and her mother agrees to this, despite her daughter's opposition. To her horror, the girl finds out that the violent man who stole her first kiss is none other than the son of their landlord and the most popular and high-achieving student at her high school; so much so that he is widely known as 'Prince.’ What he desires from his new personal maid has nothing to do with cleaning at all.

::The Awakening
Genres: Smut, Action, and Mystery,
Pairings: Female & Female, and Male & Female (Werewolf & Human Sorceress)

Rescued by a werewolf from a group of demons bent on destroying her, Jasara Philips is dragged into the fight of her life and an unknown world she never knew existed. There, she discovers that she's the incarnation of a powerful sorceress and must participate in a very erotic ritual with immortal protector (Your character) in order to reawaken her past memories and powers to continue her centuries long mission to defeat, Vlad Tepes, the first true vampire. With the assistant of her werewolf guardian, and her growing abilities. Jasara will fight to stay alive, protect the fate of mankind against Vlad, and his demonic army. Can Jasara succeeded in her mission; will she crack the armor around her protector’s heart? Make him see that she is more than just his sworn duty, and can this immortal werewolf himself learn to trust Jasara with the fragments of his soul after everything he's been through? Or will Jasara fail like so many of her incarnations before her, and perish to the vampire known as Vlad Tepes?

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone
- Audrey Hepburn

However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results
- Winston Churchill

Eve Lacus


Aemeri Jenkins
(The Spirit of Air)
Sexuality: Hetrosexual

::DMC - The Return of the Emperor
Genres: Romance, Action, and Suspense,
Pairings: Male & Female

Since the last battle Dante son of Sparda has finally returned from the depths of hell. Two years later he’s still keeping the world in order, safe from the untold threats that each Hell Gate brings. Unknown to Devil hunter is that the demon emperor Mundus has once again returned, and resumed his plot to destroy Dante and take over the human world. Finally regaining control over resurrected Vergil. The Mundus has taken steps to reopen the gate without using the sword Yamato. Wanting no trouble from the half demon until the preparation for the gate is completed. Mundus placed a hit on Dante’s head. Naming that if any demon from the under world could rid him of the nuisance of Sparda’s son. He would grant them the sword Rebellion as a reward. Our hero, whom now once again resides in the human world, soon finds himself confronted by tons of devastating demon fixated on stopping him at all cost. His only clue to stopping this endless parade of murderous demons is a mysterious beauty being hunted by a knight (Who strangely enough resembles Dante’s brother Vergil.) She alone may hold the answers to putting an end to Mundus’ plans.

::Resident Evil - Final Days
Genres: Suspense, Action, Horror, Mystery, Romance (Secondary), and Tragedy
Pairings: Male & Male, Female & Female, and Male & Female

September 8, 2020 –

The Umbrella Corporation was once one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the United States. Unknown to the general public Umbrella’s main source of income came from creating bio weaponry for the government. At least that was until a certain dead soldier exacted his revenge by coming back to life and releasing the T-virus.

My name is Claire Redfield. I am one of the three survivors that escape the outbreak in Raccoon city. The Umbrella Corporation (the company responsible for the T-virus) had thought they contained the infection. But they were wrong. Raccoon city was only the beginning. Within weeks the virus had consumed nearly half the population of the United States. Unfortunately the T-virus didn’t just wipe human life, lakes, rivers, plants; even animal life. Slowly but surely began to wither away and die. Those of us that were lucky enough to survive either work with what’s left with the government or travel as far away from the infected areas as possible. Hoping to find a new beginning. Though soon enough even that course of action maybe in vain. The virus is mutating and soon will beginning spreading at an astounding rate. My partner Leon S. Kennedy and I have concluded that with out a cure the newly mutated zombies will infect what’s left of the human race in less then a month. Our only hope to survive now lies where it began…Raccoon City.

If there are survivors out there, head to Raccoon City. Find the cure. Before it’s to late.

Transmission Terminated…
::My Guardian Angel
Genres: Suspense, Action, Mystery, and Romance
Pairings: Male & Female, Female x Female, Male & Male (Secondary Character)

It was to be simple mission, but instead it became a fight for survival.

He was a guardian angel dedicated to his duty, doing whatever Heaven asked of him, but even an angel had his limits. When his superior orders him to gain the trust of a particular human charge under his watch, the guardian cherub start to question his mission and the feelings for the beautiful female he has watched over since birth. She was a girl, who seemed to have nothing but bad luck. With no family to call her own, and string of bad relationships a mile long. This young human female was determined to make a fresh start. Of course she never suspected that her life would be turned upside down. When a horde of demonic agents tracks her down with the mind set to hand her over to their master. Now thrown into the nightmarish world between heaven and hell, this young female will find there is only being that can protect her from these power dark forces. Her Guardian Angel, the cherub bound since the beginning to protect her existence.

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone
- Audrey Hepburn

However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results
- Winston Churchill

Eve Lacus

::Blood Ascension
Genres: Romance, Action, and Suspense,
Pairings: Male & Female

She was law within Vichkanova bloodline, the last True Blood heir descendant of the Pure Blood lineage.  The only dark creature throughout the paranormal realm, with the ability, to unite every species under one crown. Many vampires and various creatures alike have vied to claim Alexandra Vichkanova, and the power that swelled within her blood. They know that she alone carries the Life force of Andros, a coveted ability that bestows godlike powers upon a chosen being who tastes her blood. All have failed to gain this powerful prize. None being able to lay claim to the lady, neither through desire, nor by force. She forever remains. Her blood untouched, her desire unquenched.  She waits for the one worthy enough to claim her, but little dose any one know.  Alexandra has already chosen the warrior who will have claim to her legacy.  She is just not certain how paranormal world will feel having a Hellhound as their king…

::Hour of Darkness Blood: Part 4
Genres: Suspense, Action, Mystery and Romance,
Pairings: Male & Female, and Female & Female

The Innocent and beautiful, Dhampiresa (Vampire Princess) has loved Xavier D’Aville, the Emperors most trusted General, since she was a child. Xavier is Eli’s closest ally, and feels that by pursuing his love for the vampire kings daughter. He will alienate himself from his comrade. But when the Dhampiresa (Vampire Princess) is kidnapped on the eve of her birthday celebration. It’s left to Xavier to save the Dhampiresa, and uncover the plot that could very tear the couple and Empire apart.

::Break the Night
Genres: Romance, Action, and Suspense,
Pairings: Male & Female, Female & Female

Sealed away.  Imprisoned.  Hidden from the world. Starved and driven to the brink of insanity. Rebecca Pierce is the prisoner of a mad man, a slave to his twisted ambitions. It is there in this dark prison that she patiently waits and plots her need for revenge. Returning to his deceased father’s castle, the mortal heir to illustrious Staford family has finally returned to his childhood home. His late father’s will dictating that he must live within in castle until estate matters are settled. Wandering the corridors, he once played in as a young boy. He un-expectantly hears a feminine call for help within the walls. Pushing aside the primordial doors of his ancestral family tomb, he thought to save a life, not lose his own. Blood-lust and hunger drive Rebecca to attack, but it is reluctant gratitude and remorse that cause her to do the unthinkable. Share her immortal blood. If he lives… she’ll be back.

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone
- Audrey Hepburn

However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results
- Winston Churchill

Eve Lacus


VI. Role-play Series

Shadow Hearts the Covenant

Intro: Centuries ago before the world was known to be a much peaceful place, the ruler of the covenant, the great sorcerer Manon fought the all-powerful Demon Lord Orius. To maintain the fate of the mortal realm Manon battled the demon lord to prevent his dark army from covering the entire world into darkness. Combined with all his power and strength this magnificent sorcerer created an underworld prison that would prevent the demon emperor from ever setting foot into human world again.

Orius, who would not be set aside so easily, decide in that moment of his banishments that if he was to be imprison for all time. Then Manon would suffer the same fate. Trapped in the bounds of the demons clutches, the sorcerer king became bound inside the hell he had created himself. But before he placed the seal on their prison Manon foretold a prophecy of those who would inherit his power.

“You may kill me, but you cannot kill my kind. I vow that each generation of coven witches will grow stronger, culminating in the arrival of four. These four descendants will be the most powerful witches the world has ever known. They will destroy all kinds of evil and shall be known as the spirits Earth Air, Fire, and Water.”

Centuries have past since that terrible tale was foretold. The world has changed taken to a much peaceful era. Vampire and Lycans are still in an age-old war for supremacy. Witches still maintain the balance of good and evil, protecting innocents and vanquishing the malevolence of demons. Yet… in the pits of his dark realm, Orius bides his time and waits for his loyal servant to remove the seal of his accursed prison.

::Shadow Hearts the Covenant : The Spirit of Fire
Genres:  Suspense, Action, Romance, and Tragedy (Possible)
Pairings: Female & Female, and Male & Female

One quarter of the circle that made up the four Elexis Wright has always led a itinerant existence. However her life spins out of control when her family—who she left behind long ago—is killed by demons. She has no idea why such a thing has happen, nor do the police. Her only leads are these strange magick abilities that seem to dwell inside her. Though unknowingly to Elexis there are those who are lurking, and watching the awakening witch from the shadows. A guardian agent from the covenant, the governing authority of all witches in the mortal realm, has been sent to protect Elexis from the band of demons that wish to use her powers for their own gain. Unfortunately neither one of them expected the emanating heat of attraction they would have for one another. The pair tries to remain professional while they search for the killers. However the sense of duty is quickly swelling into insatiable hunger, as the pair soon learned that the answer to luring forth Elexis inner magick, and her need for protection are one in the same.

::Shadow Hearts the Covenant : The Spirit of Water
Genres:  Suspense, Action, Romance, and Tragedy (Possible)
Pairings: Female & Female

They say the Spirit of the Water is as tranquil as the light caress of the rain. Unfortunately for those who know Zorin Henke are aware that this is furthest thing from the truth. The elemental witch of the water has been framed. The entire coven believes that she took the life of one of the elders. The only problem is she was not even present at the court during the time in question, so there was no way Zorin could have committed the crime. With no one to believe her, Zorin is imprisoned under the laws of covenant, and awaiting trial. However the witch of legend is not one to go down without a fight. She escapes her tower prison with intention of locating the real culprit, and clearing her name.

Zorin turns to help from the one person she trusts above all the others to obtain protection, her half-breed demon guardian ex-lover (The name of the character is your choice). With the entire Coven against her, the half-demons power is the only thing that can keep Zorin safe until she locate the true forces behind the elder murder, and regain the strength to defeat her enemies. Old waves of feelings come flooding back as the pair spends more time in no another’s company. Zorin finds herself fighting not only for survival but to win the broken heart of the half-demon again and heal the pain that dwells in their past. Could the half-breed ever forgive the witch for leaving so long ago, and will she ever believe that Zorin does not see a half-demon monster but the woman she loves?

::Shadow Hearts the Covenant : The Spirit of Earth
Genres:  Suspense, Action, Romance, and Tragedy (Possible)
Pairings: Male & Female

It’s a world where magick is anything but dream, and everything Evelyn James ever held dear was ripped away. The third element of the four turns her back on the Coven and the article of faith they hold sacred: Harm thee none… To seek revenge on the ones who turned her brother towards the darkness, and condemned his soul to hell. Though it unknown to Evelyn that the allying houses of the Underworld can see that her soul is blackening as well, and with the threat of the elemental circle at risk. They send the powerful ruling vampire of the Blood Covenant to quell her grief, and fury in her heart.

When Evelyn first encounters this attractive nightwalker, she’s running on pure rage and sorrow, channeling her pain into power—and trying to bury the dark entities that are responsible for her brother’s imminent demise. Together, the pair form an edgy alliance to hunt and destroy a group of dark beings determined to release the dark lord from his sealed prison. As head of the one of the Covens who wishes to forestall such a fate, the nightwalker must thwart Evelyn’s dark impulses, and prevent this witch of legend from falling upon her own dark path. But Evelyn had no idea that the vampire’s very presence would stir far deeper desires she never knew she had…

::Shadow Hearts the Covenant : The Spirit of Air
Genres:  Suspense, Action, Romance, and Tragedy (Possible)
Pairings: Unknown

To obtain the power he thought he deserved warlock Kieran James (His first name is negotiable) gave himself over to the darkness. Only to have those he had placed his trust into seal his fate, by betraying him, and condemning his soul to hell. His sister has tried to save him, but not even all the magick that she had obtained can undo his cursed destiny. All the Warlock can do is use the time he does have to do some good in the world that he will soon leave behind. Placing himself in the service of the Coven Kieran is assigned on a mission to locate the last witch of legend, the spirit of the air Aemeri Jenkins. However when he locates the woman he finds a witch more than capable of taking care of herself.

When Aemeri comes face to face with Kieran, she knows that he is the man that has been haunting her dreams all her life. Their destinies intertwined, and forever bound.  Something inside this elemental witch tells her to remain by Kieran side, and so she agrees to return with him back to the Coven. Only their journey takes a sidetrack when the dark lord’s agents attack Aemeri, and place a spell on her that limits her abilities. It is up to Kieran from then on to find a way to release the binds on Aemeri’s magick, and the elementals witch's mission to find a way to save the warlock's life.

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone
- Audrey Hepburn

However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results
- Winston Churchill

Eve Lacus


VI. Continue: Role-play Series (Work in progress)

Circle of the Black Wolves

Intro: They are known simply as the Black Wolves—but there is nothing simple about this elite band of agents who serve the De’Vol crown in secrecy. Their courage unsurpassed, their missions dangerous, their honor un-compromised, and their love lives are outrageous. These are the defenders of the paranormal realm. The Circle of the Black Wolves…

Laedin De’Leon (Earth Shadow)
Nikolai Vaillancourt (Wind Shadow)
Tameryn Van Alstyne (Water Shadow)
  Markus De’Leon (Fire Shadow)

Character Profiles:

Markus De’Leon (Fire Shadow)

Age: 674
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Species: Lycan/Werewolves
Code Name: Fire Shadow

Personality: They call him the Fire Shadow, strong, and uncompromising. Markus De’Leon; reviled by many is the leader of the Circle and  Alpha of one of the seven prominent werewolf clans. From a young age he was groomed by his father to assume a leadership role among his people. Unlike his younger Laedin he was not allowed participate in the activities normal children would peruse. He was kept isolated and placed under strict schedule and regime that would eventually turn him into the man he was today.  Because of Markus’ upbringing he can be described as a cold and unpredictable individual. No one knows quite what to expect from him. He keeps his own council and rarely consults his advisors on decisions he made for his clan. Those who know him consider him enigmatic at best and those who don’t perceive him a threat. He is close to no one but respects his younger brother for the contributions he has made to the clan and the Circle. Despite the cold demeanor Markus displays there is more to him that meets the eyes. Deep down the lycan has his faults and deep complexities. Markus in truth is actually a very passionate in many other areas, though he may keep his emotions guarded. The predator inside him is a whole other story. Markus is every bit of an Alpha, like many of his kind he does not like to be contradicted or disobey. He can be very rash, volatile, manipulative if it suits his purposes, and downright cruel if pushed too far.
Background: Coming soon...
Abilities: Markus displays a great number of enhanced physical attributes. Such as enhanced strength, reflexes, coordination, speed, agility, durability, endurance and regenerative abilities superior to that of most vampires. While in his Lycan form Markus is able to streak across walls with great ease and speed, as well as best a vampire or others Lycans in close combat. He also has equaled physical abilities to Vampires in his human forms. As well as enhanced strength, and other abilites Markus also possesses greatly heightened senses and excellent tracking skills due to his highly sensitive sense of smell.
Plot: Coming soon...

Laedin De’Leon (Wind Shadow)
(Coming soon...)

Age: 579
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Species: Lycan/Werewolves
Code Name: Wind Shadow
Personality: Laedin De’Leon is described as being as extremely seductive, both in regard to his mental abilities and conventional seduction. He is superb player of "court politics" and can be extremely manipulative and ruthless when necessary. He typically thinks several steps ahead of his comrade’s within the circle. He is also considered more "civilized" than most lycans, though many considered that a weakness. He keeps many servants both serving as either lovers or retainers. He frequently withholds the truth from either his brother, or comrades, partly due to well-learned and practiced sense of manipulativeness and self-preservation.  Emotionally, Laedin holds himself apart from even those he states to value, learning from past experience from both his child and first lover that affection should never be easily given.

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone
- Audrey Hepburn

However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results
- Winston Churchill

Eve Lacus

VII. Excerpts

Preview:: Awaking Sapphire Dynasty

“You must hurry your Excellency. We are already late enough as it is.” The swift pace of high heel shoes clicked diligently across marble floor of the massive hallway. The resonating sound of rustling clothes, and conversation echoed throughout the outsized corridor. “I know Uila. You don’t have to keep reminding me.” The second individual replied. Grabbing the out reached material from her maid’s hands. “Well I wouldn’t feel the need to do so your majesty. If you would be on time for a change…” The other female rolled her eyes. She knew her maid had point, if she had not insisted on spending the good portion of the morning reading over document within her father’s old study. She might have made it back to her rooms in time to dress. “I get it Uila! Bad Rehka!”  The maid paled, realizing that she might have over stepped the boundaries. “I apologize Empress.” 

Rehka sighed, turning around to look at her apologetic maid. “It’s okay." The young Empress looked away. She hadn't meant to be so hard on Uila, but the pressures of today's event were weighing heavily. How Rehka wished she could go back to the days when she was nothing more than a child basking in the protective embrace of her family. The responsibility of a crown that should have belonged to her father, mother, or anyone of her elder siblings, now rest with her.  It was a life Rehka never wanted and yet as things stood right now within Zaire, it was a position she could not allow anyone else to fill. “I’m not frustrated with you Uila.”  The maid sighed. Glad that she had not lost the Empress’s favor. “Did things not go well in the last council meeting your Excellency?”  That would be understatement of the century. The Empress thought. She attended the meetings, but it was her so called advisors that made the real decisions.

Rehka was nothing more than a puppet, a figurehead the council had decided to place on the throne. In short term a scapegoat to use if they messed up. In the beginning she’d tried to take an active role as Empress, using her new found position towards the reform of the Zaire slave trade, and the peace negotiation with the Jaieubian Empire. It didn't take long for the council to show her the errors of her ways. Whatever good intentions Rehka had for Zaire, were undone once the council got wind of it. At the rate things were going, her parent’s dreams for Zaire would never be realized. “Your majesty?” The maid cut in pulling Rehka away from her thoughts.

“Sorry Uila.” The Empress smiled. “It’s not you. I guess I am just nervous about meeting the amazing newly titled General.”  She laughed, resuming her pace down the hallway. “They say he’s very handsome.”  Her loyal maid chimed in, showing clear interest in the turn of subject. Rehka smirked. “If I didn't know any better Uila, I’d say you have a crush on the General.” The Empress teased. “Oh no your majesty I would never be as so bold to set my sight on someone as important as the General.”  The maid blushed. “Besides, one look at you and the General will be utterly lost.”  Rehka rolled her eyes. While the Empress enjoyed compliments, she hated how the tabloids over exaggerated information about her. “You shouldn't believe everything the media tells you Uila.” She enlightened her maid. “Besides I’m not interested in the Generals good looks or if he falls madly in love with me.”

At least that was pretty much the truth; her interest in the soldier had nothing to do with romantic interest. After the council had over turned any form of peace negotiation with the Jaieubian Empire. Rehka had taken a back seat to her adviser’s power play. Even silently coming to believe leaving the decision making to the group was in the best interest of Zaire people. The Empress sighed. She couldn't have been more wrong. No sooner had Rehka come to terms with her present situation; a massive rise in rebellions began in the slave population.

At first the Empress had known nothing about the uprising. She soon learned why. The council had been ensuring her ignorance by commanding the servants to keep her away from such information. Rehka had been furious once she had learned the truth, but short of calling a council meeting and demanding the advisers rewrite this injustice. There was little she could do. That’s why she needed the General, with the war hero’s new found popularity and skills in battle. He was just the type of ally the Empress needed in her campaign against the council.

“So how do I look Uila?" Rehka twirled, fully gowned in royal wardrobe. Both ladies were now standing just a few steps away from the entrance of the throne room. “You look wonderful your majesty.”  The maid beamed, clearly enthralled with the Empress’s regal appearance. “Thanks you Uila.”  She smiled. “I guess I am ready to give our war hero his medal.” And maybe a proposition that could change both our lives. Rehka reflected, just before stepping out of the hallway, and into the throne room.

Preview:: Spirit of Requiem 

Danielle Monroe was becoming real tired of the enemies’ obvious routine. No matter how many demons she took down with her weaponry, more of the bastards seem to follow. She tried to tally her kills, but realized she lost count. Somewhere in the mid-eighties, she speculated. The enemy had first ambushed her outside the tavern she had been exiting.  Danielle smiled; that had been a good fight. There had been more then twenty of them waiting for her, none of the group had been anything special. Danielle had breezed through the group with ease, after that she had tried to take her leave, but more them had shown up.

Normally Danielle would have been more amused by such tactics, but at the present she was in a foul mood. She turned around look across the abandon rooftop, catching sigh of one of the new arrivals. The beast growled, moving side to side upon the diamond shape window it was perched upon. Every instinct in Danielle’s body told it would attack at any moment. Unlike the other demons who were attacking her in packs, the monster before her was in a league of its own. She kicked off the wall, slicing through two more of the low-leveled fiends. Danielle didn’t take the time to watch the pair die, instead she focused on the demon latched onto the building next door.

She didn’t really feel like jumping over to the next building, so Danielle pulled out her gun, and shot down the bastard instead. She turned around looking at the demon still perched on roof top window. Your turn Buddy boy… Danielle smiled; her head tilted back as she looked lazily at her final opponent. The demon stared directly at her; it’s jaws foaming at the mouth. Danielle was certain the little devil wanted nothing more, then to rip his rapid fang directly into her flesh. She wasn’t worried, the demon jumped down from the window it had been perched upon. It remained stationed in the spot it had landed in, twisting its head side to side.

Danielle pulled out her second pistol, holding the two guns loosely at her sides. Bring it on garbage breath… The demons head shot up, looking at Danielle almost as if it had read her mind. Immediately it began charging towards her position. Following her own demonic instincts, Danielle pivoted backwards using the momentum of her flips, to place distance between her, and demon. Rearing up the pistols in her hands, Danielle pulled the trigger, and began sending out rounds of bullets. The demon dodged the gunfire with relative ease, Danielle wasn’t surprise she hadn’t put too much accuracy in her shots. Sliding her body into a brake, Danielle came to a complete stop before the demon. She stared at the smug fiend, the arrogant devil face full of murderous delight.

Danielle frowned. Don’t get too cocky demon…

She closed the space between them, ramming her fist into the overconfident vermin’s face. The demon flew back, but slowed it’s land by digging it’s claws into the roofs cements. Just as quickly as Danielle had sent the filthy beast flying, the demon canceled the space between once more. Taking swipes at her person. She dodged the fiend’s first couple of attacks, but the last connected the surface. Danielle hissed, taking a step back. She really didn’t want to call upon her power, but she knew that she had to end this battle now.

She looked around, searching for anything that could give her upper hand. Her desires were answered, as Danielle gaze fell upon the diamond shape window the demon had perched itself on earlier on. She smiled inwardly, bringing herself back up to full height. We end this now… Danielle charged towards the demon, preparing herself for its counter attack, as she slid underneath demon. The fiend whirled around looking for Danielle’s whereabouts. Confusion crossed over its face, as the fatal female disappeared into thin air. The demon jerked around searching the surrounding area for any movement.

Whistle! The fiend turned around looking at the newly resurface demonic female. “Hey demon!” Danielle smiled. “You ready to finish this?” The demon raced across the rooftop, jumping on top of the window. It didn’t waste time with pleasantries such as provoking Danielle, or manipulation into attacking. The smug vermin darted across the glass, heading toward it’s prey. Danielle stood there timing her movements just right, rotating over the demon just as it was about to attack. She turned pulling out her gun just as the demon whirled back around to face her. Danielle smiled, her pistol now pointing directly into the vermin’s mouth. “Die you son of a bitch.” She pulled the trigger, riddling the demon with hole. The last sound the vermin made before it died was an agonizing sound of pain.

Danielle looked down at the deceased corpse, her hand reached behind her back deposit her pistol back into it holster.  Like any other demon she had killed, the fiend lifeless carcass faded away after a short period time had passed. Danielle looked down at the empty place, she didn’t know whether she was relieved, or disappointed the fight was over.

She tuned away from the scene figuring it was about time she head back to headquarters. Danielle walked across the rooftop readying herself for the fall between the buildings. Although the fight was over Danielle wondered why the upper level demons had sent so many of their minions to keep her busy?  She jumped down from the ledge of the building, landing in the alleyway.

Normally when Danielle patrolled the streets of the city, she came across maybe ten, fifteen demons max, and they were usually nothing but small fry. So why send so many to distract her now? Danielle began chewing on the tip of her thumbnail. The alley was completely deserted now, that all the fiends were dead. She pressed on, walking through the garbage filled passageway, trying to come to a plausible conclusion. Danielle had new been a real thinker, more of a child of instinct like the demon that dwelled inside her.  She was about to give coming up with any type of decent conclusion, when a thought dawned on her.

Where the demons after someone else other then me? She stopped in her tracks searching the surround areas for any type of covert activity. Danielle felt like a complete idiot, as her demon eyes caught sight of an underling leering over group of unassuming humans.

Shit! Why else would the demons be keeping her busy? So Danielle wouldn’t have become suspicious, and discover them trying to pick off someone in that group…

She kicked off the walls, landing onto another roof, praying that she wouldn’t be too late to save whoever they were after.

Preview:: Hour of Darkness: Part 4

Arcesion, capital city of the Eranthana Empire

Hands clasped in front of gown, a polite, regal smile fixated on her face. Dhampiresa (Princess) Gabrielle De’Vol’s sat leisurely in her chamber while her ladies in waiting place the finishing touches on her hair. Tonight was a special event for the people of Eranthana. Today their Dhampiresa (Princess) came of age. Outside the palace, the people of Arcesion gathered one, and all for a grand festival in the princesses’ name. While lords, and ladies swept across every corner of the kingdom to attend the grand gala of the Dhampiresa’s birthday ball.

Normally Gabrielle would have tried to dissuade her parents from such a grand gesture, but on this certain occasion she wanted it to be different. “Oh Gabi you look so beautiful.” The princess smiled, as she watched her younger sister enter into the room. At the tender age of a hundred, Adelasia was everything a charming adolescent like her-self should be. Long blond ring-lets, brown illuminating doe like eyes, and a sweet tender smile that could charm anyone. “Thank you Allie.” She blushed. Rising from her seat so could embrace her sister.

“Now tell me why you are really here.” The princesses’ eyes narrowed letting her younger sibling know she wasn’t fooled by present routine. “To keep you company of course.” Allie replied, sitting down gracefully on one of the abandon sofas. “Can’t a sister come an visit her elder sister without an ulterior motive?” With any other person Gabrielle would have said no, but this was Allie. No one was more mischievous then the little scamp sitting across from. 

“Do you really want me to answer that question little sister?” Gabrielle answered. Her brow raised to a certain an extent. Rolling her own eyes, Adelasia rose from her seat. Then proceeded to head for the door. “Fine then don’t believe me. I guess I’ll just have to keep the juicy piece information I just found out to myself.”

Gabrielle’s interest perked. “What information?” Little Allie who’s back was turned. Stopped midway between her sister, and the door. “I don’t know if I should say.” She turned around giving elder sibling a sweet smile. “Allie…” Gabrielle growled. Letting the younger know that her elder sibling was growing increasingly irritated with the present game. “Oh alright. I’ll tell you.” The little princess feigned being under pressure, as she sat back down on sofa in a un-lady like manner. Under normal circumstance Gabrielle would have scolded her sister for such a display, but at the moment she was little distracted by this puzzling information Adelasia seem to have obtained.  “I’m waiting Allie.”

“Patient’s is a virtue dear sister.” The younger reminded her elder. “Not right now. It isn’t.” Gabrielle replied tightly. Trying to regain control of her composure. Adelasia smothered a grin. She was aware that she was pushing her sisters way past the limits of her patients, but she couldn’t help it. It was always such fun messing with Gabi. Besides once she relayed her news. Her sister wouldn’t be fit converse with her much less anyone else. “Calm down sister. I didn’t mean to upset you.” Allie apologized. Trying to do her part to facilitate her sister. “Its alright Allie.” The elder sibling nodded. “I just want to know. What’s so important about this piece of information you over heard?”

"Well I don’t know if its really overly important or not." Adelasia lied knowing that Gabi would have ample amount of interest on this certain subject. "But I thought I should tell you that Antonio, and Gio are home." Gabrielle blinked, anticipating for Allie to say more. When she realized her sister had nothing more forth coming she rose from seat. "You got me riled up. Just to inform me that our brothers have finally returned home." The princess was out done. She had truly thought something might be off, but once again her immature little sister was just performing one of her practical jokes.

"How is information such as that suppose to be important Allie?" Adelasia nearly burst out into a fit of laughter.  Her sibling was so easy to fool. I guess it’s about time. I finished this off with the coup de grâce. The younger princess thought to herself, as she rose from the sofa once again. "You know elder sister in between that rant you are having over there." Allie stopped in front of the door, giving her sister one of her innocent smiles. "You might want to take into consideration that if our brothers have returned home. Leon has returned too. "

Gabrielle froze.

Leon was home?! It couldn’t be. Her father had requested his skills especially for another mission. He had left Arcesion months ago. He wasn’t due back to return for another year. Her parents had made that quiet clear.  How could she ever forget such a vital piece of information? His departure. His rejection. All can had come rapped into one. With her young, innocent heart being crushed. The Dhampiresa wanted to scream, but she knew such an action would not befit a lady of her status. Why had he returned home now? Wasn’t it enough she had live with the humiliation of him rejection? Now she had to relive it all over again.  While he stood in front of her face to face…

“Oh Leon.”

Her fathers most trusted general.

The only man she still couldn't force out of her foolish heart

Preview::She Belongs To The Queen


That was the face Akana dreamed of every day. The man who’d gave her immortality. His heart. And in the end his kingdom. Angelo. Akana’s beloved, and the species of the vampire’s former king. He was gone now, the remnants of his being nothing but a pile of dust. The source of his bloodline living on through his queen, a bitten vampire, an abomination True bloods believed unfit to sit upon the throne. They were the ones responsible for Angelo’s death. They were the ones who’d planned Angelo’s assassination. They were the ones who’d force a young Akana to take a position that should have remained her loves.


How Akana missed him. Her bed felt so lonely with absences, her immortal life even more so. “How I wish you were here my love.” Akana snuggled closer to pillow on her bed. Though in some ways she was glad he wasn’t. Since his death she’d changed. Akana was not the same innocent girl Angelo had married, and transformed into a vampire. She was hard, uncompromising, prideful, strong, had no remorse, and at times it was even whispered she could be cruel. This was hardly the personality, or image of the human girl Angelo had come to love.

And yet Akana had no regrets. She liked what she had become. She lay on her bed, looking out of the tinted window of her room. The sun was slowing going down, indicating that the world of the night would begin soon. Akana knew she would have to rise once the moon came up, but for now decided to take in the quiet before the maids rushed in. It was rarity when the Queen of the vampires could relax like this. Since the days of the rebellion, and the fall of the original clan elders mostly every situation or matter within the kingdom demanded her attention. It was a stressful line of duty, but Akana refused to give in. She would do what was necessary just as Angelo would have done.

”Your majesty?” One of Akana’s personal maids opened the door to her room. She looked uncertain as she gazed upon the lounging Queen, almost as if she was frighten of informing the vampire royal that it was time to rise. Which is as it should be. Akana thought casually. Her subjects should be afraid of her. She wasn't their friend. She was their Queen. “Its all right Emily.” Akana stated lazily, rising from the bed. “I am ready to get up for today.” She looked unemotionally at the girl.  “Inform the other maids to prepare my bath, and a suitable attire for me this evening.” Akana stepped behind the screen, motioning the girl away.

The maid knew better than to dawdle once the Queen gave an order. While her royal highness was a fair sovereign. She liked things done on her timetable. She was in fact a very busy woman. By the time the maid known as Emily did return, Akana was already undressed and garbed in one of her many robe. The bath that she’d ordered to be readied was prepared, and maids were presently working on Akana’s wardrobe. The Queen left them to their duties, slipped into the bath, and allowed the heated water to seep into veins.

It was always good for the Queen to relax her mind, for a few minutes, at least before she had to deal with stickler of an aide Klaus. “In five, four, three, two, and…one” Akana smiled, as the door to the bathing room burst open, entering her ever capable aide Klaus. “Good morning your majesty I am glad to see you are awake.” Klaus greeted Akana. “I hope you’re ready for a productive evening, because there is a lot of work on the agenda today.” He placed a stack of papers onto the end table near the tub. The sight of the pile made Akana groan at the unwelcome vision.

“Klaus darling…isn’t rather early to begin the day with a stack of tedious paper work?” The Queen looked to her aide clearly displeased, though Klaus showed no expression of fear on his features. Most likely it had to due with the fact that he was use to Akana’s unpredictable emotions. “Well your day than is about to become even more bothersome your majesty.” Klaus informed, puzzling the vampiress. “How so?” Akana questioned her servant.

Klaus looked to the queen, and smiled ruefully. “Two words.” He began. “Lord Ivanovic.”

Akana eyes widen, as she shoved herself onto her feet within the tub. “He’s here?” She looked to Klaus surprised. “Why? Why has he returned to court?” The queen bit out, looking to her aide suspiciously. It was clear she was trying to intimidate him, and by the way Klaus was squirming. It was working, despite Akana’s unclothed soapy state.

“ seems your majesty. That Lord Ivanovic has found a match for his only daughter.” Akana nodded, as the realization hit home. “And he needs me to approve the match.” The queen finished Klaus’ explanation. She sighed, pleased that this wasn’t another one of Ivanovic’s attempts to further his influence. “Well I certainly happy that Ivanovic has found someone for his daughter, but I have no intention of giving him an audience.”

Akana reached out, motioning for Klaus to hand her a towel. “I don’t thank that would be wise your majesty.” The Queen’s aide advised, scooping up one of the spare towels. “If you refuse Ivanovic an audience now. Than you will have no choice but to give him one later, and than who knows what request he will come to you with. “ Akana nodded. She knew that Klaus was right. The Queen didn’t need the Ivanovic clan making themselves more of a nuisance.

“All right inform Ivanovic that his request is granted, and that he and his daughter are to meet me in the throne room momentarily.” Klaus nodded, handing the Queen her towel. “Should I offer his lordship facilitation's your majesty?” The aide inquired. Akana shook her head. “No that is the Queen’s job Klaus.” Akana smiled, wrapping the towel around her body. It was clear the wheels in her head were turning. “Besides…” She began, heading towards the room where the maids awaited with her nights attires. “I want to meet this blushing little bride, before congratulations…are offered “

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone
- Audrey Hepburn

However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results
- Winston Churchill

Eve Lacus


VII. Characters & Pictures plots

She Belongs To The Queen
Genres: Suspense, Romance, Bondage, Action, Horror, and Tragedy
Pairings: Female & Female, and Male & Female

There is a code conduct (law) that vampires are never allowed to breach. Those who dwell in the realm of the night are forbidden to fall in love with human. And the king of the Blood covenant has done just that. His heart given to a human girl that is neither worthy of his rank, or the honor of being claimed as his mate. Against the advisement of the council, the ruler of the Blood Coven claims the human female as his own, transforming her into a vampire.

Beginning a happy immortal life for the pair that would know no bounds, unfortunately for the couple destiny seem to have other plans for them. In an act of cruelty, and deceit the king was assassinated by an unknown assailant, leaving his new queen in a fit of grief, and the heir to his throne. Rebellion soon set in, dividing the coven to those who served under the queen, and those who felt that only a true (pure) blooded ruler should sit upon the throne. The new ruler of the coven dose what she must, and sets aside her grief to maintain the kingdom that her beloved worked so hard to up hold. With her new found power vanquishes the seeds rebellion, and destroys enemies that took her love away.

Two hundred years have past since that time, and the coven now lives in a more peaceful era. The scars of revolt fading into the distant, making way to a new age. The beings of the night continuing their familiar way of life, while their queen remains eternally young in appearance, but scared within. The grief inside remaining infinitely within her heart for the man she loved, until…a seer with a prophecy foretold that he would come back to her.

It was than by some gift of fate that the noble lord of the Ivanovic clan and his youngest daughter came to the royal court to gain permission for his child future betrothal. The Queen took one look at the girl during the audience, and knew instantly that this girl was the reincarnation of her lost love. She denied the lord of the Ivanovic clan’s request, and in a shocking turn of events announced that she would claim the young vampiress for herself.

Overview: I would like this role-play to be more captive type theme based. Where the young vampiress is forced to remain in the royal court, live, and submit to queen’s desires. Maybe she could be innocent, or uncertain of what is happening around her. She could resent the queen for taking her away from her home. There are a lot of possibilities here to be explored and can be discussed in PM(s).

My Werewolf Slave
Genres:  Suspense, Action, and Romance
Pairings: Female & Female, and Male & Female

As the High summoner of Ja’Mal, Zayla is forbidden to have a mate or a mortal lover. Her life is a lonely and disciplined existence, so when she’s given the opportunity to choose a Werewolf from the dungeons as her sex slave, she takes a chance. Werewolves, she knows, are nothing but senseless monsters, but after the one she selects to be her werewolf Slave turns out to be more of a man than she’s ever known, she must question the beliefs she has held. The alpha, the leader of his kin, the werewolf chosen as the summoner’s slave is responsible for his pack. He’ll do anything to keep them alive, even give into the Ja’Mal High summoner sexual demands. But not unless he’s in control, turning his enticing captor into the submissive is the only way to show her he’s more man than she realizes. Falling for one another is out of the question, but so is leaving her behind.

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone
- Audrey Hepburn

However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results
- Winston Churchill

Eve Lacus

Character's Continued...

Himiko Kisaragi
(Priestess in Training)

Isis Queen of the Gods
Isis & Set: The Untold Story

Giselle Valincourt
(The Queen's Mistress)

Empress Rehka Elaheila
Selei Asastiana Ielei
ruler of Zaire Empire
Celia Valentine
(Lady of Deception)

(The Caged Bird)
Willow McKenzie
Sorceress of the moon
Melanie St. James
“Lady Sheyn”
Gabriella Stanton
(The Harlot)
Petra Duran
(The Scarlet Dancer)

Fleur & Faren
(The Dom & Sub Twins)
Lindsey Ashford
(His Personal Plaything)

Danielle Heartily

Meredith Grant
(The Socialite)

Nicola Dzhamgerchinov
(Vampire Queen)

Isabella Andrews
(Keeper of Fire)

Scarlett Blackwell
(Crimson Warlord)
Jasara Balei
(Girl Next Door)
Angelica Brant
(The Mafia Princess)
(Elven Archer)

Markus De’Leon
(Fire Shadow)
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Fei Long
(Finder Series)
Sexuality: Homosexual
Zachary "Zack" Nonaka
(The Lost Prince)
Sexuality: Undetermined
(Guardian Angel)

Christina Rose
(Light Witch)

Count Eli de Vol  "Eli"
(Vampire King)
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Xavier D’Aville
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Lucas Carrington
(Modern Day Warlock)
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Jasim Illyria

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone
- Audrey Hepburn

However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results
- Winston Churchill

Eve Lacus


* Vampire x Slayer
* Vampire x Lycan/Werewolf

* Kidnapper x Kidnapee | PLOT

* Demon x Slayer
* Demon x Vampire
* Demon x Human

* Assassin x Target | PLOT
* Assassin x Assassin | PLOT

* Prince x Gypsy | PLOT
* Prince x Royal Guard | PLOT
* Princess x Royal Guard | PLOT

* Maid x Man of the Manor
* Maid/Slave x Man of the Manor

* Pirate x Stowaway
* Governors Daughter x Pirate
* Pirate x Captain

* Guardian Angel x Human
* Angel x Demon
* Guardian Demon x Human | PLOT
* Fallen Angel x Fallen Angel | PLOT
* Fallen Angel x Human
* Fallen Angel x Demon | PLOT

* Cowgirl x Original Character
* Cowboy x Original Character

Devil May Cry;
* OC x Dante
* Dante vs. Virgil [I don't intend on incest, kind of odd for the two.]
* OC x Virgil
* Mary (known as Lady) x Dante | SEMI PLOT
* Mary (known as Lady) x Virgil

Final Fantasy X & X-2;
* Yuna x Tidus
* Rikku x Gippal

Mirror's Edge;
* Original Characters

Final Fantasy 13;
* Lightning x Snow
* Snow x Sarah

Final Fantasy 7;
* Cloud x Aerith
* Cloud x Tifa

Final Fantasy 8;
* Squall Leonhart x Rinoa Heartilly

Perfect Dark;
* Joanna Dark x Jonathan Steinberg

[M]ovies & [T]elevision

Resident Evil;
* Alice x Carlos Oliveira
* Alice x Chris Redfield
* Alice x Claire Redfield

I am Legend;
* Survivor x Survivor

* OC Victim x OC Victim


Vampire Knight;
* Yuki x Zero
* Yuki x Kaname Kuran
* Zero x Original Character

* Cinderella & Sleep Beauty [Team Up] vs. Evil Queen | PLOT
* Cinderella x Snow White | PLOT

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone
- Audrey Hepburn

However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results
- Winston Churchill